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mika is affording me the greatest amusement since... well... tom cruise. not mika himself, but the certain reviewer vs brian may... he bloody does look like a diseased leo sayer.

take that were shite and always will be.
I didn't mind Amy Winehouse winning, but I'd have liked to have seem Lily getting one up on at least one hairy indie band. Like you say mornington, they are good, but in the same way as all the other indie bands. Am I the only one who wants to rip Brandon Flowers mustache off?

And Nelly Furtado winning best international female. I had my fingers crossed for Cat Power but I suppose I should just be grateful she was even nominated.

Joss in an album cover = strange. Corinne Bailey Rae in a silver shortsuit = mind boggling.
I want to slap flowers about a bit. he is faaar too smug. even as a fan of hairy indie bands... that 'tache is going a step beyond.

i loved that Lily brought her dad... and her dress. Corrine Bailey Rae was odd-looking. I liked what Amy Winehouse was wearing (I saw pictures in the metro this morning)

did anyone else watch never mind the buzzcocks last night? preston's stomp-off over amstell reading extracts from chantelle's book. pfft.
damn, was that last night? wanted to see that and giggle.

Amy's dress lovely, liked the Valentine's theme going on.
bun, it's up on youtube... and they repeat it at the weekend. i watch that show too much.
So Ralph Fiennes hooked up with a flight attendant on a flight to India to join the MHC. I feel kind of ashamed because I never thought he was hot until Schindler's List. I walked out of the theatre going, "Yeah, he's a fat, sadistic, Nazi, but I'd fuck him."

Joseph is so much prettier. Plus he's a twin. There's a gameskeeper out there somewhere that's crazy hot.
I would buy several copies of a Dolly BUST. She is my patron saint, after all. wink.gif
I was very into The Killers back when they shaved and wanted to be Duran Duran instead of The Band. They were better at being Duran Duran than they are at being The Band, too.

Lily Allen!!

We've been hearing little bits like the Smile single, also the album came out here in the US a couple of weeks ago.

Soooo I downloaded it from iTunes last night, because you guys like her and because she is playing here in Boston in a couple of days.

Wow, I like it. I should get a ticket today. It's a medium-sized club venue and the tickets aren't sold out.

What can I say -- she's not huge here -- sounds like a blast yeah?

This is the same club where the Scissor Sisters played two or three years ago before they got huge.

Class thang -- in Boston the reviewer's take is that she's an upper class brat that is fake low class, like the way white kids from the suburbs do "rap" music.

but, if her Dad was originally from that class and just made his $$$ in show biz? And maybe she felt left out when she went to those uh, very expensive schools.

Other part is she could be a total bully bitch, who knows, but I would say the music is definitely fun. Can't really disagree with her latest "obnoxious" opinions either.
Apparently they didn't use protection. . among other details

I don't know how reliable the Daily Mail is, but there you go.
how the hell old is that photo of the flight attendant!!? do people REALLY still wear mall-bangs like that? or did the daily mail track down a photo from her highschool yearbook?
Wow. Ralph likes a little jaw on a woman.
lol... the large "mandible" does seem to be the common denominator, doesn't it?
snaf, The Daily Mail is our equivalent of The National Enquirer (or is that The Sun?) trashy and tacky whilst pretending not to be a tabloid.

wombat, I saw Lily in October and it was a fun gig. I don't give a fig about her class pretensions or lack thereof.
AP, I totally agree with you re: Joseph Fiennes. So smokin' hot. Pixiedust and I have thrown Joe Fiennes film festivals in the past. Some of his films are crap, but the eye candy is top notch. Yum!

The more coverage I see on the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the more opportunists I see. It's so sad and pathetic. Looks like she was surrounded by people who used her in life & are continuing to use her in death.
Ralph Fiennes has always kind of creeped me out. I think he is good actor, but creepy! Either that is a really old photo, like mouse said. Or he sad a few too many drinks on the plane. huh.gif
I feel sorry for Fienne's ex, Francessca Annis, as they've only recently split (they were together for a long time - he left Alex Kingston for her).

Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan split.

I fear our girl has really lost it this time. Mind you, I would not consider shaving one's head to be a symptom of "losing it' for most women, but given her usual style and personality, I do in Britney's case.

