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QUOTE(bunnyb @ Oct 24 2006, 12:39 PM) *

feckin' idiot. maybe that's harsh but c'mon kate, some sense woman.

Quite, bunnyb. How do you go from Johnny Depp to.... that?! He's vile.
my boyfriend loves pete's music, and he follows some of the gossip so now i do too-about pete. i'm just horrified by this-and did ya catch the picture of her smoking? smoking whilst pregnant-nice....and it's not like they'll both just somehow magically quit drugs! i mean, she's a coke addict! that baby is going to be about 3 pounds, it's awful. i'm actually surprised that kate can even become pregnant, or that she has periods, since she has no body fat.

i feel so bad for these kids of stars. sure they'll have lots of stuff and privilege and opportunities, which is huge, but dang they will be soooo oscrewed up!
Hasn't Kate Moss already had a child with someone else, too? Or am I imagining things? Seems to me she has been pregnant before.

yeah, i think she has a 4/5 year old? with someone else.....
yeah her daughter (Lila?) is about that age, with a guy called Jefferson? who does not approve of Pete Doherty being around his daughter.

eta: Lila Grace and Jefferson hack; of course there was a story about her in the nearest trashy mag to hand.
it's weird because i never see pictures of kate with the kid, and looking at her lifestyle it's really hard to imagine her as a mom. does the dad have custody?

it's so weird, because she's this "supermodel" but she's just as screwed up and nutso as anyone else. All that money and fame and attention...

i cna't believe i was ever jealous of these people!
QUOTE(edna @ Oct 24 2006, 06:21 AM) *

Kate Moss is supposedly pregnant with Pete Doherty's junkie baby.

Kate's camp is denying these rumors.
Well, that's understandable. He's scum. From injecting a passed-out girl with heroin, to supplying a teenage drug-addicted fan with cocaine during his stint in the Priory, everything I hear about this greasy, fetid little oxygen-waster makes me want to vomit. And the thing that really gets to me is - he's not even talented! He's basically been pushing the same third-rate Ramones rip-off for his whole musical 'career'! He clearly fancies himself as a Kurt Cobain for the new generation, forgetting conveniently that Kurt actually did make some beautiful and relevant music in between smack hazes.....
Not really gossip, but last night I caught Jessica Simpson and DL Hughley on Leno. I actually - embarassingly - kind of liked JS on newlyweds when it first began, because I thought she was cutely niave. But to see her working her dumb-blonde act so hard and so poorly was totally cringe-inducing. I really hoped DL would go off on her (as he was on Paris Hilton, asking why she was famous, and why he never saw the Ramada Hos or the Motel 6 girls out causing a ruckus) but he restrained.
Supposedly Tom and Katie are marrying in Italy November 18th. Run Katie run.
Maybe once the "wedding" is over there won't be anything else left for the tabloids to talk about and Mr. and Mrs. Cruise can fade into obscurity where they belong!
Nicole Kidman is playing Diane Arbus in the new movie? That just seems sooooo wrong.
I went to see The Killers tonight at Madison Square Garden, and right before they came on I happened to look up and see this woman walk by me toward her seat. I was like, "Wow, that woman really looks like Lucy Liu." And a split second later I hear the girls behind me going, "OH MY GOD! That was Lucy Liu." (I'm a little slow on the uptake.) They ended up getting her autograph after the show, so Lucy was like 3 feet away from me. She was freaking tiny. I don't think I'm fat, but shit, I swear she was the size of one of my thighs! lol biggrin.gif
oooh faerietailes - cool! she had her hair cropped, didn't she? how were the killers?

anoushh, yeah in Fur. Robert Downey Jr. in it too.
Not to drag us back into the PM/HMM pit, but I just made a tangentially related post on my blog, here

Warning! extremely NSFW and in very poor taste, indeed.

I haven't been around in a while, so I'm a little behind on my gossip. So, uh, betcha Madonna is wishing she had just gone for less glamourous American orphan, hey?
Who the hell is Heather Mills, anyway? I've never even heard of her before, and it's not like I'm that out of the loop. And how can someone normal people have never heard of become a "meal ticket" for one of the most established pop musicians in history?
Well, its like this: Paul McCartney was kind of fading into the grey woodwork, sure everyone knew about him but he didn't have much call to be in the spotlight except as some hack "designer's" dear old dad and the guy who sold out the Beatles' catalogue. But suddenly, a glamourous and quite good looking young woman catches the media's eye by agreeing to marry him in a splashy, flashy wedding (invitation only, naturally, but no expense spared, cause all the media in the world is now interested). Suddenly, he's dashing! He's cool enough that someone half his age would sleep with him! And she's kind of dishy herself!

