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lucizoe, reading that you read that as David Hasselhoff and Edward Norton dated for a while. Made me laugh outloud, 'cause I thought I'd read that too! So if we both read it, it MUST be true! Everything on CG is true isn't it???...LOL!!!
Depp I never cared much about. I liked his movies when I was a kid, but didn't register that he was seen as handsome by the rest of the world. He has a nice voice, but I don't really care about the rest of him.

Clooney's alright, nice voice and nice hair. Pitt was overrated during his hottie days, though he was beautiful in Thelma and Louise.

But I never developed crushes on the "sexiest men alive." I tried to develop a crush on Keanu Reeves when I was 12 so I'd have someone to add to the "he's so hot" conversation, but I didn't care much.
love the Depp

I am a depp girl. could be that I went out with a dead ringer for him in "cry baby" during about the same era. come to think of it, that ex of mine still resembles him now..just a teeny bit heftier. (but not much) I know, I know.. what the hell was I thinking breaking up with him...


ETA - well, I had posted that I have naked pictures of brad... however, I forgot that those were on my old computer that crashed. I MAY have them on a thumb drive. however, they are probably easily found online somewhere anyway...

*delurks too*
Definitely Clooney.
I've always been rather indifferent about Pitt, and do lurve me some Depp, but concur that he does look a bit stinky sometimes. But George...gahhhh! Me + him + cream cheese frosting, that is all.

(But I'd still take my Taylor over them any day. It's good to have obscure celebrity crushes; less competition. :-))
jd was on inside the actor's studio last night. i thought of all of you.

and and and, mr. clooney is in this month's issue of vanity fair. there's a great article about him and his politics, with the obligatory hot pics of course. :-)
a grime-encrusted johnny depp over anyone. any day. pirate costume, wig, and eyeliner a plus, but clothing always optional
Always and forever, Depp.

I love that man,for he does what the hell he wants in that over-bloated kingdom called Hollywood.

I don't care if he sometimes looks grimy, I'd take a grimy Depp over 99.9 of the beefed up pretty boys in Hollywood ANY day.
Auralpoison, I am ashamed to admit that the first time Edward Norton really *moved* me, y'know, was in American History X. Yes, the pumped up Neo-Nazi Skinhead Ed really floated my boat. (Hey, in my defense he was a reformed Neo-Nazi Skinhead.)
I don't get the Clooney thing. He seems like he'd be fun to hang out with, but he just looks kind of..... old. Brad is about as interesting as watching grass grow. Everything's in the right place, but he's just so incredibly dull, and couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag to boot. Johnny Depp looks dirty, but not in a good way. He's forever tainted to me since he was with Kate Moss for so long and I detest her with such a passion. I'm gonna have to go with Ed Norton, I think. Ahhh, judging men is so much fun!
I don't get any of those guys.

I'm a Benicio del Toro woman. I admit it.
a Tom Cruise-themed evening of giveaways and fun

my favorite part: "Particularly objectionable are the plans for the seventh-inning stretch, when the team's mascot, the Lake Elsinore Monster, will perform a routine inspired by Suri's conception, in which he'll chase a terrorized girl plucked from the crowd across the outfield with a seven-foot-long, inflatable prop turkey baster."

click on "when bobbleheads attack" under "free video/best video".

i so want one.
*jumps belatedly on bandwagon*

For me, Depp and Clooney have got everything you need. Depp is beautiful, talented and moved to France so he could smoke cigarettes in peace. Homme after my own heart. Whereas Clooney is charismatic, easy on the eyes and ears and politically engaged to boot.

Pitt's just a passive stoner guy who follows whoever his current squeeze is around like a cocker spaniel. And he can't act.

Benicio is just flat-out sexy.
Mouse, I'm with you on Brad. Him and Jen breaking up is one thing, but the *manner* in which he ditched out is another.

