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Ok, I stand corrected, I posted that in a rush....
I still can't get the link to work...but here is the info:

Beyoncé Knowles and Eva Longoria will play lesbian lovers in a new movie.

The gorgeous stars have revealed they are set to star in sexy Victorian drama 'Tipping The Velvet'.

Eva, 31, said: "Yes it's true. We are talking about doing the movie together. It's such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story."

Director Sofia Coppola is hoping to bring Sarah Water's novel about sexual repression to the big screen and is desperate for Beyoncé and Eva to take the roles of a 1890s music hall star, Kitty Butler, and her lesbian lover Nan Astley.

Beyoncé, 25, thinks it is time the world was treated to a classic lesbian love story.

The singer, who was speaking at a New York benefit for ovarian cancer, said: "We've haView the profile for Beyoncé on Celebrity Spotlightd 'Brokeback Mountain' so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment."

Beyoncé and Eva are said to be incredibly excited about the steamy love scenes and can't wait for filming on the project to start.

A source revealed: "They weren't at all coy about the sex scenes. In fact they both seemed to think it would be more fun than doing the same work with a man. It's going to be very hot."

The BBC's TV adaptation of 'Tipping The Velvet' caused outrage four years ago with its graphic sex scenes, which included cross-dressing and the use of sex toys.
I'm the one who stands corrected smile.gif. Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles as Kitty and Nan - wtf?
i'm sorry, but that's an abomination. i have a really hard time with this! why make another movie? there's already a full feature? ok, so maybe it'd be ok to make another movie, but i cannot imagine those actresses in the roles.

i've read the book and i've seen the movie. i just can't see this working out well.


maybe i'm just being dramatic, but i just... ACK!

true, but with sofia coppola as a director, if nothing else you know it'll be GORGEOUS.
Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles? That just doesn't make sense in my brain. I agree that the world needs a good lesbian love story though.

I would imagine that it would be much more interesting to do a lesbian love scene if you were a "straight" actress. It wouldn't be your typical "man jumps the woman and she has an instant orgasm" thing, because it would be all about the female experience. I just hope that the sex scenes don't end up taking on a male fantasy feeling. There's a difference between lesbian sex and female-on-female action for male pleasure.

Still, I can't imagine Eva Longoria and Beyonce doin' the nasty. If only Bound had been released 10 years later. I'm sure it would have gained a lot more attention these days. Great, great movie.
Eva Longoria....Tipping the Velvet....Beyonce Knowles....... *Head Implodes*
Kelly is HOT!

I hate when over-rated directors try to desecrate good novels by adapting them into films starring people who can't act. I am disapointed in Sofia. There are so many talented actresses out there that would be perfect in this movie and she goes for a desperate housewife. Why, that's just torturing folks who read!
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Nov 10 2006, 09:23 PM) *

But, Doodle, you make an excellent point: he's not very convincing about wanting custody of his children with this marriage as he doesn't exercise custody over his other children.

Thank goodness Britney's mom had the foresight (well, foresight isn't the right word for being aware of the obvious) to force a pre-nup. I've heard the amount specified in that is a lot less than $5million.

As for dragging out the divorce, good lawyers who can be greedy are plentiful; and they can drag the ordeal on for ages, all at hideous rates per hour. Good lawyers who don't need to be greedy are scarce. If this drags, it won't necessarily be because K-Fed and Brit have anything to say about it.

He gets $300,000 annum for half of the entire duration of their marriage. (I just watched the THS on E! today unsure.gif )

So, they were married two years, so he gets support for one year =$300,000.

IPB Image

I have a huge crush on Beyonce.
Tobey Maguire has a daughter!
Toby Maguire a father? He just seems to be so young himself! He looks to be perpetually 15. I'm delighted by the fact that the baby's birth wasn't awaited like all the other Hollywood messiahs of late (it's nice to know someone in Hollywood can have a baby in private, somewhere).

I humbly submit that I don't believe Sofia Coppola is overrated(I've always thought she was better than her father was at her age, plus she's got her mother's documentary eye. Thank goodness she decided to make the films rather than act in them because there she would not be very good). I think she's got an interesting perspective in any material she chooses to work with, one that strikes me as very female. That's a rare thing in Hollywood film. I've never heard of Beyonce and Eva Longoria's project, but I know Coppola will make something really good out of it.

bound should totally be re-released.

two parts of bound trivia i recently found out:
#1: jennifer tilly is a renowned pro-circuit poker champ
#2: susie bright choreographed the sex scenes. i had no idea. but that explains it. maybe sophia'll be smart enough to bring her on to tipping the velvet.

i don't think beyonce and eva are such awful choices. it's not like they're noticeably horrible actresses, and i think it's kind of an interesting casting choice in place of the kind of actresses who usually get cast in the "lesbian love stories".
anna k
Beyonce just isn't a good actress. Maybe she'll prove me wrong in Dreamgirls, but she looks vacant a lot and isn't very good.

