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firstly, here here to all hair-support comments re lourdes!

secondly, her z-lister of a father guest starred recently on the TV show i work for, and one of my coworkers actually had a lourdes spotting. which forced me to admit i knew who Carlos Leon was, and also an extended conversation about how weird it must be to have one parent who is hugely successful in her field, global celebrity, etc. and then have the other parent be a total nobody. i mean, can you imagine weekend at Dad's house when mom is Madonna and dad is a glorified personal trainer? i hope this has given Lola some humility and reality rather than just making her a huge brat for her father to deal with.
QUOTE(zillahgirl @ Jul 29 2006, 01:48 PM) *

Didn't Mel used to have a HUGE drinking problem, like back in the Mad Max days? Cause if so, this is kinda sad.

He has been fighting addiction for years.
word to all the comments about not critiquing lourdes' eyebrows. i mean come on, would you rather look like a a beautiful, normal human girl, or a makeup-covered doll who looks like she's had plastic surgery at age 8? i haven't heard any media commentary on lourdes' hairiness, i'm really sad that a feminist message board (with its own extensive threads on whether or not to remove body hair!) has to be the first to point it out.
I mean, she's a kid and I can snark right along with the rest of you in Crimes of Fashion, but I don't think there's any reason to be snarky about a little girl's facial hair. Y'all can think what you want to, but I think harping on a child's facial hair should just be off-limits. I grew up with a bunch of dark-/olive-skinned and dark-haired kids; I guess whoever was offended by Lourdes sure didn't grow up in my community. Like there's any excuse? I hate when this thread goes off on these tangents (says she who is contributing to said derailment! heh), but I guess it's to be expected.

If I ever have kids, I'm going to raise them like Madonna supposedly does, with no TV shows, newspapers, or magazines polluting the home.
I think all of us have driven drunk at one time or another. Most of us are just lucky enough to not get caught.

I haven't.

And yeah, word on the hair issue. As for her father, I heard that she stays with him and his extended family for awhile at least a few times a year. I don't know if it's enough to give her any sort of balance, but then what would?

On the whole Mel getting caught drunk driving. A lot of us probably have been lucky to have driven after drinking and not gotten caught or hurt someone. But that is not an excuse for all the hatred that he spewed after being arrested. I think the things you say when you are drunk are a window to your true self. I am sure he meant every word he said.
I've never driven with even a drop of alcohol in my system, it's just something I vowed to when I got my license and have surprisingly stuck too. But I know a LOT of people who do on a regular basis (I mean falling down drunk sometimes), and I have no sympathy for the consequences they have to face when they do get caught. As for the anti-semetic slurs, not acceptable and I don't care how or how many times you apologize! I wouldn't accept that from my 11 year old, so I'm definitely not going to accept it from a grown man no matter who you are!!!
My mum once shopped my grandpa for driving drunk and he was banned for a while; it's something I would never consider doing.

I think Lourdes is beautiful.
Anyway, I think Mel's being sorry is more to do with "sorry I was caught" then really being sorry for what he's done. It's like in court when the lawyer says the guilty party is "so full of remorse for what he's done" and the guy is sitting there crying, etc. But who's he sorry for--himself, going to jail, getting in trouble, etc, or sorry for the harm he's caused others and really regretting doing something because it was wrong? Most of the time it's the former, not the latter, and I'm pretty darn sure that's true with Mel, too.

If he was sorry for being anti-semitic, why'd he make that awful movie?

Bunnyb--that was cool of your mom!
I think all of us have driven drunk at one time or another. Most of us are just lucky enough to not get caught.

You know, that attitude is what killed my brother. The drunk kid driving did get caught, sped up to 120, hit a curve, and that was the end, at 20 years old. Drunk driving is not something to be callous about. And as for Mel, the DUI is bad enough. Blaming it on anyone but himself is disgusting, and railing against the Jews and calling one of the arresting officers (a woman) "sugar tits" is pretty fucking gross.

I seriously hope this ends his career, but since he's a rich white man who's a major and bankable Hollywood star, it probably isn't. Cue up the Oprah...
You said it beautifully, sidcar.
I don't mean to come off like a goody-two shoes (especially after my last post), but honestly, it's never occured to me in my entire life to drive after drinking. I've even had to tell my own mother, twice - as an adult - that I'd been smoking pot and couldn't drive, but I preferred 'fessing up to doing something really stupid.

