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QUOTE(girlygirlgag @ Aug 4 2006, 05:16 PM) *

Joan Rivers is a comedian, comments like that are her schtick. Not even the leader of White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger would be as stupid to put that on his license plate.

That may be true, but I will say it wasn't a comedic interview so it seemed pretty believable. I guess I'm just being gullable, and my disgust towards Mel Gibson isn't helping.
Ha, snafooey

Yeah - it's sort of like dreams, isn't it? How you can't really create anything in your subconscious; it all comes from outward stimuli. Something you don't really believe isn't going to cross your lips. Have y'all noticed his eyes? I've always thought I could see crazy in them.

And why does Paris Hilton think anyone has any interest whatsoever as regards the number of gentleman callers to her hoo-ha? Seriously. How delusional is she? And who is asking her this stuff and reporting it and publishing it?

*sigh* I want her to be over now.

I saw Bernadette Peters today. Mmmhmm, I really did. She was looking at dogs at the ASPCA.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. I had dreams about Crazy Tom and his zombie going into labor because of all the talk on this board. I have to derail the Mel talk, lest I have some horribly sick dreams about sexism and Jews tonight, ya know?IPB Image
Oh WAIT...speak of the devil. People, we have another Suri sighting. By Penelope Cruz, no less. Looks like the cult is branching out!
Their replies all do sound eerily scripted, don't they? (and I read the title of her new movie as "vulva" at first ohmy.gif )

btw, I am loving your avatar, faerietails! Happy toast just makes me....happy!
It's just so odd that they're all acting as a group on this--everyone in the clique in soundbites testifying to having "seen" Suri. How come she's only visible to Scientologists?

I guess I shouldn't be shocked that Penelope Cruz is one of the culted. Damn, she used to be in some really good films--Almodovar, for example, before she was lured across the ocean do make horrible movies for Disney and, now, Tom. I guess she'll be in a lot of blockbusting shlock from now on, all thanks to the bounty of Scientology.

Makes me begin to wonder if anyone these people have anything to do with is safe (like, for example, is Ralph Lauren now a Scientologist too?) Shudder.

Faerie Tales, how did you get that Smiley to vomit?
I'm a little creeped out that Charlie Sheen, the guy known for sleeping with hundreds of women, and prostitutes has a line of kids clothes? blink.gif

I heard somewhere that Suri is in hidding because she has a cone head. Apparently not pretty for the camera. But who the hell knows. I still think she's an alien.

Funny how I forgot that Penelope Cruz used to date Crazy Tom for like 2 years... he's such a brainwasher!
Do we *know* that Penelope was converted? Not that this is an indicator, but Nicole never fully converted to Scientology. I hope not- she's so...luscious. I'd be almost as disappointed as when I heard that Janeane Garafalo is in the process of becoming a Scientologist.

I love your avatar, too, faerietails! Everybody, move your feet and feel united!

ETA: I don't get the Charlie Sheen kids clothes thing either- that's like, I don't know, Wilt Chamberlin or Ron Jeremy selling kids clothes. Except I doubt that either of them are as skeevy in real life as Charlie Sheen is.
I really wonder what the hook is that they use to get people to join, cause everything I've heard about them sounds so amusing. Especially the part about my having to contribute a set amount of my salary to their "church", that part has me almost rolling with laughter!
Doodle, this ones for you!

From IMDB:

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Eric Szmanda is nursing a bruised ego after a large woman beat him up in a bar on Hawaiian island Kauai. The actor, who plays forensics sleuth Greg Sanders on the hit show, was holidaying with friends recently when they decided to check out a local tiki tavern on the island. After posing for pictures with fellow holiday makers and locals, Szmanda was leaving the bar when he was confronted by "a big Samoan woman." He recalls, "I thought she wanted to shake my hand, but she clocked me in the face." The actor is still none the wiser as to why he became a victim: "Maybe she didn't like my Hollywood kind in her bar." Hawaiian police detectives are investigating the bar brawl."
Interview with Cruz with some stuff about Tom and Scientology:,00.html

chachaheels, it's also about her new Almodovar movie that is supposedly very good and her "coming o age" role.
Can you imagine being Suri, and growing up to learn that when you were born everyone thought you were an alien and stuff? haha
Thanks for that link, bunnyb!