I'll just take this as a rumor until it's more substantianted. Sofia's still pregnant and probably wouldn't take on another movie so soon.
Just a few words....Britney K-fed sextape.......yuck!!! I'd have to bleach my eyes if I were to stumble upon it.

And Beyonce is horrible actress, she should probably just stick to singing.
What gets me is how he's threatening to sell it for $65 million. Yeah, that'll help him win custody of the kids. He's such a shit.
Oops, wrong place....sorry.
Ok, I have to retract my post. I just read this on the site:

Eva Longoria is shooting down rumors that she plans to star as Beyonce Knowles's lover in a new movie.

"Stop the madness" Longoria tells PEOPLE exclusively about the false reports that she and Knowles will play a couple in an adaptation of Sarah Waters's love story Tipping the Velvet. "Believe me, I would love to work with Beyonce one day. She's so talented. But this is definitely not something we are doing together. It's completely and absolutely not true."

Longoria says the rumor, which she has seen repeated on numerous Web sites and even on television, started about a week ago – before she had ever even met Knowles. Many of the false reports also alleged that Sofia Coppola had been tapped to direct the film.

"Beyonce and I just did the L'Oreal event a couple of days ago and we were like, 'What is the deal?'" Longoria tells PEOPLE. "What makes me crazy is that there are quotes out there, quotes from me saying it's true. But in fact it's not true. And (there are) quotes of Beyonce saying it's about time we had a female Brokeback Mountain. And we're like, we never said that."

Lawyers for the actress are trying to track down the original source of the rumor, but so far have not been able to locate it, according to the Desperate Housewives star.

A spokesperson for Knowles also confirmed that the rumors are false, telling PEOPLE: "This is not happening. We've never heard of this film."

Up next for Knowles is a starring role in the film Dreamgirls, which opens next month.

free_spririt, tell the truth: was it YOU who started the rumour? wink.gif

so glad to hear that this is not true! i know sofia would have done a great job, but those actresses would not have been able to pull of the roles, IMO. but, i guess i already made that clear.

my SIL, who introduced me to the book and film, will be very happy to hear that it was a rumor.

oh, and free_spririt, i found the rumor link on fark, so it was definitly all over the place. no worries! wink.gif
Kfed's doing a great job of getting everyone on Britney's side.
Thanks for sharing this info Free Spririt, I'm a much happier condiment now. laugh.gif

And I recant my statement that Sofia is over-rated. She is a talented director and I hope she stays behind the lens. I was speaking out of momentary indignation. Sorry Chacaheels!

To each her own, WasabiNinja; I'm just glad Sophia's found her niche as a writer and director and isn't insisting on being in front of the camera. The only memorable scene in Godfather III, in my mind, is Al Pacino's minute- long, silent, gawping scream at the end of the movie, where he is wracked with horror, powerlessness, and utter, mystified disgust (how can it not be about her performance in the film?). In it, she says her one, dying line: "Dad?", like she's a surfer dude.

Really, we should all thank the lucky stars above.

what, no buzz on the tomkat nuptials? *yawn*

still picking my jaw up off the ground on this one. the man's stupidity and audacity never fails to astound me.
nicole and ron's families must be flippin'.
mando - i cannot even believe that! holy shit! ok, i take back what i said about the remake of tipping the velvet...

THIS is an abomination. holy shit. what an arrogant pig and what the fuck was the publishing company thinking!?!?!

IPB Image

What a guy!
I knew the guy was completely vacant of scruples or a code of ethics but he could at the very least consider his kids. I can only begin to imagine how fucked up they are. And the Fox network is going way over the line with this shit. The very idea of this book/show makes me seasick. OJ is a fucking choadlikker!

Ok, ok, Bunny...You caught me! wink.gif
I made it up because, like, I thought it would be so, like, how do you say, HOT!!!

(No I didn't make that up! I read that on

I never heard of that book before, but I love Beyonce and Eva Longoria...
I would watch any thing they were performing in...
I don't think Eva is a bad actress but I've read the book and think it's an abomination too.

As for O.J. Um, how you would commit the murders is you had committed them? well, you did so you mean you've changed your mind about how you would have committed them so you wouldn't have been caught (and yet found not guilty)?

mando, I am still hoping Katie will run. Anyone hear which magazine has the photo rights? cos you kow one of them must.
So recent pictures of Nicole Richie show her weighing about 10 lbs more after short stint in "rehab"'s being said that she actually had a gastric bypass reversed. I think this could be true...if you have enough money, you could find some unethical doctor to do the inital surgery even if she was never overweight in the first place. She really does look much improved.
Hmm, the gastric bypass reversal is an interesting theory, but I don't necessarily think it's that...Hard to say why she looks slightly better, though, other than therapy/rehab of some sort. I highly doubt she's gained as much as 10 lbs. already, I have to say...Perhaps about 5, if even, but I would be hard-pressed to say 10.
Well, these pictures should clear up those pesky homosexuality rumours.