My father was an alcoholic who routinely drank, and then drove with me in the car when I was a child, from the time I was 8 years old on (that's when the post-divorce visitations started). I frankly felt terrorized, and am probably lucky to be alive, but I was 16 before he finally got caught and lost his license for a year. People who drink and drive don't even have the judgement not to put their own children's lives at risk. I would have zero empathy for Mel even if he didn't make all those disgusting comments.

I don't consider not getting caught drinking/driving as "lucky"....I consider it UN-lucky for everyone else on the planet! I think all vehicles should come standard equipped with breathalyzers attached to the starter, actually.
QUOTE(sidecar @ Jul 31 2006, 04:24 AM) *

Cue up the Oprah...

I was waiting for someone to say it...! Personally I thought his career should have ended after that pretty sadistic and anti-semitic little movie he made a little while ago. We are about to get another example of how money and a means to "re-write" the "official story" helps you to experience a whole other world of "justice" in North America.

Count me in as another Italian who's surprised that she STILL has to listen to all the ancient Italian stereotypes out there...the hairiness, the "darkness", the "standard" Italian looks (yes, to many people, we "all look the same!"). It's amazing to me that people could think there's only one gene pool for Italy, considering it's history of sharing borders with any number of countries, being invaded and invading other lands. There's just as much diversity in appearance among Italians as there is in any other European country (or do we still let people tell us the Germans are all blonde and the Scots are all redheads?)...and worse still, picking on Lourdes who's obviously a beautiful little girl.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 28 2006, 10:00 PM) *

Aw, Mel. Is that what Jesus would have done?

laugh.gif At first when I heard about this whole thing, I felt kind of bad b/c he had fallen off of the wagon and all. ThenI started to think about how people rarely lie when they are drunk. They just say the things they would never say sober. As my step-sister would say, Mel Gibson is just a hot mess!
O.k., I'll be honest because I feel I'm in a place that I can give my opinion without judgement (or thats the way it's supposed to be) - I don't like stereotypes at all! I'm of multi-mixed heritage so I'm hearing them all the time, everything I do is because of something in my background ie. my temper is because of the Irish in me from a cogillion years back! Anyway I do actually have a point...If Lourdes was my child, I would have her eyebrows cleaned up but not actually change the shape. I just think it looks tidier! My mom has eyebrows that would put hers to shame, (poor woman) they sometimes grow down to her lid- and she has NO Italian or Cuban in her background whatsoever!
I think theres nothing wrong with saying Lourdes has 'wild' eyebrows 'cause she does, but blaming it on her background is a bit much - 'cause as we've been hearing here, there are a lot of Mediterranians and Latinas that don't fall into these stereotypes!
Ha! "Why should a little kid get her hair painfully ripped out" and "Stop stereotyping"
This is why I love you people here!!

re Italy: It's true! I saw so few Italians that lived up to the stereotype even IN ITALY it's doubly stupid to think that there'd be stereotyped Italians in America.
Ever since I saw the immensely offensive Passion of the Chr**t I have had zero time for Mel. He's that scary thing, a zealot with influence and resources.
Well said, sidecar. I'm sorry about your brother.

doodle, count me in on the goody-two-shoes thing. I've never driven under the influence of anything, and would certainly never even consider it. I find it really troubling that so many people see it as something to be gotten away with and giggled about instead of a really selfish and irresponsible act. I am all for indulging in one's drug of choice however one sees fit, but your rights to that end if you're getting into a car and endangering the general public because you're incapable of planning ahead.

Personally, I think if the US "justice" system is going to put casual marijuana users in prison, then alcohol DUI and DWI cases should end up there too. Not this ticketing / license revocation crap that happens now.

I started the lourdes with the uni-brow discussion, and I'm sorry if that offended anybody. I do think she is a cute little girl. I was just pointing out that she had a uni brow. And call me sheltered, but I have never seen someone that young with that much eyebrow hair.

As for the stereotypes, I'm italian too. And I have very light skin and I'm not really hairy, so I don't agree with that statement either.

As far as Mel Gibson is concerned, I've never been a fan of him, really. DUI or not, he was always an ass.
IPB Image
If Lourdes was my child, I would have her eyebrows cleaned up but not actually change the shape. I just think it looks tidier!

