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not x-rated, but x-posted.
oh, and the african spider may be anansi.
(sorry, you just happened to hit my jeapordy category)
Yeah, I don't think Agape is it...but thanks for the anansi info. I'm probably not spelling it right, but I think this wacky religion is anasazi (or at least I think it's pronounced like that.)

ETA: Or maybe not. A Google search says that Anasazi were some early Pueblo people. Don't think that's it.

ETA, again: I started googling the term "hollow earth" and found some stuff, but nothing that really matches the name of this religion. Whatever, sounds like a bunch of guys wearing tinfoil hats...thanks for your help, but back to the celebrity gossip, please!

ETA: Last time, I promise! I present to you, The Anunnaki. Weirdos! No mention of a hollow earth, but everything else matches up, from how I remember it being explained at the time.
K-Fed's, ahem, 'better' rhymes were written by somebody else. Ahahahahahahahaha! I would never have come forward with that if I was said rapper.
Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. had dinner at my restaurant tonight and they were joined with Ellen Degeneress. I guess the gossip is Bill eats baked oysters and Bush and Ellen eat them raw. Was cool to shake Clinton's hand.
OMG doxy, I am sooooo jealous of you!! I happen to love Bill C.
I saw Slick Willy speak in Harlem back in 2001 (like, one month before 9/11.)
It was so fun! There were a few Black Panthers there protesting because he bought office space there and they were worried property value would go up or gentrification or something...but there were mostly many many little old church ladies who were going "mm-hmm, thats right!" to everything he said. He sure is a charmer!
Apparently the Department of Homeland Security has shut down pajiba:
I gotta admit, Sean Preston is the cutest of the celebrity babies.
sigh. Perezzle has a shot of her driving with SP (8 months old) in a forward-facing car seat (for the non-moms out there... WRONG!). Is the poor kid going to survive childhood?
At least he has a car seat this time...
I think Sean Preston looks like a redneck baby towhead.
Yes, I too was a traitor to my gender and saw MI3 this weekend. I didn't intend it to be No. 1 because of my $9.50.
Excessive use of "Tom Cruise Running Scenes." And seriously, who runs like that, all chest out and puffed-up manly man (TM Joss Whedon)? It's like he's the bionic or something.
kittenb, I saw it last week, too...the Mr. kept calling it Mission Spaz.
LOL celimene, I haven't heard the term towhead used in years!
skip this post if you've had enough breast feeding and infant care talk!

babies are fully formed and ready to be born without complications after 8 months of gestation. the ninth month they plump up and store fat to be burned up the first few days after birth. This allows for their digestive system to start up and also for the mother to start producing milk. A new mother's breasts produce a clear liquid called colostrum at first thats packed with sugar and calories but newborns drink very little of it and actually weigh less when you bring them home than they did at birth. serious milk production doesn't start until a few days after birth.

it would have killed me to be separated from my little guy for a week after his birth.
i feel terrible for all these celebrity moms and babies. so much pressure and public scrutiny. its hard work keeping it together after giving birth for the first time no matter who you are.
birth birth birth! BIRTH!

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan shocked patrons at Hollywood hotspot Hyde on Friday night by engaging in a furious row. The socialite and her sister Nicky, faced-off against the Mean Girls star, who they claim interrupted their evening out with friends. Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz explains, "Paris was having a conversation with a couple of friends. Lindsay approached her table and at that moment Paris felt she was being interrupted and didn't wish to speak to Lindsay. A couple of words were exchanged and Lindsay went back to her table. I can understand how other patrons in the club could have thought it had been a bigger deal than it actually was." Sources tell website that the source of the tension may be because Lindsay has recently been on a publicity campaign for her new film Just My Luck and reportedly mentioned Hilton's name in interviews with the media. The source claims Hilton doesn't want Lohan using her name to help further her career.

You know, I've defended Lindsay quite a bit in the past - I still think she has talent (as an actor, anyway) and I'm hoping she'll redeem herself with Robert Altman's Prairie Home Companion - but you know you've hit bottom when a) you're dropping Paris "I'm successful because I'm a good person, not b/c I represent everything that's wrong with everything" Hilton's name to "further" your career and b) Paris Hilton snubs you for said faux pas.
I just saw a paparazzi video clip from Dlisted with Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis that was really funny. Brandon Davis kept calling Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch to the cameras (I don't think she was there, though) and he also said she cums freckles. LOL! These people. I just don't understand.
"She cums freckles" sounds like the name to a lost Stone Roses song. . .or an Eighties "new romantic" song. "I cum freckles" instead of "I touch roses."
But Sean Preston has such a fat head. you know who has the ugliest kids, though? Charlie Shee nad Denise Richards. They both have Charlie's strong features ,which are terribly unfortunate on little girls. They look like tiny dudes with yellow mullets.
According to Heat (that invaluable source of all things true), one of Tom Cruise's "ground rules" set down to Katie is no sugar around Suri, as apprarently babies can smell it.
Riiiight. And they can hear pudding. Thanks, Matt Groening!
I think now that she got her daughter's hair cut though, Denise Richards' little girl has gotten cuter. I think the ugliest baby I recall seeing of late was when Heidi Klum/Seal's baby was newborn. There was actually a caption on thesuperficial that read "Club that Baby Seal" and had me cracking up.
So Nicole Kidman is engaged to Keith Urban. May have been posted already, I only read today's page.
i'm a little behind, but OMG doxy, thank you so much for telling us about the Bill/George Sr./Ellen dinner. I love picturing that in my head! I bet they were a fun party.
Paul McCartney & Heather Mills have separated.

