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I thought Reese looked okay, a bit girlish (in a good way) with her new fringe (bangs for you stateside people). She's looking thin though.

Overall I thought the dresses were boring. So many were long and strapless *yawn* Chloe Sevigny's dress (and gladiator shoes!) was indeed hideous. I liked Jessica Biel's dress, understated but kind of funky. I think grey was an awful colour for Angelina though.
I thought the steel grey looked great on her! there was a lot of white this year and some lovely blues (Naomi Watts and Toni Colette). Evangeline Lily's dress was pretty.
yeah i loved the color of naomi's dress, and america ferrara's deep purple dress was beautiful on her. jennifer hudson had the best hair.
America Ferrara looked amazing, as did Salma Hayek, but she always does.

I dunno bunnyb, I think she's too sallow for grey.
she does look washed out in some photos.

I liked Katherine Heigel's 'do.

Heidi Klum wins the award for tackiest jewellery.

more pics (scroll down to fashion)

Cate Blanchett's dress is fugly and check *whatever* is in the background of the photo of Isla Fisher!
Also, Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez from Grey's Anatomy looked fabulous.

With America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson looking so good too it just goes to show that you do not have to be a waif to rock the red carpet; especially when some of those waifs looked hellish.
Drew Barrymore looked good but she too has slimmed down. She may warrant SandwichWatch soon.

Helen Mirren's dress was beautiful, as was the lady herself. As ever.

(Work? What's work?)
yes, she looked regal.
sevigny looks like a badly-dressed roman drag queen.

wtf blink.gif were the arquette sisters wearing?
*shudder* on cameron diaz. I just can't like the black hair.

I liked... Sheryl Crow, Angelina, America Ferrera,

Helen Mirren fucking rocks.

reese witherspoon needs a lard sandwich, and i'm tempted to feed one to drew too. but it might just be the angle (I'm looking at handbag).
Drew needs to cut down on the tanner, too. She looks much better with her usual pale flesh. Thank goodness Kate Winslet finaly learned that lesson.

So far, Cameron Diaz's dress is my least favorite. I hate tiered dresses and hers is a pure example of why. Chloe Sevigny was awful, too. So shapeless! It looks like she just wrapped a sheet around herself. Sienna Miller's dress was awful, too. I think the dress looked cheap and her hair was terribly unintentionally messy

What I truly love is that the non-stick-figure women definitely looked the best last night! America Fererra, Jennifer Hudson, Helen Mirren .... so gorgeous! And whaddayaknow, they all won, too!
i only watched a little ... enough to be sad about reese joining the lollipop brigade. and bored by warren's tribute. and not amused by tom's overuse of "balls". and disgusted by the borat-dood's acceptance speech. and also disgusted by how many time the cameras fixed on brangelina.

and to be seriously distraught over whatever sharon stone had done to her face. (no, that's not just a bad photo.) she doesn't even look like herself anymore! sharon, sharon, sharon .... *weep*

did heroes win anything?!?!

eta: can't get the sharon link to work. perhaps it's for the best.
I must agree with bunny_b that I liked the gray on Angelina.

Also, with mornington about Cameron Diaz' hair. She is a person who looks better blonde.

The long documentation of Warren Beatty's long, cheesy career was cheesy. ha! ha!

I liked Meryl Streep's dress. It didn't make her look "thin" or "young," but, so what. It was a neo-greek, neo-elizabethan reference to the best periods of playwriting in history.

My, but Jack Nicholson's daughter (statuette presenter, also in steel gray) was beautiful.

And, it was gratifying to see recognition of latino/latina people in the movie biz.
I really liked America Ferrara's outfit and hair. She looked amazing.

Beyonce' just looked like an expensive hootchie from the 'ville. Fried, dyed and laid to the side. Gah!

