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Back up: are we talking about Screech from Saved By the Bell?

and Corey Haim sold his teeth on ebay?

how long was I asleep?
Screech has a penis??!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!!!
My god, it's, here's a little story on it, and there's a link to a preview at the end of the story. There are no "parts" shown, but you probably don't want to check out the preview at work.

I just hope it doesn't involve Elizabeth Berkley or Lark Voorhies.
I heard it ends with a dirty sanchez.

Dustin Diamond is one dirrrrty motherfucker.

It would be really cool if Slater and Zach were involved, though! Bwahahahaha!!!

Zora, who is that person on your avatar? Is that *gasp* Vanessa???
pinkpoodle, forgive me if you were making an injoke, but I think that's laurie anderson...
Anna & Howard got married!

Screech... oh cod. I need a drink.
Yup, it's Laurie. (Who's Vanessa?)
I'm out of the loop. Who's Laurie Anderson?! The woman's face looks a lot like Vanessa Paradis, partner of J. Depp.

Wait--is Howard the lawyer? He's the baby-daddy, right?
What is a "dirty Sanchez?"

And, he looks different than he used to...more...I don't know.

He's not unfuckable.
Who's Laurie Anderson? Who's Laurie Anderson?? Sacralige! (that doesn't look like the right spelling....)

Laurie Anderson

Or possibly more helpfully:

She's Lou Reed's partner now, isn't she?
Still don't know her, but I sorta do!

I didn't know what a dirty sanchez was either, until I looked it up on urban dictionary. Apparently it involves anal sex and the wiping of poop across the upper lip. Eeeeeeeewwww...
I always think of "Oh, Superman!" when I think of Laurie Anderson. A song which always makes me weep.

Is she really Lou Reed's partner now? He's a lucky guy.
Wow, I just had read that Diamond was trying to save his house. what happened?

Dirty Sanchez.. ick.. Anal sex with a complimentary blowjob afterwards. Pretty-f-ing-gross.
Ok, I'm starting to think that George Michael may be heading into "car crash" territory....

Somehow I think of Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed as an odd pair, though in many ways they are obviously a great pairing.

Anyway, they've apparently been together for years.

Yep, "Oh, Superman" is always the first thing that pops into my head, too.
love laurie anderson!!!
Why did I think Laurie Anderson was with David Byrne? I think I knew she was with Lou Reed, and at some point my brain substituted David for Lou.
Her album Bright Red has some colaborations with Lou Reed on it. (The title track is amazing, they alternate speaking the words. "I'll. Be. With. You. I'll. Be. There." ) I don't know how long they've been together but she thanks him in her performances.

She's my favorite.
Yet more vomit-worthy stuff re: Tom Cruise and his vomit-worthy self....

Katie's crash wedding diet? Katie Holmes' quick return to Hollywood notions of appropriate body size may have been motivated by the distant sound of wedding bells. "Katie has lost a lot of weight. A lot," a source tells the Scoop. "I've heard that Tom was eager to get her back in shape. Looks like she made him happy. And then some." The couple's rep maintains that they are to be married sometime this fall. (The Scoop)

Salon today also says ANS and her lawyer aren't actually married.
Laurie's played with everyone who is anyone, including my absolute favourite David Sylvian (so I battle with jealousy, until I remember, "Hey, I can't sing and I'm only musical in the what am I jealous about?)

I think her attitude about life and about curiousity being the key is pretty inspiring. She just does her own thing.

I'm not sure if I should vomit about Tom Cruise, or if my vomit is more appropriately aimed at the media, which seems to love to say shit like "Tom was eager to get her back in shape. Looks like she made him happy. And then some". Any journalist worth his/her weight in anything other than snot should want to die before printing that.
I know what you mean about media, but there are so many people who don't think that attitude is disturbing. It's like people who equate possessive, jealous behaviour that is on a continuum with the behaviour that leads to abuse, stalking, etc, and say "oh, isnt' it romantic?"

Um, NO.

I'm totally sure Tom Cruise makes me want to vomit.

But only after I've punched hima few times. (If he's in pain after, he can go take some vitamins. Oh yeah, and I expect him not to make any noise when I knee him in the balls as hard as I can....)