I know! Huge news! (right.)
(ah! AP, when I scrolled down I had a mini-heart attack...the name Keith Urban is dangerously close to my own and I seriously thought that I was being called out for something...and I couldn't think of what

okay, back to gossip now)
WHAT? Didn't they just have a baby? That's really sad.
Apparently, the Paul/Heather split was because of her unhappiness with Paul's fame. She felt outshined by him. Whether this is true or not, I dunno, but, uh...ya. He's PAUL MCCARTNEY.
(No shit! It's not like he's, uh, RINGO.)
I don't believe that. The press over here was absolutely horrible to her. She wasn't a good little wifey but dared have her own mind. They've said it was due in part to the relentless intrusion into their private lives.

Anyway, from The Independent (newspaper):

Tom Cruise has failed in a long-running bid to prevent his least favourite episode of South Park being screened on these shores.

On Monday, a controversial episode of the satirical cartoon, "Trapped In the Closet", was shown at the National Film Theatre.

The show, which mocks Scientology, had been pulled by Channel 4 in January amid complaints over a scene in which a cartoon version of Tom Cruise is locked in a closet.

However, at this week's screening, which accompanied a talk by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, guests were given free DVDs of the verboten episode.

Trumpeting this as a victory for free speech, the organisers say: "If we were charging, there may have been legal problems, but it was a free event, so it should be fine."
doesn't TC know that the more contraversy over the show, the more people will want to see it????
oh, man, I loved that episode. especially when john travolta got into the closet with him and they BOTH refused to come out of it. classic.
I know the haircut you're talking about,cel, but she just is not cute. I just picture Charlie in that leather jumpsuit in Ferris Beuller with a little blonde mullety bowl cut and I want to run away from thr fugliness that is his girl children.I know I'm going to hell but they IS UGGGGGS!
Well, you know what sometimes happens to ugly babies...they can make pretty adults. I always thought the infant Olsen twins were hideous, and aside from needing to gain 25 pounds each and have a wardrobe makeover, they turned out to be cute girls....
omg, maybe it's already been discussed, but have y'all seen the video of paris and brandon dissing lindsey lohan? he basically spends 3 minutes talking about how nasty and trashy and unattractive she is, with paris giggling, obviously coked out, in the backrground. it actually made me kind of sick to my stomach - these rich brats are so spoiled and really are just horrible people.

also, what's up with all these guys talking about how LL wants them but they think she's gross? it makes me sad. LL may be a little crazy and self-destructive, but she's beautiful and talented and the whole thing reminds me of high school. like she's the bright, pretty girl with the screwed up family that gets mocked by the rich popular kids for acting basically the same way they do.

anyway, here's the link if you want to watch it: and brandon

ugh, why do i even care so much?
lunasol, so if LL is poor, what am I???????
there's no hope for you clover. if your grandaddy isn't a billionaire, you might as well not even be alive.
LL doesn't get her money from mommy and daddy - she makes it herself. Thus, she's not really in the same social class as Paris and Brandon, who have been swimming in dollar bills since birth.

To my mind, this makes Lindsay *better* than the other two, but to each her own, I guess.
yes. they are jealous. and how immature.
yes, LL is noveau riche. how gauche to have to earn your own money.
So Nicole Kidman says Keith Urban is now her fiance. (I confess I don't know who Keith Urban is, actually.)

Am I the only one who thinks Stella McCartney seems like a stuck up, shallow cow?
Oh, and one more--Janice Dickenson on motherhood (because of course you'd take parenting advice from her):

Truly one of the most superior icons that ever walked ... that ever lived ... that ever figured up the supermodel scale. Just because she hit a speed bump and was seen with some unhealthy people doesn't make her a bad person. Even if she was a hooker plying her trade in front of her daughter doesn't connotate that she's a bad mom."

Um, yes it does.
Yay, another anti-Stella! anoushh, I've always been on the stepmom's side in that battle, especially after the gossip that Stella got one of her model friends to put out a cig on Heather's prosthetic leg.
wow. poor lindsey lohan. like shes not doing what any other 18 year old would do if they because famous and hot overnight, and what paris has been doing since the 4th grade.
Fugga Herzigova

a gown to tickle your funny bone.
Anoushh, Keith Urban is a fellow Aussie who sings country music. Go figure.

Although I must admit to discovering that C&W (in all its awful, satin-and-rhinestone yoke-backed-pearl-buttoned Porter Wagner glory) is huge in the Highlands of Scotland. Again, go figure.
why is it that the blog whose ENTIRE PURPOSE is solely to ridicule what other people choose to wear seems to always have its heart in absolutely the right place, moreso than any other celebrity-related ANYTHING? go fug yourself's response to the brandon davis tirade. god, i love them.
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