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not one hour ago, i caught a glimpse of an online news article, something about michael jackson and "frantic phonecalls". and now i can't find it on any of the newswires.

i know he no longer has the mighty financial power of a tom cruise. but i'm paranoid now anyway.
I can't find it either, Mandolyn. I tried to find the link for you. But I read it. It wasn't too interesting. It had something to do with his partner or something and how he's suing michael for not paying him on colaborations they both worked on. And the "frantic phonecalls" they spoke of, were messages Mike left on the partner's machine to prove they had a personal realtionship.

okay, this isn't new news at all but I heard it on the radio this morning...Joe Simpson, after Jessica's big 'losing it' wedding night, was crowing to reporters about how "she could go at it until she was blue in the face."

Point #1 - how the hell would he know?!
Point #2 - ewwwwwwwwww! (wait, no, make that #1)
Point #3 - Nick, thank god you got away from him.
Point #4 - why do either J or A even speak to him?
Point #5 - why does his wife not leave his creepy ass?
Point #6 - did he have ANY parishoners left during his preacher days or did they all flee at the sight of their earring-wearing, daughter-leering crrreeeeeeeeepy minister?!
Point #7 - has no one on the PR staff seen fit to tell him to tone it down on the ust-lay for the aughter-day. Universal taboo, people.
Point #8 - Jessica's cool with dad talking about her sex life a) at all? and b) to the newspapers?
Point #9 - ew. again.
Okay, dude is hanging on by a verrrrry thin thread:

And also, Rita? EW!! infinity!!! That is just...EW!!
the hoff needs rehab, methinks.

cstars, thank you. i thought i was going nuts!
Mando, I found it--check your e-mail...
thanks, jules!

omigod, this should go into their best of collection:

Fuglycat Dolls

i don't know which one made me laugh loudest, "Christina Milian by way of Jennifer Beals circa Flashdance" or "Thank you, Undead Cat". hee.

Ok. Can I just say that I was googling Joe Simpson to see if I could find that quote about Jessica going at it, and I found more disgusting stuff. Like, it makes me feel really uncomfortable!

Simpson sr, who doubles as Jessica's manager, handed the 24-year-old a promise ring and vowed to be the only man in her life until she married.

He explains, "I'm going to tell you how beautiful you are every day. Even when you make a mistake, you are someone special. And I am going to be that person until the day you find a man to do that in my place."
Jessica - who married NICK LACHEY in October 2002 - then promised she would remain a virgin.
Joe adds, "What better gift to give her husband? Never touched by another man."

Or this:

"Her chest is ahead of her by about two or three feet. It gets there before she does."

EWWWWWW...he gave her a promise ring?!?? WTF!
For Whom the Beals Tolls. Hee.

I googled it myself and saw it attributed not as a quote that he said to reporters, but as a quote he said on Newlyweds. Yukkily enough, it was something he said from the 'sidelines' to Nick as he watched Nick & Jessica shoot their makeout scenes for a video that was, in keeping with the theme, all abt her having sex w/ Nick now that she was a married woman. It was called Sweetest Sin ('re married, so...a sin? Still? Really?) I'm not sure if it's creepier for him to say it to reporters or for him to say it to Nick as he's making out with her for a video abt their exploited relationship for the TV show abt their exploited relationship, but there ya go.

All right, I'm going to stop writing and thinking about Joe Simpson now.
So, I heard Brit Brit and K Fed are doing another season of Chaotic.

She is really, really stupid.
She is stupid. But I can't say that I'm not excited about it. Cause even though I dislike her, I can't help watching to see what she'll do next. It's the same thing with Bill O'Reilly.
OMG, I can't believe the Lounge was down for the unveiling of Paris's coochie!

Def. NOT Safe for work. And you may want to scrub your eyeballs with bleach after looking at this. But if you're like me, and you just have to look:

Why oh why did she not wear underwear?
Suri birth certificate controversy

I think I've seen that Paris photo before (unfortunately) - is it new?
I think she may actually be wearing some sort of teeny tiny thong-like thing & it somehow got, um, pushed to the side. You can see a bit of yellow elasticated fabric on the side, see?

I realized that I am sick in the head, though, because I'm more shocked by the state of her fingernails than by seeing her cooch. Girl has ripped her poor nails to nubby shreds! Ouch!
I thought the same thing about her fingernails too, rosev!
me 3 on the fingernails thing!
blink.gif blink.gif

Looks to me like she's OTR, and took off the pantaloons 'cause they were destroyed? Seems like tampon string to me...


(trying to find any rationale at all as to why she would wear that dress, with NO panties...

*reaches for bleach*
Oh my. My soul has died a little.

Somebody on the comments suggested crotchless panties? I like to think hardcore tampon string.

But why oh why, no undies!

Also can the dude next to her see it in a mirror or something!?
Oh good maude, this seems to be a recurring thing with her Sorry, I haven't figured out the formatting here yet.
Jackie Chan's latest adventure: A drunk Jackie Chan disrupted a concert by Taiwanese singer Jonathan Lee in Hong Kong when he reportedly jumped on stage and demanded a duet, then tried conducting the band but kept stopping and restarting the music. The audience started heckling him after the disruption dragged on and he allegedly responded with insults, also admitting on stage he was drunk.

