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QUOTE(vesicapisces @ Aug 18 2006, 01:09 PM) *

OK, but don't you still just love the fact that he was driving a 1995 Saturn?

Yeah, I thought that too! (Though it is sad, overall.)
Why is it sad or amusing that he was driving a '95 Saturn? Honestly, I feel like I've been left out of the joke here. When I look back on his career, I don't see how he could be making enough money to be driving, say, a new BMW or anything like that. He was driving a car that works ... or at least, it worked until he crashed it in a drunken/stoned haze. sad.gif
I just meant I think it's terrific. It actually, in my mind, points to him being a good kid.

The sad part is not the car, it's what happened/what he did.
I just found it refreshing that he was driving an 11 year old car, rather than the requisite Hummer/Escalade/Porsche/whatever that every other teen star seems to get as soon as they're of age (I'm thinking Frankie Muniz with his collection.)
Franky Muniz has a car collection? I am soooooo out of the loop!

And see, Franky is the kind of kid that I don't see making it. I just don't see him having an acting career as an adult. But I think Hayley could actually have a chance some day! Oh well. Maybe his agent can put some sort of "bad boy" spin on the whole thing. Tacky, but typical. Ugh.
Heh, I love this book cover Courtney Cox modelled on in the 80s, courtesy of gofugyourself.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 18 2006, 01:58 PM) *

Franky Muniz has a car collection? I am soooooo out of the loop!

Yeah - we'll just chalk that knowledge up to too much "Entertainment Tonight" and "Extra" watching.

"Frankie has been eligible to drive since December 5, 2001. In the past he has owned several cars, including the Jetta from The Fast and the Furious, a Cadillac Escalade, a Lotus Esprit, a Porsche Speedster, and a Pontiac Vibe. He has since downsized his car collection."
His very rare Porsche was involved in his episode of Punk'd- here's the synopsis of it from

Frankie Muniz entrusts his $250,000 Porsche Speedster to a valet so that he can meet with Ashton about a proposed movie project. The valet takes the car for a spin around the block a few times. Meanwhile, Frankie believes his beautiful car was just stolen!

He cried like a little girl. I can't believe he was meeting with Ashton and had no inkling that he might get punk'd. If I was friends with him, I'd be suspecting it all the time.
QUOTE(battygurl @ Aug 19 2006, 07:45 AM) *

Heh, I love this book cover Courtney Cox modelled on in the 80s, courtesy of gofugyourself.

I swear I read that book! I used to read all of those types of books, I so didn't have a social life in my early years...LOL!!!
cstars - there is no such thing as too much SVU.

Whether the confessor to the JBR case is the real guy or not, if he's a confirmed pedophile, he should get the death penalty anyway. Preferably by fire.
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Aug 19 2006, 02:49 PM) *

Whether the confessor to the JBR case is the real guy or not, if he's a confirmed pedophile, he should get the death penalty anyway. Preferably by fire.

I couldn't agree with you more! Another idea is to hang him in a town square (doesn't matter where), and let all of the women go at him. I say Women, because I think it would affect this type of person (using the word lightly) more if women were his punishers - JMHO!
I just don't understand the JBR thing this week. His confession was full of holes, and nothing made sense. I agree though, burn him at the stake for the crap he is done to children!

What is up with the hole Jennifer Aniston and Vince thing? First, they supposedly broke up, then they are supposedly enaged? Then she is annouces that they are not engaged they are just 'being'. What the hell does 'being' mean? And there were reports she was linked with Matthew McConaughey......
I don't personally support capital punishment, but I had to share this anyway, 'cause it fascinates me in a thrilling way, I have to admit. Sorry for being O/T....

In historical northwest coast Aboriginal cultures (Salish, Haida), which were matriarchal and matrilineal, pedophiles and rapists were lashed to a post planted in the sand at low tide. You can guess the rest.

Somehow, when the white-dominated justice system started adopting the principles of "restorative justice," "alternative measures," and "circle sentencing" from Aboriginal cultures, they skipped over this part.
two excellent little bits of fluff from popbitch:

>> Three times a lady <<
Kate & Chris's Hollywood heartbreak

Speculation surrounding the end of Kate
Hudson and Chris Robinson's marriage seems
to be focusing on her close friendship with
Owen Wilson. But there were longer-term issues.
Like many rocks singers, Chris is fond of
group sex and threesomes while on tour, and
Black Crowes insiders had often seen Chris
and Kate heading to their hotel with a keen
groupie or fan in tow. But by the end of the
last tour Kate was said to be tagging along
like a turkey on its way to Christmas lunch.


>> Cruise control <<
Suri makes an awkward debut

A source from the Vanity Fair shoot of Suri
Cruise says the baby looks enough like Cruise
and Holmes for their parentage to be plausible,
but that it is a bit of a runt, and required
21 days of photography, plus three days
of digital touching-up, before the magazine and
celebrity parents had a cover image they liked.

