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My eyes scanned this page and when I saw the words "silicone goddesses" I thought, "Why are they talking about sex toys in the gossip thread?" laugh.gif

By the by, the People website has a live blog feed going for the Tom & Katie wedding in their effort to give you the minute-by-minute updates on the event. Bleeeeeeeeech!
NSFW! Supposedly clip of Brit/Cletus' sex tape.

Ew, ew, ew! *bleaches eyeballs*

I don't know. That kind of looks like Brit, but something looks off. I have my doubts that it's her.

*bleaches eyes again*

So Tom has officially married his zombie. People of Xenu, rejoice. (I'm really annoyed with Brooke Shields for attending, though. More than I should be.)
I saw that, I read somewhere, where it was delcared a fake. Hope so. That was one terrible bj!
ggg, i was thinking that...

excuse me while i go throw up a little. it's not so much brit, as well... cletus *shudder*
ap- cletus?? roflmao!
I don't dare look at it. ((creepy)) You ladies need some of this. laugh.gif
UGH! Psycho was the one who asked Armani to design the wedding dress. Is nothing sacred? Shouldn't she be the one to choose her own damn gown designer?! Article
is it just me, or does she look scared in those photos?

two words: posh's hat. i think i'm obsessed with it.
I need serious help. I had to start a Celebrity Gossip! thread on Bustalicious because I needed a fix. Glad to know I wasn't alone in that department! Ugh.

You'd think with two actors marrying each other that they could have looked better in the picture that was released to the press. It leaves a lot to be desired, but then again, the whole "relationship" is fucked.

I do think British women have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to hats and wedding receptions. wub.gif

So many of the guests upstaged the bride!

And seriously, are they REALLY friends with people like Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy? I doubt it. They live in such a fishbowl. It's just another event for them.

I still have to wonder what her religious parents think about their daughter marrying a Scientologist or if Tom paid them off to keep mum about it.

Okay, I'll stop editing this post now. I'm just oftentimes flabbergasted by Hollyweird, and am truly thankful every day for my unknown-ness/anonymity.
OK, funny quote from the Telegraph article - "The newly-weds' end of ceremony kiss was so long, said Giorgio Armani, the designer, that many of the guests shouted 'Stop, stop!'"

As do we all.
ugh gross, i wouldn't kiss tom cruise with a ten-foot tongue.
So apparently the OJ "hypothetical" tell-all is off. Definitely a good thing, but I must admit my morbid curiosity was piqued.
Ugh...I can't say that mine was. I gather he stupidly decided to try and kill his ex-wife exactly as the prosecutors said he did, nothing more, nothing less. And then he got away with it. What I can't figure out is how someone thought this would be a good way for him to make money.

From his ghost writer, to his publisher, to Fox network. Did any of them really think OJ was still "beloved" by his "fans" enough that such a book would even sell? Are people so cynical they think people will buy anything, even this crap?

The man deserves to die penniless and forgotten.
Robert Altman died!

Wow. wow. How old was he?!
I think he was 81- I posted a link to his imdb entry in the celebrity death thread.

Here's the transcript of an interview from 1992 than David Miscavige gave to ABC News. I haven't had a chance to read the whole thing (it's 4 pages long) but so far it's pretty interesting. This guy was Tom Cruise's best man over the weekend.....
Michael Richards (Kramer) says he's not a racist.

Right. How does a person actually justify saying they're not a racist, after being caught on tape saying racist things? WTF.
Tee it totally weird that I'm reading the article silently in Ted Koppel and Diane Sawyer's voices? (I'm just making a voice up for the other people.) I didn't even realize I was doing it, either! rolleyes.gif

That whole Kramer fiasco is insane. I just read about it last night. There's NO WAY a person get's upset and starts yelling ugly racial slurs like, "Shut up! Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass," without being a racist! Jerk.
yeah, i don't get how he's not racist, either. either that or just way too coked out.....

re: tomkat's wedding-first of all barf. but yeah, i read that there were 150 guests. that's a reaaaally small wedding for such a big superstar. both of their families were there, but in terms of friends? not so much.....jenny mccarthy and jim carey? really-i had no idea they were so close....and brooke shields? silly! totally a publicity thing, it's not like they are friends! brooke's just working it for the publicity.
The Krammer thing is CRAZY! I can't believe he had the nerve to say he wasn't a racist. People get angry and say things they don't mean, but not awful things like came out of his mouth. It reminds me of the whole Mel Gibson thing...another celeb letting out how they feel and then trying to take it back to protect thier image/career. It's very disappointing.

