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I was beside myself with joy when I heard. I've been waiting for this day to come for two years, dammit. I love Brit, and I'm not ashamed to say it!
She's going to be a single mom but this is best for everyone involved. Plus, she mostly lives at Serenity in Kentwood right? So her momma is gonna pick up alot of the slack. This all seems so calculated. Maybe I should give Brit more cred.
Yay! I can't wait for K. Fed. to be just a tiny, unmemorable blip in pop history, just like he deserves to be!

Kevin Federline? Oh, yeah...isn't that Britney Spears' baby daddy? Didn't he put out a record or something?

Now little Brit Brit can move on to better things! No way could she have had a serious comeback with him hanging around like a boil on her ass. I'm sorta rooting for my own surprise.
I know. I'm rooting for her, too, and it surprises me. Go Britney!! Has he seriously drained her of funds? I guess I haven't been watching. I mean, I'm sure she'll still be pretty damn wealthy, but I would hate to see her get screwed out of even more money during the divorce process.

ETA- I can already imagine the VH1: I Love The '00's series. "Oh yeah, I remember that guy!!"

(off-topic) Is that your kitten, amilita? It looks almost exactly like my cat when he was a baby, with the white nose slightly asymmetrical. Cute!!
I think she's fine finantially...I just read some details about her prenup over on Dlisted and it looks like she has a good one. They have to return to each other gifts over a certian amount...10,000? So cars, majorly fancy watches/jewelry, etc. would have to be returned. And the amount she pays him hinges on the length of their marriage, and it's not even been 2 years.

ETA: Yes, pinkpoodle, that's my Wally! My husband rescued him from inside the wall of an abandonded house when he was 5 weeks old...I bottle fed him for a couple weeks. He's the greatest cat! And I love those kind of facial markings in other kitties, too!
(off topic, again) Awwww...the inside of a wall? Poor guy. This is what Oscar looks like these days. He's much heavier to pick up now. I remember when he used to crawl inside of my shoes! He'll always be my kitten. People will comment on how big he is, but I just don't see it!! (My other kitty, Gus, is much bigger!!)
Oh, sorry, ya'll...I know there's big divorces happening and all...but AWWW!!!! Oscar!!! I love when they lay with their bellies exposed. It's so sweet and trusting. Love his black nose. And I totally know what you mean about them seeming kitten-y forever. Once you feed something with a bottle, they are a baby enternally, that's for sure.

OK, back to regularly scheduled programming...anyone see the video of Ana Nicole Smith's C-section? I only saw part one, but O.M.G! She's such a mess...and I'm a labor and delivery nurse, so I kept thinking what a nightmare patient she would be.

They are doing the surgery and she's saying "I'm freaking out! I wanna see my baby!" But it's all slur-ry and drugged out sounding. And then they show an interview clip where she's saying something like, "It felt like God and Jesus were ripping out my insides." I'm sorry but I'm giggling hysterically while typing that...I'm sure it was very traumatic for her, but BWAH HA HA!
I read in the paper that Kev stands to get about 5million dollars. Which is a good wage for basically pissing about for 2 years, but is probably a drop in the ocean of Britney's money. Bet she's over the moon she did the pre-nup now! I'm not really a fan or anything, but I love to see any woman cut some dead wood out of her life. (Although I'll admit I did have a short-lived, inexplicable crush on Weasel-Face! I'm over it now though.... biggrin.gif)
ok, I'm slow on the uptake but yay britney! i'm weirdly pleased for her; it's not ideal to be a single mum but she's better off without him.

5million? that's a lot of money for being a waste of space.
I want to nuzzle Oscar's fluffy widdle tummy. So cute!!!!

And I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus singing Hallelujah for Britney! I'm soooooo so glad she finally woke up and smelled the festering, moldy coffee. I hate the fact that Federline will get millions off of her, but knowing him it will all be gone within a couple of years. I think this will definitely help her career.

In other news, I hear that Chris Rock is getting a divorce.
Amilita, I saw that footage of the C-section. Why was she complaining that God and Jesus were ripping out her insides? All I could think of, is nothing sacred? I mean, really. Why is this on display for the whole world to see? Then again, I thought the same thing when I heard about that woman taking a dump in the living room or whatever on Flavor Flav's show. Yet there I was in the same room as the TV showing the video.