Not that I feel strongly about the weaselly little twerp... (apologies to weasels...)
Clooney's plan: date different actresses

I'm not quite sure what to think of this, but it's rubbing me the wrong way: "I will tell you right now — Cate Blanchett will win the Oscar," he says of his co-star in the upcoming drama "The Good German." "She's the best actor working today. Not actress, she's an actor. Intimidating, in a way, to work with an actor that good."

What's wrong with being an actress, dammit?

Clooney's self-importance is getting on my last nerve. He made two good movies last year. So suddenly he's the spokesperson for Darfur and (deluded) people's dream presidential candidate? Gag. This is so Brad-Pitt-I'm-an-architect/father-earth level retarded.
That actor/actress bullshit has bothered me for quite a long while now--like suddenly masculinizing the adjectives for women makes them feel like they're acknowledged. It doesn't acknowledge them at all, it does just the opposite.

It actually makes women invisible in the language, and following that, in the art. It takes away the "name" for the thing they've chosen to be, as women who are artists.

It's just another way we've gone back to saying "mankind" when we describe human beings, when actually, mankind is merely 47% of humanity--the other 53% is womankind. FFS.

Clooney making that distinction is pointing out that we still value the masculine more than the feminine--or at least he does. Which is a little more than he should want to reveal. we'll hear what a good friend he is to Tom and Katie.
I don't know--I think of "actress" as a bit like "poetess" or "authoress"--words that for me tend to belittle the female. why does there need to be a gender specific word? When I say "waiter" or "actor" I think of both male and female.

Unfortunate wording, though. I hope I"m not giving him too much credit. However, I don't think he's like Brad Pitt at all. He has repeatedly said "look, I'm an actor. Of course I'm not running for president--you wouldn't want me to."

His family did raise him with a huge sense of civic duty, and I like that about him. You don't have to give that up because you are famous. If it was me I'd use the fact that people would listen tome more b/c I was a celeb to talk about and do things I care a lot about, too.

Ensuring that "Good Night and Good Luck" got made in today's political climate is an example of how he's used his influence (and financial success) appropriately. And to me it was an important film that said a lot of important stuff.
God help us if Clooney went over to the weird side.

A women's studies teacher I had told us that the origin of the "-ess" suffix comes from the word "less" so it is basically saying women are "less of" an actor, a waiter, a poet, a steward (now they've changed it to "flight attendant anyway) or whatever. I can see the value in "re-claiming" the suffix, though, especially when it's Mr. Fancy Pants Cruise making the statement, but historically-speaking, that's what the "-ess" means.
i'm sorry, polly, but that's simply not true. the suffix comes from several different languages (french, late latin, etc.) and simply denotes the female category. maybe your teacher was being wry? i think we tend to get more riled up about the gender differences in english since we are not used to having them ingrained in every noun the way other languages have them. regardless about where it came from and why, though, i think the accepted term for any profession ends in "or", making that a really weird thing for clooney to say.
I read it as Clooney saying that Blanchett should not be diminished -as society/media can do- by being called an actress but she is an actor of better talent than him and his peers, "she's the best actor working today".
I agree with mouse--we do pull our root words from languages which allocate gender to nouns for no reason other than to allocate gender to them. "Ette or "et" at the end of the word will diminish the noun; in the same language, "esse" will simply let you know the person in question is female. There is a diminuitive, but the feminine gender suffix is clearly not the same as the suffix which diminishes the noun.

And the way Clooney used the word "actor" to aggrandize Blanchet, the way he was specific about "actor" being better than "actress" as a title--that clearly illustrates a gender bias favouring the masculine that simply doesn't exist in the titles alone. I've felt that bias increasing in the entertainment industry, ever since actresses began being referred to as "actors"--not because being an "actress" diminshes them (good god, Bette Davis, Carole Lombard, Joan Crawford, all kinds of women in film and theatre never would have shrunk from the word "actress"), but because "actors" were all clearly more highly paid and more valued, and they wanted the same status.