The TomKat wedding way over publized!!!!! I am so sick of hearing about it! My only comment on it....the Posh hat reminded me of Andy Macdowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral....
I think Posh looked amazing, that hat was gorgeous and she, let alone everyone else, definitely upstaged the bride.

raisin, send me the link to bustalicious please? I so wanted to talk about the wedding. I would have been lost without the myspace BUSTies sharing my pain.
Holy shit! I just saw the Richards video and I'm shocked. I mean, I'd read the transcripts, but actually hearing him say all that just blew my mind.
raisin, what's bustalicious?

random comments:
1. was thinking about the richards thing as i zoned out during various meetings. first, you don't recover from that, and "sorry" doesn't cut it. he could have at least said he was high on something and whacked out his gourd (see: Gibson, Mel). i bet jerry's pissed; this taints the seinfeld legacy.

2. tomkat: go. away. AND, what's with the media sucking dick all of the sudden? numerous outlets have refered to the wedding favorably, as in "fairytail wedding" and "true love united" and "royalty" and "every girl's fantasy wedding" and other bullshit. there is not one woman, girl, or man on this planet that thinks anything in the tomkat realm is REAL let alone desirable. except maybe xenu.
Saying "that's what happens when you interrupt the white man" is not racist? Michael Richards needs to get slapped. Like, a lot. I'm just glad that the guy he was yelling at told him that he's not funny and that's why he's never done anything good other than Seinfeld. Celebrities these days need to stop making me feel sad and ashamed.
QUOTE(grenadine @ Nov 18 2006, 04:41 PM) *

it's interesting how our culture has this persistent myth that thin or small breasted women are not really women, whereas the larger-breasted are SUPPOSED to be fertility goddesses.

I can see your point, but I also see it thus: small breasted women are allowed to be whole women, and big breasted women are allowed to be whores/sex toys/ butts of jokes/ walking watermelon vines. Heaven forbid we be able to tell a joke, do math in our head, change a tire, or read Proust without an issue of Cosmo stuck in the pages.

But all women, of course, are rarely given the props they are due.
<thread derail> oh, i dunno, busty. i think the pigeonholing and stereotyping go both ways. large-breasted women have to be whores, bimbos, or sex toys, and small-breasted or less-full-figured women are often told they're not women at all. it's hardly a zero-sum equation - one group being victimised doesn't mean the other is validated. (and by "supposed to be fertility goddesses" i didn't mean validated. that seems to me an unpleasant and weighty responsibility.) oh no, not at all. pity, ennit?</end derail>

i can't watch the richards video. my fuckwad quota is way over limit this week.
blanche, those were my first thoughts too before seeing it on the news (not on purpose, by the way.... why is this "news" anyway? save it for access hollywood or whatev). but he wasn't making clever or even not-so-clever jokes. he was just a ranting and raving loony a-hole.
Well, its not just white guys who can make dumb-ass remarks.
FYI - Bustalicious is a LiveJournal community made up of Busties. If you've got a LJ you can join!
UGH, I hate Kanye. Always have. He's so full of himself!
that really sucks about kanye.

i love his music. but that's the third or fourth negative thing i've heard about him *not including the bush hates black people, which i thought was awesome*.

he apparently jumped onstage during the mtv uk award show, after losing an award to another band, and said that it was a travesty that he didn't win.

very bad form, kanye.
Kanye's not the first man to speak from his own internalized racial self-hatred. He's just figured out he can get a lot of attention by mouthing off about something he thinks he knows well--but he doesn't understand how he, himself, perpetuates it.