Yay for fashion snark! Jumbled opinions ahead:

Ok, I soooo don't get the Sienna Miller thing. Its like, who is she really?!? Why does she get so much attention? She wasn't nomineted for anything and I'm not too sure if she has even starred in anything worthwhile. (shrugs) don't get it.
I think Kate Winslet had the worst hair and make-up: dark lips and eyebrows dont work for her.
I agree Chloe looked awful, which is really too bad because she took attention away from Ginnifer Goodwin, who I thought looked totally RAD. I'd say shes my best dressed pick.
I think Evangeline Lily had the best hair.
Zach Braff was cute as ever.
I actually liked Cameron Diaz's get-up. Dramatic yes, but I was into it.
I LOVED Drew and Hugh together onstage cuz with her orange tan and his big bowtie and big hair I was totally like, "Is this the Globes 1976?!?" I wanted to squeeze them. too cute.
I also wanted to jump on Hugh Laurie during his speech. yum yum yum. The Brits were on full attack werent they? They just needed Clive Owen and Ralph Finnes there and I'd be in gah-gah land.
And ditto, wombat, on the Latin love.
Lastly, good for the Grey's Anatomy creator. I dont like the show actually, but I'm stoked for all the women of color involved. Woot!
I think Hilary Swank needs to be added to the "sandwich watch"- I've always appreciated her non-traditional looks, but she needs a more substantial body to balance out her face.

How cute was Abigail Breslin? I'm watching Little Miss Sunshine right now with Le Boy, who hasn't seen it before- love it!!

I didn't like Jennifer Garner's dress.
yeah, i know. lemme try again.

Sharon Stone gives me the creeps in any incarnation.
love that movie----such a nice, somewhat more realistic, fun family film
I did not watch the GGs but if anyopne can scroung a pic of what Ms Sevingy was wearing, I would be forever grateful.
ggg, amazingly there's no photo on gofugyourself but there is one on (under GGs).
I really like the dress, but her hair and makeup are sorely lacking.
Sevigny's dress reminds me that Yves St. Laurent no longer designs for Yves St. Laurent (I just saw the photo featured on It is not subtle. Wish she'd chosen either black or white, instead of the print. Platform shoes with the dress made me think of Liza Minelli in New York New York.
QUOTE(kelkello @ Jan 17 2007, 01:53 AM) *

Sharon Stone gives me the creeps in any incarnation.

haha! I agree. I think she is gorgeous, but she is such a wierdo!!
Sharon Stone came into a cafe I used to work at in SF ...and stole a cookie! I swear! She acted like she thought it was a free sample. Another time she had her baby with her and when a co-worker came to coo at it Stone says, "don't touch my baby!" heh. Swear to gawd.

Hey, more gossip on the TR Knight issue:
so, i just read that lindsay lohan entered rehab.
star, rolleyes.gif!

greenbean, denying it seems worse in a way, he shouldn't have commented (he'd already apologised, had he not?) this brings it back into the public eye, will bring more complaints and probably cause his ass to be fired (which I'm sad about as I love his character and I love the show and animosity between the cast of great shows always disillusions me, but then they're actors). Katherine Heigel's comment? hee.

eta: here's a link to the cast interview (scroll down to Grey's Anatomy). Everyone looks awkward when he ran down to mike and said the word again and it pans to T. R. Knight a little after and he looks decidedly uncomfortable. I'm undecided whether patrick Dempsey looks pissed or not.
It's so frustrating -- I love his character, but the actor seems to have serious anger/impulse control issues -- perhaps he could do some intensive therapy/medication (no disrespect, I love my meds) and then make some big tour of contrition, making $$ for gay groups, but I wouldn't have to lose my beloved Dr. Burke. Yes, I am ashamed.
John Waters was on "My Name is Earl," playing a funeral director!! Just now!! ha ha!!
No way! The Pope of Trash? Damn it! I don't own a tv sad.gif
Isaiah Washington Apologises
First My Name is Earl plays Social D in one of their episodes, now this?? I'm so buying the season when it comes out.
Seriously, I love his character on Grey's, and I think he is one hot mofo, but, does he have a drinking problem, or something of the ilk? I mean, I think a person would have to be three sheets to the wind to bring up that whole debacle, that they started in the first place, again on national TV?