This comes amid rumors (and denials) that she's entered rehab, photos of K-Fed and Justin more or less backslapping each other, and her latest ex selling his story to the tabloids.

Ah, another desperate cry for attention. Where's her mom?

This is disturbing. I don't know how reliable the source is, but it does say it was part of an affidavit. People don't lie in those, right? No, never.
Joseph is WAY hotter, IMO, than older brother Ralphie. Joseph's twin is fraternal, not identical, therefore inferior to Joseph's beauty.

And from a purely superficial POV, I don't think Britney has the strength of character to carry off the bald head as well as, say, Sinead or even what's her face... Natalie Portman (I forgot her name for a moment). Maybe it's yet another cry for help, but it seems that her entire public image has been a cry for help (hello, sexy schoolgirl uniform?).

::trips on her own feet as she scrambles off to see what Perez has to say about all of this::
I think women who shave their heads look awesome, and I admire their tenacity to just say "F--- it!" I've always secretly wanted to shave my head just once, but I don't think I'd ever have the guts.

But can I just say...oh. my. gawd. I still think she looks good with her head shaved, but somehow I don't think that it came from an inner place of "screw the constraints that society has placed on women." What is up with that girl?! I've seen way too many interviews of her, and she was way more "together" and articulate as a 15 year old pop tart than she is as a 25 year old mother. It's crazy.
When she was a 15 year old, she hadn't yet experienced 10 years of relentless public hounding, a failed marriage and two kids. That's probably why she's freaking out at this point but was okay then. Don't get me wrong, I think if you thrust yourself into the public the way she does and has, you are asking for a lot of the hounding. She doesn't have to make her life, her crotch, and her relationships so public. The shaved head doesn't suit her anymore than cuddling up to Paris Hilton did. I don't think Brit ever grew up...she's lived a guarded bubble for most of her life. She's acting out like a teenager would, only she's doing it much later. Or maybe Anna Nicole is just getting way too much attention and she wanted the cameras turned back to her? Who knows?
The paparazzi pictures I found showed and described her pulling up to a salon, getting out of the car looking like she'd been sobbing, discovering that the salon had just closed, calling the salon on her cell phone to ask them to open up just for her, which they did then she went in and she went in and shaved her own head. They had pictures of the whole thing. Sounds like she's in a baaaaad place.

ETA: Here's the site. It takes a LONG time to load, even with my super-fast modem, so if you have dial-up, don't even bother.
Yikes, Polly! Those are something else. I'm getting more and more ashamed of myself and my media-whoreness. Anyone else feel that way?
A woman who works at the tattoo parlor where Britney went after shaving her head was quoted as saying that Britney was almost incoherent, seemed disconnected and looked like she about to have a total breakdown... Which made me think "and so you just went ahead and TATTOOED HER?" A shop with any integrity would have told her to come back when she was ready, not done work on someone obviously incapable of making a decision and then sold the story as soon as she was out the door.

I know that the tattoo industry would cease to exist if it couldn't capitalize on the rash decisions of the young and stupid, but tattooing a dolphin on a kid that's doing because her friends all have one is a lot different than taking advantage of someone who should be in the hospital

You know, 'celebrity girl shaves head and get tattoos' sounds so much better in theory than it does in this particular reality
Little Brit got lips tattooed on her.

Yahoo says that it was some entertainment show that Brit entered rehab, although her reps deny it...

ETA: those pics. Mygoodness. In that second one where she is shaving her head, she looks high, or drunk.
I concur with plynn about the tat artist taking advantage of a client, even if said client is asking for a timeout for her childlike behaviour. I think that the any artist who tattoos someone who is high and or distraught oughta have something appropriate tattooed to their forehead.

What if the substance the client took made her more open to infection and slow healing?
Definitely, Kel. I've plunged myself further into procrastination hell by spending the last 30 minutes (ok, more like 45 minutes, but who's counting?) reading ONTD on LJ with a gaping mouth and bug eyes.


What a fucking train wreck, this Britney Shears incident.