OJ. The book. WTF. Seriously. I don't even have words.
supposedly Brooke Shields has flown to Italy for the wedding. What, now their best buds?
Suri is such a pretty baby.
Does Katie even get to *hold* the baby? Is Tom breastfeeding?
Well, it does make you wonder. So much energy is spent on him making sure we all "get" that he fathered this child. Good thing it isn't a little boy, though--I'm not sure he'd be as happy being seen as affectionate to a child of the same sex.

It must be costing millions to cloak Tom's massive insecurities about his sexuality and how it is perceived by the public. It would be just so much better for him to make a movie that pokes fun at it--you know, purposely take a role playing a man who's sexuality is under question, who comes out. It could be a comedy! It could be charming and people would just be won over by it and the whole question would just go away. Instead, the more he worries, the greater the spectacle.

Who knew that Liza Minelli wigs came in baby sizes?! I sure didn't! blink.gif
katie sure isn't breastfeeding - per vanity fair, suri is on the bottle. hope that's not a scientology thing, but something makes me think it could be.
Well, it also may be a breast issue. Katie isn't very chesty, neither is my mom. My mom was not able to breast feed any of us, or we would have starved to death.

Also, I think Mr Cruise is well aware of the hole he dug himself. In the PR world, it is widely known that people (women) will think more of a man holding a child, it makes them seem sweet.

And Raisin !Tisk Tisk! I had more hair than that when I was a baby and it! Suri looks alot like how my little sis looked as as a baby. Almost Asian.
ggg, i don't think breast size is linked to BFing ability - (maybe to technique, but not ability) and i know plenty of (former) a cups, myself included, who were able to. maybe your mom had another issue (they didn't try as hard to encourage it in the 70's/early 80's)?

when i saw that article mention suri being bottle-fed i thought, way to take one more element of parenting out of the mother's hands! (i know, it could have been her decision, in which case fine...although since the WHO recommends it for health and it makes you get skinny faster, i don't know why that would be) - it just seems to go along with the whole couch-bouncin' control-freak crazy cruise image.
Na, my mom was a flower child. She is a tiny woman, (5'2 90lbs) had all of us, (huge babies, I was the smallest @ 8lbs 5 ounces, NATURALLY) she just did not produce a lot of milk, almost none at times. My friend was the same way. After a week of a crying newborn, she went in to the pedietrician for a check up and was told her baby was starving and need to be bottle fed as well as breast fed. (I think so she could still drink a Guiness a day without feeling guilty! tongue.gif )
Tom Cruise could be dipped in a vat of caramel and I still wouldn't think he's sweet.

I was more commenting on the baby's 'do, not the amount of hair.
I saw the headline on the cover of a magazine the other day talking about, I think, Katie describes her dream wedding and my first thought was "Does it involve Tom?"
hehe dusty. There is a pic of Katie holding Suri but, unlike Tom, she is holding her towards her self and not the paparazzi.

so, this may amuse or anger BUSTies but my mum has a theory that Pink and Eddie Izzard are one in the same person! I'm not really seeing it myself.
I love me some Tina Fey:
I saw that quote -- PAris and her bad weave, and man hands, and shitty attitude- why aren't more folks on the bandwagon?

Paris gives me the creepy crawlies.
i'm sorry, suri is AN OLD BABY.
QUOTE(taloo_magoo @ Nov 17 2006, 05:15 PM) *

Oh, that's hysterical! Paris Hilton really works my nerve, so it does my heart good whenever there's some Paris-bashing going on. I wish I'd caught that Tina Fey interview on Howard Stern; sounds like she had some interesting things to say!

I wish TomKat would just get married already, in front of Suri and Brooke Shields and all their other mega-celebrity friends, and then...fade off into the sunset, never to be heard from again! Not likely, but I can dream, can't I? They (esp. Tom--I HATE him) take up waaay too much space in the gossip pages. Bleh. tongue.gif
the current mad magazine. IPB Image

taloo, thanks for sharing the tina-paris throwdown. that was jolly lovely!
Thanks for that link to MAD, Mando! That's too funny; now, if TomKat could just be relegated to that magazine alone from now on, I'd be a happy, happy girl. laugh.gif
Girlygirlgag, I can say for certain that breast size has NOTHING to do with being able to breast feed. As in, I wasn't able to.

Plus, all they have to do to feed Suri is recharge her batteries.
bunny, i can see your mum's point. they're both sort of plastic, yet repulsive, yet tacky, yet outré (sorry eddie fans).

O/T: busty, seems we have two generously endowed mamas who couldn't BF around here...anoush expressed a similar frustration. it's interesting how our culture has this persistent myth that thin or small breasted women are not really women, whereas the larger-breasted are SUPPOSED to be fertility goddesses.

(unless they're starlets, in which case they're silicone goddesses)
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