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Oh, I love that post about the sycophantery of Armani and the irrelevance of "Scientology Spice". I do hate to think of Armani actually sucking up to skeletor (as she's affectionately named here)...but there he is, so there can be no denial. The Fug Girls are just the best way to lift your spirits whenever you're feeling down.

Those "Marilyn Manson Wife" transformtion pictures are a little alarming, though....
QUOTE(snafooey @ Jan 24 2007, 07:23 PM) *

Now here's a feud I didn't see coming:

Charlotte Rae thinks Joan Collins is a bitch

ETA: The best part is when Joan uses the word "dis."

OH SNAP! Mrs. Garrette!!!! I had no idea!!!!
Jem - despite my affection for his character on Grey's, and the resulting selfish desire to have him continue on that I mentioned downthread, I agree with you that he's so unrepentant and his damage control is so repellant and his repeated use of the word faggot is so awful that he should be fired. Particularly since it seems like "George" who IW effectively outed and harassed has been dealing with the fallout and may quit, according to url=http://]this item on defamer.[/url]

I usually try to distinguish artists from their art (I read obsessively and many of my favorite authors are just terrible people), but in the case of television (not that it can't be art but that's a whole 'nother conversation) and movies where the people become influential culturally, it is just not OK and should be made an example of.
I would be seriously upset if "George" quit. He's my favorite character!
UGH. what fairietails said. the worst is sara rue. i had such a crush on her since popular and now? no thanks. follow the lemmings....
QUOTE(greenbean @ Jan 18 2007, 10:12 PM) *

No way! The Pope of Trash? Damn it! I don't own a tv sad.gif

I knew I should start watching that show, and now I know why. I can't believe I missed that.
can someone please tell me why cisco adler's balls are so saggy?

(and is anyone else THOROUGHLY amused by the whole parisexposed debacle? i mean, this isn't one pidly sex tape. this is hardcore incriminating shit. drugs, herpes, fake ids, more drugs, multiple sexcapades, michael jackson, racism, bulimia, general stupidity.... god, i can't even name them all.
Okay, the new Daniel Radcliffe photos? Um, I don't know what to think, because he's still 17 and he's Harry Potter, but on the other hand...yeah. okay. Bad faerie, bad. And you know, I never really liked the guy. Never was a Potter fan or anything. He's a little boy and he's already doing nude theatre. But WOW.

IPB Image

IPB Image

as to paris...EW!
faerietails, i feel so damned dirty looking at those pictures...and checking out his package.

re: paris, I bet Nicole Ritchie is pissed!
WOW. So I know a lot of people are all about the Harry Potter slash & whatnot, but damn. It always me feel uncomfortable because he's a boy... but DAMN! Sign me up for a ticket to see Equus. Nice nipple-age. There is grass one the field, so call me Mrs. Robinson, Dan!
Aren't you legally an adult at 17 in the UK? I don't see what the big deal is....well *blush* I do see what the big deal is, but I don't get why people are so up in arms over this. They were just going on and on about it on CNN or MSNBC today.

ETA: This was the blurb about it on
Naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe to promote a new play are causing controversy among fans of the Harry Potter movies. The young star peels off his top half and cuddles up with a topless co-star in the promotional snaps for his London West End run in Equus. The pictures have already become popular among young female fans of the 17-year-old - most famous for his role in the boy wizard franchise. But parents are up in arms and are bombarding Harry Potter fansites with emails. One reads, "We as parents feel Daniel should not appear nude. Our nine-year-old son looks up to him as a role model. We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes." Radcliffe's spokesperson Vanessa Davies tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "Daniel does not want to step away from Harry Potter but he does want to show he is a rounded actor capable of very different roles. He has tremendous support from Harry Potter fans." The play, written by Anthony Shaffer, opens in London on February 27.

Oh, suck it up people- your nine year old probably shouldn't even watch the 4th (or subsequent) HP movie. He's just never allowed to do another role, lest it offend your delicate sensiblities?!?! Won't somebody pleeeeze think of the children?!?!?!?
Gosh. I didn't do the Harry Potter thing so my response is completely independent of that context. And yeah, alright!

Word to jemisoutrageous. Fucking celebrities and their fucking bullshit! I'm sick of them too and the way culture kisses their fucking arses! So many are stoopid and once they utter a few sentences without stuffing up or adopt somebody we turn them into saints. Of course if a celeb was lurking here they would point out all the tough stuff, and some people genuinely are actors and not 'celebrities', but this rant is expiring, I just wanted to say, as someone addicted to celebrity gossip, who has just had a couple of beers....I am over celebrities of late.
well, you can have sex at sixteen, but drinking, voting, marrying, legal adulthood etc has to wait until you're eighteen... all I say is go him. Rupert whatshisname has already done other stuff, why can't Daniel? And while it's a bit of a leap, all the papers over here were going "phwoar" at Emma Watson when she was about thirteen.

he is hott though, and I never really thought of him as attractive...

