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Yes, yes, I meant Robert Plant.

Speaking of the fushia satin jumpsuited one, Rod Stewart will NOT leave me alone. Everywhere I go there he is, warbling some 'classic' song in my ear---why is he on my dick?


Alec Baldwin, trying to defend buddy Charlie Sheen from Denise Richards' accusations that he likes barely legal porn: "Charlie Sheen may be one of the great horndogs of his generation, but he is not a pedophile." (GQ via Page Six)

Also, Brit's new baby is not going to be named after her parents/sister after all - they're calling him Sutton Pierce.

Another interesting aspect of celebrity culture now is that the more we learn how "they are just like us," the more their material wealth is emphasized with magazines like InStyle or shows like The Fabulous Life of. . . , just to name a couple. Since the mystique has long since been eroded (it would be impossible nowadays, for example, to create an entire biography from scratch like they used to do in the golden age of cinema) star power becomes synonymous with consumer power . . .so if you have everything that they do, it's as good as being famous but without all of the annoying stuff like paparazzi and wondering when you need to get your next botox shot if you want to be considered young enough for that upcoming role (not that I'm defending the privileged lives of most celebrities).
I got o Chicago about 4 times a year and I stay at the Sutton Place.

Forver Sutton Place Spederline.

Ha! I like your name idea, girly! Much better!

Interesting observation, snaf, and VERY TRUE.
Well gee, there's a resounding vote of confidence from Alec Baldwin then. I feel all better now.

Heres the latest on Daniel Smiths mysterious death, according to Perez Hilton...

"Anna Nicole Smith's son had been in and out of the hospital for a month before his sudden death on September 10th, In Touch Weekly reports in their new issue.
Daniel Smith, 20, had been in intensive care for an elevated heart rate, reports the mag.
"He was in the hospital for two or three days," says a family friend. "He was really sick. He lost something like 28 pounds and had a constant stomachache."
According to the insider, Daniel had seemed to have recovered but was still not fully fit when he flew to the Bahamas to be with his mother after she gave birth to a little girl on September 7th. He died three days later.
Additionally, Daniel had prescriptions for both the insomnia drug Ambien and the antidepressant Lexapro for two months, reports In Touch.
One theory is that the buildup over the weeks of that combo of prescription meds could have been just too much for the fragile body of Anna's son to handle. Pharmacist Jennifer Athay tells In Touch a cocktail of the two drugs can be fatal. "There are cases where people have died," she says.
Dr. Cyril Wecht, the pathologist brought in by Anna Nicole to conduct a second autopsy, says Daniel's depression "had to do with a girlfriend."
This story gets sadder and weirder ever day!

So the combo has been know to be fatal? Good going doc who prescribed them together.
Rosie O'Donnell thinks Oprah and Gayle just might be a "little gay"
My grampa was a pharmacist. He told us all kinds of horror stories where people were prescribed drugs that could be harmful or lethal if combined. That's why it's important that your pharmacist knows else you're taking, and you ask a LOT of questions.

QUOTE(jezabelle @ Sep 20 2006, 05:38 PM) *

Rosie O'Donnell thinks Oprah and Gayle just might be a "little gay"

Rosie needs to dissapear. Oprah and Gayle act like best friends, not everyone is gay.

I cannot stand Rosie, I never could. Obnoxious and annoying.
I heart GgG. wub.gif She is the wind beneath my wings.
Just a random note: does anyone remember when Britney and Justin ran into each other at a club right after they broke up and had a dance-off?

That is my favourite moment in celeb gossip from recent years. Everytime I think of it I giggle and then plan to emulate.

What are some of your fav celeb gossip stories?
britney's matt lauer interview. trashtastic! kept me fed for days.
Bwahahaha!!! I want to have a dance-off with someone!!!
You 'n me right here, right now Pinkpoodle! Watchout, I do a mean running man.
*breaks out with the Roger Rabbit* Try to beat that, beeyatch!!!
*moonwalks across the lounge, trips over her sky-high stilettos and wanders off shame faced shaking fist in the air*

Damn you Pinkpoodle, you win this round!!!
SNL's Amy Poehler and guest star Matt Damon recreate Britney/Justin "angry dance-off"

(scroll down for pics)

I remember when it aired, but now I can't find clips of it anywhere (or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough). NBC won't let youtube post anything of theirs and I don't think they have this clip on their own website.
Ooh! Ooh! I found it!
Bahaha! I like dem apples, fo' sure.
That was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

"Oh my God, it's a sexy moan-off, y'all!"