I get the sense that Scientology isn't so much about brainwashing as it is about making and sustaining one of those very powerful "cliques" which controls access to everything that is necessary in the entertainment industry: financing, access to media support/publicity, distribution, etc. In exchange, people who become Scientologists promote their beliefs in the cult on a mass scale (since celebrity is now being used to sell everything) to "ordinary" people like us (or, more likely, ordinary people who are young and probably a little misdirected or at odds about who they are and what they're to do next). The payoff for using your celebrity to promote Scientology: you can make a very successful and lucrative career in the entertainment industry, because you're well connected to the highest paying jobs, and given the most powerful media support ("Cue the Oprah" and her multi-media empire, for example). People who are "nice" to Scientology get work and pay. People who don't, don't. Everything made in that entertainment industry reflects and supports whatever Scientology stands for.

Toronto's had a Scientology "office" on Yonge street for many decades now, and they attract a lot of unsuspecting (mostly young, or poor, or destitute) people to join by posting "help wanted" signs or "free psychology tests" on their windows...then people become involved with them. From there on in, it's your typical set-up: people give a tidy portion of their income to them, on an ongoing basis, and if/when they want "out" they're harassed and intimidated and threatened.

Which is essentially the same thing as what the high-income earning "stars" have to put up with, too. Sure, Penelope Cruz or Nicole Kidman may not have converted...but it's likely they "left" the cult and leave their comments about the experience out of their public and private discussion topics list. We don't know.

But I have noted that Nicole's awfully guarded about anything she says in public regarding Tom Cruise and Scientology: a minimum of words, a closed-mouth smile, and never, ever, anything negative; then the topic of discussion is changed immediately. She's always done this since their divorce, and I suppose she always will...if she wants to continue working.
I was about 16 and waiting for my friend to finish her day at work in Yorkville, so I had a couple of hours to wander and shop downtown T.O. Well the dianetics recruiters asked me to take one of their personality or psychology tests (can't remember which one), so I agreed as I was bored. I spent about a half hour in this cubicle answering really random questions, the whole place creeped me out so I decided to make a break for it. Not once during my brief experience did I feel that they were thinking of my best interest, they actually acted like they felt sorry for me. Thankfully I didn't buy into their crap, or finish their test. Or I might have been the one having a test tube Suri!...LOL!!!
Thats why I ask what the hook is, 'cause I found them to be so transparent!
I saw that Scientology place on Yonge! I was shocked because I guess I'd just never been around there and I'd never noticed it before. Anyway, I just don't think I could follow a religion that requires you to take a test in the first place. I know it's so that they can measure your....happiness or whatever it's supposed to be but I just think that whole religion is bunk.
There is one on 4th street here in Cincinnati. I they tey to dissect the test to find something "wrong" with you, to make you feel like you NEED scietnology.
I bought a Scientology book (and I think had the meter test thing) as a misguided 12 year old. THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, they were still sending junk mail to me at my parent's address.
The "test" is totally meaningless--but it does help them to attract people who have a sense of not knowing themselves well enough. It's kind of like a lure; they don't intend to tell you anything to help you, but it does allow them to point out to you how they "understand" you and where you're coming from, and how they can help you "get your life on track".

It's the same idea with posting the "help wanted" signs. I don't know if they still do that, but I remember getting suckered into "applying" (filling out one of their tests) with a friend when we were both downtown trying to find jobs for the summer. We were both feeling that something was "wrong" about the whole scenario, they were taking a lot of our time up and they never told us what the actual "job" we were applying for was. So we left, feeling angry and more than a little spooked (mostly because we had to get home by a certain hour and I know we'd spent what seemed like an hour or more in there). It's scary to think how easily some kid could be misled in that place; particularly if they were all alone!
I would be a great guinee(SP?) pig to test wheter Scientologist brainwash people into being thier follows, b/c I don't buy into any form of organized religon. So it any one wants to give John Travolta or Crazy Tom my number...let me know. (kidding)

