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By the way, did anyone here see Colbert last night? (oct 10th)
Great show, Especially during the cooking segment with Jane fonda and Gloria Steinhem.
I actually don't think Rose McG looks that different. A little older maybe in the bottom photos and her expression is odd, as if she's on something. However I nearly prefer the Alaia-esque beige dress she's wearing to the mere threads and sulky expression she's wearing in the top photos.
Ok, Y'all have to just forgive me here, but:

1. *Why* is she naked at a premiere?
2. *Who* and *what* is that nasty looking *thing* she's holding hands with in the photo?
3. *Why* would she have veneers done? Her teeth were fine before.
4. Guess we're to be witness to another Hollywood starvation case...

I know I'm out of the loop.
Tara Reid had more surgery to fix her botched boob job and apparently a screwed-up liposuction, as well. I'm probably the only person who feels sorry for her, but I really love her in Josie and the Pussycats.
I think Rose McGowan was just ill advised in the past, and now she's seeing that stylist who looks after Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. I can't remember her name but the fug girls have exposed her tactics--force starvation, then choose really some pretty nice clothes, status-y clothing as opposed to the kind of stuff like what Rose is wearing during her romance with Marilyn Manson.

So, I like Rose McGowan's latest clothing outfits, but hate the fact that she's thinning down, cosmetic surgery-fixated, and basically "changing her look" to match the other starvlings.
She has that malnourished horse look like Teri Hatcher.

Mouse, it was an awful interview wasn't it? I read it openmouthed thinking "wtf?"

Was Rose McGowan big before her stint with Marilyn Manson? I can't remember. The reason I ask is that Dita Von Tresse seems to be everywhere now.

Oh, I saw the cover of Ok yesterday and Victoria Beckham was with new bf Katie Holmes; the latter scarily looked like Nicole Kidman (something about the nose and pinched face).
yeah, bunnyb. it was basically her saying "i'm not really the smart, interesting, kinda weird feminist actress everyone thinks i am, and ooh, i got such a great deal on this martha stewart dishware!"
what is this interview you speak of?
I work for MAC. I have customers who ask who she is. I try to explain her as a burlesque artist and they just look at me like "Whosawha?" Then I say, "She's also gained a bit of notoriety for being Marilyn Manson's wife" and THEN they make a connection.

I wish MAC wasn't so obsessed with her this year. I was over watching her slosh around in that damn martini glass two years ago.
she was bust's cover girl sometime last year, and the accompanying interview was really disappointing.
Oh, OK...Marylin Manson.


Thanks for the replies.
anna k
I heard of Rose via Scream, and she wasn't that well-known until she wore the griddle dress. She always seemed interesting for having grown up in a cult, being a teenage runaway, and having a sassy/sexy look to her. The interview presented her as still being zany but being ordinary as well.

Whenever I read something about Dita, Marilyn is always mentioned somewhere. Like how coverage of Edie Sedgwick as a fashion icon is accompanied with the mention of Sienna Miller playing her in a movie. Just asides that become automatic after a while.

Dita wears a lot of makeup and has a so-so face, but makes up for it with her body. There's a lot of famous girls who have great bodies but so-so faces.
But the difference, really, between Dita Von Teese and Rose McGowan (cause on the surface, there isn't much of one; they look very similar) is in the aesthetic sense. I remember looking at photos from Dita and Marilyn Manson's wedding, and thinking--wow, so much attention to detail, form, colour, was like looking at a film set, completely lush and gorgeous. When I see that photo of Rose McGowan wearing that thing she was wearing in that link's "before" photo, I think Marilyn Manson looks a little uncomfortable with her. Sure, beautiful body, etc. etc., but the dress really was alienating. What the hell would you talk about to someone wearing that thing? It was like the cover of a KISS album from the mid 70's, critiqued in the magazine Creem.
hey chacha, have a link for MM-Dita wedding pix? somehow i missed that ...
This one reproduces Vogue's photography and article from earlier this year:

MM and DVT wedding
her initials are DVT*. hee.

Deep Vein Thrombosis.

does anyone know what ever happened to the A-list? I remember it was being updated only about twice a year and then it just dissappeared...???
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Oct 11 2006, 11:33 PM) *

Lawyer quits Anna Nicole Smith's employ

i think i just stopped feeling sorry for anna nicole smith.
daniel's still lying in a funeral home.
and she's jumping off of yachts in a wedding gown, making sloppy attempts to safeguard her inheritance.
pretty hard to give her the benefit of the doubt right now.

I am SO with you, Mando. She is a fucking PIG and as, I don't know, a HUMAN I am just so HURT and appalled by the lack of compassion she is exhibiting toward the meomory of that child she claimed to love so much. Put him in the ground before you go posing for wedding pictures on the cover of People magazine you fucking CUNT. That poor, poor, poor boy.
What an odious, odious man:

He's antisemitic and it's all jewish peoples' fault?
Also--what kind of sentence is that for drunk driving? He could have killed someone, and his celebrity status (which he's using to flog his right-winged fundamentalist agenda), gets him a relaxing time in rehab and some required time in AA?