Oh my.
I have heard of women going commando all the time... altho most of them have the sense to hide the hoo hoo especially if cameras were always being aimed at them...
She must do it on purpose! There are tons of photos of PH's crotch all over the internet!
My thought exactly, Celimene. Or at the very least, she just doesn't give a crap how many cameras she flashes.
This post is mainly just me seeing if I can get my name to work. But on the Paris nastiness....EWWWWW!
woo-hoo, my username finally works!

anyhow, yeah, i am pretty sure miss paris flashes her hoo-ha on purpose. or is just *that* fucked up on something that she doesn't even realise.
QUOTE(cstars124 @ Jul 7 2006, 08:13 PM) *

I was googling Joe Simpson to see if I could find that quote about Jessica going at it, and I found more disgusting stuff...

Joe Simpson creeps me out. He also said (about Jessica's boobs), "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!" Um, eew?

And I'm blind after that Paris picture. FYI. In other news...yay! My username finally works, too!
Has everyone had a chance to see the pics of Eva Longoria without make-up? Personally, I find it refreshing! It's nice to be reminded that she's just a real gal underneath all of those layers of make-up. Makes me feel like there's hope for the rest of us!
I think she looks pretty... yeah that was refreshing!
I am always fascinated seeing celebrities w/o the makeup. She does look pretty.
Kinda looks like me without make-up. Must be the chicana thing, I too get those yellow/brownish blotches around my lips.
i get the yellow brownish blotches too but i'm not as brown as she is and mine look more greenish/bluish.
she looks really young.

i seriously had to rethink marrying mr.shugga a while back because he thought Paris Hilton was "pretty". if he had said "hot" then it would be different because she's always half naked. but "pretty"?
I think she looks really pretty without makeup too. Mr.Punker has a huge crush on her so I'll have to show him and judge his shallow levels.
migod... she looks pretty. and everyday pretty, not mask-pretty. I like her hat too. (having said that, I might still be blinded by the sight of paris).
Wow...I probably would never have recognized her!
Whoa... she looks different... but still pretty! Yeah, I too never get tired of seeing celebs without make-up... it's real refreshing because you can never guess what they truly look like with tons of make up and airbrushing on them all the time...
anna k
She looks like a regular local girl, cute and average. I didn't realize how much makeup famous people wear.
She looks a lot younger as well.

Popbitch printed a 'rumour' from LA that Brangelina are attempting a trial separation whilst he's away filming Ocean's 13.
NO WAY! I'm going to be really pissed if they actually are ... for some strange reason. Dunno, would suck for the kids and is just sucky and I'm so inarticulate today but hell, that would suck!

Eva looks fantastic au naturale.

snaf, the birth certificate thing is so funny; i read it myself - obv it wasn't filed cos they'd have to LIE about birth date!
That would suck. In a way so more for the kids he especially went and adopted. He didn't need to do that! Is this another weird spawning relationship?
Yeah I heard Brad and Angelina's relationship is getting rocky too! Something about Brad giving photos of the kids to her estranged father and her being pissed. Thier publist claims the rumors are lame and not true.
If thats true (which its probably not), then I understand why she is pissed. I would be too. I just hope they work through it for the kids. Although JA is probably enjoying this!
Read that they are planning to adopt twins (started processing one adoption and found out they had twin and couldn't split them up) but that Brad thinks it's too soon after Shiloh's birth.
Oh my God this pink spangly newness is blowing my mind!!!
Wow, she looks so much more down-to-earth. Her smile is so much more real than what you see in other pictures too.
Speaking of celebs au naturel, I saw some recent pictures of Emma & Geri (a/k/a Baby & Ginger Spice) from the Prince's Trust Party -- they look GORGEOUS and way better than they did when they were pop superstars (my gawd, putting poor Posh Becks to shame). You can click here for the thumbnails. (I found the link via ONTD on LJ.) And didn't Geri just recenly have a baby?! Kudos to her.

Also: I am so not going to click on that link to see Paris Hilton's snatch. I think all of you did a FINE job describing what I would have seen! I have to protect my virginal eyes.

And: Really, how long is it going to be before the "news" is broken to the world that Joe Simpson molested his two daughters? He is totally creepy and has a completely inappropriate relationship with his two daughters -- and that's only from what I'VE READ IN PUBLICATIONS. Asshole.
Oh raisingirl, I saw the pictures of Emma and Geri too, and they both looked lovely, natural and happy. They also looked like they were enjoying each other's company, which was so nice to see.

I don't get why Paris Hilton keeps letting her bits get photographed if she is trying to portray herself as a serious businesswoman/media mogul/pop culture icon (see this article for a glimpse into her version of reality), you wouldn't think she'd want everyone constantly commenting on the current state of her crotch.

I think it's pretty sad that Brad Pitt adopted Angelina's kids so early into their relationship. You just shouldn't do that kind of shit when you're still in the infatuation stage of a relationship. As much as I love the idea of meeting someone and just knowing that it's right, the truth is that the vast majority of couples that make huge commitments within the first year tend to go boom after the second. Kinda like, I don't know, Angelina and Billy Bob...

Aw, I just went to check to if my favourite 'got married after two minutes' couple -Selma Blair and Ahmet Zappa - were still together and it looks like they're not. I saw them in some wedding magazines when I was getting married and they were kinda cute compared to the rest of the overblown crap in there. Which would include Tori Spelling's first wedding and Kevin Costner's three-day extravangza, marrying a woman less than half his age (the pictures are even funnier now that we all know he was trying to get it on with the masseuse on his honeymoon)

Oh! Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra are divorcing! Anybody surprised? They've been dodging rumours since day one & I swear I read something a few months back that their marriage was so strong because they spent a lot of time apart. I guess they're makin' it permanent!
This just in, Carmen and Dave, splitsville.
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