Normally, I think religons prey on people at thier weakest moments in order to guilde them into believing. But w/ Scientology I just don't get how they recruit.
They recruit like everyone else: if you're unsure of yourself, or you don't know yourself, or you're at a low point in your self esteem and don't know where to go next, they know you'll be "open" (they say "open", I say "vulnerable"). That's why they can easily target very young people who are often not sure (cause they're still growing) and are often having a hard time dealing with things like authority, or direction, or self-knowledge issues. Anyone who's in that state is vulnerable, to any group that can come along and seem friendly, helpful, and suddenly full of ideas about your "direction". It's the way a lot of legitimate religions do things too--as well as white supremacists, or armed forces (think it's an accident people are expected to register for the draft at 18 years?) or any kind of hierarchical group. At a certain point, like when celebrities are involved, they recruit with the lure of connections and prosperity. If you're a Scientologist in Hollywood, well there are lots of Scientologists in Hollywood who've got money to invest, or are making a film, or are running a broadcasting company, or own a few newspapers and magazines....if you've got connections, you're more likely to work.
If you don't know any Scientologists or you're outspokenly negative about them, you're not going to have much work in that place. Access to high paying work in your field is a surefire attraction as a recruitment tool, don't you think?

Anyway, Suri is a big fat figment of a few Scientologist's imaginations. To what end, I can't even guess. But there's an awful lot of effort behind finding an explanation for Tom Cruise's sexuality.
Not defending Tom or anything, but Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith aren't Scientologists, are they? So far, they are the only ones (as far as I know) outside the cult who have claimed to see her. Well, Jada anyway. I don't know about Will.
You can't tell me no one from the hospital, or anyone on the way home didn't see Suri! What, NOBODY with a camera-phone just happened to flip open and catch a pic?!? dry.gif

I'm in doubt (just like the rest of the world, I'm sure) that there is/was/will be a "Suri."


And it's so convenient that the only "viewers" are other Sci-fi's like Tom. And what's with the rumors of his gay-ness, anyway?

My friend's daughter is a production assistant out there--and she SWEARS everyone KNOWS he's gay. Who knows? cool.gif

People have known about Tom being Gay since I was a wee 19 year old (and that was a while ago). When I was a kid, John Travolta was known to be bi-sexual, though there were big attempts to quiet that down with lots of media coverage linking him to a much older television star (female) who died of cancer. I am suddenly so much older than I felt when I woke up this morning, but I believe that I remember her name was Diana Hyland, and she used to be on Eight is Enough. I could be wrong, as it was quite a long time ago.

And Jada Pinkett Smith is a Scientologist. Will's lower key about it, but he most likely is too. Funny, he started out making interesting movies (I loved Six Degrees of Separation) and looked strong, really unafraid to play a character that was homosexual and black (not a widely represented type of character!) and I remember thinking, "Hmm, his first movie and he's already working with Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing...)" and the next thing you know he's blowing up space invaders to make America the saviour of the world again. If he "converted", I bet it happened after the interesting movie and before the schlocky dreck.

It's a lame theory that I can't always defend (okay, if Penelope Cruz were still making crap like "Woman On Top", then her Scientology-ness would be so clear, I'm sure--I think Almodovar is fighting, fighting, fighting to save her soul) but I'm using it as my guage.

Go, Pedro, go!!
Hey, chacha, be nice. I loved Independance Day!
"Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!" tongue.gif
I am back from my vacation on The Cape. Brooklyn smells really bad!!!!
ChaCha, when did you get back?
And finally, Mel Gibson is upsetting me very much.
For those who don't understand Scientology, you obviously have not been rewatching the recent Kelly Joins a Cult episodes on SoapNet. (90210 13 times a week!)

Ah, so Jada is a Scientologist - that explains it. I should have figured.
From Salon (Via Perez Hilton)

Lindsay Lohan says (in response to that fantastic letter about how she needs to grow up a bit):

t is disgusting what these g-d damn people are doing to me. As well as the people in my life that I work with/for. Its vulgar and I'm saddened for myself.

"And, ANY of those willing to fall into judging me in any way in the future, or past. Can watch the video tapes that these men/women take of me while they are being invasive towards my DAY off ... Which I never have anymore. (Send that to Morgan Creek)
QUOTE(aquagirl3 @ Aug 7 2006, 11:00 PM) *

For those who don't understand Scientology, you obviously have not been rewatching the recent Kelly Joins a Cult episodes on SoapNet. (90210 13 times a week!)

I don't have soapnet, or any of those "fancy" channels (as my 8 yr. old calls them). I wish I did sometimes, I used to love to watch fluff sometimes - good fluff though, it's a great escape from reality...LOL!!!
Oh, Kittenb, I am not a nice lady by nature. I try, but I falter. Do forgive's just that I meant most of the action smash'emups are not much of an artistic stretch for actors. You know, there's an "I gotta do what's right and I gotta outsmart the bad guy, and I'm on the side of all that's good and right" posture in these movies no matter what the circumstances there isn't a lot of potential for growth in taking on those kinds of roles.