I have dishes to wash and laundry to fold wet paint that needs to be watched as it dries.
*groan* oh, no, raisin! how could you post that link?!!! i've been "trying" to work on my MA thesis for days now, but everytime I sit down to write, I end up surfing the net looking for celeb gossip instead!
If you want to laugh until your own hair falls out, go see what gofugyourself has to say about Britney's do.
Heh. I already read that! See, I'm just as bad as Faerie and her mesmerizing dancing toast. Go, git, write your thesis!

What I can't get over is that she was so quick to high-tail it out of a rehab center IN ANTIGUA. Hey, maybe I'll go down there and check myself into rehab from celebrity schadenfreude and not come back until the summer. I mean, I really need intensive therapy. cool.gif

Okay, seriously: Who on earth has been watching her two babies? It's obviously not Britney's parents; they don't even have a hold on their daughter, for the love of Maude.

AND WHAT IS UP WITH ANNA NICOLE SMITH BEING... EMBALMED?! (I mean, "embalmed" makes it sound like her body's going to be on permanent display like mummies in a museum)

Oops, I did it again. I seriously have other shit to do tonight. Until next time, my sweets.
Professional opinion of Britney
Tattoo artists shouldn't ink someone who is high, but it's a fine line. If the artist didn't see her get high, you're basically accusing them to their face of something for which you have no proof.

Britney's an adult. If she wants a tattoo, it's not the artist's job to be her mom. If it's a bad idea, it's no one's fault but her own.

Why do we feel so sorry for her? She's an adult. She's a mother. No one's going to come fix things for you or me if we make bad choices, so hey, it's just life.
I agree with the Fugs. She looks like an alien. If you're gonna shave your head, you kinda need to take the size/shape into consideration. She makes me think of Roger from American Dad now.
I don't know if I feel sorry for Britney Spears. I mean, there are so many other celebrities out there who haven't gone all wacko and had these "cries for help". It's obvious that she needs some attention but she needs the right kind of attention, like, medical attention.

Also, I just read that she was having problems with bald spots showing up from cheap peroxide treatments and that may have been one of the reasons she wanted to just shave all the hair off.

Now, I must close down my firefox because I have a day's worth of homework to do!
If the artist didn't see her get high, you're basically accusing them to their face of something for which you have no proof.

Let me clarify, since that's grammatically incorrect: If the artist didn't see her get high, he/she would have to accuse Britney of being high in order to deny her the tattoo, but would have no concrete proof.

I don't feel sorry for Britney Spears. I feel sorry for people who've been laid off work, people with no health insurance, and kids with bad parents. I don't feel sorry for someone who's been given millions of dollars for having little to no talent.
Plus, they saw all the cameras outside, so who could pass up the chance to have your shop in all those pictures and be able to say "Britney got tattooed here"? I'm not saying it's right, but I'm sure that was part of it.
I'm with Bustygirl on this one...I have no pity for her. I do feel sorry for her kids, though. First off, they won't recognize their mother with a shaved head, but I suppose they'll get past that. I remember when my father shaved his beard (he'd had it all my short life then) and I was terrified of him for a week until enough grew back in. Second, she's in such a state that she can't possibly be a good parent to either of them.
i feel bad for britney--really, really bad--in the same sense that i would feel bad for anyone, rich famous or not, whose life is obviously so out of control and who is obviously so so so unhappy and unhinged. she needs HELP, not attention/gawking. for chrissakes, she's just as much a human being as any of us. and she's obviously a lot worse off emotionally.

i want to fuck up the "professional" asshat who thinks that shaving one's head is "cutting of your femininity". fuck you.
i don't know that she's as looney as everyone is making her out to be. really. she just shaved her head. the woman is supposedly worth 100 mil. it's not like she has to worry about being unemployable. hell she could go on an orlan-like plastic surgery bender and she still doesn't have much to worry about. maybe she shaved her head to prove that she doesn't need to be that blonde thing that everyone wants her to be. maybe she did it so she could regain some sense of self. i've shaved my head a couple of times and each time it was like hitting this identity reset button. people look at you different, sure, but you also see yourself differently, and you rely less on your old crutches. like moving out of the state you grew up in, or own nothing more that what you can fit in a medium suitcase, i think everybody should shave their head bald once in life.
Hair is a very powerful thing in a lot of cultures, though, for both women & men. How one wears ones hair carries a lot of socio/political, psycho-sexual messages with it whether we like it or not. It makes a statement. Look at Muslim & Jewish Orthodox women with their headscarves & wigs.

