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I think I've become conditioned now: whenever I read about how much in love some celebrity claims to be with his/her lover, I know it's already over.

I really know it's over when any particular celebrity makes a huge effort to "put the word out there" about how happy he/she is with current lover.

Drew Barrymore's example just provides another "for instance".
Re Marilyn Manson:

Who would think that a rockstar needs to resort to geek seduction tactics? "Let me do your portrait, I'm an artist" LOL.
And the celebrity dating musical chairs continues...

Scarlett n' Justin?
lol... f'real wombat! and his paintings really aren't that good.
He likes his blondes, doesn't he? Maybe that's why him and Cameron split.

Dre Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti have split; she can go out on the pull with Cameron now.
oh marilyn, i thought you were different..... well, i guess it works to act like a 19 year-old when you're trying to woo one.... you've worn dirty underwear and dried blood in every concert and video i've seen ya in, and never until now did i think this of you.... ick.
Did you realize that MM is literally twice her age?!? Eeeeeewwwwww.
yeah, 30year olds dating 19 year olds is kinda gross.
Agreeing that MM trying to ingratiate himself with a 19 year old is skeezy.

I know no-one believed me last time, but David Beckham (and 'Posh' aka Skeletor) really is going to LA....

Good riddance say I...

Beckham to quit Real and head for L.A.

By Simon Baskett

MADRID (Reuters) - Former England captain David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal for MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy, he told Reuters on Thursday.

"This week Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract for a further two seasons," Beckham told Reuters.

"After discussing several options with my family and my advisors to either stay here in Madrid or join other major British and European teams I have decided to join LA Galaxy and play in the MLS from August this year.

"I would like to thank supporters and the people of Madrid who have made my family and I so welcome in my time here making this an extremely difficult decision to make.

"I have enjoyed my time here enormously and I am extremely grateful to the club for giving me an opportunity to play for such a great team and their amazing fans."

EW! These new celebrity pairings are gross.

Manson & Evan Rachel Wood? Gross.

JT & Scarlett? JT, come on dude!

No! Posh is moving to the states? Great.

i can totally see manson doing the like, victorian dandy pickup line.

"oh miss evan, perhaps you would like to come up and see my etchings?"

i dunno. i never really liked dita all that much. manson does seem to have a good head on his shoulders in most ways, but 30--19 is suspicious. though she also seems older than her years.

point is, i've seen worse couplings...but i'm not sure if i believe it.
Manson is 38 ... not 30.

Just sayin' smile.gif
syb, I knew you would have beaten me to it!
MM is just friggin gross.

ok, yeah, 30 sounded way too young.
sad thing is he was one of the most articulate popstars around. but he just lost the 44/100th of an ounce of respect i had for him. tsk. he's bawls.
MM... eww. What Girltrouble said.

does anyone else think Posh is going to LA so she can hang out with Katie Holmes? May she stay there for a loooong time.
I think Beckham is going to LA to play for Tom Cruise's Scientology soccer team ("Galaxy?" Come on!).

Posh has also, supposedly, been wooed for a role in yet another scientology space fantasy science fiction remake of that horrible movie John Travolta's Scientology cash made a few years ago.

It all makes perfect sense now.
"Let me do your portrait, I'm an artist"

Reminds me of all the 40 year old "photographers" who came wooing me when I was 19. Except I knew enough to tell them to go fuck themselves.
Hmmmm, apparently Playboy wants Posh to do a shoot. Nice. Skeleton with huge fake watermelon freakshow boobies gets her kit off. Mind you, that does seem to be the preferred LA, Playboy body shape, so I suppose it's not that much of a surprise really. How long do we reckon before Posh, Becks and the kiddies are sucked into the Scientology realm?
Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Evan Rachel Wood and MM?! That's 100 shades of wrong. I'd say she's too good for him, but that's not really the point.

::wanders off, scratching head, wondering what the hell they even have in COMMON (which, again, isn't the point)::
Nooooo! I don't want them to go! Becks it too cute to go Thetan!

As for Marilyn - anyone else think a mid-life crisis is possibly playing itself out?
Y'know, when I was a teenager & had my last "reading" class, I read a great number influential books by great authors. Another student read all the L Ron Hubbard novels. Compared to SVH or Mary Higgens Clark, we felt learned. Even if LRH's books were total bullshit.
I read this weird ass "article" yesterday in a glossy (UK Glamour) about how Victoria Beckham had worn the figure of eight several times in the one week (the outfit she wore to the TomKat wedding had two) and that this signified she believed in Scientology as it's a central symbol.