Incredibly hot. He needs to do this, he can't be typecast as Harry Potter (even though he always will be in my heart). Also, those parents are talking through their ass, "will avoid the future movies he makes" - we'll see what your kids have to say about that, can't see them missing the next three HP movies. Also, JK may write a sex scene between Harry and Ginny in the last book so tongue.gif .
I don't see the big deal about Danielle Radcliffe. How is it people think he would just play a schoolboy all his life, just one character, until he just couldn't anymore? What do people think he'd do next with his life, take up a law career or just sell real estate in the suburbs?

Equus is a controversial and taboo-sexy play for a lot of reasons, but that's why its been so successful. I can't think of a better way to make someone stop thinking of Radcliffe as a prim school boy, and start thinking of him as someone else entirely. Someone nude, perhaps, who looks pretty good that way.
looking at those pictures of the harry potter guy make me feel really uncomfortable, for the same reasons you all said - they are pretty hot, but he is 17! eek, am i a pervert?! though i guess i kinda understand guys checking out high school girls now, which always skeeved me out. still skeevy, but understandable.
We DO have a mythic ideal in the figure of young, beautiful boys. It's not a big deal to find them beautiful or attractive. You're not a dirty old lady or a pervert if you find young men sexy. I think a ton of women do--but I also think many, many women REMEMBER that men that age may look sexy, but who cares about what things "look" like? The reality we remember is sobering, no? Besides, there is a world of difference between looking at someone beautiful and actually entering into a relationship with a young boy who doesn't know well enough what he's getting into.

There is an old saying: a 19 (or 17, or 16, or 18, an adolescent!) year old man can keep it up all night--but no one would want him to.
true dat, chacha.

but didn't like every friggin' female child star do this when she became of age? how old was brittney when she transformed from teeny-pop pigtail cutie to porn slut?
I do recall she was about 16 or so.
nickclick, that is what I was thinking. Young actors and musicians do this all the time. Brit's Baby One More Time video? A young girl in knee highs and a short plaid skirt...come on.

Did anyone catch Daniel Radcliff on this week's episode of Extras? It was pretty funny.
Yeah, I'll feel pervy about checking out those pics when men start feeling dirty about all the ogling they did when Lindsay Lohan was still 17.

Paris is the only person for whom I have no pity in this particular situation.

And it's not exactly a secret that she's a racist (just to pick one example). Almost everything that site promises to reveal is already public knowledge.

I think even if it happened to Tomkat, I'd feel at least a teensy bit sorry for them. wink.gif
Will need to catch that episode of Extras; Daniel Radcliffe is extremely cute, I saw him being interviewed by Jonathan Ross once and he was adorable, a big bundle of hyperactive energy but it was obvious he is growing up. To grow up in the public eye (as well as going through puberty as the most famous little boy on the planet - Harry Potter) is bound to be difficult and he needs to find himself; for squeamish adults to infantilise him is plain wrong.

It's double standards when it's fine for leering middle-aged men to ogle young girls even though that is more insidious than this; we're not going to run out and rape Harry Potter lookalikes and it's art, it's promotion for theatre (I would be uncomfortable with the nudity in the play but that's because I don't like naked strangers in same room as me, period.)
Equus is just a fucking awesome play.

And yeah, damn. DAMN. Can we get some topless Harry Potter in the last movies? Are there even going to be more movies? I don't read the books, so what the hell do I know. But yeah, more of Mr. Radcliffe sans shirt would really, um, help that struggling movie franchise?
luci, there will be three more films with the next (the fifth) out this june or july.
that's Daniel Radcliffe?! whoa! talk about going against type!

i didn't think it was possible for me to skeeve nicholas cage any more than i already do. i was wrong.
here are all the photos.
Thanks for the link, Bunnyb! He looks...fantastic, but I don't understand why so many people have their panties all up in a bunch over it. It's not like the pictures show anything south of the waist (if only...Stop that, bad, bad Ratgrl! blink.gif )
I want to go to see the play /hatches a cunning plan.

The poster for play has him in almost crucifixion pose with his chest/rib cage resembling horse's face; very impressive.
O.M.G. That picture of Nicholas Cage....words are failing me at the moment. What a tool.
That cracks me up about parents being all huffy about it. Um, how come your kid has an ACTOR as his role model anyway? Could it be because you use the dvd player as a babysitter? Jeez.
I still have a soft spot for Valley Girl-era Nicolas Cage. . .but that's it.

IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image

I heart that movie.
i know that having an age of consent is necessary, but the simple fact that it's different in the UK than it is in the US means that it's negligible. sexual maturity should be the cutoff, but since that's different for everyone, we have to set an age just in case. anyway, i lost my virginity at 17, i'm sure tons of you did too, and i'm sure tons of you lost yours even earlier. it was okay to have the hots for 17 year old boys then, how come it's not now? /rhetorical questioning
Holy mother of maude, when the hell did Harry Potter grow up into such hotness? I know I'm late in the game on this one, but I just had say something. Well done, Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe.

Oh, and what's up with the Paris Hilton situation? I missed all of this (I have no cable and rarely watch TV anymore...probably for the best). I can't stand her, but it's like watching a train just can't NOT watch.
I can NOT watch her. Look: see, no interest whatsoever.
What happened with Paris? I have been hearing that something happened, but I've no idea what.
And I cannot STAND that we haven't more gossip the calibre of yummy looking young men instead of the insipid and overexposed whatever-they're-famous for...whose name I won't mention cause I have no interest in her.
Curiosity apparently kills a bustie.
karianne, what happened with Paris was that she had some storage locker, didn't pay the bill so then the contents of the locker were sold. Apparently there were tons of personal pics and videos in the locker. There's some website called Parisexposed that bought all the stuff and they charge $40 to see it all but you can find it for free already.
Thanks for the info, candycanegirl. Could that girl be any more vapid?? Or in need of attention?
Daniel Radcliffe is very skinny. Equus is pretty heavy drama, though, so apparentally he must be a much better actor than the Potter series gives him room to show.

It's a little skeevy for anyone to find someone excessively younger than them to be sexually attractive. Attractive is one thing, but sexually attractive is another. This is just my personal opinion. Hugh Hefner is gross for that reason, so is just about every other man in hollywood who dates/marries someone over ten years their junior. It's just wierd.

Good for the gander, good for the goose. Women don't get a pass for slathering over people they could have birthed. they can do it, but it's still gross.

Of course, this, like everything else that comes out of my mouth, is just MHO.
K-Fed apologizes to anyone his Super Bowl ad offended....dude, that's the one thing in your life you shouldn't apologize for!
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Feb 2 2007, 09:36 AM) *

Daniel Radcliffe is very skinny. Equus is pretty heavy drama, though, so apparentally he must be a much better actor than the Potter series gives him room to show.

It's a little skeevy for anyone to find someone excessively younger than them to be sexually attractive. Attractive is one thing, but sexually attractive is another. This is just my personal opinion. Hugh Hefner is gross for that reason, so is just about every other man in hollywood who dates/marries someone over ten years their junior. It's just wierd.

Good for the gander, good for the goose. Women don't get a pass for slathering over people they could have birthed. they can do it, but it's still gross.

Of course, this, like everything else that comes out of my mouth, is just MHO.

I don't mean to start something here, but it's not such a bad thing either direction to be in love/marry someone ten or even twenty years older/younger. Now if you start getting into 30/40 and so on, yeah there's something wrong there.

But I honestly feel 20 and under is fine. You can't help sometimes who you fall in love with, and we're not just meant to look for someone within two years of our age.

And this coming from someone who is married to a guy 8 yrs younger. A guy who is more mature then her forty something yr old brother at times.

Ah, well.

There need to be more sexy males perhaps, including sexy men.

Truly, there has been a lack.

Throw us some older male eye candy then, oh powers of media!!
CharlieNye, thanks for posting that.

I have some tumultuously mixed feelings on the whole issue of age in relationships and all the "should bes" that surround it. There is no way to ignore the reality of abuse that concentrates on the more experienced taking advantage of the youthful and less experienced, and turns on the whole ability to manipulate and deceive the less knowledgeable into a relationship which could easily end up being destructive. On the other hand, there is always a possibility that a real connection could exist--something not built on the goal of conquest or theft or domination of another person simply for the sake of dominating them. People won't open the topic for discussion as individuals or as participants in society, because it's full of taboos, probably for excellent reasons. But no one knows what takes place in any relationship, looking in from the outside. Sometimes age is not so important and it can be overcome, as an obstacle. But we're always shown the same thing in the media, and we're always supposed to react to it in a proscribed way. The reaction these semi-nude photos of Harry Potter are getting just goes to show you...

