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Somebody on a plane just showed me a news article that said Jolie and Pitt are going to make a movie of Atlas Shrugged. Is this true??
bklynhermit, that reminds me of when I wrote a play in high school (I went to an artsy school half-day) about the 1940s burlesque world. When it was performed six months later, Moulin Rouge had come out and people kept telling me to put "Lady Marmalade" into my show.

Another kid had written a play about robot children who don't know they're robots. Several months later, A.I. came out.
Jack White and Karen Elson have a baby now. They named her Scarlett. I heard it on the radio so I dont have a link.
I read that, too, greenbean! Scarlett White...that's not very nice.
Anyone know what Britney Spear's press conference was about yesterday?
IT's supposed to happen today I thought.
Tom Cruise dances. He even dances insane.
This is prolly old news.. but I just SAw MAggie Gyllenhaal on MArtha and she is preggers.... I knew her and PS were engaged, but I did not know there was chirrens involved.
Wow, I guess the stereotype about gay guys being good dancers really isn't true!

Here's an article about Jack White's daughter. No real info, though.
Courtesy of

Alec Baldwin is angry about custody law -- he calls it a "an antiquated view of men and parenting, a 1950s matriarchal model" -- and is going to be writing about his legal woes with Kim Basinger in a book for St. Martin's Press to be called "A Promise to Ourselves." (Page Six)

What a moron. There are a lot of interesting/important things that could be said about custody laws, but he clearly isn't going to say any of them.
Does Jack White usually look green in the face? I swear, he looks scarier than Pete Doherty.
Ha! Good one, polly.

Jack White is one unhealthy-looking man, for sure.

What happened to dumb old Britney's big announcement?
oh. dear. sweet. cod. thank you zillah; I do believe I just laughed out loud (go tom, go tom!)

yeah, jack white always looks slightly ill. I think it's the pale skin and dark hair contrast... and that picture is bad too.
One thing is for sure, Jack White and Karen Elson's daughter is going to be the world's palest baby. Hopefully a beautiful redhead pale like she is and not a greenish "I just threw up" pale like him.

I don't know what to think about Alec Baldwin's book - child custody laws are a mess and vary so much from state to state and it is crazy how much money gets spent for parents to work things out, but I get the feeling he's just a big mad baby writing it because he hasn't been getting his way, not because he has a passion for advocating for more just custody laws.
OH.MAH.GAWWWWW. Was Tom getting low? I think I may have just seen him drop it like it's hot

Yeah, what the hell was dumb ole britney's announcement, She's either preggo or divorcing Cletus.
I don't care is Jack White is green . iwould so do him. And Jack Black,too.
A Jack Black and Jack White sandwich, BWAHAHAA!
I'm with you, Jem- I acknowledge that there are some REALLY bad pictures out there of Jack White, but when there's a good one...I have to go change my undies now. I can say that he must just not be photogenic because I've seen them live several times and he looks just fine in person. Just fine. And Meg's cute too. I'm not sure about Karen Elson (sp?)- I've only seen her in the video. Oh, and that new Raconteurs video...I'd do them all!
I am so embarassed for TC. I mean, the man has humiliated himself eight ways to sunday but that footage takes the cake.
marileen, that was my point. Also, what the fuck is Baldwin on about when he talks about a "1950's matriarchal model"???!!!??
I don't know from Alec and Kim, but have personally seen how family law/child support/etc. has a tendency to saddle most fathers with a sort of "prove to us you aren't a total bastard and maybe we'll let you keep half your paycheck...but don't expect us to enforce the visitation agreement because you are a man and therefore a scumbag" while the mothers get "oh, darling, we're sooo sorry it didn't work out...we'll make him pay through the nose, that'll learn him" even if the mother is a total batshit psycho who lets the kid run around in old faded threadbare clothes while she uses the support money to go out and buy herself new clothes and get her nails done so she can get a new husband to take care of her.
I don't like to go too O/T in this thread, but as an advocate, I have to say that in North America, the family law system is actually not biased against men. It screws EVERYONE. It's not supposed to be about men or women - it's supposed to be about what's in the best interests of the children.