And they're mostly about product placement now and blockbusting. They make filmmakers a lot of money, which I suppose is fine...but I wish an equal amount of time, promotional monies, and distributor power went to movies which weren't based on a formula to make $$$.

Hi Jem, I got back a while ago.

90210 would be my choice for Cult Primer, if I were looking for one. Heck, I should just go watch it: I'm not above the need for a brush up, ever.
Collette Refused To Shave Armpits
Australian actress Toni Collette fought with movie bosses on the set of new movie Cosi, after they ordered her to shave her armpits. Collette was convinced her junky character needed unkempt underarm hair and battled with Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein until he backed down. She tells the New York Daily News, "Miramax wanted me to shave my underarm hair, which I did not want to do. I was playing a junkie. I did end up keeping it. I felt that since I was creating the character, I should be in control of all bodily hair."

I knew I liked her for a reason.
That's totally cool that she was able to convince the studio that she should be able to do it, but I resent the idea that the character is a junkie who's unkempt. Underarm hair isn't messy or a sign that someone doesn't take care of themselves!
QUOTE(battygurl @ Aug 8 2006, 07:00 AM) *

That's totally cool that she was able to convince the studio that she should be able to do it, but I resent the idea that the character is a junkie who's unkempt. Underarm hair isn't messy or a sign that someone doesn't take care of themselves!

I hoping her point was that the character couldn't be bothered to shave her armpits, because she is a junkie and was more concerned with other things. Cause my armpits are extremely hairy at the moment, and being unkempt has nothing to do with it (it's clean). I've just had no reason to remove it yet!
You know what? Toni Collete is such a great actress and she's always made to battle this crazy bullshit about things like she's a size 4 instead of a 0, or she's got hairy armpits, or she won't inject collagen into her lips or fix that one crooked front tooth. On top of everything, she seems to be able to choose some interesting characters to play--Muriel, for example, or Donna in the Night Listener (and she was amazing in that movie); she can do funny, she can do strong, she can do depressed and sad, she can do it all! But she's given grief about how she'd be an "unfeminine" junky. That, and we're always reminded that she's supposed to be the "fat girl" in every film she's in.

I want us all to concentrate on how we can make Toni Collette a powerful, determining force in the kind of films made in Hollywood, for the next 50 years. Cause you know she'll make a lot of interesting, engaging films.

As for Lindsay Lohan, someone find her a grammar coach. You have to know how to speak the language before you can prepare and sensationalize a stinging retort to some fat old bastard who thinks he owns you for his movie, honey. "I'm saddened for myself"? Uh, good comeback.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Aug 8 2006, 04:00 PM) *

"I'm saddened for myself"? Uh, good comeback.

Too funny! Well at least she's acknowledging that NO ONE ELSE feels sorry for her, so she might as well be saddened for herself...LOL!!!
Re Linsday Lohan: oh yes. It's very disgusting that these "god damn" people expect you to be professional and responsible.

This is your job, Lindsay. Stop acting like a bitch and do what you get paid to do.

I liked her in "The Parent Trap", but I just convince myself that the little girl in the movie and the anorexic party girl are two different people.
Toni Collette played the Angie Bowie character in Velvet Goldmine and spent the whole movie dolled up in blonde flippy hair and leopard skin clothing.

I used to think Angie Bowie was cool until she made a brief foray back into public life and looked and spoke exactly like Satan Joan Rivers. Fortunately, she sunk back down out of sight again.
Actually, I read that LL's comments were aimed at the papparazzi. Click on the link to see her e-mail.
You know, a good way to get away from the Paps, is to be boring and not whooping it up every night.

And if she doesn't like it, she can always go get a real job and see how she likes that instead.

Get a grip, girl.
And here's a video of the encouner that Lindsay wrote about in that e-mail.

When I watched it, I didn't see any kids in danger. Maybe I missed them in the huge crowd! Lordy! So many photogs! Of course, if LL took the advice offered to her by Meryl Streep & didn't go out partying all the time, her life wouldn't be like this. It's a tough lesson, but she better learn it quick.