Then....when all the lights are focused on the happy couple and she's dragging him along to her favourite charities (from which both Paul and she gain mutually in their exposure) ... wow!!...what a great time this would be for a worldwide tour of the same old same old music! With really expensive tickets! And every date sells out, naturally, helped somewhat by all the gratuitous, fortuitous, coincidentally timed attention.

That's how Paul made a nifty meal ticket out of a fresh young marriage partner.

Now, instead of being some old Beatle who had to resort to being busted with pot once again for media attention, everyone's watching him as closely as possible. Any publicity is good publicity.
Cha Cha, I'm sorry, but I think you vastly underestimate Paul McCartney's appeal, and that you vastly overestimate the appeal of Heather Mills McCartney.

Paul McCartney will always be able to make money, no matter who he is married to. I cannot believe that anyone went to his concerts or bought his CDs because he married someone half his age.

Nobody really cared about Heather Mills McCartney before she married Paul. And I don't think anyone really cared about her while she was married to Paul, except to scratch their heads and go "huh"?
*vomits in mouth a little* Paul McCartney repulses me, always has always will.

So, the name of BritKev spawn was misreported: it's actually Jayden James.
Maybe so about Paul and his ability to stage a tour ..but the fact is, no one was interested in him before that marriage; after the marriage and all the publicity he got from it, suddenly he became a hot property. Everyone was interested; lots of media interest means tons of momentum. That's the difference between a concert that sells, and a concert tour that actually sells out. HM certainly made him interesting again.

Otherwise, the man's done little that's new in the way of music since Wings. And that was in my childhood. A time no one would call "recent". If everyone who's already familiar with that has already heard it to death, and there's been nothing new to interest any younger listeners, what would be the draw? Nothing.

Add a little glamour, however, and you can sell anything to anyone. Even the same old rehashed stuff.

Oh, plynn, that post.
As a coda to the HMM-McCartney discussion, I can reveal a friend of mine went to school with Stella and apparently she used to roll up to nightclubs when she was 16 all 'Let me in! Don't you know who I am?'

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pete Doherty looks and probably smells like he crawled out from under a rock. Kate Moss looks good in a miniskirt and boots but is beyond ubiquitous in the UK press and is probably a walking petri dish at this point to boot.

She has been charged for smoking at a Babyshambles gig in Ireland, where public smoking is illegal, btw.

ETA: from popbitch...

>> Mommy dearest <<
Poor Kate just wants some peace

At a party while on holiday, Kate Moss was
feeling somewhat tired and emotional. A small
child is running around, screaming for her mum.
"Won't someone shut that kid up?" says Kate.
"But Kate," comes the reply. "She's yours."

HMM is saying those allegations are a fake. Cha Cha, I get it that you don't like Paul, but seriously, setlle down, just because you do not "like" him, doesn't make him guilty.
Cannot stand Kate Moss. Don't see why people think she looks good, because when I see here, I see a walleyed crackhead with an attitude problem. There are prettier people in my local Target.
It doesn't actually say that the allegations are "a fake". It says that she is suing in "the aftermath" of those allegations but does not specify exactly what she's suing against. It's a deposition, I can't see that being made up (especially with log of dates) by the press, they lie but that's taking it too far. Heather is probably pissed cos it was made public and, if it isn't a real deposition, then why is Paul McCartney releasing statements that he'll defend the allegations in court?
****giving glimpse into how much E! News I watch* The legitimacy of those documents has never been established. It would not be hard to fake legal documents.
GGG, I think telling chacha to "settle down" is bit condescending. Doesn't matter if you agree or not with the point she's making.

I don't think it was ever as calculated as "I'll get more publicity if I marry a young woman" but it was probably very flattering that a young woman was interested. And the press was hugely interested in both of them--maybe not in the US, but definitely in the UK.