Throughout American history, long luxurious locks have represented a great many things from health, youth, & beauty to the Victorian notion of powerful, serpentine locks that threatened to ensnare men like Medusa, natch. Look at the uproar over the bob when it was first introduced as initially a haircut of convenience by a ballroom dancer. It was seen as rebellious/scandalous to have hair that short. You were disgraced, wanton. Probably drinking & smoking in public *GASP* like a man! The femma fatale Veronica Lake look. Think of the time/money our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers spent in beauty parlours to get the perfect 'do. My gran used to wrap her head in TP & slept on a satin pillow so she only had to go twice a week. She rolled my mom's & aunties' hair on orange juice cans. The sixties archetype of the Breck girl with her long, shiny locks gave way to the Mod Twiggy pixies. The Manson girls went from hippie hair to shaved heads in protest of Charlie's incarceration. In the seventies, Bo Dereks' cornrows & Farrah's feathers were all the rage. The less said about the eighties, the better. We'll just say BIG BIG BIG in the age of shoulderpads & power lunches. I could go on & on, but I guess just this: Hair has strong connotations in perceived femininity. EG: To this day you still can't read about Sinead O'Connor without them mentioning her shaved head.

But all that's just off the top of my head.

OT/ It makes me think of my own hair dilemmas. Hair is VERY important in black culture. You get judged by it. My father cried when I got my first haircut & he saved every lock. I briefly had a 'fro, then a jheri curl. I still remember getting my first straight perm & how I was styled as a little cafe au lait Alice in Wonderland. A girl in junior high TORTURED me over my hair because I had no real clue how to style it. I cut it off short because I was tired of it & it was easier to style, so I was then plagued by the boy/lesbian comments. I grew it out, then started shaving the undersides until I had a grunge 'do. Then I moved to braids/locks/twists. Now I just wear it with it's natural texture which is annoying because people always want to touch it. "It's so soft." It reminds me of when I read She's Come Undone & the protagonist's racist Gran accidentally touches a black person's hair on the bus. Surprise that it doesn't feel like a Brillo pad.
Yeah, it's interesting how much hair means in different ages and societies. In my dad's religion (Sikhism) you're not supposed to cut your hair at all. I had to beg and plead for years to cut my hair and finally when I was eleven he let me do it. I think he cried and probably saved what was cut off. Now he doesn't really care but I still remember when I was 15 and got it cut really short he was just plain pissed off about it.
When I first read that suggestion that she was cutting off her femininity by shaving her head, I also bristled. But I thought about it & I think there is a lot of truth there. I've experienced it myself.

For most of my life, I've had long hair, usually flowing all the way down to my waist. I've also chopped all of that hair off 3 times (I donated the hair to Locks of Love). As odd as it may sound, I feel very different with short hair than with long hair. As a woman with long hair, I felt like an ultra sexy, luscious vixen. When I first chopped off those long locks, I felt like I was cutting off my identity. And yes, I felt much less feminine and sexy at first. I just felt ... cute. And cute can be great, but it's certainly different. It's been 10 months since I last cut off my hair & it is shoulder-length now, but to be honest, I still don't feel quite as feminine as I do with long, flowing locks.
I feel you, RoseV. For the longest time I had straightened shoulder length hair that I curled & blew out for a maximum velocity temptress 'do. I liked how wild it looked & the way it swirled around my shoulders. It made me feel powerful & sexy. Now back to my natural curls, I still feel powerful & sexy. Just in a more fluffy, fun, playful kind of way. A couple months back I ironed it just to see how long it had gotten & went out in public with a longish bob. People that knew me FREAKED out at the difference in my appearance.

I'm reminded of my grandma's stories. Whenever somebody was raped or geting divorced or dealing with something traumatic, the actress usually sported a shorter/less showy style, more subdued make-up, & drab clothes.

