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um, wtf? your point?

I remember reading an interview with Kate -The Guardian newspaper I think- and she came across as such a biatch but that may have been interviewer's spin.
I also used to know someone who attended school with Kate Hudson, and apparently she's the worst kind of celebrity spawn you can imagine. Then again, I don't know if I'd want to be remembered for my behaviour during high school either (for very different reasons laugh.gif ).

I think there's a big difference between enjoying domesticity and basically saying that a woman's place is in the home and that a woman should be a woman and a man should be a man and all that. It sounds more like she's judging women who aren't into traditional roles more than people are supposedly judging her for choosing them.

It's especially rich coming from someone who - even if she doesn't travel with an entourage - probably has full-time at-home help and can fulfill her "womanly role" while still having plenty of personal time to do other things even if she's not acting as much as before. She's always just struck me as being the poster child for trustafarianism.
That's what I wanted to say, snaf, but couldn't find the words for. (Except for the going to high school bit, of course. I didn't, nor do I know anyone who went to school with Kate Hudson. wink.gif )
whoa yeah i agree with annoush and snaf. i mean, i like a guys guy too, and the whole over sensitive emo upber skinny tight jeans kinda guy turns me off as well (which, ironically, i kinda view chris robinson as!) and i dont think it makes me less of a feminist. but thats not what shes saying. i mean, re read the quote and tell me shes saying she enjoys domesticity. no she clearly and blatantly states that its important for a woman to remember her place is in the home. i mean,its not like we are reading into it, she says it in no uncertain terms.
anna k
Someone on Fametracker had gone to high school with Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel. Kate was described as being a flighty teenage girl with no interest in acting and who teased the drama club kids. Zooey was an artsy aloof type who was nice enough but wasn't close to the other girl.

Funny, both Zooey and Kate appeared in Almost Famous.
Here's the thing: I never really bought into the idea that Goldie Hawn was dumb. In fact, I remember that she was and is an outspoken feminist, who made it her business to be as woman positive as possible in a pretty sexist industry. She was one of the first women who actually created her own production company; chose film scripts with funny but challenging roles for herself (cause if she were going to wait for others to give her decent roles she'd never have found work). She was also one of the most outspoken women in the media who publically denounced the unfairness, in law, of marriage for women. This is because her first marriage has continued to cost her financially, even though it was ended decades ago (this is to Kate's father, Bill? Hudson). She's always been far more successful and more business savvy than he ever was, but he's been profiting handsomely from her success ever since they split, even though clearly had so little to do with her own success (it's not like he stayed home and raised their kids so she could go out and make a career, or used his own "pull" and financial power in showbusiness to help set her up).

So how does a girl from this kind of family reality get published spewing nonsense about women's place being in the home?
Seriously, judging someone off of their behaviour in highschool is nonsense.

Re: Kate Hudson. I don't know if the interview I read is the same as the one being cited here, but a couple of years ago, the Bitch Magazine website posted some choice quotes from La Hudson (who was pregnant at that time). She said something along the lines of, "I think it's great that women fought for equal opportunity and the ablility to work AND have a family, but we've done that, so now it's time to get back to basics and remember that women who have kids should stay at home to raise them." This was said in the context of her impyling that once she gave birth, she was going to quit her career and stay at home while hubby continued his rock-star thing.

After reading that, I totally lost respect for her. It's easy to make pronouncements like "I'm going to dedicate my life to being a SAHM" when she's got enough money to never have to work anyway. Trustafarian, indeed!

And anyway, all her blathering proved to be nonsense, since she *has* continued to make movies since her kid's birth. So, WTF, Kate?

So count me among those who feel some schadenfreud (I know I'm butchering the spelling of that word) upon learning of her and C.R. splitting up. wink.gif
dont know if its the same one. i dont really care how she acted in high school either. the girl i knew was best friends with her up until recently and apparently she has been a bitch recently (this girl is the grandaughter of the director george hill who did butch cassidy and the sundance kid, the sting, and slaughterhouse five). i have no idea if what she says is true, just relaying some info. i do know however that she has been quoted in magazines saying crap like that, and that is where my annoyance comes from.

i dont think goldie hawn is stupid either cha cha, and i wonder where kate comes from with a mother who is as cool as that. sometimes kids go in the opposite direction though so, you never know.
Now, I'm just relying on my memory, which could be wrong of course, but I'm sure I recall Goldie Hawn saying similarly stupid things about "a woman's place." Years ago, mind you (1980s or so) but still. Not like we are talking about the 1900s.