That said, I'm a bit more lenient on the glomming onto the GF's interests. I definitely do that myself.
I'm so sad to hear that Sleater-Kinney are going on an "indefinite hiatus." I wish I would have gone to see them when they were in Minneapolis a few months ago. Anyone heard any gossip about it?
!!!!! oh! i saw them a few years ago, but their latest was so good!

i guess i knew it had to end sometime. and look at it this way -- 30 years from now they can go on a kickass reunion tour and we can all drag our daughters out to see them and put on all our nostalgic late 90's/early 00's clothes we refused to throw away and it will be like Dylan or the Rolling Stones but for feminists.
Although I'm completely on team Depp, I have to say something to defend Brad Pitt. Although he has been in the spotlight more for his efforts to help Africa now that he is with Angelina, he had already visited africa several times and was involved with Bono to do his part to help.
So with that, I can't say he is just following his current "chicks" present cause. I'm sure thats something she found attractive about him.
Doesn't make him any more attractive to me though, Johnny D's definitely the guy I'd pick!
I don't know, I can't get 21 Jump Street out of my head long enough to take Depp seriously. He almost had me with Ed Wood, then creeped me out with his take on Willy Wonka (and that was just from the trailers, I never even saw the movie).

And I can just see our daughters' faces 30 years from now "oh, god, my mom's a riot grrl, jeeze" *with appropriate 13-yr-old eye roll and sarcasm*
I think that Depp was so disgustsed by the 21 Jump Street role and the TeenBeat image that went with it that he quit despite the show's success (I think he broke his contract or got himself fired) I don't hold Jump Street against him.

Also, he strikes me as someone who loves acting but isn't thrilled with the celebrity that goes along with it...although this may be an image he's consciously developed to differentiate himself, at least he's projecting the value of the interesting over the traditionally beautiful.

With the exception of Fight Club, Pitt hasn't done anything I've liked in the past ten years. Before that though, I liked several of his roles.

To me, Clooney always seems like he's playing Clooney ("O Brother" aside). So I guess he's kind of a one-note actor. But that sure is one damn fine note. I think he should have a weekly political talk show.

Del Toro -- I wish he was more prolific. He's always interesting on screen.
Same with Clooney's acting. He talks in the same tone of voice and it's hard to see him as anything different no matter what.
So is this latest Beyonce & Jay-Z breakup rumor true?
I guess I'm drawing close to that time of life where an "older" man (about Clooney's age, still handsome and vital, and obviously far more sexually experienced than younger men) seems much more attractive than I'd have considered before.

Love the fact that Clooney's politically aware and engaged (hate the fact that he may be the "token" outspoken actor)...and I love that he's chosen many interesting film projects to work on and/or produce. I even liked the chubby, rumpley version of Clooney in Syriana (a film in which every scene created despair). Plus, he gets a lot of extra points with me for moving to a nice European country so he can live in peace.

I think Brad Pitt tries a little too hard, but on occasion he does get a challenging role that he can master (Fight Club, Snatch).

Lot49, regarding Clooney being a one-note actor, I totally agree, but film critic Mick LaSalle doesn't think it's from lack of talent:

There are chameleon actors, like Gary Oldman or Ralph Richardson, and there are personality actors, like Humphrey Bogart and George Clooney. There's a tendency for people to discount personality-type actors without noting the tremendous range an actor can show while seemingly staying within a personality. Cary Grant, for example, was the ultimate personality actor, and yet if you think of his roles in "Suspicion" and "Bringing Up Baby," to name just two, he is very different in each, even though someone could, seeing either, say, "He's just playing Cary Grant." When an actor's individuality is that distinct, we sometimes don't notice the acting work.

Here's a link if you want to read the whole thing. ick+LaSalle&sn=011&sc=424
bklynhermit -
What exactly would our late 90's/early 00's clothes look like? I mean, we're talking after the iconic babydoll dress and plastic barrettes of the early 90's, right? What looks should I put away for posterity?
Just watch 90210 episodes on SoapNet to refresh your memory, sandy.
I don't know about you, but I'm never ever wearing a bodysuit again.
Ken Lay died! (Does this count as "celebrity" gossip?) No one knows how yet. Do you think he killed himself?
My .02, (though it's certainly not needed)

Brad Pitt looks like a shaved monkey to me. As long as that shaved monkey can't act.

George Clooney is a good actor, though I'm not particularly ape over his looks. I can see why other people are, though.

Johnny Depp is a very good actor, chooses interesting projects, and stretches himself for them, which is refreshing in a world full of pretty faces with no talent. Benicio Del Toro similarly disappears into a role. Both men are good-looking, and slightly pretty. The only time I really found Johnny Depp attractive was in Cry-Baby, though.

