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I thought Rivers Cuomo had taken a vow of celibacy?
Yeah, I read an interview a while back that he's at school finishing up his last semester, then he's getting married. I don't think they've had sex yet.
Having a soft spot for Bill Maher, I'll take the high road and say that he hangs our with Coulter because he'd rather surround himself with people he disagrees with in order to keep his debate skills sharp.

But given that this is CG and I can through conspiracy theories around, I'll say that I bet that Ann Coulter is secretly liberal and martyring herseld in order to make sure the public knows that conservatives are irrational, driven by hatred that borders on paranoia, and just plain frightening. At night, they plot what else she could possibly do to galvanize the left into taking a stand, and wonder what is wrong our youth when she's not booed off of stage every time she speaks at a college.
I thought I heard River and his girlfriend have been together for a long time (like more than a couple of years) and it's only the last 2-3 years he's had that celibacy thing going on. I could be wrong!

I don't have HBO (that's what network his current show is on, right?), so I haven't seen Bill Maher much since Politically Incorrect went off the air, but I think he has an assholish, right-wing streak in him that he plays off as being a realist. And for the most part he is- you can't necessarily pin him down as left or right.

I definitely think he disagrees with 99.9% of what Ann Coulter says. I think he keeps her around because he likes debating with someone (and she is good at that, even if she's flat out wrong on her facts- oh yeah, the Canadians helped out in Vietnam, sure, Ann!) and she makes for good ratings.
How can Ann Coulter be a good debator if she's always wrong? I don't get that statement.

Okay, totally not exactly celebrity gossip, but did anyone else see the footage of Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington??? Priceless
Yeah, Coulter tends to make up facts when she needs them. But, you can say that she's a relentless debator, and would probably try to attack your argument from every possible angle. Debating people like that help me clarify my opinion (and also why I disagree with theirs). Also, how satisfying to call out someone like Coulter when they're making things up!

I heart S.C.! luci, do you have any links to the footage?
Well, she's not always wrong on her facts (just many times) but half of debating is sticking to your guns and she doesn't back down from her opinions, and she has enough outrageous ones that people tune in just to see her, even if they don't like her.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I suppose.
Meh, but she'll never admit that she's wrong, she accuses people of heinous things, and advocates killing people if they don't convert to Christianity. Personally, I consider her a massive waste of space and oxygen. And the adam's apple is more than a little suspicious...

Stephen Colbert at the dinner. The site it links from is, unfortunately, mostly amateur porn. Try to ignore that. It's great. Or CSPAN is replaying it at like, 5:30 or something.

Ha ha - an arson squad actually blew up magazine racks holding these little beeping boxes that played the Mission Impossible theme as advertisements for the movie. I find that hi-larious.
LOL!! I love Stephen Colbert!
I love what he said about Bush (paraphrasing) "He feels on Wednesday about something the same way he felt Monday, despite what happened on Tuesday." So very true!
O.M.G. I so love that man. "And enjoy that metaphor by the way, because your grandchildren will have no idea what a glacier is." BWAH!

YouTube also has video: the downside is that it's in three parts, but the upside is that it includes S.C.'s "audition" for press secretary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3: the audition tape
what's the story behind the vow of celibacy for cuomo??
lucizoe, ann coulter is NOT human.
Rivers used to sleep with a lot of groupies and Asian prostitutes (his fetish) and eventually decided it was morally corrupt (or something like that). He got rid of his earthly possesions, joined a monostary and quit sex.
heres a link.
I just came this close to spamming the thread with:


. . .about five hundred times in a row.
thanks greenbean! ;)
I love Stephen Colbert too. Thanks for the link. I had taped his presentation but was not sure when I would watch it. The whole idea of having a presidential roast when the pres it sitting two feet away always seems weird to me. Wouldn't they want to find somebody who likes the President? Bush did not look amused.
kittenb, that was the best part! like, did someone just not do their homework when they booked him? did they watch the Colbert Report and just not get the joke? or was it all planned?

anytime anyone can break through that idiot's shell of oblivion and make him understand that people KNOW what he is up to and DO NOT love him for it makes my heart go a-pitter patter...although, personally, I think the jokes were lost on Bush. Too subtle, you know...
The roast concept is interesting. Because it's one thing to roast someone for, say, letting a sex tape with Tommy Lee fall into the public's's quite another when you're responsible for the deaths of thousands of US soldiers and innocent civilians, not to mention helping destroy the environment, increasing poverty and lying to the American public, all under the guise of godliness.

Speaking of godliness, Laura Bush is apparently under attack from a Christian conservative group for poking fun at her husband instead of being the humble supportive wife she should be.
A bit quiet on the celeb front, huh?

Heres more creepyness from the TomKat disaster:
50001-1220382,00.html,,,50001-1220382,00.h tml (fancy link)
If that dont work click here:
and click on Katie...
"He told her he wanted her to be the most beautiful bride ever. She was in tears when he said that."

Yeah I'd be crying too if I had just had a child and my husband was signing me up for a fitness program days later.

Also, I want to do very saucy things to Stephen Colbert. Very, very saucy things.
Why doesn't her dad just punch his lights out? God, he's so evil!