I kind of like Paul. Or I did until stories about how horrible his kid was got around--that made me wonder a bit that he put up with it and how she ended up that way. But even likeable guys can be abusers. I don't know if he is or not--I think they both need some help, frankly--but the vitriol that HMM has always gotten really is explanable to me largely as misogyny.

from what I know of HMM -other than being Mrs McCartney and the vitriol directed towards her in the media- is that she is an ex-model who lost her leg in an accident and does a lot of charity work, especially anti-landmine work, oh and she hates the limelight. Hmmm, overcame adversity, philanthropic work for very good causes and an aversion to the press equals good in my book. I'm a woman, I'm a feminist and I'm going to stand up for any woman getting misogynistic flak from press and who may -or may not- have been a victim of abuse.
Naomi Campbell was arrested. Again. For assault. Again.
I'll calm down when you calm down, GGG, after all...I'm not the only one posting here. I just think McCartney got as much of a benefit from his association with HM as she did with him, okay? Is it so hard to see?

Gad, he was so long in the background his kid had to go knocking on club doors at 16, bawling, "Don't you know who I am?" to the bouncers...who most likely just said, "Paulwho ?" and laughed. mellow.gif

OK, I'm not taking anyone's side here, but I just have to pipe up and say that I have quite a few friends who work in the touring industry, and Paul McCartney has always been one of the biggest draws / money makers out there, even prior to his involvement with Heather Mills. His world tour in 1993, which was actually longer and bigger in scale than the ones since 2002 (when he married HM) was one of the top grossing tours of all time. You can easily find this info on the internet.

The tours from 2002 on have consistently been in the top 10 grossing tours, and I think his ability to fill stadiums around the world is due just as much to a new audience who is now being exposed to the Beatles and his solo stuff jointing the leagues of fans who have been there since the beginnings of the beatles. Kind of like how the Eagles (who I think suck, BTW) have been, and continue to be, consistenly one of the top draws as far as large scale concerts anywhere in the world. (which is beyond me, but it is a fact, so whatever..)

Anyway, I think part of the reason he was laying low in those 10 years was due to Linda's health, not the public not being interested in him.

so that's my .02 cents anyway..
heather WHO? (sorry, don't mean to fan any flames, i just couldn't resist .. hee!)

britney officially names spawn.
(with apologies if this has been posted already!)
ChaCha, do you think it might be possible that HM married him to benefit her own career? He's Paul freaking McCartney, and she's some model without a leg who does some charity work (that I'd never even heard of before this discussion). Maybe it might just be a little possible that she was looking for some celebrity recognition for herself, so she married a Beatle. A household name for generations. One of the biggest pop stars of all time. A freaking knight. I think she benefited far more from the arrangement than he possibly could have.

But I will say that "Band On The Run" is possibly my absolutely most hated song ever. It seems to follow me everywhere I go.
I hear what you're saying Chacha, I'm just not buying it atall atall.
"she's some model without a leg who does some charity work" Bwahahaha!! You never fail to crack my shit up, diva! I think Paul McCartney is a musical genius, no matter what he does with his lady friends. Band on the run is pretty annoying though. Ha!

I don't know shit about their situation, but one thing I do know is that I could kick the asses of Paul, Heather, AND NAOMI!!!

Seriously, why don't people fight back when Naomi pulls this crap? I'd punch her right in the face.
anna k
Despite that Kate Moss is a spoiled mess who may or may not be having Pete Doherty's baby, I still like her photographs, like her recent Vogue and W fashion spreads.

I don't know whether Naomi is smacking people or people are just making it up cuz of her rep.
I fear for the health of this child, if it is indeed Pete Doherty's. I can't imagine that it would grow up like a normal child.

Naomi Campbell should just be kept away from phones at all times. I probably wouldn't fight back if she threw one at me, though, 'cause then I probably couldn't sue her ass.

Poodle, I'll help you kick all their asses. ; )
At this point, I think phones are following Naomi Campbell around, just looking for the right situation...

Look: how anyone could marry someone who wrote "Band on the Run", "Mull of Kintyre", and that earworm of all earworms, "Wonderful Christmastime" for any kind of hallucinated benefit is just beyond me. Plus the guy just dresses bad.

Can we terminate this furor? I don't even like to have that guy's jowly mug on my mind.

Apologies all around if I've upset the sensitive, particularly with my comments regarding any kind of elusive musical genius. It has been a hard, hard day.
You seem to be the most sensitive about the PM topic, chacha!

Yeah, diva, it would be fun to sue Naomi. The only problem is that she probably has a really good lawyer. Besides, I'd rather kick her ass and then have people pay me to talk about how I kicked her ass.