ETA: Then again, the papparazzi weren't as bad when Meryl was a younger woman. And they definitely focus more on celebrities who are under the age of 30. But still! If you live a quieter life, the photogs get bored & go elsewhere.
Yeah, there were less paparazzi when Meryl Streep started out, but just to be sure, they WERE there. And they did take the same kinds of photos of celebrities who were always out whooping it up. And Meryl got a ton of attention from the media when she first started making films. She just had a very good way of being absolutely clear about how she would be portrayed, and what she was doing in film.

Then, instead of being loudmouthed and sensationalist about publicity and about her "charity" choices, she was very low key and very effective about eliciting support and educating people. She was one of the first who used her celebrity to educate people about the need to demand organic foods in the supermarkets (she made an appearance on the Phil Donahue Show, dressed in a blue skirt suit, and was prepared (really prepared, with references, films, resources, you name it) to tell women about how the food in the stores is raised, sprayed, injected, irradiated, the whole works. She was clear about her motivation, too: she was a young mother who was horrified at the amount of garbage she was forced to subject her family to via their food. She didn't use the appearance, or the cause, to further her career, or promote any of her films. Wish more celebs would have taken her approach.

There's no reason why Lindsay Lohan shouldn't do exactly what the hell she pleases, as long as she keeps her obligations. But partying and whooping it up has to be done with optics in mind, or the outcome will never "make you look good". Still, if you say you'll be on a set and ready to work at 6am, you should be there ready to work at 6am. No one would ever complain about you if you just did that.

Oh, and in the down times on set, learn English.
anna k
ETA: Then again, the papparazzi weren't as bad when Meryl was a younger woman. And they definitely focus more on celebrities who are under the age of 30. But still! If you live a quieter life, the photogs get bored & go elsewhere.

It seems like there are a select number of people who do get hounded by the paparazzi, and many others who don't because they aren't interesting enough or who don't court it. Most celebrities live in L.A. and NYC, but many live in out-of-the-way areas (Sissy Spacek in Virginia, Tommy Lee Jones in Texas, Michelle Pfeiffer in Northern California), and don't get bothered because they live private lives.

New York magazine just published a "Star Map" of NYC, pointing out where all the famous people live. They didn't give specific addresses, but the avenues and streets were given, so anyone could stake out a spot to see someone famous pass by.

Lindsay's a good actress (though Evan Rachel Wood and Jena Malone are better), but kind of annoying with how she clearly loves the paparazzi but bitches about it at the same time.

Toni Collette was fantastic in The Night Listener. I got absorbed by her character and wanted to know more about her.
QUOTE(battygurl @ Aug 8 2006, 07:00 AM) *

That's totally cool that she was able to convince the studio that she should be able to do it, but I resent the idea that the character is a junkie who's unkempt. Underarm hair isn't messy or a sign that someone doesn't take care of themselves!

I have always respected her for her choice in movie roles. Now I respect her even more!

Sorry to bring up the old Mel Gibson crap. But I heard on the radio that some cell phone co. (Oasys? maybe) paid actors to re-enact is drunk rant for an audio clip that you can use as a ringtone. Anything for a buck, huh?
Hee - I am braving the ass-long shakespeare in the park line next week for Mother Courage tix...Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline!! big heartage to both...le sigh...

that's all I got...carry on
QUOTE(margot @ Aug 6 2006, 10:58 AM) *

I bought a Scientology book (and I think had the meter test thing) as a misguided 12 year old. THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, they were still sending junk mail to me at my parent's address.

I took their "personality test" when I was in CA 16 years ago. I was living in a co-op with 23 other people at the time. They sent many hand-written letters to me, wanting me to come in and talk to someone about my results. When I moved back to NC, I left no forwarding address. We used to scam CD clubs all the time at the co-op, because none of us had a name on anything related to the co-op address. So, of course, I left no forwarding address. But, sure enough, the first mail I received in NC was a little hand-written letter from the 'tologists. Spooky.
Also, when I worked in publishing, I met a woman at the American Booksellers Convention in NYC who used to work for them. (BTW, their booth at the convention had strippers, motorcycles, minor celebrities, etc. - at a freaking booksellers convention for god's sake!!) She said that John Travolta tried to leave, but they threatened to out him if he did. He got married shortly after.
That is pretty creepy that "they" of all people found you first, the whole group and the stories about them just freak me out! I can't believe somewhat intelligent people actually buy into all of that, I mean come on an E-meter - wtf?!!
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