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(o/t - doodlebug, it is from Cat's Eye)
Hahaaaa, the Hilton backlash continues:

Did Beyonce sneak off and get a nose job when I wasn't looking? I flipped on VH1 this morning, and the first shocker is that they were actually showing videos, but then a Beyonce video came on and I nearly didn't recognize her - I recognized her voice, but her face...wasn't right. Is it her nose, or something else? I can't quite pinpoint it....
My only complaint about the Paris prank is that artist made her tatas way too big. wink.gif

(link NSFW, though you can't really see all that much)
Wow, I can't believe they're so laid back about that kind of thing in the UK- if he'd done that here, the RIAA would have black helicopters circling over that guy's house and you'd never see him again. Great prank, though!
I know this will shock you all with its sincerity, completely unmotivated by any personal preservation instincts to salvage a ravaged public image, but Tom Cruise has apologized to Brooke Shields,,1,19922,00.html?fdnews. Sure, it's over a year later, but I am sure he's just come to his senses.

The Crocodile Hunter is dead! He was killed by a stingray (it hit his chest) while swimming in Australia! see obituary

He had an 8 year old daughter and a 3year old son. I'm sad. sad.gif
Mandolyn posted that a couple of days ago, Faith. But I think you can never call Tom Cruise enough names, so I'm glad you reposted it.

Asshat (still).
Hehe, I'm watching a very amusing "documentary" about Scientology, here's the synopsis:

The Beginner's Guide to L Ron Hubbard: Comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli looks for spiritual enlightenment through the Scientology founder's teachings. Rejected by the main church, he finds a warmer welcome with “Ron's Org”, a group who split from from the main body in the 1980s.
Cool quote from an article about Helen Mirren in the UK paper The Idependent:

Best of all, Mirren is an unapologetic feminist. "People say, 'there aren't enough roles for women', and I've always said, 'work on getting good roles for women in real life and the roles for women in drama will follow'."
When I grow up I wanna be like her. I wanna have her wit, anyway. Okay, and her looks. And that devastating poise.

Oh well...I think she's fabulous now even though I lumber along.
Oh yes, it's time for a...Suri Cruise alert.

Are you tired of this yet? So maybe the alien baby does exist (I still have my doubts).

The cover of Vanity Fair was unveiled on the CBS Evening News tonight.*

Suri Cruise has a full head of hair (I dare say it looks like a wig), alien-like blue eyes, and does NOT look like she was born in April but much earlier.

This issue of Vanity Fair hits the stands tomorrow.

That is all.

IPB Image

(And more pictures here.)

*Coincidentially, also the same night as Katie Couric's debut as anchor.
is that for fucking real? that kid has way too much hair.
i call photoshopbullshit (PSBS).
That's a baby wig!
I get Vanity Fair, so I'll have to inspect the pic very careful.....
That is the freakiest looking kid. Just, oddly manufactured looking. I don't know how else to put it.
That entire pic looks computer generated. i swear i got chills looking at it. and not the good kind.
Hey! I was born with a full head of dark hair (much darker than it is now, when it's usually the other way around) and I was totally normal/cute looking! That child's computer-generated freakishness has nothing to do with having too much hair. laugh.gif

ETA: Okay, that does kind of look like a wig. . .but only b/c the hairline doesn't seem to match.
I, too, was born with a head full of hair. No fingernails, eyelashes, etc, but I had a lotta hair.

I guess I am in the minority camp of thinking she's a pretty baby. She doesn't look like Winston Churchill, anyway.

Re: the Crocodile Hunter's death. He'd been quoted as saying he'd like to have his grisly death filmed. It was. The new hype is whether or not the footage should be shown to the masses.
It's not that she's ugly, it's just that the whole picture looks really awkward - something isn't quite right about it. . .though she does kinda look like Katie, who is a conventionally attractive woman.
The only thing I found awkward was the general subtext of the image. TC is holding the baby in the "womb" of his jacket while Katie merely looks on. He seems overly possesive; while she's apart, almost peripheral even. Most staged photos like that would feature the mother holding the child with proud papa looking on. But not our crazy fuckin' TC. She's his little Scientology robot baby.
It's face looks too much like a little person and not like a baby. yeah, I know how stupid that sounds. It's computer generated, that's a wig and it's not his baby. *Runs out to buy VF to gawk*
Yeah, of course many babies are born with full heads of hair, but there is something about this one that is just NOT right.

