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Heh. I cleaned the bathroom last night instead of watching MI2 with Mr. Dusty.
I don't think it's crazy to get worked up about TC -- psychology and anti-depressants transformed my life, so I feel it's perfectly rational for me to wish failure upon failure for the dude who tries to use his fame to discredit both. That's not even getting into his creepy relationship.
oh yeah, kicheza. I think he is the most unethical person on the face of the earth right now. did you know that there is now legislation being enacted to prevent people from buying their own ultrasound machines just b/c of TC? the guy is just a f%%$# retard and deserves to fall into a fiery black pit and never come out!
"the Tomkat saga is our modern-day equivalent of a Greek tragedy" - oh, snafooey, that had my my tickled with laughter!

I watched the Tom-in-the-closet South Park ep last night (the boy had to download it as it won't be shown here in UK as he'll sue - a joke about that is in the ep - WE'RE CENSORED!) I almost peed my pants, was so funny!

Mando, I empathise, I too am spreading the word. Tonight I educated a male co-worker about Katie being brainwashed, Tom being gay and the baby being the spawn of scientology (Katie, turkey-baster and old Hubby's frozen sperm).
bunnyb, i educated my friend in the same way in the middle of a grocery store late at night, while we were discussing which marshmallows we wanted to buy

I could not heart Heather from GFY any more than I do at this moment.
oh my christ, is that JESSICA SIMPSON?! it doesn't even...what could....?

(wandering off, speechless....)

word squared on the brilliance of the Nick PR campaign, although I imagine every magazine is on his side to begin with, since they're so effing sick of Joe S. and his pain in the ass demands. Honestly, if your daughter had only boned Johnny Knoxville, we'd be on her side, because the guy is skeezy but crazy hot and we could not blame her. But BAM? How drunk does a girl need to be? good lord.
Nicole Ritche admits she has a problem:

More here.
Speaking of Nicoles... it just me or does Nicole K look REALLY scary in this pic? You can click it to see a larger version.
not sure if nicole ritchie is genuine role model material, but even if it's purely PR-fueled, it's a step in the right direction.

lol @ hideously orange jessica!

tonight: on bravo, kathy griffin, strong black woman.

even if she only skewers TC for two minutes, the one line they're using on the coming attractions is hella promising.

i only wish we could watch it together. because y'all are my people, you know. *hand over heart, tear in eye*
"Spray yourself gold and fluff up your cleav" OMG, I just nearly snorted coffee onto my pretty pale blue sweater. oompa-loompa talentless hack dee dee deee dee I'll be singing that all day long!
apparently jessica is promoting a new line of wigs and that was one of them (no, really).
rejoice! apparently TomKat may be "splitting up" soon:
rejoice! apparently TomKat may be "splitting up" soon:
Can I just say for the record how much I love the fact that the press has ignored the "Kate" thing and just keeps calling her Katie?
so, scientologists are buying up MI3 tickets by the thousands? I heard this on Stephanie Miller and I have no idea where they got it, but it made me giggle...too lazy to hunt up a link. Meh.
The thing about T.C. that really gets to me, beyond all the other stuff, is how his whole schtick has always been this hyper-happy, overly energetic, "Hey, my life is so great! I am so blessed! Everything is AWESOME! gee shucks" persona.

Dude, you may be a zillionaire who does all his own stunts at age 42 but your life is spinning out of control. And we're all watching.

And what's with Nicole coming out with the "I loved Tom and still love him" comment? Who cares? Nicole, you're FREE of him. Move on. You don't need to gain the points or attention for being the forgiving former wife.
re. Nicole Kidman: the angel on my left shoulder is telling me that she did it for the sake of her kids. To try and salvage the image of their marraige and to help counter all the craziness that their father has wrought upon them.

The devil on my right shoulder is telling me that her contract states that she must do at least one interview showing support of Cruise "should the unfortunate event arise that Mr. Cruise should enter a downward spiral of self-induced public destruction."

Re. Jessica S: Ew. And that's a wig? Ew2
Check out Jessica's sad boobie on Trents blog!
Apparently it is a wig to promote a friend's wig line and he put eyeshadow on her forehead to blend the baby hairs. Its so fun to play dress-up Barbie!
Hollywood's run out of ideas again.
,1770925,00.html, Hassleh off?
Psssst... luci: Clam$ snatching up tickets

And check out Perez presents Yo Mama
there is no reasonable explanation for this

no, really. Flashing your fucking nursing bra? the hell?
Oh dear Cod. Yes, we get it - you have a baby. Shouldn't you be home feeding it instead of being dragged around by your handler to publicise his new film? Obviously you can't take the baba with you as the world would notice it's not a newborn.

lot49, it cracks me up too! As if "Kate" is going to give her any credibility after this elaborate sham.

eta: actually what if there is NO baby? that the elaborate sham is even more elaborate than we thought it was... blatantly displaying nursing bra, odd looking - obviously false - bump, no photos... the telling of it all will be in the dreaded wedding photos (WHEN will it end?! when will we have our lives back?!)
doesn't he look like a posessive freak in that first pic plynn? he's looking at her as if "how could she not be totally focused on ME ME ME!!!!!
Christ, the worst part about that picture is that the exhausted, rounder Katie Holmes looks exactly like me. just a bit paler. Please see profile pic and tell me if I'm imagining this...
I saw those pics somewhere else yesterday. It does feed the conspiracy theory, doesn't it? I can just imagine the briefing meetings "Kate" has to endure in order to carry out the charade....