Wombat, we definitely need more older male eye candy. We should have eye candy of every variety, but we don't, we're limited to "young, emerging greek god/youth" and "potent powerful (older) greek warrior" crap, still. I'm not a teenager any more and I'm not a grandmother either--but I can certainly appreciate the beauty in a man my own age, or just at the crest of becoming an adult, and even one 20+ years older than me, who fits into the category of "old enough to be my father". My own mother married a man 7 years her junior; and my husband is 4 years younger than I am--but in the past, I've had boyfriends who were older and younger than I was...sometimes by quite a difference...just like all kinds of other women. This is the reality--I'd love to see it reflected in the media around us, so I don't always feel like it's just telling us what to do and how to react, what's supposed to be right for us and what's supposed to be wrong.
Older male candy: George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Alan Rickman, Dustin Hoffman, Gabriel Byrne, Mark Harmon, William Petersen, Anthony Stewart Head, Sting, Tom Skeritt ... those are off the top of my head; older? Sean Connery (who will always be the oldest and yet yummiest male candy; well, except for Clark Gable who would, if he had lived, been 106 y/o yesterday). Also, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are 43 y/o but I don't know how much "older" you mean; they're 17 years older than me but I so would. IMO there are yummier and more distinguished pieces of older male candy than there are younger; some of the younger ones are too manufactured and don't taste so good.
Funny, I just posted a photo of an 'older' male in a new thread (don't stone me--I resurrected an old thread!)

Don't anyone feel they have to agree with me on the age thing. It's just my opinion. It's just that for me, most people who are old enough to have conceived their partners tend to have little to nothing in common culturally with them. There is often an element (though not always, just often) of power disparity present, sometimes a 'trophying' of the younger partner.

This, to me at least, is gross. Perhaps, though, I'm speaking more of people who tend to do this as a rule--people who troll for partners over a decade their junior, over and over. I have both male and female friends who do this, and they just seem kind of desperate and sad to me.

My own husband is 6 years my junior, but that's a fluke for me. Most of the guys I date are a couple years older. The sexiest man alive to me outside of my husband is 8 years my senior.

Younger guys just seem kind of...unformed to me. I can have them as friends, but they don't interest me sexually.
"Sexually unformed"....that is, in part, what I meant by the "old saying" I posted earlier. It is so true.

You're absolutely right, Bustygirl, about the age difference making something like "cultural" differences that some people find really hard to overcome. In a couple where an older man pursues a younger woman, for example, it's quite possible he'll have not much in common with the majority of her friends, who are in an age group concerned about very different things just because they're in a different stage of life (though their maturity level could easily be equal). It's tough and I've actually seen a lot of couples in relationships with this age disparity struggle with this and fail. Sometimes no matter how connected two people feel despite age, it's just hard to get along with one another when the frames of reference are just too different.

That being said, that's a pretty good list there, bunny b.
I appreciate bunny_b's list of examples of older men some women sweat over, they don't do anything for me, personally, though.

Rather than "older" as a euphemism for middle-aged, I meant, older than teens, or 20 years old, or whatever "Harry" is. There seems to be a dearth of attractive men in the media sphere that are in their 20s or 30s -- old enough to know what they're doing but young enough to not have the whole dominant or daddy thing going on.

Is it just too threatening to the mostly male powers that be, courting what they assume will be a heterosexual, male, sexually and financially competitive audience? Probably.

Or maybe other people have different taste than I do. I've felt a lack of "crush objects" in the media that are neither teenaged nor gray-haired.

I'll take Viggo Mortenson, but only if he wears his "Aragorn" costume wink.gif

Chris Cornell is kind of cute, but very "taken" and very crass about sleeping around with "nothings" in his spare time, if you read into his lyrics, so that's a little off-putting.

Sheesh, even the rockers are not attractive these day. To me.

As for Daniel Radcliffe, I think the reason I felt a bit creepy is because I've watched him go from being a kid to being a very, very attractive young man, all in my own adulthood (which, admittedly, is not that many years, as I'm 28).

But you know, I think a good point of comparison is probably Kirsten Dunst, or to go back a generation, Jodie Foster. They were child stars, definitely precocious children, who are now grown up and qualify as attractive; they are also both pretty good actresses, and I doubt any guy in his, say, early 30s, thinks he's a perv for thinking Kirsten Dunst is good-looking.

I often joke that my type is from the British isles or Australia, approximately 5-15 years older than me, and looks like he could probably kill someone if necessary (Clive Owen, Christopher Eccleston, Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Hugo Weaving, the star of Life on Mars (uh, big BBC America fan here) Sean Connery in the '60s...) American actors I find attractive tend to be about 5-15 years my senior as well .

I don't know what that says about my own psyche, but I also find that my attractions to celebrities are very different from what I want in real life -- which is the stable, funny, boyish, gentle smart Aerican man that I married -- who definitely does not look like he could kill someone if necessary.
Interesting. Thanks for your list too, sidecar. Fantasy as different from reality -- good point.

One of my teachers joked about getting drafted in the Vietnam War, and he was so skinny they sent him to be an accountant in Germany. He said: "I suppose if they got all the way to Germany I could choke someone with the cord of my adding machine, or something!"

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