Maybe he is just a good actor that can ACT like he has a brain, but is really just a complete maroon?
John Waters on Earl was really great.

He was playing a "creative, avant-garde" funeral director. Why have a boring old funeral? He would make "tableaux" propping up the dead person in the midst of their most beloved activities -- like on a chair watching TV.
That was great!! When I first saw him as the funeral director, I was like "of course!!" I can't think of a better fit for that character.
UK CBB: I am enjoying the schadenfreude surrounding Jade Goody's fall from grace so very deeply. Sadly I suspect she will not just go away but will try so hard to claw her way back into the celebrity echelon that we will be forced to see even more of her. Forever.

I should be ashamed to admit it, but I'm not: I loved that her mum was so awful.
I actually feel slightly sorry for her (yes, I admitted it): the world of celebrity and the media are so fickle that a person's career (however worthwhile) can be over in an instant, and all to sell more tabloids/gossip mags.

Her mum was god-awful though.
Isaiah Washington sat down for a meeting with GLAAD today. Major damage control issue going on here.
Now here's a feud I didn't see coming:

Charlotte Rae thinks Joan Collins is a bitch

ETA: The best part is when Joan uses the word "dis."
I agree with fina. Jade is a silly, nasty bully who has now been exposed as such. I know disliking her plays into the anti-chav thing which I feel bad about... but not enough to stop me hoping she crashes and burns. It's not that she's working class, it's that she's stupid and then her stupidity is celebrated. She's already up several million £££; it's not like she's suffering too much.
Did you hear that she's been refused entry into India? hee.
No! It serves her right. /righteous smugness

I also love that a major distribution contract for her perfume (ironically, called Shh!)has been pulled.
Whoa! Jared Leto is off the chizz-ain! Apparently he attempted to choke tiny little Elijah Wood & called him a "fucking asshole" at some awards ceremony. All because he publicly said he didn't like 30Seconds to Mars. I don't like 'em, either, Jared. Come kick my ass, I dare you! Pickin' on hobbits, he shoud be ashamed!

Oh, & Anne Heche left her hubby of five years for the costar of her tv show. I liked her better when she was wandering around aimlessly without shoes talkin' 'bout the aliens & asking if she could use people's showers...

And some tabloid printed a picture of Tyra Banks with the heading of, "America's Next Top Waddle."
Going back at bit, but did anyone else see the MM/Evan Rachel piece on Go Fug Yourself?

I'm still cheering over Jade. She needs a slap, and then to resit her 11+ SATS.And yes, the stupidity is what grates. She's so... mindless.

pfft... jared leto. pick on someone your own size
i don't understand the whole backlash about tyra gaining weight. it is even on the cover of people magazine. i wish i could look as hot as she does with some weight on.
Why are people sooooo obsessed about her weight anyway.
it's official, thora birch has turned into another lollipop starlet. part of me wants to kill the originally awesome, individual, HEALTHY sized actresses who do this (i'm looking hard at you, christina ricci). *sigh*
My jaw dropped at that Thora picture. No, no, no, no, NO! why?!

I just saw a picture of Hilary Duff. It freaks me out. She looks so much older now that she's lost all that weight. Same with Rose McGowan. They age themselves needlessly and they look so much less attractive as toothpicks.
I didn't recognise Thora. She looks so... bland and... standardey. if that makes sense.
Cheers for the heads up mornington. Yet again, GFY share their genius with us, with this two-for-one special slagging off skeletor and Mrs Cruise, then MM and Evan Rachel Wood once you scroll down a bit. LMAO.
Isaiah Washington can suck my big fat dick. I really hope they fire his ass. I am so fucking over celebrities pushing thier anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-minority, BULLSHIT all up in my face and then getting away with it with an apology and a 'confession' that they may need treatment for thier issues. BULLSHIT! You don't need treatment, you need to get your bitch ass beat the fuck down by a gang of drag queens and Israeli army officers. You need to have your face pushed in your own shit like a bad dog until you ACT RIGHT! You need to be fired so the rest of the country learns that words like FAGGOT will no longer be tolerated. I'm tired. I am so tired.
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