Nail on the head, AP, with that observation about its subtext. I wonder if Annie had to sign a nondisclosure. haha!
suri's cute and looks perfectly normal to me.
yeah, she looks like a little 5 mo old babe. our very own tartlette had so much hair the kid needed a haircut, so its not at all unconcieveable. She's a cute kid...yeah, TC has flipped out in a very public way, but the kidlet looks like a kidlet. not much else to say, eh? I think its kinda nice to see a bebe held by her daddy, anyway. in our first family "portrait" the good shot had moxieman holding moxette...
Suri looks a lot like how I looked as a baby. It's actually kinda creepy how much she looks like me! I had oodles of dark hair, bright blue eyes ... hmmmm ... wonder if my parents sold my baby pics to Tom Cruise. That would certainly explain why they're going to Hawaii this month ... wink.gif

I think the pose is very unusual, though. I think you hit it right on the head, AP.
The child has two different hair colours showing. It looks like at least one came out of a box.

Otherwise, she sure does look like mama: not at all like pa.

And 22 pages? 22 pages. Vanity Fair devotes that kind of spread size to things like...its Oscar issue feature.

Just how much power do these people have? Conversely, what kind of soul selling took place here, VF?
*total change of subject*

Am I the only one who is disturbed that they seem to be nudging Dilana off of RockStar Supernova?

Hell OH! She's the only one who can SING!!

I guess she isn't some dumb, young guy who will sing whatever they tell her too and be a cartoon character to sell products.

But she does have a Marianne Faithfull/Patti Smith/Nina Hagen career, playing theaters, if she wants one.
I dunno, I think she looks like a cute enough baby - certainly looks like her momma, nothing wrong with that. As for the pose, well, its a well documented fact that you sell more baby products when the dad is holding/touching/cooing over the baby. Is it any wonder that the cover shot would be with TC holding the baby? Attentive papas sell, that's all. Whether that's wrong or right, it just is.
Oh, no, Wombat...I have to admit that I've been watching that show with a little too much interest since it started. I'm so shocked, actually, as I never cared for any of those dinosaurs looking for a leadsinger...and I don't think they've got a lot of talent to offer any of the contestants. And Tommy Lee keeps making too many chuckly references to his swimming pool. Which has caused death in the past. And he doesn't seem to find it disturbing, and he won't stop.

But Dilana is definitely being given the editing backhand. Repeatedly.
I just don't think she's the only one who can sing; and maybe she ought to cultivate the theatre career you just described.

I miss Zaira, who I guess was supposed to be Mark Burnett's "crazy minority woman", a staple on his reality shows, except she disappointed because she was such a solid, creative, independent performer who took no guff (even though her clothes were nuts). Maybe because that trick didn't pan out here as it does on his other shows, he's making Dilana look like she's psycho. Such a bastard: and yet, there I am, watching the show.
i agree that the baby is adorable, but that doesn't mean she wasn't rented and/or fathered by a non-TC man. and i stand by being totally creeped out by that cover photo. the ones inside are less scary.
anyone think the baby looks like kate's ex- chris klein?

it's so bad-i'm actually disappointed it's just a baby. i dunno. i still think there's a lot of weird ass shit going on there.

my aunt and uncle were scientologists in the 70's and the group/cult made them give up their second baby for adoption. My grama is the only one who ever saw my cousin. Really sad. I feel so bad for my aunt, and I wonder if she's ever tried to find him. Any group that makes you give up your children to remain part of the group is fucking scary.
I think she looks a lot like Katie.