God, why if K-Fed on the Yahoo news lead in? I don't want to see Cletus everytime I check my email.
Due to all of the K-Fed coverage, I realized that he bears a striking resemblance to Vanilla Ice. Kinda creepy!

Thought this tid bit would amuse all you Tom Cruise haters out there.
Paramount Cuts Ties With Tom Cruise
"As much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal,” Redstone was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal report e-mailed to reporters. “His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount."

i am jumping up & down on my couch with glee!!!!

and trying not to think of that fact that he needs paramount like a hole-in-the-head. i'm sure he's got 5 of his own production companies ready to burst forth from pods.
*gets on mando's couch and starts jumping along*

I just saw that as I was checking my mail. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Mandi, I thought of you as soon as I read the headline. wink.gif
Aww yeah! It's about time. Good job, Paramount.

While I can see the resemblance, K-Fed has NONE of the irony or bizarre charm that Vanilla Ice did. Vanilla Ice is Mozart compared to K-Fed's Milli Vanilli.
Joining everyone in the glee, and jumping up and down on mando's sofa....
Raisingirl, I take offense. . .Milli Vanilli were way catchy. Just b/c they weren't actually singing doesn't mean "Girl, you know it's true" and "Baby, don't forget my number" don't have lasting value! They should not be mentioned in the same breath as the Spawner!

Mando, I thought of you too when I read that. I was a little surprised - I know MI III didn't perform as well as his last few films, but don't you have to fuck up really badly and/or have your films perform abysmally at the box office to be cut off? I mean, Mel Gibson's next movie is still being released and that was the biggest PR nightmare in recent memory. . .although I guess in that case, it was already in the can and they would have lost a ton of money. With Tom Cruise, they're assuming that his prospects can only get worse so they're just cutting their losses now. Not that I'm complaining - at all - I just didn't think it would happen this soon. biggrin.gif

Chacha, if no one else answered (my internet was wonky for a few days), trustafarianism is basically trust fund neo-hippiedom, as far as I know. . .though I guess a lot of the original hippies were upper middle class white kids too.
The trustafarians here in Portland are the super-rich kids that have dreads and live on the street and panhandle. They are not as prominent as some people would have us believe but they are around. To a lesser extent, there's the people that live like dirt-cheap hippies but have loads of money that their parents supply. Some of the ones I know could afford, easily, to buy a house and go to college (and these are just the ones I know, I'm sure there's different types out there) but choose rather to live in shitty places and buy loads of drugs.
I try to not be judgemental, but it bugs the shit out of me. Being someone who can't afford to quit my job and go to college and has to live paycheck to paycheck, it really bugs me to see these kids wasting what their parents gave them.
Back on topic, I am so glad they dropped Tom Cruise. Fuck that guy. Or rather, don't. I hope he goes into a cave somewhere.

ETA: I have nothing against Hippies or dreads. Some of my closest friends are hippies and they are some of the most wonderful people in the world.
Girl you know it's true oooh oooh oooh I love you... Once again, you're right, Snaf! What can I say, I had a momentary lapse of judgment. Yes, Milli Vanilli had catchy songs (and how many times did I watch their videos back in the day? TOO MANY, I tell you.), but they were LIARS!

K-Fed should go on tour with Paris Hilton. They are both so... skanky. ::vomit::

And it's too bad that work is so close to "skank," meaning the kind of dance you do at a ska show. I think I'm going to see a reunion concert of the English Beat in the near future, so my mind is obviously somewhere else...
So, the studio realized Tom Cruise is a widely ridiculed asshat. And maybe they will be hesitant to give any power or rewards to s**tologists. That would be great, because they give a much easier deal to celebrities just so they can hose the wannabees who join for "connections."

Yeah, rich kids being all macho about living in "da SLUMS" is gross. Basically, they can AFFORD to be poor because their parents will send them a plane ticket if anyone is threatening them, bail them out of being homeless if they lose a job, buy them lawyers when they assault or rip someone off, step in if they have any medicall or dental crisis, and guarantee their old age and retirement. Then, they zip around on 1,000 dollar mountain bikes, spend all their time on their BAND and networking for it, ripoff their roommates and make FUN OF PEOPLE who have to have regular jobs and wear regular clothes and hair.

"Oh, you just don't have the GUTS..."

I just don't have the DADDY'S BANK ACCOUNT.

It's like Captain Beefheart said "This may look like the finest pearl ... but it's only cardboard balls."
I can understand shitting on the frontmen for Milli Vanilli, but what about those session musicians who actually did come up with the catchy tunes and record them? First they were anonymous and now they're just vilified.