There is like no concept of a private life anymore for some of these "celebrities."

Dusty, congrats for breaking the news here about Britney. cool.gif I wish I could say I feel bad about Britney's chaotic life, but it's all of her own doing. She never should have married Cletus to begin with, but of course we all knew that. And to think that she lied to poor Matty Lauer on national television! Bwahahaha... "We're country!" She has so much growing up to do.

WASABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell have you been?! There are a few old-timers around here besides moi who will remember you, I'm sure. Good to see you.
Why thank you Raisin! I am inordinately pleased with myself and I'm not even particularly interested in Britney, hee.

Yay for the return of Wasabi!!!
Finally! for Britney...although when she started making all those really loud proclamations about how her love for Kevin and their marriage was just fine and fabulous, I knew they were already over. When people start bellowing that things are great, when no one asked 'em...well, you know they're lying.

And 5 million? Is a pittance. I think Britney's impromptu 20 hour vegas marriage ended with her paying out more than that to her first ex-husband. Federline is lucky he's getting that.

I'm sure her career will take off again now. And I'm sure she's got enough cash to hire any help she may need--nannies, cooks, personal shoppers, trainers, whatever. She may be a single mother, but she isn't a typical single mother.
Here's the story about Chris Rock, Rose. Sad.
So sad about Chris Rock and his wife. Here's hoping that the press is too focused on Operation Fed-Ex to notice.

I am sick. I went to Amazon to see how well K Fed's CD is selling. Ummm ... it's sales ranking is #4,216. And that's just in the music category.
It's not letting me hit the reply button at the top of the thread- I thought I was screwed until I remembered there's a window at the bottom- WTF??

Anyway, I sadly suspect that K-Fed's (Operation Fed-Ex- classic!) album sales may go up from this. Probably will be bought by the same people who bought William Hung's album. Then he'll fade into pop culture history.
oh man, thank god. and britney is looking so well these days too. i think she finally wised up and got herself a smart publicist. i can totally imagine someone sitting down with her and going over the itinerary:

"okay, first thing we do is lose assface. then go back to blonde so you look more "natural", start wearing shoes, and stop eating chee-tos. you'll be back on the charts in no time".

though honestly any of us could have told her that ages ago.

and yeah, 5 mill is fucking peanuts in the world of the rich.

amilita, i saw the anna nicole video and it's really disturbing. she looks like something is really wrong with her, and sounds like it too. i didn't hear the "god and jesus ripping out my insides" quote but she insisted on cutting the umbilical cord herself and later, when asked about it, she said "it was really weird. it was like cutting a sheep's....thing."

Hello everyone-I'm new here and had to ask this question re: Britney...

I thought I heard somewhere that he get 'yo' amount of dollars for every kid they had if they get divorced....anybody know the truth on that one??

I wonder what will happen to good ole Cletus? I suppose he could dress in drag and try out for the Flava Flav show.......
Eeek, that is scary mouse (hee hee, eek, a mouse!) I saw a few seconds of the footage when flipping past The Insider the other day, but thank cod I didn't see all of it. What sheep's thing is she talking about? blink.gif

I think someone out there has a copy of the pre-nup and the divorce papers- probably The Smoking Gun or TMZ.
For those who haven't seen it, many now believe that K Fed found out about the divorce through a text message. And the moment was captured on video, to boot!
Bwahahaha!!! Only in 21st-century America!!

ETA- I heard on the national news this morning that Brit has a net worth of $100 million, so yeah, $5 mil for Kev ain't a big deal.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I love Britney even more now.
That is awsome!
Oh Brit, it's about fucking time.

Now if we could just persuade her to divorce the Republicans, too.
ahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahaha

classic! yay Britney - that's the way to go.

I can only think AN meant penis, although you don't cut the penis off, you put an elastic band around the testicles and they fall off. maybe she meant tongue. I have no idea what umbilical cord feels like. *shrug* the woman is fuckin' crazy anyhow.
How fitting is it (planned, maybe?) that the text messaging was caught "live"? After all, everything about this couple has been overdocumented and made into a media event. Even the barefoot pepsi run at the gas station!
I couldn't imagine any part of their lives together not made public.