I had more hair than that when I was born. Suri looks like my little sister.
she does look like katie... cute, though. As babies go /not a good judge.

the picture in the evening standard here makes suri look really oriental. So I'm saying they got that kid from china angelina-style.
KATE. her name is KATE now. because she's a WOMAN not a LITTLE GIRL. remember? *tongue firmly in cheek*

yes, that fershure is one cute kid. i can't help feeling sorry for the poor thing, being so ballyhooed so young.
nevermind that she's got an asshat for a father. who is now prostituting his *ahem* family for the sake of appearing normal and rescuing his career.

did anyone see nip/tuck last night? brooke shields played a randy PSYCHIATRIST.
i wonder if tom knew about THAT before he apologized.
brooke has now redeemed herself for me. (i was uberpissy she 'made up' with him.)

Yeah, I was upset about the "making up" too. He doesn't deserve that. There's nothing wrong with rightious anger. You don't always have to "make nice." (Something women do too much, anyway.)

I am probably alone in not buying that Tom Cruise is gay--he's just a weirdo control freak in my book--and have not believed the stories that suggest it's thus a manufactured baby in that sense. But I too think something about that picture is not right. And dad holding the baby might be sweet and all if it wasn't controlling, wacko, just-this-side-of-spousal-abuse creep TC (and we don't know for sure about abuse--and the "relationship" is still young.)

And yuck--what kind of person prostitutes their child like that? Oh wait--we know what kind.

The only good thing about this is that it further validates my long time hatred of TC--I know I can trust my instincts. I actually sat through that football movie 20+ years ago in my college dorm's movie night and was creeped out by him then. The only difference is now I have some proof of why, but the feeling hasn't changed.

Not that that makes life any better for that poor child, whoever spawned her.
anoushh!! omg! i thought i was the only one who has always hated and been creeped out by tom cruise! i've always wondered why women were so gaga over him. and yeah, it's really satisfying and validating to see him all nutso now, i feel like ha! i was right! (of course, i always thought regis was also kinda evil, and i guess i'm just wrong about that)

hee hee mandolyn-i wrote "katie" and then i was like oh no! i must write her womanly name now-kate. katie was her pre-mommy name.
Regis isn't evil? Since when? Ok, maybe not evil, but annoying as hell.

That's one reason I feel at home here. Many of us (Mandolyn sticks in my mind most prominently) have had a long term hatred of the creep.
Yes, I've found my people here. wink.gif

But all the gushing for so long in so many places--I never got it. I mean, he always looked hygenically challenged and all squinty eyed and always was hyper. Even before he opened his annoying mouth there was so much to hate.
So, am I the only one here who thinks babies don't actually start looking like their family members until like, age 2? They seem to be adjusting, features-wise, for so long prior to that, they just look like little mish-mashes...

Which is my lead in to say I don't think that baby looks like anything but another dark-haired white baby. And can Tom Cruise just go away now and could the media start doing their effing job??
Oh, I've always liked "dinosaurs"
The very idea of some rock person being "the voice of their generation" has always seemed like just so much marketing pap. Yes, even when I was young. The question is: is it good or not?

Individual artists make their way to be heard. We're not just "products of our time" herding off in a neat line.

That's one of the things that is so irritating about celebrity coverage these days. "Who is *this generation's* James Dean?" they ask. Answer: Nobody. He was a unique individual who made his way through the crap.

Tom Cruise and Kate. Holmes. must. show. a picture. of their baby. *YAWN*

I don't hate the cheesy guys and the blonde baubles that are all over our television and newspapers, I could care less for them. A few people who are actually good will continue to do work, and/or will find a way to say something that isn't part of the "program" -- Johnny Depp for example.
QUOTE(lucizoe @ Sep 6 2006, 02:41 PM) *

So, am I the only one here who thinks babies don't actually start looking like their family members until like, age 2? They seem to be adjusting, features-wise, for so long prior to that, they just look like little mish-mashes...

I dunno - a friend has two little boys, and it was pretty obvious from the very beginning that the first one looked *exactly* like his dad. The second one's still an unknown quantity at 3 mos.

Then again, I've seen kids who looked like one parent when young and grew to strongly resemble the other as they got older. Weird.

I think SC definitely has her mother's eyes.
Come on, guys. Jump on the Chinese-baby bandwagon with me! It's a fun place to be.
QUOTE(lucizoe @ Sep 6 2006, 06:41 PM) *

So, am I the only one here who thinks babies don't actually start looking like their family members until like, age 2? They seem to be adjusting, features-wise, for so long prior to that, they just look like little mish-mashes...