No wonder drunk driving is such a problem: it's hardly illegal, with "punishment" like that. He actually got a reprieve from the hounding he should have received by the press, and now he's out in public blaming away his behaviour on excuses.

I walked past Dita von Teese at Comic-Con this year, and she is totally gorgeous. I love her style and the fact that she's really into being pale.

I never liked Rose McGowan, although I did like that she wasn't stick-thin. Kate Winslet is pretty much the only woman in Hollywood who eats anymore, I think.
Wow, Mel, way to non-apologize.

Cat Power for Lagerfeld?

B/c, you know, smoking is just so sexy. tongue.gif
yeah, I found it so sexy being around people dying of lung cancer, watching/hearing them desperately gasp for air with every breath, seeing them turn into walking skelatons with barrel chests, unable to walk for more than a couple of steps...

Really, really sexy.

I bet Mel starts drinking again within the year. If he's not drinking now. He sounds like the classic dry drunk superimposed on a bigot, of course.
I know Pagan's gonna toss a compact at my head for this, but in a world of cookie-cutter blonde streaks and boring, oh-so boring tanorexia celebs, Dita is a breath of fresh, cool, minty, pale air to me. She's always dressed well, and her makeup and hair don't make me cringe. While her choice of men will never mirror mine, she does seem to have her style down pretty pat.

I mean, she's mainly famous for being a girlfriend at this point, but she's still prettier than Paris fucking Hilton.
Bustygirl, I know what you mean, Dita VT particularly stands out in this day and age where it seems that the mysterious Blondifier and her evil twin, the Creosoter, get to every female celeb at some point..... Her attitude bugs me though. It's like she invented burlesque. Um, no honey. And she's fond of pointing out how curvaceous she is. Wha? Ok, she has a nice pair of (fake) knockers, but really, come on - she can't weigh more than 115lbs. That does not equal curvaceous in my book! In fairness though, I do still think she mostly looks really good.
I've never heard a thing she's said, so it's easy for me to be dazzled by her fash'on. In fact, that's kind of how I like my celebs, pretty and silent.

tee hee thepointybird smile.gif i sooo agree! i'm sick of hearing about how sexy she is and "different"- she's still just thin skinny with big boobs-oh, that's unique. (are they really fake? ew) and she takes off her clothes in a "different" way which makes her oh so cool. i don't get it.

i agree bustygirl-i'm almost always sad when a celeb i "like" actually says something-ruins the appeal.
They are fake and really, really badly done. The half melon on skinny chest look is not attractive.

weirdly enough I saw Dita on a chat show today and she came across as really sweet. She also looked fantastic, I like the classic look.

She was promoting her book.
i guess i just don't get the fascination with her....she seems totally full of herself to me....

ahh, i love judging celebs .....
I can't believe I googled this, but they don't that look fake here. (warning: NSFW)
I've definitely seen pictures of her with the really encapsulated looking boob-job breasts.

That said, I don't care about her one way or the other, really.

I'm just fed up with how it is considered "mandatory" for anyone in tv/movies/whatever, to have large breasts. And if yours are naturally large, then have them made larger.

I was just watching the Ken Loach movie "Ae Fond Kiss" (or in the US, b\c we are apparently too stupid to figure that out, it's "A Fond Kiss.") I was delighted beyond belief that the female lead was relatively flat chested and no surgery--and cute as can be.

How sad is it that this is so noteworthy?
I love Ken Loach films for that reason alone: everyone looks like real people in them. The kind of people you might see around you in your neighbourhood. People you might know.

In Hollywood, it's like they can't tell a story about Josephine or Joe Blow without making them extremely good looking and fit, very wealthy and conspicuously consuming (we always get character cues from what they buy or are shown to own) and somehow so gifted with a number of like minded friends and acquaintances and even just plain old people around town who are just like them.

It's like they don't believe we'll be interested in the story on its own merits unless we can somehow aspire to own and look like the idealized people on the screen first.

Dita's are definitely faux. There was an interview with her in British Elle or Vogue, (can't remember which) and she was talking about how lucky she was that she got fairly large implants but they just hang perfectly. But yeah, I really wish women didn't feel the need to run out and have their tits done the minute they turn 18. I have 36A breasts, and let me tell you, my ladies look awesome!
la teese is way too done up for me. too much work to be sexy.
sexiest women in hollywood: patricia arquette, julianne moore and catherine keener. i think all three of those women are in their forties and no boob jobs there, right? and DAMN are they hot.
It's been "leaked" that one of the charges by Heather in the McCartney/Mills divorce case is physical violence. The villification of Heather by the press -not just during the break up- angers me, she's been accused of being a golddigger from day one and has been hounded. Also, Paul McCartney is not all that; I've never liked him, I think he is arrogant and, yes, he was a Beatle but John Lennon was the talented and intelligent one. If he domestically abused her then I feel vindicated in my loathing of him.
didn't heather lie a lot about her past? I remember a few years ago on here Vivienne talking a lot about it (I think it was Viv).