Isn't the press dinner hosted by some press association, and they're nice enough to invite the president to it? I'm pretty sure that's what one of the articles I read indicated, in which case they should be able to book whoever they want. Good for them!
I need to watch it again - apparently Laura Bush refused to shake his hand afterward.
Greenbean, I'm trying to detox.
Dateline interview with Angelina

Ann Curry has got to be the most annoying interviewer I've seen in a long time.
snafooey, are you serious? hahaha!! I can not believe that bush showed up for that thing. nobody warned him??
Ann Curry needs a smack down. uck. So phony.

And Angelina. Okay, I would like her more if her hormones had given her acne instead of annoying giggles. But you gotta give that woman props.
yeah, I'm jealous now.
I think Angelina looked beautiful and so very happy; you do have to give her props, not just for her actions but her outlook on life.
Cloverbee, I'm not sure - I need to watch it again, but that's what I've heard. But then it's also possible he just shook George's hand and left, though that doesn't seem like his style.

I just loved the way Angelina was being really polite in response to all of her inane questions but you could tell she was merely tolerating her ("Yes, I realize these touchy-feely interviews are my bread and butter.").
That Ann Curry interview is ridiculous -- she's like an SNL parody of herself.

"Angelina....(pause for importance)...why do you care so much?"

"You've taken the hard road." (said to a movie star in Namibia surrounded by children unable to go to school) You could see Angelina mentally backing up in her head, all "and they say I'm nuts") Also, I wouldn't equate being able to adopt with hardship. Quite the reverse really.

okay, I'm getting upset about ANN CURRY. raisingirl, I am going to follow your lead and detox. This is the low point I shall be talking about in my 12 step group -- the one that forced me to see how far I had fallen, what I had become, and that I needed help.
::patting RH on the back::

Admitting your addiction is half the battle. ::snickering, trying to stifle a giggle, which, BTW, is not to be blamed on pregnancy hormones as a result of carrying Brad Pitt's seed::

I'm sleeping with Beowulf under my pillow. I'm feeling the brain cells multiply.

p.s. I hate Ms. Curry, but it didn't stop me from watching that interview. It was a moment of weakness. One day at a time.
I tried that with Beowulf by I just looked at the title, remembered Angelina Jolie wanted to make a movie of it, and then got sucked back in. I shall try again with War and Peace under the pillow instead.
Hold the phone. WHAT?! That's too weird; I swear I didn't know that. A... MOVIE?!... that should be illegal.
What's sad is that if that were true, it might actually make me get around to reading Beowulf so I could see if the film adaptation measured up to the original.
I think Beowulf would make a great flick if done properly. Action! Adventure! Dragons! Hopefully and award-winning monster makeup artist's spectacular interpretation of Grendel!

Ack. That "why do you care?" question was the worst of the bunch. And the whole "During my pregnancy" thing made me want to barf. I may watch it again. I don't have problem - I can quit any time.
Hopefully they're getting it done all right.

I mean, it has Neil Gaiman and Crispin Glover involved, and I trust both of them to at least make it interesting.
Anna Nicole Smith has gone and gotten herself the guy is saying he wants money and access to the child.
Wow, Anna Nicole has the powers to get herself pregnant? Was it the Trimspa?
lol, choofums

(my cold-addled self would like you to reimburse me for the OJ I just spewed all over my laptop)
cool zilla!
It makes no sense to me whatsoever to fill your body with drugs so that you can lose a ton of weight, only to go and get pregnant on purpose!
For any UK busties, there is a program about Tom and Katie... sorry, Kate.... on Firday at 9, I think on channel 5 (but possibly 4).

Yes I might be sad enough to stay in especially to watch it.
I'm just annoyed about the Beowulf film because I myself have been wanting to make a film based on Beowulf since high school! When I was a film student it was supposed to be my thesis film, but then I dropped film school. Now over the past year that I've been working in the field, I've been percolating a script adaptation idea.

And of course, this is the exact moment when the real serious hollywood Beowulf would come out. Of course.

Maybe it'll take me another ten years to get my Beowulf film going, and by that time no one will care. Also, to my credit, my idea was not going to be a Hollywood Period Piece but a punky independent post-modern/post-apocalyptic interpretation...

Still. The whole thing makes me totally mad.
Beowulf was the bane of my existence from 1992-1996. I had to read it no less than 3 times between high school and college, and I never really did like it much. Old English writing is pretty cool, though.

I just heard that we in the Twin Cities area will be graced with the presence of Meryl Streep and la Lohan, along with the rest of "A Prairie Home Companion." They're doing a horse and buggy ride from a park in downtown to a theater about 4 blocks away for the premiere (though the Hollywood premiere isn't supposed to be until next month). I am planning on staying at work late, and the park is only about 2 blocks from me... maybe I will stay and gawk.
Me too, divalla! I had to read Beowulf twice and the experience successfully made me feel like an idiot. I'm more into American writers.

Speaking of Lindsey, y'll hear she got zinged by Nick Lachey?

Is it weird that I'm liking this dude?
My act of rebellion in my senior year (high school) English honors course was to use kennings in everything that I turned in for ages after we read Beowulf. It was my revenge for an assignment wherein we had to draw Grendel in our notebooks for the course. I cannot draw. But I'm strangely good with kennings.
I gotta say, I'd take Lindsay over Jessica.
Hee--more Tom Cruise on GFY.
Ha! Yeah GFY is spot on about Sienna Miller.
Can I please be famous for banging Jude Law?

Hell, I'll do it fame-free. And I'll wear leggings at the time!
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