ETA- Kate Moss can get pregnant? Wow. I didn't think that was physically possible for a "walleyed crackhead" (good one, bustygirl) to carry a fetus! Yeah, I feel bad for that kid.
Oh, I hope I didn't give the impression that I was offended, cause I'm not. Well, ok, I wasn't until you mentioned the dreaded Christmas earworm, arrrrrrrrrgh. And I was just recovering from Feliz Navidad after someone emailed me mentioning Jose Feliciano. Hee.
I think Feliz Navidad is waaaaaayyyy preferable to that other monstrosity (which I'd completely forgotten about until now.)

Stop it or I'll have to mention "Mistletoe & Wine" (This might not be as horrifying to non-UK busties, but I"m pretty horrified.)

I'd love to see Naomi Cambpell get a real punishment.
Sensitive? And here I thought I was being witty.

What would a "real" punishment for Naomi Campbell be? The woman made a photo opportunity out of a perp walk. Wearing a poncho, at that.
This just in! Nicole Richie is in a "treatment facility" to address her inability to gain weight.

Full story here.

I'm annoyed that she says, "I’m not happy with the way I look" -- as if that's the only reason to be concerned about one's health -- but still, it's about fucking time.

I kind of don't even care anymore.
She knows that people think she's a joke and looks like shit, and she's just trying to garner sympathy by making it look like it's something she has no control over. Yeah, it's funny how blow makes it difficult to gain weight. I'm glad she's doing something about her weight, but it's clearly just an image thing for her.

Hmmm....punishment for Naomi.....
I think she should have to wear a fat suit for a while.
nicole richie doesn't look like a coke addict, she looks like a girl with severe anorexia. and that gets to a point that you don't have control over (ETA: it could be argued that an addict doesn't have control either). i'm really glad she's getting treatment, and i really fucking hope it works, and i really fucking hope that if it does, i can find out where she went so that i can send my childhood best friend, who has looked like nicole richie for the past fucking twelve years, there and she can finally get better. but i really fucking doubt that will happen, because if it hasn't happened in twelve years, why the fuck would it happen now.
I don't think she looks like an addict either. Maybe she just started dieting to loose a few pounds and it got out of control. It became her coping tool. Starving yourself isn't that easy just to do it for image sake. There has got to be some kind of real problem. And that is the thing with an eating disorder. Most people will deny it's a problem until they are blue in the face. Admitting it's taken over, is giving up what you think is your coping mechanism. I'm just sayin'.
i read that it's meth, and that her stylist, who is a stylist to a lot of starlets, supplies them all with meth to stay skinny. at least, that's what the gossip sites i go to (lame, i know)

mouse sad.gif about your friend.. that is so scary and awful. I had a sorta friend in high school who was so skeletonly thin, and was freezing cold all the time, grew the extra hair on her arms. IT was so sad. She'd always cook food but never eat it. I can't imagine dealing with that in a best friend for so long.
thanks maddy

i don't mean to derail the thread, but since about 8th grade i've had this in my life, witnessing anorexia in it's most severe, medical, psychological disease and not vanity at all, debilitating form. this girl has been to countless rehabs and hospitals all over the country, even in other countries. her family's been completely torn apart, they've had to switch insurance a billion times because no one will cover her (fun fact: did you guys know that medicaid gives a patient only 90 days of mental health hospital stays.....FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE? yeah, way to go america). girls she has met in the clinics have DIED. and even if she were to suddenly, inexplicably, get completely better right this second, she still has severe liver damage, bone damage, and other permanent things caused by this that she will never recover from.

i know all cases are different, but having seen this girl totally destroyed by this disease it really, fucking irks me when people treat it as "oh, she just has anorexia. she's just vain. she could eat whenever she wants, she's just obsessed with the way she looks", with this disdainful attitude like they're not actually sick.

(poods you know i wub.gif you, this ain't towards you dear. i'm just trying to shed some light)
(((mouse & pal))) my heart goes out to her & her family. and you.

i just wish nicole's camp wasn't so adamant about it not being an eating disorder. it's a disease - there's nothing to be ashamed of.
Thank you, mandy. That's what I was trying to say before. She acts like there's just some mysterious, undiagnosed thing that's making her so thin, when it's probably an eating disorder. Sorry for offending people with my poor choice of wording.
that's a really good point.

(pood, i wasn't offended)
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