Oh fuck, what am I doing with my life?
*pets the bunnyb*

it's ok. shhhhhhhhhh!

we all worry about the crazy thetan hordes. really. it's ok. just remember, celebrities on dianetics and our president, prove money does not equal intellegence. shhhhhhhhh!
be careful, she bites tongue.gif

i have to confess to just laughing at posh. this seems to be the latest bandwagon for her to hop on. i think poor becks is just being carted along behind her.

bunny, you're doing "media studies"
Ah, well, so "Posh" moves from yhe Brit tabloids to the American ones. I hate her obvious 'hemisphere" fake boobs, and why be blonde when she looked so good as a brunette??

I do indeed wink.gif.

*snaps at mornington's heels*
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Jan 13 2007, 10:23 PM) *

I do indeed wink.gif.

*snaps at mornington's heels*

I read that too! I imagine the conversation as something like this:
"Dave, Babes, we both know this Scientology shit's a load of bollocks, but if we wanna have the LA lifestyle that we so desire, can't we just play along with it when Weirdo TomKat asks us to? Otherwise, we're NEVER gonna get to hang out in the J-Lo "Proper" R&B crew. And Babes, we're like proper Urban musician types. Remember when I did that whole Urban Vibe with Suge Knight or something? Anyway, won't you just eat up the Scientology thing? It's our only chance to be A-list. Won't you just do it for me, Babes? Seriously? Please Dave, Babe????? Babe????
what'll be funny is the absolute indifference the american public will greet them with. the us has very little interest in non-american social climbers. if you arrive as a nobody and blow up (think the gubbinator) then we will love you, but if you are big somewhere else, well, we could care less....
I'm not so sure indifference will greet them. Scientology's got a lot of media power--TV, newspapers, movies, and now (I suspect) sports franchises. All you have to do to generate buzz is use the media you own to create it and sustain it.

After all, why are any of us even talking about Beckham and his very lucrative US soccer contract, and why would anyone even care about Posh Spice over here if the media machine hadn't already put things in motion?
I hear news reports every day about how the acquisition of Beck has suddenly made soccer more interesting, with updates of the number of season tickets/box purchases already sold in LA, just in anticipation of his and his new team's arrival. I don't believe anyone in LA is remotely interested in watching soccer (although, I could see how it would be something you'd have to buy if you were in big business there and planned to stay in business, since that inevitably means dealing with plenty of Scientologists), but I do know you've got to spread the lie repeatedly and on a big scale before you can hope for it to become truth.

So: be prepared. We're going to hear a lot more than we've ever wanted to about soccer, Posh, Becks, terrible Sci-Fi films, and TomKat in the near future.
i don't know. i don't think they "play well in peoria." they aren't in movies, and becks' only claim to fame is soccer, which americans don't really "give a toss about." posh is old news, yeah she's a fashion plate, but we have enough of those, the only thing they have going for them is that they are uber rich, an we got bill gates and oprah. my sylvia brown bobble head says they will get a little press and slink back to the uk. but what do i know. they've been doing something to get the press, so you may be right, i just can't see people really caring about them. i think it will be a rude awakening.
I quite like Becks but I fear for the profile of soccer in the US...
This sounds like such a wank, but one of the things I love about soccer in Australia is that to follow it means that the majority of society thinks you are a loser ... but you feel kind of sophisiticated and worldly! If it became more mainstream because the media made it their new pet sport, while the injection of money would be great for the game, the sport would lose its cultural niche and would be less fun to be associated with, I think...

I hate Posh. I can't understand why anyone would think she is physically or otherwise attractive.

I used to think the way Marilyn played at creeping people out was very clever but now he really is creeping people out. Romances with age differences aren't all bad, but this seems to have a predatory whiff of dishonesty about it. I like the midlife crisis call, pointybird.
Well, I for one cannot wait for more Posh and Becks gossip now that they're moving Stateside. wacko.gif

Butta, please tell me you're not joking about having a Sylvia Browne bobblehead! Heh.
I usedta think Posh was pretty, and some early interviews were actually cool, but people desperately doing the very most mainstream look possible pisses me off.

Manson's girlfriends all seemed like they wanted to increase their fame by being associated with him -- esp. Rose MacGowan, who seemed like a user. In a way, I thought he was egalitarian for dating other "left of center" media personalities, but, he's probably a user too -- two famous people in outrageous outfits going to awards shows means publicity.