What's wrong with having extra eyebrow hair? When did this become something that needs to be "cleaned up?" It's her goddamned eyebrows. Leave her be!
I've never driven drunk either. I've had a couple of friends lose their licenses and pay huge fines (not to mention have their insurance rates go way up) because they drove drunk, things which I don't want to happen for myself. Plus, I'm not the best driver sober, and I am sure I'd end up killing someone if I drove drunk, something I don't want to live with.

Luci, AZ Guy has a friend who is currently in jail for DUI. Of course, this is probably because 1) he's been pulled over several times for it and 2) he's Navajo.

Mel Gibson has never appealed to me, even before he came out as a scary conservative.
on a brighter note than grooming, and anti-Madmaxness... Lindsay Lohan got reprimanded by one of the directors? Producers? of her new movie. He sent her a letter, calling her a spoiled little girl. It pretty much rocked. Just scroll down here.
Sidecar, that's horrible. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've never driven drunk, either, and don't take such situations lightly.

I think I need to take me and my bushy unkempt eyebrows and step away from this thread for a little bit because it's making me, like, 40 shades of sad right now for a million different reasons.

Fuckin' celebrities. blink.gif

lourdes is stunning.

i shudder to think what would've had happened if they'd plucked brooke's brows when she was little. she singlehandedly started a fashion trend that lasted for years.

but yeah, that frickin ugly coat has to go. yeesh.

i've been following the latest lindsay saga. her mom just came to her rescue. which i can completely understand & applaud. but i also feel her mother spoiled the shit out of her - with dire consequences.
(BROOKE SHIELDS! Exactly. Nail on the head, Mando.)
(((Sidecar))) Sorry for your loss.

I drove drunk once when I was younger and it scared the crap out of me. I still feel guilty to this day and I am thankfull that I didn't hurt anyone. I swore I would never do it again and I haven't.

same with Jennifer Connolly. Labrinth tongue.gif Beautiful brows.
I just really think it's funny with the Mel Gibson thing, how people like him will claim that Hollywood is owned by Jews, and then go off on them like he did. Because if that were actually true, he'd actually have the Jews to thank for his whole damn career.

I'm sorry about your loss, Sidecar. I personally think that driving drunk should get your license revoked. No 3 strikes bullshit, but R-E-V-O-K-E-D. It was because of a drunk driver that my brother almost died and ended up partially paralyzed. I think it's just because alcohol is a legal substance, when used in moderation, that crimes related to it are seen as more forgivable, even though they're not. It's just a matter of people learning what their limit is, and they're given infinite practice tries. And then to see people appeal it in court and have the judge go easy on them (especially minors - I saw it last time I had to go to traffic court), is like encouraging them for later on in life. I've got no sympathy for drunk drivers - none. A cab ride will never cost as much as a DWI.
QUOTE(zora @ Jul 31 2006, 03:15 PM) *

What's wrong with having extra eyebrow hair? When did this become something that needs to be "cleaned up?" It's her goddamned eyebrows. Leave her be!

Well I was giving my opinion based on if she was MY child, I'm not forcing her to do anything! Besides I'm sure Madonna and Lourdes both, don't give a rats ass about what I think!
Can we get over the last few issues and make the Celebrity GOSSIP thread fun again?
QUOTE(jezabelle @ Jul 31 2006, 09:37 PM) *

Besides I'm sure Madonna and Lourdes both, don't give a rats ass about what I think!

Well I made myself laugh by admitting Madonna doesn't care about me!...LOL!!! But I agree, this has gone way off topic.
Okay: Girlygirlgag, I love your avatar so much I've been laughing about it since I first saw it. It makes me want to change my name to OMG!BananaCarrotPepper.

But that wouldn't be very original.


I don't know what the answer is, because people who are chronic drunk drivers will drive drunk without a license.

I don't think Mel Gibson's anti-semitism is funny, it is truly evil.
how people like him will claim that Hollywood is owned by Jews, and then go off on them like he did. Because if that were actually true, he'd actually have the Jews to thank for his whole damn career.

i was just discussing that very same thing at work today, divala.

((sidecar)) sorry for your loss.

here's some gossipy fluff for you all:
From the

Living up to his creepy perverted-father image, Jessica Simpson's dad was quoted by The Scoop talking about how hot his daughter looked, saying:

“She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both. She's got double Ds! You can't cover those suckers up!”
Additionally, Jessica's mom recently objected to a photoshoot for OK! magazine which featured Jessica lying in bed in her underwear with a guy unbuttoning his shirt. Joe Simpson had approved the shoot, but Tina felt it made Jessica look “slutty” and wasn't the image they were going for. Although by "they" she meant "her."