Normally I'd think that must have burnt ol' K-Fed, but so much of his yuckiness has been broadcast by now he's got to be used to it.

Reese filed for divorce too.
heard on a morning talk show:

imagined court proceedings, kfed to the judge: whud up, honah?

none of this has raised my opinion of britney one iota. the text messaging - if it's even true - is even more evidence of her low-brow stupidity. then again, i'm biased. i've never found her the least bit talented or even appealing, and i cringe that she's a role model for so many young girls. can't wait to see what new and improved poor choices she makes now. i just hope someone is taking good care of the kids.
Thanks for the info, mornington, I'll keep that in mind smile.gif

How cool is it that you are in veterinary medicine? Very cool!!

Oooh, bunny_b, do you mean Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe?

I hope you do.

Because they are so puuurrrrrrfect they are v. annoying!
okay, maybe AN meant sheep's penis but okay, when has she ever cut off a sheep's penis to have that experience to compare cutting the umbilical cord of her own damn baby???? SHE IS CRAZY
I love Reese Witherspoon. I've loved her since she was this <---> big. When she was in Man in the Moon, oh how I cried. I've heard that Ryan cheated and got caught. If this is true then he's totally banned forever. I'll add him to my list. Once you get on my shitlist it's almost impossible to escape. Billy Crudup is on the list and his little girlfriend too. I don't like thespian cheaters especially when they have young children. The idea of putting your chlldren through that kind of public embarrasment and confusion just pisses me off.
Even worse when you leave your beautiful, talented, funny partner when she's pregnant.

*Hopes never to get on wasabinija's shitlist*

yes, wombat, reese and ryan.
Federline Seeking Support, Child Custody

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A day after Britney Spears filed divorce papers, Kevin Federline counter-filed court papers Wednesday seeking sole custody of the couple's two children.

The former backup dancer and aspiring rapper is also seeking spousal support. He says the couple's community assets are "uncertain," though Spears said in her divorce papers there were none to speak of, suggesting the two had a prenuptial agreement in place.

"Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to do what he feels is necessary to protect and safeguard the children and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from pursuit of those goals," said Michael Sands, spokesman for Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Citing "irreconcilable differences," Spears filed for divorce Tuesday.

On his way to party at a club following a performance in Chicago Wednesday night, Federline was asked by a reporter if he was prepared for a legal fight with Spears. He smirked and didn't answer.

Spears, 24, and Federline, 28, have a 1-year-old son, Sean Preston, and an infant son, Jayden James, who was born Sept. 12. Spears is seeking custody of both children.

Spears wed Federline in the fall of 2004. They had a ceremony in September, but court papers state the couple were officially married Oct. 6.

It was nonstop drama after that.

Magazines couldn't get enough of the pair, documenting their every tender gesture and teary-eyed fight. The couple contributed to the coverage with their self-filmed reality TV show, "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic."

The tabloids depicted him as a partygoer living off his wife's fame and fortune. She was painted as a bumbling mother with fading figure and visage. Her chart-topping career all but imploded.

It was the first marriage for Federline, though he was still dating his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson when he met the pop star. Jackson gave birth to Federline's second child just months before he married Spears.

It was the second wedding in a year for Spears, whose 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander ended in annulment.

Born in Kentwood, La., in 1981, Spears got her first taste of fame at age 11 when she joined the "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" TV show. Her fellow Mouseketeers included future superstars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

Five years after leaving the show, Spears released her debut album, "Baby One More Time" and skyrocketed to fame.

Federline appeared in the 2004 movie "You Got Served" and performed as a backup dancer for Timberlake, Pink and Michael Jackson. He released his debut CD, "Playing With Fire," on Oct. 31.

In an interview with The Associated Press two weeks ago, he praised Spears as a positive force in his life.

"Her influence on me has been really big," he said. "She's a strong woman and she knows what she wants out of life and that helps build a strong man. I look up to you baby."

Associated Press Writers Sandy Cohen and Daisy Nguyen contributed to this report.