Otherwise, I do think Clooney's quite a different kind of celebrity than many of his peers. I'm just shocked he didn't realise the sexism in his statement.
the fact the they differentiated in the first place means it started out as a way to make it known that whoever they were speaking about is a woman and therefore less then a man. i dont care how many languages started it, the world was a patriarchy back then too.

how is what he said sexist? i think that is a ridiculous thing to think. if anything its the opposite.
like chacha said, the diminutive suffix (usually "ette") is different than the female suffix ("ess"). it was simply a way of differentiating the two, not putting them into a hierarchy. i mean, you could argue that patriarchal mores are inherent in language, but that's the same sort of thinking that gave us "womyn" and i think a lot of us are agreed that it's rather superfluous and beside the point.

regardless of linguistics and etymology, though, is the fact that women ARE still considered "less than" in many, many professions, and clooney intimating that the specific female title connotes something less valuable than the male/gender neutral title just drives home the idea that to be considered female in any way is to be considered inferior. he was ultimately saying "cate has succeeded above and beyond what is expected of a female".

and while i agree that clooney is definitely on the "good guy" end of the spectrum, it just goes to show that even a conscious, smart, politically minded yet without high-horse ideals like *cough* pitt, man can still have these completely subconscious ideas about how if you really want to congratulate a woman, tell her she's more like a man.
I'm with katiebelle.

Anyway, whatever the origin, that doesn't tell you what it will mean/imply/connote in another culture where something is used. Historically there has been plenty of hierarchy (why anyone would think otherwise really shocks me, to be honest.)

And the fact that 70 years ago people would have felt that something was fine doesn't hold much weight with me. People felt that all kinds of racist and sexist language was fine back then too. If you want to talk about movies, think about portrayal of women and blacks (the few there were of blacks were appalling.)

So that doesn't work for me.

Whether its the derivation of the word or not, the "ess" ending was used to imply lessor in many, many contexts, for many, many years.

And languages which do seemingly randomly allocate "gender" to words do often also include political and social implications in those allocations. Unfortunately, I can't think of any at the moment, but I've come across many examples over the years.

I'm giving Clooney the benefit of the doubt. The best actor catagory is always seen as more important/more significant at the Oscars than the best actress. Maybe that's the kind of thing he's referring to--that regardless of stupid distinctions she's a great actor. Not "for a woman she's one of the best" but rather "she's one of the best, period."
i think we're all on the same page, really.

i was responding to polly's etymological claim that the suffix actually came from the word "less", which is not true. what IS true is that that is what it eventually came to mean.

clooney may have had good intentions, feminist intentions even, but the fact is that by specifically highlighting that difference, he proves that the female title means less than the male or gender neutral title--that femaleness is less desirable than not-femaleness.
anoushh, that's what I was trying to get at - that he's saying that she's good enough to win best actor Oscar, why shouldn't she and that they are all actors together, doing the one jub so why should they be considered/awarded/and paid differently?
Ok, maybe she was wrong, no, I don't think she was kidding. Speaking of being wrong, I misread what faerietails wrote, and I thought the quote about Cate Blanchett was from Tom just nevermind on my whole post. smile.gif
The best actor catagory is always seen as more important/more significant at the Oscars than the best actress

And that, right there, is the sexism I was referring to. Sure, George didn't think of it himself...but he sure was aligning himself with it in praising Cate Blanchett for being better than a woman, and more like a man.

Valuing actors more than actresses is sexist. How else would you define sexism?
in all fairness, i think george was trying to say what we here know and believe--that women can be just as good at acting than men can. the thing is, that kind of oblivion to the fact that words alone are setting back women is what gives a lot of people the attitude of "oh, feminism acheived its goals. we're done. good for us".
ohmy.gif I just heard on Entertainment Tonight that ANS was addicted to Methadone (or she was on it--whatever) for the last three years!


Wouldn't that implicate HER in her son's death?

I don't even think that--I'm just saying.
I don't know - when Greil Marcus made a point of saying that Sleater-Kinney was the best band in America and not just the best all-female band, was he denigrating women's music as a whole or pointing out that people often tend to damn women artists with faint praise by confining them to the all-girl ghetto? To give George the benefit of the doubt, when people talk about the best actors of today, it's usually men in the first breath and then women in the second. Maybe he's trying to say that they should both be in the same breath and Cate should be mentioned before anyone else.
Well, if that's what George was trying to say, he should have selected a far less sexist way of saying it! And Greil Marcus' comment is not exactly the same: if Greil had said Sleater Kinney is the best band in America, they're just as good as the all-male bands, he'd be making a parallel comment to Clooney's. Because that is, in fact, what Clooney's words meant (even if he may not have wanted to express that sentiment).