That is the first reference to Jessica Simpson's mom I have EVER read! and can we say EWWWWWW?

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got married on a yacht in St. Tropez on Saturday in their first of four planned weddings, the next three being in Malibu, Detroit, and Nashville. And judging by the string bikini and topless Kid Rock you can tell they really went all out to keep this a classy affair. Throw in some closeup shots of the drinks and you'd think this was a damn beer commercial. Only slightly more degrading to women and with less refereces to smooth bold flavors.
thanks everyone. it was awhile ago (almost two years) but i'd be lying if i didn't say it haunts me to this day. and divalla, as further evidence that drunk driving laws in this country are FUCKED UP, the driver could only have his license revoked for one year, and then he can get it back (although the DA said he would have a lot of difficulty.)

but anyway, that's for a different thread...LAPD has reopened the investigation into Biggie's death? American Idol doesn't like parts of the Fantasia movie?

It is truly a lame day for gossip. Everyone is concerned with Mel Gibson. As with everything else, I blame Bush.
Oh dear. It truly looks like it was laundry day for Hayden Christensen....
Christina Aguilera planning to open a women's shelter

I always knew I liked that girl.
I love Christina Aguilera and have done ever since Dirrrrrrrrrrrrty (I don't know how many r's its meant to have)

And I'm not ashamed of it! I love that song!
I love her new video for the song "Ain't No Other Man."
i read something somewhere (i forget) that commented that she was the only one to gracefully grow out of the teen-popstar phase. which i guess is partially valid, but mandy moore's not doing badly (tho she was never as big as christina) and neither is justin timberlake (though he's a dude). poor britney....heh.
I heart Christina...even more now. The Dirrrrty album was playing non-stop at our house for quite awhile...I'll definitely be picking up her new album, even if it isn't really totally my favorite style - just 'cause I want to support her. And unlike some Nelly Furtados I could mention, Christina still proudly calls herself a feminist!
On NPR (!!) this morning they mentioned Mel Gibson in the news brief they do every hour. The part that struck me was that he'd apparently been planning some show about the Holocaust on ABC, which now isn't happening after his recent public behaviour.

I was just struck by the weirdness of that. I mean, what was he going to say? I mean, he couldnt get away with a show saying the Holocaust never happened (though his father says that) so what? It wasn't really that bad??

I won't be happy until that drunk driving, anti-semitic bastard is publicly flogged. Bare assed. By Jerry Seinfeld. And Larry David. And Bette Midler. And Adam Sandler. Oh, and Jeff Goldblum and Steven Spielberg.


Not that funny but. . .the inevitable Mel Gibstein shirt.

What's truly frightening to me is the number of "Oh, he was drunk, cut him some slack" and "He's right - Jews are behind everything that's wrong with society" (and let's not forget the insightful "How is what he said anti-Semitic? Can't you say stuff against Jews without being labeled an anti-Semite?" comments) posts circulating on the various unmoderated gossip sites.
The Daily Show did a montage tonight of the news networks' coverage of Mel Gibson's arrest, all of which involved showing clips of his movies.
I heart South Park

(I should really be in bed right now)
South Park rocks my socks; that's some funny shit and I didn't know Trapped in the Closet had been nominated for an Emmy! Oh Mr Cruise that's some funny shit.

Yuefie, you forgot to add Matt Stone to your list!
QUOTE(snafooey @ Aug 1 2006, 11:10 PM) *

What's truly frightening to me is the number of "Oh, he was drunk, cut him some slack"

It boggles me. Let's see if I can find a way to word this. Yeah, I'll say things when I'm drunk that I wouldn't say sober, but not... things that aren't in some way in my head to begin with. I don't cut things out of whole cloth. I don't believe for a second, if you say some racist crap when you're drunk, that you don't believe it at some level when you're sober. Liquor lowers your inhibitions, but it doesn't make you someone you're not.
I agree.

I think, that for the most part, people say stuff they wouldn't normally say when they're sober just as a cop out. Because later, they can go back and say "Oh that? I was drunk..."

if that makes any sense.
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