Of course, my tastes aren't everybody's, since this is the most beautiful man I've ever seen.
Actually, on the Depp/21 Jump St. thing, I heard on some entertainment show that he purposely kept to his contract until they let him go a couple seasons later. To me, that shows a lot of character and integrity, honoring your committments. But on 21 Jump St., I was more of a Grieco fan.

Good on Ken Lay dying, bad that it couldn't happen in a jail cell.
That's a good analysis, ilovemyff -- thanks for posting that. I'd agree -- I was trying to figure out why I enjoy Clooney's performances more than those of other actors I perceive as one-note (*cough* Keanu *cough*).

I think that actors who put their energy and money into causes are admirable and that the token outspoken actor stereotype is unfortunate. Considering how self absorbed and unengaged many high-earners in our country are, we should be encouraging philanthropy. That being said, it is a risk for an actor to put so much of their own personality out there, when they get paid the big bucks to be perceived as anyone but themselves. And they can loose some of their effectiveness as an actor. I know when I watch Clooney, I have this warm fuzzy feeling since I like his causes. But if he was an outspoken republican, I don't know if I could watch him.

eta: divalla, I could've sworn that I heard some story about Depp showing up on the Jump Street set with rubber bands on his tongue so he'd get fired.
He did more than the rubber bands- here's the story.

There's a special place in hell for Ken Lay.
busty, mmm. nice shots of mister ness. thank you, that made my day a lil better.

well, since we're at it.

here's my
ultimate hot man of all time.

chubby, surly, green-eyed sort of crazy guys who think toads are climbing out of their heads get me hot.
I love Justin Bartha. Does anyone else think he's cute?
he is cute, but in that picture, his hair's too long. he needs to take about 4 inches off the top.

get thee to a stylist.
Well, misspissed, if you're going to bring him into it... he makes everyone else look a little soulless by comparison. You just know he suffers for his art. Remember his tormented priest in Quills?

Plus, he and I could chain-smoke together.
the pheonix is sexxxxy.

i've also always crushed on giovanni ribisi, until i found out about the scientology.
i always was a fan of liam neeson, if we're going to start naming names (and actors that age well).

cucumber, giovanni ribisi often came into the cafe i used to work at. i always thought he was cuuuuuute (tho the scientology thing, i just don't understand it. and beck, too! what???) but in person he's almost shorter than me! and i'm SHORT. he's not tough-looking at all like he is in a lot of his roles.
I haven't read down the thread but has anyone else heard of Queen Coulter and accusations of plaigarism in her new book??
phoenix. mmmmmm
the man makes me want to weep.
Heh! A few months ago my brother insisted that he and a dude at a starbucks had eye sex for a good thirty seconds. He didn't realize until another customer approached him for an autograph that his objet du desir was Giovanni Ribisi. I found his Saving Private Ryan character really appealing.

What?? Plagiarism in an Ann Coulter book? *fansself* Why, nevah!
Busty, I thought your boy was Jesse James? That kinda looked like him, but I wasn't sure. He's definitely a keeper, though. If I liked boys, I think I'd want Eric Bana.
Sorry for derail. Back to thread. To which I'm adding nothing.
Coulter respondend to the allegations in typical detract from your detractors fashion (though she doesn't deny it).
Speedy, that's Mike Ness, singer for Social Distortion, the band whose music has gotten me through many, many bad times.

How did I know that you were responsible for the Mike Ness swing of this conversation?
zach braff and *sputter sputter* JESSICA FREAKING SIMPSON?????? say it ain't so, oh god say it ain't so.
I adore Mike Ness!!!!! I saw Social D a few years ago in concert, which made me the happiest girl in the world. And he seemed like such an awesome guy live.
Because, Pagan, it can be said that I carry a wee torch for the man. And by wee, I mean huge. And by torch, I mean hardon.

This might be why. That right there is why pretty boys will never be enough for me.
I don't know much about Social Distortion (I'll have to check them out), but Mike Ness looks hot to me. I hope you don't mind me admiring your man busty, but I completely understand at least the visual aspect of your hardon...LOL!
whaaaaa? What happened to Zach and Mandy Moore - they were so cute cute cute together? Jessica Simpson? I refuse to believe my snuggle bear Zach would do such a thing....*runs off to gather more data*
There have been rumours of Zach Braff being a bit of a "player" for awhile now - it seems the success may have gone to his head. He reminds me of the guys I knew in high school, the ones who seemed pretty cool but then ended up dating the most vapid popular girls.
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