The thing people don't often think of when it comes to child have an obligation to pay half the cost of supporting your child, period. It should never be connected to whether or not they live with you, and you should never expect "the new husband" to end your obligation to provide half of that support to your kids. They are your kids; half of the DNA and the responsibility is yours. The legal rates for child support in most cases don't even begin to cover the costs of supporting a kid. And it's not just about money for extracurricular activities...that money is meant to cover food, shelter, and clothing. If the child support goes towards the rent, why should a woman be criticized for spending her own extra income on getting her nails done? No one criticizes fathers for buying big screen TVs or other gadgets with their money. If a man makes $1200 a month and a woman makes $1200, and the man is ordered to pay $300 to support his two kidws...yes, the woman now has $1500 and the man has $900,'s $1500 for THREE people to live on versus $900 for ONE person. I've never seen anyone forced to give up half their income, and I've worked with thousands of separating/divorcing families.

And the custody and access system is NOT biased against men - statistically, 50% of all fathers who ever bother to seek custody GET custody. When you are one-half of a pair of parents, what is fairer than 50%?

Sorry to rant. I spent two years researching and writing recommendations to the Canadian government on the Divorce Act, and I've spent ten years working with families dealing with family law issues, and while there are some men who get screwed by the system - and I'm not saying their complaints aren't legitimate - there are MANY more women who get screwed by it..and not only screwed by the legal system itself (for example, even the behaviour of men who are abusive to women is discounted in court, and has zero effect on whether or not those men get access to their kids), but screwed by other systemic factors, like the wage gap, which means they can't afford the level of legal counsel that men can get. Or the microscope of "perfect parenting" that mothers are put under, which fathers are not put under. The idea that the legal system is biased against men is a myth perpetuated by so-called father's "rights" groups.
My boyfriend had to give half his income for ONE child up until about four years passed and he finally got enough raises/promotions that it technically isn't half his income anymore. And it is WELL over $300 a month. And if it actually went to his child it would be GREAT! But, it doesn't go to her in the way that it should. Multiple lawyers have basically told him that he is going to have to suck it up due to the structure of family law in our state. Two told us that since the ex had chosen to stop working that he could actually get his child support RAISED again due to her not having a contribution anymore.

It may be rare in your research, but it happens enough to have happened to him.
I also knew a guy who had to give up half of his income to a girl who spent it ALL on herself and the child had to live in a dirt-poor environment with barely the necessities that it needed while the mom harassed the guy and her dad made constant death threats toward him. the kid would have been better off w/ him. he had to take a second job just to afford the payments for a child that she never ever even let him see.
Well that does suck, but if the courts are involved in custody and child support there's no way that she can keep him from seeing his child.

And. For every story like that there's 200 about the deadbeat dad who's abandoned his children and left the mother to raise the children entirely on her own with NO support from him and I am so sick of this 'lazy bitch bleeding me dry while she lives high on my money' shit. The mothers are working,too, and all they want is help from the man who fathered the children to take responsibility, pay an appropriate amount of child support and continue to be in the child's life.
I guess it depends on how much they care about the kids.
Word, jem.

Also, I didnt' really want a child support discussion. I just wanted to say I think the Baldwins are whiny morons.
Well, I didn't want to hear about Courtney Love vs. Feminism for two weeks straight a couple months ago either and people in hell want ice water :-) Seriously, though, my original point which was missed was that I could easily see how Baldwin could get frustrated with the system. However, I get the feeling both Alec and Kim are batshit crazy and likely wouldn't either one be a solid choice to raise children into sane adults. Not that I've ever spent the night at their place or anything.

Doodlegirlie... you know i'm in a funk. But I have to delurk to say that- you rule! Will you come down here and stick up for me? :-) You seem to have your finger on the pulse.