I don't think she's stupid. I think she's annoying.

And then there's this gem from her:

“I'm a woman who was raised to believe that you are not complete unless you have a man. Well, in some ways it's true. I am a feminist to a point. But I'm not going to deny the fact that I love to be with men.”
Yikes! That was from Goldie Hawn? The woman who decided to bring deliberately sunken women's history back to the fore by writing and producing Swing Shift? The woman who wrote, starred in, and produced a film about a woman hired to coach a boy's struggling football team who, despite sexism in every form, succeeds?

Maybe her heart's in the right place but she's a moron in her understanding of feminism and how it does not rule out accessibility to loving relationships. Damn.

And Kate Hudson did so work and tour and film and promote like mad while having children; she's a lot like those born again Christian Phyllis Shaffley types that went around telling women to wrap themselves in nothing and a martini for when their husbands came home from a hard day of work, yet would never, ever give up their careers as writers and full time promoter/celebrities of their anti-feminism propaganda. Why not? Cause they admitted they'd be bored to tears if they just stayed home to be housewives!

What the bloody heck is a "trustafarian"? Is that someone who speaks glibly about their astonishing efforts while fully availing themselves of a trust fund?
I like Goldie -- if nothing else, she's a woman that looks better and seems happier now that she's older versus when she was young -- but Kate Hudson always annoyed me.

She was trying so hard to be exactly like Goldie when she first started out, at the same time saying "Oh boohoo nepotism is so difficult!" It's like -- shut UP. If you really don't want people to think of you as "just Goldie's daughter" you shouldn't EMPHASIZE it so much.
on the "porn" comment: i didn't mean to imply that i think there's much wrong with it either but it just seemed that it was another one of those "hey we're so happy we have such a great sex life. the proof of is that i'm cool that he likes porn!" and then they split. like the ol' richard gere cindy crawford double page spread telling everyone that they're quite hot to trot for each other about a month before they split. it just seemed like a desperate comment from someone trying to keep this pretence of a sizzling sex life when a month later an entirely different spin can be read from it.

she has made some proper shit movies recently. where did all that promise go?! i don't know what she's like personally but the whole marry an insecure (he's bound to be, he's a rock star) older guy is bound to encourage you to make stupid statements about how she just wants to be there for "mah mahn"

i LOVE goldie though. i never thought of her as a dumb blonde. i remember watching swing shift when i was little and it made me question what women had done in the war. i never managed to find any info about it at all when i asked my teachers. that movie never seemed to be mentioned other than it being the movie that she met kurt russell on which i always found really frustrating. reviewers would always go on about her being this giggling blondie but i would get really frustrated with that cos i thought she was smart.

ooh, anyway rant over!
Well, some porn in just plain oinky, some other porn...well, not so much. I figure if the guy's up front about his and he's upfront an open about his sexuality with you and you're happy and thriving sharing your sexuality openly, then what's the harm? It's when that stuff is hidden, or stealthily booby-trapping (ah, sorry about that) your computer and it doesn't sit right with you as a result that it's problematic. That comment from Kate implies that he's got porn, she's not thrilled, but she's accepting of his "masculine" needs and won't complain.

Sad thing about her whole relationship with him is that I get the feeling he dumped her precisely because she was the one yammering about bein' at home for her mahn, having his babies like a good mommy/wifey and making a home for them both where she knew her place...while he's out desperately rocking and rolling. Which is probably precisely how he met her.

I also remember Goldie being completely ignored for her film contributions. Really. From totally downplaying the whole Swing Shift film's story (unearthing the lie about meek little ladies and the war) so it was "just the movie where she met her man" to only mentioning her in relation to Laugh In and Shampoo, decades and many films after the fact. It takes a lot of work and effort, discipline and self denial, to ignore something as monumental as what Goldie did with her film career.

Not that she wasn't perfect in Laugh In and Shampoo. It just wasn't all there is to Goldie.
did he dump her? does anyone know?
This is sort of a pseudo-celebrity, but they're holding someone for JonBenet Ramsey's murder:

(sorry for the link- damn commas! I tried the backslash trick and it doesn't work!)