Another thought is in regards to men & their hair. Male pattern baldness is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. A lot of men link their hair with their virility even though it's largely caused by an over-abundance of testosterone. And we flip over male celebrity hair styles, too. Look at the Donald. I recall when George Clooney first sported the Caesar & then you couldn't get away from them for two years. In HS at the height of 90210 popularity, 95% of the guys I went to shool with had Brandon/Dylan sideburns & front waves. The couple of guys in JH that sported the Bon Jovi or a mullet or a rattail. Or the shaving things into your hair phase. I knew a guy that had "DO ME" on the back of his head. It was too close together, though & looked more like "DOME."
lol... i can relate all too well having just gotten a weave this last week. i have been debating growing dreds again. i miss the ease of care. i remember how my mom and grandma, and my dad gave me grief, and said i would be 'unemployable'. only my great aunt came to my defense saying that i was 'right on time." still my favorite phrase. a few years later dreds were super trendy.

but for all the goings on, i really don't think her shaving her head means she is having a breakdown, or any other nonsense that is being trumpeted on tv.
Wow, I totally can't relate to not feeling "feminine" (whatever that means to an individual) with short hair. I've had long hair (hideous on me!), medium-length-to-short-bob, and super-short pixie hair. I got so many compliments with the pixie 'do, and felt very powerful and cool and funky with short hair.
To me it's just hair. I understand that many people feel that their hair is their identity, but to me, it's just hair and grows back. It's malleable--it can be cut, colored, curled, straightened, etc.--and that's the fun of it. I just feel fortunate that I have hair. Honestly, I can't see the point of becoming so attached to it that I'd be devastated if I became ill and lost it...
That said, everyone is different, and I respect people for their various perspectives when it comes to hair.
I guess I just find it a bit sad that society still equates "femininity" with long hair.
ok, weird. they just had wayne newton singing on tv and it was terrible.

i miss when he was a kid and he sounded like a lady. it was kinda sweet. like there was this lesbian singing all these love songs to another lady.

now he sounds like an old man with a broken windpipe and looks like those kitchen witches made out of cotton and stockings...ugh.
I always wanted to shave my head, but I was scared I wouldn't be able to get/keep a job if I did. Brit is 25. I would totally have done it when I was 25, if I had millions of dollars and never had to worry about money. I would have dyed the re-growth purple, too. She is going through a period of change, which is when people are most likely to engage in impulsive behaviour. (And, laugh as you will, I have to say this as someone who shares the same birthday as Brit - Sagittarians have very, very poor impulse control.) I have no love whatsoever for Britney Spears, but I don't understand why it's a big deal to shave one's head and/or get a tattoo, and I don't understand why it's automatically interpreted as a cry for help. And the whole "cutting off one's femininity" thing is ludicrous. To paraphrase something Alice Walker once wrote, I firmly believe hair was given to us by god as a plaything.

I can't believe I'm even posting on this.
I doubt her kids will have a problem recognizing their mom just because she doesn't have hair on her head.

I've shaved my head before. What's the big fucking deal? It's just hair for christssake, not her damn identity.

Blah. All this panic over hair. Why are people so brainwashed by this idea of "femininity" that they'll unquestioningly accept that anything less than shoulder-length hair is ugly or unsexy? 'Cause, you know, god forbid some woman not be completely one with what the dominant culture tells her she should be.
Those kitchen dolls always creeped me out.

Count me in as one of those who would shave her head, if only she didn't have to worry about job security.

I cut my hair short this fall and it was interesting. I went to a beauty college to get it done and by the time I was finished about half the students were watching because they don't get any requests for short hair on women and they were curious about how to cut it. I got compliments, but at the same time there were a couple of guys who gave me shit because they couldn't understand how my boyfriend could react positively to my short hair(His hair has always been longer than mine and he was the one egging me on to do this). I didn't feel like I lost anything, just some hair that was a completely different shade than my natural color.

However, I don't spend a lot of time fixated on my hair, and I can see why this would be a big deal to some.

Hair aside, the girl needs a break from having the meda constantly breathing down her neck, although I wonder if ishe's so used to it that she's afraid of what will happen when people stop paying attention to her. Hopefully she'll take some time off before she dies from a drug overdose or something. (Personally, I can think of quite a few people I would like to see sober up before her, but none of these people have the resources she has and I am concerned about her children.)
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