Which is my lead in to say I don't think that baby looks like anything but another dark-haired white baby. And can Tom Cruise just go away now and could the media start doing their effing job??

Actually my older two both looked EXACTLY like their Dad, but as they grew older my genes took over and now they look more like my family. My daughter Echo is a whiter, blonde and blue eyed version of me. I'm of mixed heritage with dark hair, skin, and brown eyes. My younger two look like a mix of the two of us, but either way there is no denying they came from "us"
So I guess my answer is the "usual" answer that every baby is different, and I'm truly sorry to have wasted everyone's time on this reply...LOL!!!
Ok, it's not exactly gossip, but I found this sort of amusing. And horrifying.

(from today re: Katie Couric's debut on the evening news. Or should she be calling herself "Kate" now?)

Time TV critic James Poniewozik took issue with, among other things, the music selections: "Well, I'm pretty sure I've never heard Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' introducing a segment on The PBS NewsHour. I hear the original idea -- to have it blaring from a boombox, held aloft by Walter Cronkite -- was rejected." MarketWatch's Jon Friedman, meanwhile, dubbed it "a journalistic nightmare." Salon's own TV critic, Heather Havrilesky, says "CBS's overly reimagineered newscast night seemed custom-made to undermine Couric's impressive cojones"

Honestly, why the fuck was TC even mentioned on the evening "news"? It's a good thing Edward R. Murrow is dead or he'd have a heart attack.

And this, from yesterday, really made me laugh:

Trailing Simpson's swag: After Jessica Simpson's swag spree during last week's MTV Video Music Awards promotional circus -- she reportedly walked off with thousands of dollars' worth of jeans and jewelry, plus a brand-new Chrysler -- her P.R. rep promised the goods would go to her favorite charity, Operation Smile, so as to avoid the tax man. This week, an Operation Smile spokeswoman told Lowdown it hadn't gotten anything specific from Simpson's people: "Maybe we'll do an online auction? I don't really know." Simpson's rep says she doesn't think the donation has been on Simpson's mind, but a spy overheard Simpson at a party asking a lawyer how the IRS would possibly find out about the gifts. After being told, "Each company has to file gift tax returns pertaining to everybody that received gifts, and then the IRS will compare those to the individual tax returns of the recipients," she is reported to have "looked dumbfounded." (Lowdown)
They used Peter Gabriel on the news?? WTF?
QUOTE(vesicapisces @ Sep 6 2006, 04:19 PM) *

I dunno - a friend has two little boys, and it was pretty obvious from the very beginning that the first one looked *exactly* like his dad. The second one's still an unknown quantity at 3 mos.

Then again, I've seen kids who looked like one parent when young and grew to strongly resemble the other as they got older. Weird.

I think SC definitely has her mother's eyes.


My son looked exactly like me since birth up until recently(he's 9). Now he's resembling his father something crazy. My daughter who is two mos looks exactly like her father minus the mouth-that's all me. So yes babies can look just like one parent from birth. Our daughter looks like a little adult since birth. Her features have been really defined.

As for Suri, I think she's adorable. My first thought is that she looks EXACTLY like Katie. Who cares who the father is. As for the hair, that's got to be a wig, just for hairline purposes. My daughter had a boatload of black hair at birth so it is possible.

As for the Asian thing, my little girl looked asian at birth too. And she's not Asian, she's half french and the rest a lot of other northern european ethnicities mixed in. It's the eye shape, it happens.
I hereby declare the VF photos so five minutes ago.

Paris Hilton was arrested in LA and charged with driving under the influence. It's about fucking time. Idiot. There's no mug shot yet posted on the Smoking Gun.
this on the guilded moose *dies laughing*
"Desperate Housewife" Marcia Cross is pregnant at age 44. Sheesh, she only got married like 2 month ago! I guess it was a "now or never" thing.
Apparently Britney is planning to name her daughter (to be delivered via C-section on Sept. 14, same as Sean Preston) "Jailynn" after her parents and sister - Jamie, Lynn, and Jamie Lynn.
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