Color me shocked. I wonder if it will pan out.
OMG! thanks polly. I'm stunned but I can't help thinking it's so coincidental that it's come about so close to her mother's death after a decade.
y'all are burying the lede here! Kate's supposedly splitting w/ C.R. cuz she's with Owen Wilson. Oh, Butterscotch Homewrecker, say it ain't so!!

ps I know as a feminist, I'm supposed to support other women, and I don't know her from Adam and she may be lovely, but Goldie Hawn seems as vacant a person as there can possibly be on this earth. I always thought (even prior to TC going nutso) that she and Tom Cruise should start a club where they meet to just laugh maniacally for no reason at all over brunch.
I agree, bunnyb, the timing is a little suspect.
he wishes the mom Patsy was still around so he could hug her neck? That's weird.
I think the timing is down to the fact he was living in Malaysia before travelling to Thailand in June, which is where they caught him.
She died "accidentally"?
I'm thinking not... why would he feel the need to run to Malaysia otherwise?? And they are charging him with murder.
Oh, I didn't think she did! I was just wondering how someone could be beaten and strangled "accidentally".
Ew. This is becoming just as disturbing as if it was her parent(s) who killed her. He seems very creepy. I think on CNN or someplace, they were saying that he had been sending emails to the family, with details that the press didn't know about.
Bunnyb, what I read said that he didn't go in intending to kill her, she died during a kidnapping attempt. "He said he was in love with the child, she was a pageant queen." See, I've always said that folks who put their kids in those pageants and get their pics plastered all over the paper, etc., are asking for trouble. Perfect setup for a pedophile to get obsessed with your kid.

Apparently it was a journalist who first brought this guy to the attention of the authorities?
I don't buy this guy as the sole killer. I totally believe that Patsy and John had something to do with their daughter's death, if not everything. GOD I want them to nail the dad on this, and to find evidence of Patsy's complicity. I fucking hate the Ramseys so much.
i just think anyone who puts their kid in a pangeant is a freak. not to mention putting tons of makeup on a 6 year old and having her parade around in skimpy clothes. ew ew ew.
You hate to say "they were asking for it" but maybe this will discourage people from putting their kids in these pageants. It's all just so stupid.
I didn't follow the Ramsey's case as much as I followed other murderers like say...scott peterson. But, I always always thought the parents were just too creepy to not have been involved in it in some way. Plus, I think mother's who put their daughters in those pagent things are kinda weird anyway.

Not to change the subject, but Travis Barker and his soon to be ex wife are apparently taking smack about each other on myspace?

QUOTE(ritahayworth @ Aug 16 2006, 11:53 PM) *

y'all are burying the lede here! Kate's supposedly splitting w/ C.R. cuz she's with Owen Wilson. Oh, Butterscotch Homewrecker, say it ain't so!!

Ha! I think I'd like for this to be the case. After all, he's the Butterscotch One. He seems like the kind of guy that would help her eradicate those "my place is at home with muh mahn" notions once and for all.

I just love his nickname. Sure, I'm 4, mentally, but I still laugh and laugh everytime I hear it.
i abhor beauty pageants of all kinds. but the whole "asking for it" mindframe makes me cringe. how is that not different from those who argue that the women who wear risque clothing are asking to be raped?
girlbomb, I totally agree. I didn't follow the case when it was going on because the coverage was just so gross and exploitative, but then I had to research the crime for a job later on, so I read a ton of stuff on it. I am convinced that what one of the lead detectives said is true: there was an outside person involved AND there was an inside person involved. There's evidence for both at the crime scene, and I think figuring out the connection btw A and B has always been the tough part to prove. But the dad's in it up to his neck. I'm glad that they've got someone at last though.
Good point, Mandolyn.

I already said what I thought about the parents in kvetch, so won't say it again, except to make the general point that just b/c the parents are creepy in one way--pageants--doesn't mean they are creepy in every way. Ie, it doesn't necessarily follow that they would be capable of killing the kid. I think everything points to a stranger killing (though I think they were sick sick sick for putting their child in those pageants.)

As for the "accidentally" thing--that's a VERY common for killers to claim. I suppose it's the way they attempt to let themselves off the hook psychologically. Complete nonsense, of course, but common.