What the hell was dumb ole Britney's announcement, dammit?
apparently britney announced she was pregnant, or was going to, or somesuch. nobody seems to have paid much attention.
Thanks for the "Dancing Tom" link below. With smoove mooves like that, I can see why Katie fell so hard for him.
why would she make an announcement like that? don't they usually try and conceal their personal lives?
ooh, i missed the bi-monthly CG OT political fight! however, i think we can ALL agree that the Baldwins are whiny morons, no?

also, i loved angelina in that interview. girl rocks. i'm totally won over.
One place online said that Britney's camp said that there was no announcement...someone just made it up and spread it through the internet.
According to this, Brit never showed up at the press conference she called.
Tori Spelling and that guy got married in Fiji:
This is totally OT by now, but I said in here about a week ago that a conservative Christian group was attacking Laura Bush for poking fun of her husband at the WH Correspondent's Dinner and I just wanted to clear the air because (a) this is not true -- there was a letter circling the internet from a group that doesn't actually exist and (b) this "scam" or whatever actually took place after last year's correspondent's dinner, not this year's, though I guessed it resurfaced again last week. Sorry for the misinformation everybody!
Jennifer Aniston is buying Mr T's old house. I'm tickled by the thought of "the queen of understated chic" (or whatever the fuck InStyle writes about her) moving into a house that is probably a veritable palace of bling.....
oooh, i so hope The Gilded Moose does one of their architectural exposes on this!
JA's moving to Chicago? My aunt used to live in that neighborhood. The house has a big ugly wall all around it and looks more like a fortress than a home.

I could get into the child support/custody thing, but I won't. I work in child support, and quite honestly, there really are no hard and fast givens. Both sides get screwed unless they make a point of knowing exactly what their rights are and fighting for them in addition to dealing with court and lawyers. But try as the system may, it will never ever be fair to everyone and people will abuse the court system to harass each other.
Is anyone else really happy that MI3 did not open like they thought it would?
I am, but I'm not surprised about it. For the last several years, virtually all of the 'summer blockbusters' have bombed in comparison to their production costs, and the big hits of the season have been smaller films that weren't so heavily promoted. These days I'd be surprised if a summer blockbuster DID become a hit...
kittenb, YES! I saw one chart that showed T.C.'s latest movies and how the takes are decreasing steadily. Heh.
i hollered at my cousin because he was going to see MI3 saturday night. picture it, my voice getting more and more shrill "... but he's a horrible human being, his entire life is a lie, he's keeping katie holmes captive & brainwashed, he's singlehandedly trying to undermind the field of psychiatry, how on earth can you support his movies anymore, and they're crap anyway?!" ...

so um yeah. my family now thinks i'm certifiable.
but perhaps i DO need to get a grip.
Aw, mandolyn. You're still fighting the good fight! :-)

I think Hollywood should boycott him. Not for religious (ahem) persecution but because he can't do his freaking job effectively anymore. It doesn't matter if he delivers the best performance of his life in MI3 -- moviegoers are just going to see TC: insane couch jumper.

I wish producers would realize that actors who are constantly in the headlines are less effective as actors...and reward those who keep themselves out of the tabloids. (Okay, I know some of this isn't the actor's fault. But some of it is: ala TC).

Of course, maybe there's no actualy connection between tabloids and box office $ -- maybe it's just me who can't seem to watch anything with TC or JLo or Brad Pitt without thinking about their personal baggage.

end rant.
Mando, I'm in the same boat. One of my best friends thinks I'm as nuts as Maverick b/c I actually wrote him a page-long e-mail listing all the reasons why the Tomkat saga is our modern-day equivalent of a Greek tragedy.
I know I won't see another TC movie. I will boycott him. I've moved on to more talented actors like Phillip Seymoure Hoffman (sp?).
Yeah, but PSH is in the new TC movie! So unfair.
i've always considered cruise to be a completely subpar 'actor'. so my vitriol goes way back. all this recent shit has stoked my fires bigtime. but that doesn't give me the right to harrass people about him.

i see p.s. hoffman as the equivalant of anthony hopkins. he'll strive for the classy, but isn't above taking the dumbing-down movies, either. especially now that the offers are coming fast and furious.

snaf, you should post your tomkat/greek tragedy on LJ. i'd be interested in reading it. my minor was in greek classical studies.
Heh - I would, but it doesn't really read much differently from all the stuff we've posted here over the past few months. I wrote it at 3 in the morning so I didn't make all the links between the current players and their Greek counterparts. It was more like I referred to it as a tragedy and my friend thought was amusing (in that a global pandemic is a tragedy, not the lives of some vacuous Hollywood stars) and so I wrote back that it's more like a Greek tragedy - we should be learning something from these "characters" but we don't.
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