So, will Rachel Even Wood start wearing outrageous tacky revealing clothing now?
I can't see posh spice and david beckham fading away once they move here. They wouldn't be doing it if that were the case. I put out all the gossip magazines at work every single Friday and they are in all of them, especially because of the whole TomKat thing.
awwww, you called me butta, raisin! sigh. you will always have a special place in my heart...sigh... c'n i have your baby?

lol... sorry baby butta pops out every now and again... but no i do not have a s.b. bobblehead --although i wish i did. sadly, pronosticators creep me out... when i was a wee butta wannabee i was really into/freaked out by weird xtian predictions like hal lindsey's "the late great planet earth" which was about 2% right. meaning that everything after the phrase "in the year..." was proven wrong by time... hmmmm....

oh, don't pick on rose... i sooo have a crush on her. although her clothing choices when she was dating mm where....horrifying.....i think they were both attention whores, and that's probably why they dated. although she did say she loved him very much....

and i agree with you, about posh. sweetie, you're working too hard. and i hate to quote ms. twain, but all that flash? "it don't impress me much." i guess i'm biased. i hope they come over here and get no play since i find all of their money flashing is so ....gauche.
My single biggest reason to despise Posh is her comment: 'I don't read books.' 'Nuff said. LA is welcome to them.
Oooh, something you just said, Girltrouble, makes me think of another reason why they'd be motivated to come on over to LA--here in the US, money defines class. This isn't so much the case in the UK--until very recently money had very little at all to do with class status (in fact many of those in the upper classes had lots of land and title and history, but were flat broke). So over there they'll always be common (and therefore always left out of a variety of enclaves). Here, on the other hand, the more cash you've got the higher you are in the firmament, no matter who your parents are/were. No one and no thing will stand in your way unless money is scarce. Here they've got all kinds of access. So why not move on over?

That realisation only makes me despair, because it means we'll be seeing them on every kind of imaginable shlock movie and endorsement to come.
obviously we care since we've got two pages of archives talking about this new posh and becks development tongue.gif

frankly, LA has enough famous crazies that two more is not going to affect anything. we've already got tomkat, paris, lohan, mel gibson etc. etc. etc......sure, the media will fawn over them for a while, but in england they're kind of a novelty. in LA they'll be nothing new after a while. LA is really not going to be impacted by this, i guarantee.
Hey now, Syb. One of my most adored bookstores (Book Soup) is in LA, it's where Debbie and Marcelle did a reading for their Bust book last century.

I don't see life in LA being impacted by Posh and Becks, either. If anything, the paparazzi might be a bit of a shocker for them. Maybe not, though, after living in England and Spain.

WHY DO I EVEN GIVE A FLYING FUCK?????????????????????

So in other news, apparently Jenny Shimizu (whose name I didn't recognize until I Googled her) is going to write a tell-all book where she says she was sleeping with both Madonna and Angelina Jolie at the same time (I take that to mean "during the same period of time," not "a threesome"). Here.
ALTHOUGH.....LA has very few bookstores for such a large city sad.gif
neither the beverly center NOR the glendale galleria have even so much as a waldenbooks in the actual malls--which i find astounding. book soup is good, skylight is good, and there are a few barnes and nobleses around, but damn, it is kind of hard to find a bookstore here.
All the more reason to take a weekend trip to SF to go to City Lights! Heh. Name a city, I'm sure to tell you a bookstore I've been to!
um, excuse me, where's all the Globes Goss? I can't believe that I -on a different continent- am the first to be talking about them in here! Well, it's apt since the Brits did well smile.gif.

Angelina looked stunning, Brad looks more and more like Robert Redford complete with perma-tan.
I'm taking it Jennifer Aniston wasn't there, although Courteney Cox was - that would have been a fun meet up in the ladies'. Both Cameron and Justin were there too.

Best dresses: Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker's wife Keisha
Worst dresses: Nicolette Sheridan, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, Chloe Sevigny (probably the worst outfit I've seen for a long time)

I'm delighted Forest Whitaker won (backing him for the Oscar) and Hugh Laurie for House, haven't seen The Queen to comment on Helen Mirren, glad Ugly Betty and America Ferrera won and Grey's Anatomy. Pleased for Martin Scorcese. Wish Volver had won best foreign language film.
I missed Chloe Sevigny's outfit and I'm surprised she was there! But I'm certain it was very much like what we've come to expect. Rubber bands stretched across too-big, ugly white pumps, isn't that one of her trademarks?

I thought Meryl's dress was just badly chosen for her--but she was one of the funniest people there.
they were black pumps this time but, yup, that was it and a hideous black and white dress. She also had a weird facial expression and pose going on (reminded me of a velocer raptor). Big Love was nominated for best TV drama and she was photographed with the other wives.
here's some pics

yeah i wasn't into cameron diaz and her i-had-a-fistfight-with-a-paper-shredder look. she shoulda looked less crazy for justin.
Jenny Shimizu was linked to George Michael in the late 80s (before he came out). She starred in one of his videos around then.

Yay for Whitaker winning: he utterly deserves it. Ditto for Mirren who was amazing in The Queen. She made Elizabeth II human and sympathetic... and I hate the Royals so it took some doing.

*goes off to devour more GG gossip and pics*
Didn't like Beyonce's dress either, Vanessa Williams had BIG hair, Reese's dress did nothing for her complexion and Renee looked blah (why does she insist on wearing short dresses when her legs are like toothpicks?) /overly critical
More pics!
Best & Worst Dressed
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