And he's never been above being misogynist, either. I wish he would just shut up.
Rosie O'Donnell is so fucking annoying sometimes. She's accusing Kelly Ripa of being a homophobe after negatively reacting to Clay Aiken putting his hand over her mouth. Here's the story. WTF? How do you get homophobia out of something that stupid? And it's totally rude for Rosie to bring up Clay's sexuality because of a dumb TV show incident. Lame. /rant
wait.......did i completely miss the part where clay admitted to being gay? last i heard it was still being vehemently denied????
No, Clay didn't come out or anything. Rosie O'Donnell just decided to turn it into a homophobia issue.
okay, that's fucking ridiculous and uncalled for. as a lesbian she should know the absolute most impolite, cruel and disrespectful thing you can do is out someone else. so not only is she basically saying he's gay without his permission or agreement, she's also saying he's unattractive. who is this helping??? she thinks she's championing gay rights? REALLY? she's damaging someone's carefully preserved reputation--someone who she's purporting to be helping--showing herself as first of all way overreacting, secondly totally insensitive, and thirdly just plain stupid. i mean how presumptuous do you get---assuming that someone WHO HAS DENIED IT STEADILY OVER SEVERAL YEARS is gay AND assuming that kelly ripa doesn't find clay attractive and announcing to the world that clay is not "a cute man".

and honestly, if someone for whom your gaydar goes craaaazy continuously claims they are straight, to me it's the same as someone saying "nothing" to the question "what's wrong". either it really is nothing, or THEY DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU.

wow. i'm pissed about this.
Chacha! Yeah, Kanye is a lot of exposed insecurity masquerading as an awakened black man.

As if.

The only awakened black man is that guy who played Grapes in the Fruit-of-the-Loom commercials. You gotta love grapes.

Now, as a person of blackness myself, I haven't felt too ruffled over Michael Richards's remarks. A: I don't have enough information. B: All bets are off when somebody's really pissed. Bad argument between folks of different races? Yeah, there's gonna be a nigger in there. Fag, haji, wop, harp, chink, kike, spic, cracker, polack, gook too. Hopefully it doesn't get much worse than than words, though it usually does.

I actually did find one thing funny about Richards's remarks: this whole business about hanging us upside-down with a fork in our asses. That's slapstick. Racial violence wasn't that inspired. In 1956, a black person at the hands of a mob might have found himself immolated or merely hanged, but he would have been right-side up. And a fork would have been a mercy, not a comeuppance.

All things considered, the fork thing amused me.
i feel like there were such high hopes for kanye when he first started getting famous. it's too bad.

i'm still pissed about rosie. but how about paris' lip syncing? now that's worse than acid reflux for sure. *shudder*
kanye allowed the fame to go to his head; he had such promise with his music and his anti-Bush comments.
His concert was the worst I've been to all year (it was back in Feb), he went off in a huff for some reason and we had no idea why the concert abruptly stopped. He did, however, say during "Golddigger" (with the crowd singing along) to sing our hearts out as this was the only time we were allowed to say the n-word.

It seems that the media have done a u-turn on tom/kat.
Bwahahaha!! Paris barfed while lip-syncing?! Classic!

Of all people, you'd think that Rosie O'Donnell would understand how awful it is to have the public obsessing over a star's sexual preference. She's just fueling the fire. It seems like he can't go anywhere without people asking him if he's gay. If he is, then great, but let him decide how or if he wants to express it. He clearly doesn't want it to be an issue.

"it wasn't for race mixing there'd be no video girls." UGH!!!!!!!!! That's so chauvanist!! It would be one thing to say that bi-racial was beautiful, but the way he says it makes it sound like most black women are too dark for his videos. This is especially disgusting because it raises the whole lightness-darkness issue and how Hollywood is biased toward lighter-skinned blacks with caucasian features. Hip-hop music videos are totally guilty of that. It's all so stupid.

Lindsay's letter of condolence to Robert Altman's family.

She seems genuinely upset (although as some of the more cynical comments in that link note, there's a self-serving whiff about the way she's gone about it), but yeah. I guess she's not going to be one of those actors who completes her English degree while juggling her career.
"as a person of blackness myself"... bahahahahahahah!!!
I heart Speedy.

Kanye is just such a big, whinging baby. Get over yourself, bitch.

Lindsay Lohan is 19 and I think she fancies herself an artist. All I know is splaying your meat curtains as you exit a car is not particulary artistic.