Also, it's not uncommon for people to confess to things they had nothing to do with. I don't know one way or another on this one, but just thought I'd mention it.
Y'know this was some close to home shit for me. Boulder is a forty-five minute bus ride away. I had an ex-boyfriend that lived about two blocks from their house when it all went down. I had gone home for Xmas & missed the initial coverage of it. It's weird. I remember getting back to town & going to a friend's house to play boardgames & watching the local news about JBR. Broke my fucking heart, it did. I always thought the parents had some kind of hand in it, I never thought it was a solo job. The dad was suspicious as hell & the mom was cold. One thing I read today said that the creep's ex-wife provided him with an alibi for the time of the killing, so I wonder if he's just a random psycho confessing to distract attention from his obvious crimes. I mean, the guy was pretty much abroad to fuck little kids. You don't stay in a hotel in an area that supports kidfuckers & rents $8 for three hours otherwise. Sex tourists disgust me. Supposedly the feds were set on his trail by a CU Boulder teacher he'd been in email contact with. I'm just... discombobulated about the whole affair.

On a side note, I have two cousins that were forced into the pageant scene as wee lasses. One was JBR pretty, the other pudgy & plain. Both are now drug addicts & the "less" pretty one only holds a job because her daddy bought the tittie bar that she was stripping in. The "pretty" one is a crack addict that threw away a really good life; good job, awesome husband, & a wonderful child. It saddens me, but I can't help but think that being told "You're pretty" over & over again made them not develop anything but their superficial selves. Nobody ever told them they were smart & could do whatever they wanted when they grew up. It was just, "You're pretty." My old man may have been a total bastard, but he let me know in no uncertain terms that one day I would own the fucking world because I was smart & capable of anything.
Definitely a good point Mando.

How did he get the Butterscotch Homewrecker nickname. Where's that come from and who coined it?
I'm sorry--I don't buy that this guy is the official-JonBenet-case-closed guy for a second. I also still believe one or both of her parents were involved in some way.
The Defamer, the Gawker, or Page Six started it. It started as the Butterscotch Stallion. I think it was around the time that the booty licking rumors started.
QUOTE(pagangrrl @ Aug 17 2006, 01:48 PM) *

I'm sorry--I don't buy that this guy is the official-JonBenet-case-closed guy for a second. I also still believe one or both of her parents were involved in some way.

Here's the thing that I always thought pointed to inside involvement - the amount of ransom ($118,000)demanded in the note that was found before they found JonBenet's body was the amount Mr. Ramsey received as a bonus shortly before the murder. How did a complete stranger know that?
I don't know that the killer actually had to be working with someone in the family to have access to that kind of information; it could be that the killer was known to the family (as is often the case in most crimes, especially where women are the victims) but that wouldn't necessarily mean that the family members were also involved.
I've personally always suspected that something was up with the sexual angle in the whole set-up--say what you want, beauty pageants are always "quiet" about sex, but it's always been the driving force behind the entire concept (or, rather, selling something with sex, anyway). It could be that JBR's parents weren't as aware of that factor in beauty pageants while entering their kid in those competitions; it could be that there was something questionable going on between one of the parents and JBR, possibly some kind of sexual abuse; or it could just be that the Ramsays had no idea--or were possibly in denial--about the fact that there will always be pedophiles drawn to the contestants in those pageants, and didn't take the steps they needed to protect their child.

Auralpoison's example of her two cousins makes me think that it was possibly something far more devastating about their "prettiness", and how it could have been used against them, that would lead them to the kind of disjointed, destroyed lives they have now. Perhaps they were abused sexually in their participation, by someone. Children in these kinds of competitions aren't entered by their own choice, and they're goaded into performing well by the people whose approval they most need for their own survival--that's already an abusive situation, as far as I'm concerned; add that whole other aspect of their innocence vs. an audience which may contain a predator or two, and disaster looms.

Anyway, you have a suspect who can't stop confessing to having killed this child, who's apprehended while he's on a kidfucking spree in a sex tourism mecca. I don't think it's an accident that someone like this is connected in any way to this crime.