Did I just out myself as a closet MV fan?

I read yesterday that the Salish were quite hierarchical and kept slaves. I would like to know more about that. On the bright side, completely OT, I found this website:

Did Kate and Chris split while I was away or is this old news?
Never mind closet MV come they were so despised for lip synching, and now it's the norm in concert performance? Everyone seems set up to do this in shows now...from Madonna to (the infamous) Ashley Simpson...yet MV lost a grammy? I'm not a fan but that seemed far too harsh, even at the time.

Plus I hate the idea that you're paying a lot of money to see someone dance around to pre-recorded music while pyrotechnics go off in the background. Big deal.

I must be one of those people who don't believe Mel Gibson's anti-semite rant is quite that much of a PR disaster. It certainly has a long way to go before it tops the whole "Tom Cruise-hoppin'-confession-on-the- Oprah-couch-I-love-this-woman-nudge-nudge-wink-and-look-she's-having-my-baby-but-she's-been- pregnant-over-a-year-and-now-no-one's-seen-the-baby-except-scientologists-and-I'm-not-gonna-marry- Katie-after-all-whaddaya-mean-I'm-fired?" debacle.
uh, personally i'd take crazy over bigot anyday.
Um, Chacha, it wasn't the lipsynching that got MV in trouble. It was the fact that they didn't sing a note of their record & their live performances proved that out. Couldn't carry a tune with a bucket. Having session musicians/producers record the music is one thing, having somebody else do all the singing & then taking the credit because they looked good in spandex & had the moves is another. MV deserved to be (pseudo) musical pariahs for their outright deception. Did the record company have a hand in it? Yeah. But Rob & Fab still had to know that what they were doing was wrong. It's just like when Technotronic basically denied Ya Kid K in favor of a model (Felly) for "Pump Up the Jams". She wrote it, performed it, but she didn't comform to the industry's beauty standards & when it all came down Technotronic had to eat some crow.
anna k
It's just like when Technotronic basically denied Ya Kid K in favor of a model for "Pump Up the Jams". She wrote it, performed it, but she didn't comform to the industries beauty standards & when it all came down Technotronic had to eat some crow.

Watching an old SNL performance of that song, I couldn't figure out whether she was a girl dressed boyishly or a girlie-looking boy in street clothes. I also didn't know it was the same voice on the verse and chorus, it sounded different to me.

I guess Rob & Fab didn't think they'd get as huge as they did, and thought they would be a forgettable club hit. The major attention and Grammy made it more difficult to admit the truth. They performed live on Arsenio and had so-so voices, but it was too late.
Oh, I thought MV were just being belittled for lipsynching. Then again, you can do all kinds of things with production equipment to make voices sound much better than they actually are...but you're right, if they really did just "front" the band and not even record anything or write anything or play anything, then my comparison comes up short.

However, Cruise isn't just crazy--he's just as bigoted as Mel if his motivation is homophobia. He's just put a lot more ineffective effort in his stunt than Mel. So he looks like a homophobe, a hyperactive bully, and a collosal incompetent.
Ya Kid K's look at the time was very current, very hiphop at the time. Baggy clothes, the leather Africa necklaces, overalls, newsboy caps, the odd vest, red/yellow/gold everything. I can't remember the name of the company, but I was guilty of sporting a few hideous faux rasta shirts.

It makes you wonder... are the guys from Right Said Fred yakking it up right now over their single heinous hit?
*snort!* Right Said Fred.

A friend of mine was in Miami a mere two years ago and some weird old guy was being a jerk about being seated first in a restaurant when there was a long line, and he said, "DON"T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I"M RIGHT SAID FRED!"

Those outraged "don't you know who I am?" stories are always so sad.

So, this isn't celebrity stuff, but has anyone heard about that woman who's a 30 year old virgin, looking for the guy to give her virginity to? Apparently it's a Jane magazine thing. Ugh.
anna k
I know. And I was really liking Jane since Brandon Holley took over.
I like the one where John Lennon went to a restaurant with a sanitary napkin wrapped a round his head, and when they told him to take it off in order to be seated, he said "Don't you know who I am?!"

and the waitress said, 'Yeah, you're some jerk with a sanitary napkin wrapped around your head."
sad.gif Was there a rumor going around that Katie was pregnant for more than a year?

Was that like--some photo faux pas or something?

Anybody got links on that? That's cool...I love it that ol' Tom's been canned. What an idiot.