QUOTE(sassypants @ Sep 22 2006, 11:32 PM) *

Just a random note: does anyone remember when Britney and Justin ran into each other at a club right after they broke up and had a dance-off?

That is my favourite moment in celeb gossip from recent years. Everytime I think of it I giggle and then plan to emulate.

What are some of your fav celeb gossip stories?


******off to seriously try and build a time machine************
poodle, i fucking love you.
i so needed that.
I bow to the poodle that is pink.

Ooh! Thanks for finding it, Poodle!
Holmes to play Posh

"marked physical differences". hee, no shit.
WTF are they doing creating a film that involves Posh anyway? Lame.
I nominate Trapped in the Closet as the funniest thing I've seen all year.
My little PSA for the day is that Janet Jackson is going to be on Oprah today, and supposedly this is going to be the only time she addresses the Super Bowl boob flashing incident. Will she finally fess up and say it was INTENTIONAL?

Wardrobe malfunction my ass.
Oh, poor Janet Jackson and her once heavy thighs, her stealthily prurient exhibitionism, and her generally lame music. Of course no one believes she had a "wardrobe malfunction"--but it just looks better than saying "juvenile bad taste".

Still, I'm ever so happy the phrase is in our language now. It's so handy.

Okay: I figured it was about time Katie returned to her movie career now and, under Tom's guidance, continued to choose a path of extremely idiotic films in which to act.

Posh Spice. Wow. I can't think of a more inspiring, challenging, and culture shaking woman than that. Maybe she'll go on that Christian Bale diet to play her. She's bound to be riveting.

Anyway, that's kind of Tom's M.O.: since he's got to make his macho blockbusters, she's got to do films that never stray far from the B-list while they're married (after all, we can't have her being more successful than he is!). Wonder how long she'll be tied to her contractual obligations to Tom, poor thing: god knows Nicole went from doing great movies like Flirting to absolute shit while she was Mrs. Tom Cruise--I don't think she was even allowed to talk to a director with an IQ until she finally left him. Hope it won't be years until Katie can do some interesting work again.
"Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see..."


I agree with the bunny. Trapped in the Closet rocked my small world.

Posh Spice. Wow. I can't think of a more inspiring, challenging, and culture shaking woman than that. Maybe she'll go on that Christian Bale diet to play her. She's bound to be riveting.

And that is why my heart will always belong to Chachaheels. wub.gif
oh, my god, how did i miss a justin/britney danceoff? and howcome it hasn't become the utter diamond of all celebrity breakup stories evar? the only way it could be better would be if k-fed and justin had a danceoff to see who would date brit. screw brad and jen, who cares? MAN. now i want to have a danceoff with my ex.

re: holmes/posh. why can't posh play posh.....? and katie is arguably more famous than she is......isn't it kind of weird having a big star portray a smaller star that is still living and breathing?
I think Katie is only more famous than Posh in North America. . . although I guess now that she is part of her own freakshow, maybe they're about even.
Yeah, I always wondered why people bother talking about Posh. She's a has-been Spice Girl and not very interesting--just weird looking. It must be a continental thing.
It's very much a continental thing, or maybe just a UK thing (even though they live in Madrid, I think Spain have their own celeb "royalty" and Ronaldo and his string of model girlfriends). The UK press is obsessed with her, every tabloid and magazine have a photo of her in their issue and it's either her skeletal frame, what she's wearing, who her new bf is, her fertility problems or her marital problems. She's the new Princess Di ohmy.gif .
Oh my god, y'all ... I just realized something! K.Fed is the new Posh! Except for the fact that Posh isn't trying to resurrect her singing career, of course.