Either way, we can all see that in the public mind, women who are artists of any kind are still not considered as serious, talented, or accomplished as their male counterparts; only when they are seen to overarch the standards to which men are held are they even close to being considered "one of the (male) club".

Anyway, I don't hear George's comment about how Blanchett "should be called an actor, not an actress", being reported on what passes for the news these days. I just hear him quoted as saying that Blanchett "will win the Oscar". I'm going to conclude that either the damage control has been wheeled in, or the original report was less than accurate.
i don't think it's about george, really. he obviously meant well, and i think he meant progressively. i think he was, actually, trying to say what we're all saying here. but he didn't notice the sexism inherent in what he said.

it's about the subtle way language perpetrates misogyny.

and i think calling sleater-kinney the best band over the best all-female band.....i think it's a little different, since "all female band" is a valid category, obviously a subcategory of "band". "actress" is not a subcategory of "actor", it's the counterpart.

maybe i can explain this more simply: it's like saying "sleater kinney isn't just the best rock'n'roll band, they're the best band". rock'n'roll being one subcategory (others could be blues, country, etc). it's making them the best of a larger group, whereas "actor" and "actress" are SUPPOSEDLY equal terms--by saying that, george showed that they are not, in fact, equal terms. if there was a gender neutral term for somene who acts IN ADDITION TO a masculine term, it would be different, but the masculine and the gender neutral are the same.
i love george to pieces. as eye candy, he literally takes my breath away.
and i think he's a helluva ACTOR.
and i believe his intentions are honest and good and sincere.
but he has to quit this foot-in-mouth shit. when i read that, i cringed and thought, "step away from the microphone, george, step away!"

i wish cate would say come back with something tongue-in-cheek.

has anyone seen the south park episode with george's cloud of "smug"?

but, like i said, he takes my breath away. so i can forgive him anything.
vapid & shallow, what moi?
HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Shanna Moakler punched Paris hilton in the face!!!

(Read the top article, then scroll down for more.) HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
QUOTE(jemisoutrageous @ Oct 4 2006, 05:28 PM) *

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Shanna Moakler punched Paris hilton in the face!!!

(Read the top article, then scroll down for more.) HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I have a new founded respect for Ms. Moakler that I never thought I would have.

Travis whatshisposeurtattooedbutt has soem pretty awful things to say about his soon to be ex and her mothering skills though, that still leaves a metalic taste in my mouth, but compared to Ol'Sloth Eyes Hilton, she's a flipping saint.
man, i don't even know who shanna moakler is, but that's hilarious. it's about freaking time.
QUOTE(mouse @ Oct 4 2006, 05:44 PM) *

man, i don't even know who shanna moakler is, but that's hilarious. it's about freaking time.

She was a Miss USA/America/World/Universe something or rather who was married to the drummer from Blink 182, (blegh, punk rock? HA! Not even I don't care how many crappy tattoos you get) who stayed a few nights "in Paris" (who in Hollywood hasn't? I wonder what the stars with HPV -Horrible Paris Viral Disease- vs. Without ratio in LA LA land is these days?) right after he and Shana broke up.

Also, it is been reporting the Starving Nachosbellegrande came to Slotheyes' side and dumped a drink on Shana then pushed her down some stairs.
Madonna Has adopted a trendy African orphan!
oh, no.

Gaultier swaps Size 0 models for 'Size 20'

is he just being inclusive and respectful of all bodies? after reading this article where lagerfield comments on the ban on underweight catwalk models (which came about because one model recently died from not eating) and says that the fashion industry has nothing to do with answer would be HELL NO. admittedly i don't know for sure if gaultier and lagerfield are on the same page, but it still comes across as far more a scathing defense to not being allowed to use the models they're familiar with than a campaign to include all sizes.

ETA: re: madonna......are you freaking kidding me? ugh.
That's funny, I read that Shannon Moakler thing, too, and my thought was: well, SOMEONE has to!
anna k
Adoption like she'll send him 20 dollars a month and receive a photo of him with a hand-written letter and printed translation?

I feel bad for Shanna's daughter. She looked so lost and ignored on the TV show, and even more when Shanna had a baby with Travis. The girl's father is Oscar de la Hoya, and I don't know what her relationship is like with him. The girl just looked miserable.
Jem, thank you for that snippet on Paris being punched in the face. It's been a really rough day, and that has brought a genuine smile to my face (one of the few I've had in the past couple of days). laugh.gif
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