(Click here if you hate yourself)

This whole TomKatt fairy tale re-write. Sighs. I am not fooled.

And finally, Rosie needs to cut the shit with the militant dyke shit. She of all people should know what real homophobia is. I am tired. I am weary.

"splaying your meat curtains" Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

Rosie O'Donnell isn't doing the gay community any favors by yapping about stupid little things like Clay Aiken on a talk show. I think gay activism is important, but your average person is gonna pick up the negative, petty stuff more than the positive, intelligent stuff. It sounds like she just wants something to bitch about because she loves the sound of her own voice.
Saw Pink in concert and when singing "Stupid Girls" she imitated "splaying your meat curtains" a'la Lohan and Hilton.

Oh, and my mum was right: Pink when she first came on stage dressed in fishnets, leather cap, jacket and bodysuit looked so like Eddie Izzard. I think Pink is stunningly attractive and is far from a stupid girl.
NME released their 'cool list' the other day and while I usually dislike NME I was happy when I saw their number 1. Beth Ditto from the Gossip - fat (and a fat activist), feminist and lesbian. And 5 of the top 10 were women. Seeing as NME is usually totally dominated by straight, white, skinny, indie boys, I thought it was worth a mention.
punker, that's fuckin awesome!

re: lindsay's letter--holy jesus. she is a fucking idiot. "of been able"????? (this has been one of my personal pet grammar peeves ever since, in 8th grade, my class was putting on a play and one of the kids asked if his line could be changed--i forget the major change, but the point was it ended in "could've"--and my teacher said "no, we never end sentences with prepositions" ARGH@$*@!!^&#!) "BE ADEQUITE [sic]" (does she even know what that word MEANS, let alone how it's spelled???) "12st"??? twelfst??? TWELFST????? are you FUCKING KIDDING ME???

nicole richie fired her stylist, rachel zoe. zoe also styles mischa barton and styled lindsay when she was skeletal. something fishy is going on with that woman, and i'm glad nicole's free of her. i mean, as glad as i can be without having any personal attachment to someone i've never met and think is a spoiled brat. biggrin.gif
Speedy - See (or read) Mandingo. Or don't. *shudder*

I also thought Rosie's breezy assumpton that Aiken was gay and therefore Ripa was saying his hand was up someone's butt was more HER prejudice than Ripa's -- how common a phase -- and generic a phrase -- is "I don't know where that hand has been?"

Most people ASSUME Aiken is gay, but I thought he came out sometime somewhere and I missed it -- cause I sure don't pay very close attention.

Re silly moppets: Lindsay Lohan is the only one that seems halfway sincere, hip and smart.

The Duff girlies? Please. I haven't seen Republican prima donnas with such snide looks in their eyes and big, phony smiles, since, oh, Britney.
Apparently Tori Spelling topped everyone when she appeared at some awards ceremony to co-present with Clay Aiken. She covered his mouth as he was about to speak, then told him she would "tell him where that hand was, later".

Rosie, on the other hand, jumped to a regrettable and embarassing conclusion. If I were paid to interview people on a TV show, and a guest up and covered my mouth while I was speaking, I'd be more than peeved. Even if that guest were the male equivalent of the end of the world. If someone covered Rosie's mouth to shut her up while she were speaking, she'd probably punch them!

You know, when I heard about Robert Altman's death, I was driving and the news came on and the announcer started the broadcast by saying, simply, "The Hollywood director, Robert Altman, has died". That's it, no details, nothing much else except that the news came from his production company in Hollywood and that he had passed during the night. I haven't heard anything at all about how he died, but I got the feeling from his last film that he knew he was dying soon. I loved some of his movies, and I hated some of them too; but for some reason I feel very sad about his death. I know Lindsay Lohan is as inarticulate and as illiterate as they come, but I think illiteracy is really widespread (yesterday I noticed a professional, agency-designed and executed ad for a big corporation on a bus, featuring a huge, stupid spelling wasn't deliberate, it was an oversight. It's become that big a problem). At least Lindsay's note was meant to be private (or was it?), and she was trying to do a kind thing.
I don't remember what website I found this at, but it was a "separated at birth" bit somewhere (months ago), and I saved the pic:

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