Unfortunately I cannot remember a lot of what was said. Does anyone remember this?

I just can't see Paul doing any of the stuff she claims he did, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

I find this way more gratifying than is becoming of me....
That's funny about Wesley!

The Sun in the UK reports today that Scary Spice Mel B is pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby. Or, as she reckons, babies, as twins run in his family. They're such a weird couple, you couldn't have made them up!
i don't know about heather, but she has very specific dates and times that the abuse took place. of course anyone can make that up, but the stuff i read was just awful, really awful.

it's always weird to me when people just assume that the woman is lying. why not assume the man did it? it's the kobe thing-well, if she's lied in the past and we all know she just wants his money, then OF COURSE she's makign it up.

garg. i mean yeah people make stuff up. but most don't. and really, who the fuck even cares if she is a "golddigger?" he married her, that was his choice, it's not like that is a defense against domestic violence. yikes.
anna k
mamachi, the women in Hollywood I found sexy always had a lot of rawness to them and weren't cute starlets. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jessica Lange (was a bit of a starlet at first, then kicked some ass later on), Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Rosanna Arquette (starlet at first then went for unusual movie roles), Michelle Pfeiffer (was a starlet but still seemed cooler than that).

Speaking as someone who developed big breasts at a young age and now have triple-Ds, big breasts are overrated and I'd rather be small-chested and sinewy than having to buy bigger bras.

I never liked Paul McCartney anyway. He wrote nice songs but I don't like his singing voice or the cutesy-boyish look he's had all his life. It wasn't even that cute when he was 20.
forgive if you will I know I am very behind in noting this but. A friend of mine went to see Catpower a couple weeks ago and said it was the most disappointing concert he had seen EVER. he said she didn't finish one song. She was wasted and would start songs and mumble and start over and then quit and start playing another song. So that thing about her being sober sounds a bit overstated.

end transmission
regardless of sobriety, cat power has been known for giving concerts exactly like that for years now, lurv. apparently she has debilitating stage fright.
doodlebug are some of the details from Heather Mills' affidavit.

Though I'm completely unable to say whether or not any of this happened, I do think it's typical for allegations of domestic violence to seem sort of "unbelievable" to the public, if people generally like the alleged abuser, and if the victim is not some pure-as-the-driven-snow angel. (Rather like what happens in more ordinary people's lives.)
I'm not really surprised to learn McCartney may have been violent towards Heather. His jackass of a daughter, Stella (sycophant of Karl Lagerfeld, and I hate her clothes), was reputed to have stubbed out a cigarette on Heather's wooden leg--in public. I'd say daddy wasn't the only one in the family with difficulty respecting Heather's boundaries.
I realize the conversation has moved on a bit and I'm a few days behind, but I just have to say the pic of Rose McGowan (this one on top just as reminder) makes her look like Dixie Carter. That is all.
Yes, considering the spoiled brat of a stepdaughter she had, Heather Mills was probably doomed in that relationship from the start. (Obviously doing worthy things like designing clothes and hanging out with people as famous for being wasted as anything else is so noble--no wonder they looked down on Heather.)

I really hated and took offense at some of the stuff she said about therapy, but I think they could have been happy if the family had just backed the fuck off. Which they didn't. Nor did the press. So what if she posed nude in the past or whatever? I mean, Paul never fucked groupies or anything? Double standard to say the least.

I'm really sorry it's come to this, but if it's true, I hope he gets nailed. He won't, though--it'll be all about "that bitch--I'd hit her too" all over again.

It's funny to me that people always say celebs have big boobs. When I look at them, I think they mostly have small boobs, but it might just be from my perspective.

I must say I never really got the boobs thing. I've had more than my fair share of men gravitate toward mine, and I'm never quite sure why. There's no beer in there or anything.
On the Heather Mills thing, ...I hate to say it cuz domestic abuse is sooooo serious, but the allegations just seem really really out there. I mean, he poured a whole bottle of wine over her head and then broke the glass and then stabbed her with it?!? Did she just stand there? Plus, when they first filed for divorce, she said it was cuz she was 'bored'. Now all of a sudden 'oh yeah, and he stabbed me' (?) Sorry it just doesnt work for me. Its not that I am a huge Paul fan, but he has led a pretty respectable life, and seemed madly in love with Linda for their entire marriage. When Whitney Houston claims abuse, its like, you believe her. When Denise Richards claims abuse, yeah, thats pretty likely too. In fact I usually believe the women in all 'he said she said' senarios,..and I certainly dont have it out for heather cuz I think shes a golddigger or did porn, I couldnt care less...I just think her stories and Paul clean record dont add up. ..just m.o.
I dunno. I reserve judgement. Celebrities' images often don't match up with their real life personalities. And I got my nose broken by a guy that was considered to be a really nice person by his friends, family and co-workers. You just never really know what goes on in someone else's life or relationship.

It's very sad though.
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