On another topic, the "Butterscotch Stallion" is the nickname created by Defamer for the lovely, caramelly Owen Wilson; "Butterscotch Homewrecker" is directly from the genius of Ms. ritahayworth.
My auntie was the un-pretty one of my gran's four sisters. There was a very serious stage-mommy, living vicariously thing going on. They weren't sexually/physically abused, but they were *used*, period. It's weird, but on Oprah & all that tripe, the pageant mommy is usually a dumpy housewife that got married too soon & didn't reach her full potential as a person (My auntie to a T.) They seem to believe that their babies *want* to do pageants. What four year old wants to drive six hours, have their make-up done so they look like they're slutty 25 yr olds, have their hair teased/additions put in, & wear a skimpy sequin costume so they can sing "That's What Little Girls Are Made For"? I saw a little girl whose mother had a fake plate of upper teeth made so her daughter's smile was perfect. That's fucked.
Word, Mando.

I was always kind of rooting for Kate Hudson and her weirdo ugly boyfriend. I think it's so weird when hollywood marriages are over and held together for photo ops, and strangely depressing (a la Nick and Jessica). Who knows what happened here, but it's weird.
The thing with the 118,000 ransom is that the dad had just been given it in the past couple of days, and he was the only one who knew the amount. I can buy that the wife might have found out, but no one outside of those two would've known (besides his employer).

Defamer used "Butterscotch Homewrecker" but I swear I didn't know that when I called him that -- I thought it was all mine. sigh.

It's so weird how celebrities are so into the no-break-at-all-btwn-relationships thing. Yes, I've occasionally gone right from one to another, but more frequently there's that whole depressed/recovering/sick of relationships/not wanting to think about guys time in between. I guess you don't get your photo taken that way, though.

I don't buy that things are that simple. There are all kinds of ways someone could find out about the money. Eavesdropping isn't that hard.
This makes me sad.
Hayley Joel Osmet facing jail time.
I was hoping he might escape the child star curse.
QUOTE(girlbomb @ Aug 17 2006, 10:15 AM) *

I don't buy this guy as the sole killer. I totally believe that Patsy and John had something to do with their daughter's death, if not everything. GOD I want them to nail the dad on this, and to find evidence of Patsy's complicity. I fucking hate the Ramseys so much.


This Karr guy must have known JBR through the pageant world. Or maybe not. I heard more of this in the news this morning -- there are so many inconsistencies that this has to be a false confession. Ho-hum. How fucking commonplace. Next!

I should have read this thread before posting in Kvetch.
Has anyone noticed that the new JBR suspect looks awful "camera ready?" He's got expressions and poses on Drudge that look like he thinks he is at a GQ shoot. Just one more thing to add to the whole "Um, wtf?" of all this.
I'm sorry, but---puh-leeze. dry.gif

It's so damned blatant that an "insider" had something to do with her death.

There are only about a hundred things that point to it. But the two things that will forever stick out in my mind are the placement of a very sturdy suitcase (for no apparent reason) sitting underneath the "never used" basement "entry" window, and the place they want us to believe the intruder was supposed to have actually come in.

It's just stupid. I mean, come on...who (even a deranged kid-killer) is going to see the grate over that window, pull it up, hop down in there, break the window, climb up and through said window, step down onto said suitcase, and land in the basement without leaving ANY hair, skin, blood evidence---OR fucking footprints in the muck under the window or the leaves outside?

And, not to mention that the layout of the house itself was maze-like and separated into a plethera of strange rooms.

Even a close family friend who was used to being at the home wouldn't have known about the layout of the basement storage areas, as they were rarely used by even the family.

And the stupid ass that's just "confessed?" Shit. He's psycho, too. dry.gif

Whole damned thing just fucks my brain. Guess there's no limit to what money and power can buy you into.

Or out of.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 17 2006, 08:51 PM) *

This makes me sad.
Hayley Joel Osmet facing jail time. I was hoping he might escape the child star curse.

OK, but don't you still just love the fact that he was driving a 1995 Saturn?
That's too bad on the hayley joel osmet thing...although, i had no idea he was 18 Time sure does fly when you're a child star and you've stopped making good movies after "The Sixth Sense".

Re: the JBR confessor...I was reading on a bunch of different news sites, that he wrote a paper on the whole investigation for a college course he was taking. And his ex wife and his professor were saying that he was very dedicated to following the case. My thoughts are that he's just a psycho who got so involved in the details, that he made himself believe that he was responsible for it.

Although, I could be watching way too much SVU. sad.gif
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