I feel so snarky now!
I definitely feel Posh and K.Fed are genetic duplicates. And Posh might have been a celeb as a singer, but she didn't become as famous as washing powder until she married one of the biggest soccer stars in the history of the game. Which puts her in exactly the same position as the Federline. Whose singer career is also just conjecture.

Yay laugh.gif kittenb!!
Gee, and here I thought at least I'd get away from the all Posh all the time being back in the US. (And why is it so few people got the irony that she, of all of them, was supposed to be "posh"?)

I really don't think it's possible I could care about this any less. I'm betting it never makes it to a movie, unless it's a made for TV movie for channel 5.

And we all know how good TC's judgement is, right?
I would totally OWN every last one of my ex boyfriends if it came down to dance-offs.

Had I only known, I could've demanded one. "Oh yeah, you cheated on me with the barmaid where you DJ karaoke? You're going DOWN, boy--Hit it!!!"
Apparently a biopic of David Beckham is being made (now that his career as a footballer is in freefall), hence the casting of Posh. So. pointless. Even more than the Spice Girls movie.
I don't know if I can agree with the whole Becks and Posh are lame thing. I can see why so many people are obsessed. Its like local boy and girl come good. I think when I was 14 their life was my idea of excellent (except for all the cheating and stuff).
Since I'm in America and we weren't (and aren't) relentlessly beaten over the head with them, I actually kind of like Posh and the Spice Girls.

I am in the UK, and they're really just targets here. They do get a lot of press, but very little of it is positive. I don't really mind them, in fact, I actually feel quite sorry for them. A lot of the abuse that gets levelled at them in the press, particualrly at Posh, is really vicious and absolutely not necessary. And it almost always comes from other women. People actually blamed her for the fact that her husband cheated on her! It's almost like a national pastime. Beckham Baiting!
Yes, but Posh completely courts the press as well; I don't see her as a hapless victim in any way.

I just don't like them because they seem really really stupid and aren't currently doing anything of merit; Beckham was a good footie player and I liked the Spice Girls too, but now they're just another super-wealthy, self-indulgent couple.

I'm being bitchy but I'm sick of seeing them everywhere (this side of the atlantic anyway). Consider yourselves lucky, North American busties!
I don't feel sorry for either of them. She in particular courts publicity like nobody's business and thinks being famous is the same as being a good/valuable human being. They are both stupid people with stupid priorities. So he can play football. Good for him, but big deal. And she can have bad plastic surgery and....I don't know, lie about her weight loss. Big deal.

For everyone who is "mean" to them I'd say there are a a few hundred who follow every move. I mean, she actually had people buy her "autobiography" for goodness sake.

ETA--cross posted w/ sybarite. Yep, what you said.
They do a lot for charity. I feel sorry for them too, yes they are media darlings but they receive a lot of unfair vitriol too. It's the culture on this side of the atlantic: footballers are treated like royalty and people buy into it all. Couldn't believe when Wayne Rooney signed a £5m autobiography deal and that was before the World Cup controversy!

It's a class thing too, the Beckhams are boy and girl next door who made good and a lot of people look up to them, besides Posh's weight, I don't think they are a bad couple for children to be looking up to and aspiring to be, they are better role models than Tony Blair.
I don't want my child to look up to Tony Blair OR the Beckhams.

I can think of a lot of people I would be fine with, but none of these people are on the list.
wouldn't be on mine either but for the UK working classes I think they make good role models. children will realise that dreams can come true.

eta: thepointybird, I agree: the criticism Posh receives usually is by other women and I find it disconcerting, it's like the vitriol directed at Agelina Jolie. I think, sometimes, a lot of the vehemence behind the criticism can stem from jealousy.
Except that in the case of Posh n' Becks, all they have truly achieved is their celebrity status. I appreciate Becks' day job as a football player but as you say: the attention that footballers get is out of all proportion to what they actually do (IMO, but then I'm not a footie fan).

I see what you're saying but I think they suck as role models, myself. Not least because she is scarily thin, thus sending a dodgy message simply by emphasising this as a Good Thing.
I guess part of my point is I want my child to have dreams that don't focus on your worth being related to how famous you are, how thin you are, how much money you have, and who you marry.

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