Oh well, at least her papa made sure his baby girl is gonna get paid.
Oh, no, you're kinda right, Plynn. You look better, though, I'm sure (hard to get a good comparison, since your pic's so small.)

I wonder if Katie looks so exhausted because she actually has a newborn at home or just from keeping of the charade of having a newborn at home.
plynn, your pic is too small for me to see. alls I know is Katie looks like she's aged 20 years in the past two.
Oh! I just read that Brittney Spears confirmed she is pregnant again on David Letterman! Dang!

It says she's reportedly due in Oct., so that puts her due date very close to little Sean's.

That girl is a MESS.
I just can't believe that K-Fed will have fathered four children when there are so many people struggling to conceive/adopt.
Don't remind me. I can't even look at Brit right now without feeling The Rage. I already knew she was pregnant again, but I was really hoping against hope that it was all bullshit. I want to strangle that girl, I really do.
I think fame has fucked up Ms. Spear's head, big time. I seriously think she is not intelligent enough, nor does she have the critical thinking skills to deal with the gossip, pressure, etc.

So, now she is desperately trying to be "normal" with Mr. Scum of the Earth. The man cannot even speak intelligently. Listening to him or reading an interview with him makes my ears blead and my eyes cross, then I get a headache.
I am so excited that the REAL shit-talking, haiku-writing super-dyke Rosie O'Donnell (as opposed to the FAKE ass-kissing "My Tommy" Queen-o-nice closeted Rosie)is going to be on The View. I have never watched that show but I will definately try to now.

I loved how she called Star Jones out for her 'Pilates-inspired 170 lb. weight loss" and said that as a former fatty Star has an obligation to her tribe not to try and run a game on them with that "Pilates-inspired 170 lb. weight loss" when we all know damn well bitch got gastric bypass.

I heart Rosie! I heart Rosie! I heart Rosie!

P.s. You know the only reason dumb ole Britney is prengant again is so she has the same amount of kids as Shar Jackson does with Cletus, as though that would make him less Shar's baby daddy (I live in the ghetto and I watch Maury, I know how this shit works.)
is rosie going to be a host on the view?
Mr K said he heard K-Feds new nickname is K-Fert. Kevin Fertiline.

He is so gross.

I think some sparks will fly with Rosie on the View. Can't wait!
This one's for you then, Jem:

Rosie O'Donnell thinks she has the cure for what ails her former "crush" Tom Cruise. "He needs to go to celebrity detox," the comedian said at Monday's annual Madeline Kahn benefit for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at Carolines on Broadway. "Other celebrities will help him submerge into the real world. We'll take him to the mall, to the movie theater, make him stand in lines. No assistants or cell phones allowed. He'll breathe. Just breathe." It worked for Rosie. …
See which celebrity you look like!

I found this a stupid amount of fun. Apparently I am 67% Jennifer Connelly. Sweet.
Oh, great, its going to tell me I look like Angela Lansbury. Ok, here goes...
Christ, I uploaded a terrible picture of me.

I am both 64% Reese Witherspoon and Neve Campbell. Never would have guessed those two. :-)

I am also both 63% Celina Jaitley and Elisha Cuthbert. These results are weird.
Ahem. Brendan Fraser and Courtney Cox.
I am 58% Yundi Li - Chinese male piano prodigy.

At least it's not robokate.
Haha, that is so funny!

I uploaded a picture of my dog but got no results. Damn.

LOL! I just did another picture and now I'm 68% Celina Jaitley, 62% Britney Spears and 60% Orson Welles!!! And I'm 57% Wesley Snipes! Who knew?
jemisoutrageous, you crack me up!!
so far on attempt #1 i got Valentina Tereshkova, a female cosmonaut.

attempt #2: Jean Seberg and St. Therese Lesieux.

from trying a few different pictures, i get the feeling that what they're assessing is facial expression and the position of your head, not what you actually look like. Though I will allow that I have a very very slight resemblance to Jean Seberg in that photo, though I think it more has to do with the fact that in that picture I have short hair and am wearing a smallish t-shirt not unlike the 'New York Times' one she wears in the beginning of A Bout De Soufle. And the others, well, we're both nondescript youngish white women. That seems to be about it.
Yes, I got that impression, too. Position of the head and smiling with my mouth open.
I agree...I got freakin' Condoloma Rice! Bleh! But I think it had to do with the shape of my mouth when I smile and things like that. But I'm white and she's not, so I they don't stick to your same race, necessarily.
*snort* The most fun comes from trying to imagine what you each look like, by forming a bastard lovechild of the celebrities in my head.

plynn, at least it didn't say katie holmes!
I am 75% Katie Holmes.

Save me. SAVE ME!
Ha ha! My browser wont let me play the game but I'm prolly 75% Ralph Macchio and 25% Ashlee Simpson pre-nose job, post-chin job.
I got Mena Suvari, Jackie O, Charlotte Church, Shirley McLaine, Hilary Swank, Doris Day, Kate Bush, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Clinton AND Monica Lewinsky (which I've gotten in real life as well).
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