11/09/06 02:34 EST

"Her influence on me has been really big," he said. "She's a strong woman and she knows what she wants out of life and that helps build a strong man. I look up to you baby."--- Why does this make me laugh? I hope the best for the both of them. Maybe the best would be to get them out of the public's eye for a long time.
wait? Reese Witherspoon is pregnant? huh...i totally missed something there...
I think that is referring to the fact the Fed-Ex dumped Shar Jackson, his eight month pregnant girlfriend, to ride the Spears gravy train.

COMMUNAL ASSETS MY ASS! That guy does not have a pot to piss in! He used HER MONEY to buy things. No judge in their right mind would give him sole custody, I have never seen one picture with him alone with ANY of his FOUR KIDS.

I hope he spends all his money on legal fees and has to get a job at McDonalds. TRASH!
Didn't she have to give him the money for her engagement ring? I laughed my ass off when I read that he wanted sole custody!
Actually that was in reference to Mary-Louise Parker whose baby-daddy left her seven months pregnant to be with Claire (on the list) Danes.
Federline is an opportunist. And he's seeing the custody battle as an opportunity to get more money out of Britney. As in "Okay, I'll end this quickly and drop the custody battle and agree to see the kids just once a year or whatever if you give me another 50 million."
He may be an opportunist, but he isn't a bright one. What judge would grant him custody when he hasn't the means to provide for them as Britney does? I'm sure any judge would happily grant him rights to visit with them on specific occasions, and that would be the end of his "leverage" for more settlement money.

Sheesh. Those two are both pathetic. Britney for being so stars-in-her-eyes love starved to fall for someone like KFed (wasn't anyone looking out for her at all?) and KFed for trying to pull one over on her so long he was trying to convince himself of his "love" for her more than he was trying to convince everyone else. All documented for posterity.

Wasn't she going to not even have a pre-nup? Or am I thinking of someone else in the last few years?
ggg, i see you picked up on the 'fed-ex' tag ... hee!
ChaCha, I totally agree that a judge would deny him sole custody. But I'm betting that Britney wants this divorce over and behind her as soon as possible. That won't happen if he's fighting her for the kids. So baically she can pay him extra so he'll sign the divorce papers quickly, or she can go to court where she will probably win, but it will drag on for months and months, causing the press to focus longer on this relationship instead of on her career.

I wonder who came up with the Fed-Ex thing. I first read it on the Best Week Ever site. I bet someone has been waiting to use it for aaaaaages! wink.gif

And Polly, I think you're right about the pre-nup. Luckily, someone (her mom?) changed her mind. Thank god!
Custody/access claims are THE number one way controlling and/or abusive men harass their exes after separation. Our regional legal aid even covers it as litigation harassment because it's so prevalent.

The sad thing is, he can keep taking her back to court until the children are 18.

What kind of asshole expects the world/the courts to believe it's about the kids when he hasn't sought even joint custody of his OTHER kids???

I actually think FedEx thinks it will benefit him no matter what happens - either Brit'll settle with a financial payment, or he'll get the kids and she'll have to pay child support (which can be massive when you're wealthy).
But, Doodle, you make an excellent point: he's not very convincing about wanting custody of his children with this marriage as he doesn't exercise custody over his other children.

Thank goodness Britney's mom had the foresight (well, foresight isn't the right word for being aware of the obvious) to force a pre-nup. I've heard the amount specified in that is a lot less than $5million.

As for dragging out the divorce, good lawyers who can be greedy are plentiful; and they can drag the ordeal on for ages, all at hideous rates per hour. Good lawyers who don't need to be greedy are scarce. If this drags, it won't necessarily be because K-Fed and Brit have anything to say about it.
Praise Jeebus girl listened to moms and got a pre-nup.

But doesn't Brit know you can't Text Message Break-up?

That's just not nice, even if your husband is a bad-news-bear. Or maybe that's why she did it?
ok, i could be way behind the news here, but i went to the ani d concert last night, and was talking to some ppl after the show. i was talking about how she could still rock out at like, 5 mo preggers. and they said she's due in february and that it's a girl!

and BTW, Kelly is HOT SHIT!
Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles have plans to star in a lesbian love story called Velvet Tipping.

I had a link, but I can't get it to work right.
Do you mean it's based on Tipping the Velvet, the novel?!!
I doubt it, unless it's a reworking (i.e. not Victorian London). I think it's a play on her title (with which she brought to attention the Victorian phrase).
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