There's no fuckin' way that's their baby in those photos they're talking about. No way somebody didn't snap a picture of the kid with a camera phone before now.
quietmadness, there is much tomkat false-preggo theory info/photos in the archives, if you're up to digging. i promise it'll be worth you while. hee.


thank you, wombat ... that totally made my day. laugh.gif
oh, lord, not the jane bashing again.

honestly i liked it better when jane was the editor. the language is way too "elle girl" now. jane was a little more low-key, less slang-y, oh my god-y, like totally-y.
Ah, my favourite topic of Tom -Look, I'm in the Closet- Cruise. His blatantly OTT PDAs are a shout out to the world "Look at me kissing this woman I paid, I'm NOT GAY, I'M NOT, I'M NOT." He is so homophobic it's frightening, him and Mel should be kept apart in case they start wearing brown and getting ideas.
Did you hear that the Tom bashing episode of South Park got nominated for an Emmy? Trapped in a closet... so happy!!

I too liked Jane when she was the editor...

Hey! I'm not bashing Jane. I just think the 30 year old virgin on the hunt is a little backward I hear women's great-grandmothers talking about how back in the day they would have rolled their eyes into their heads with the amount of misogyny implied...

And then I heard it was supposed to be some stand-up comedienne's routine...

But it's not so much funny as lame.
you know, i saw something about that on tv last night and yeah, it's super gross. BUUUUUUT........if that's honestly what she wants to do (and if i reached 29 and was still a virgin and didn't want to be, i might get creative with the solution too), then i can't really condemn it. i think the guys that sign up for her "project" are grosser than she is, but whatevs. the whole thing is kind of ridiculous.
The major attention and Grammy made it more difficult to admit the truth.

The one and only time I remember who won "Best New Artist" and it's mostly because they beat the Indigo Girls. Which pissed me off majorly at the time.
Re: the Jane virgin, from what little I've read, it just doesn't seem to make sense from anything other than a publicity perspective (she's a fledgeling comic, after all). If she hasn't lost her virginity yet b/c she hasn't forged a close enough relationship with someone (it didn't seem to be b/c she was socially inept or completely unable to relate to the opposite sex - it was more like a series of circumstances including an all-girls school and a currently restrictive living situation, although, yeah, if those were really the only factors, no one would ever lose it in high school either), why is she now giving herself a deadline of less than a few short months? If she has to lose her virginity before her 30th birthday - which is coming up in the fall, I think - she'd have to meet the guy of her dreams within the next couple of weeks in order to get to know him well enough to take the next step. Yeah, she could meet someone tomorrow and get laid but the whole point of the contest is for her to meet if not necessarily The One than at least the right one for this job particularly - so she's basically waited this long to pop her cherry with some guy she will barely know that people get to vote for on the internet.
Okay, I feel dumb asking this, but I'm totally out of the loop here...who is this Jane you speak of? IPB Image
Jane Pratt, the former editor of Jane magazine.

I don't see why everybody in the Lounge shits all over Jane from time to time. Jane magazine doesn't seem any different than any other crappy women's mag out there, so I don't know why people make an exception for it.

Although to be honest I have read that magazine maybe twice, a few years ago, whereas I flip through Marie Claire and Glamour a lot more because they sit right in front of me on the counter at work. So maybe it IS really that bad...

That's something that's always annoyed me about Bitch magazine- their periodic Jane-bashing. It seems so random and counterintuitive to what the rest of their magazine is about.
I've never really bashed Jane b/c other than one issue that I read cover to cover on a flight, I've never really read it, as I don't read women's magazines in general. My understanding, though, via Bitch and postings here, is that people get so annoyed with Jane b/c it tries to position itself as being hipper, more edgy, and even more feminist than your average women's magazine. . .kind of like Bust but with less politics and more ads. So if it's just Cosmo in Bust's clothing (not that Bust isn't problematic at times - but that's a whole other thread wink.gif ), people start to feel betrayed.
i have to agree with hellotampon, the self-titled "jane petty criticism corner" ALWAYS pissed me off. i respect bitch's views, i find that a lot of times they have really great articles, hell, i've even done illustration work for them, BUT i find them often extremely hypocritical--the jane thing being a very good example.

as far as jane the magazine goes, i find them light-years beyond other "mainstream" women's magazines--they have interesting articles, they do touch on feminist politics quite a lot (the last issue had an in-depth exploration of south dakota's anti-abortion problems--a longer article than their interview with heidi klum), and while i don't agree with a lot of things they do and say, i don't agree with a lot of things that bitch does and says. i don't think jane pretends to be anything other than it is.

bust, however, i find to be a fantastic happy medium between the two (and while yes, it has it's own problems, in my opinion it's the best out there).
I think the reason we shit on Jane Pratt (and her magazine) so much is because she fell so hard from her first magazine, Sassy. (Actually, I found out from that article that Jane Pratt didn't create Sassy, she was just the editor. I never knew that!) Anyway, that magazine was monumental in so many women's lives, including my own, and it really shaped my early adolescent years. That's why Jane (the woman and the magazine) is such a disappointment.
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