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is it hot in here, or is that just gt?
I got a new haircut!

Picture 1.

Picture 2.
Kitten, that looks awesome! I love it.
*burns with jealousy* i sooooo want your hair kitten. it's super cute! love that hairstyle..

(ps. thanks crino + tree *blushes*)
Oh kitten - your hair is perfect and you have a beautiful mouth.
Very pretty cut Kitten, it's sassy. It really suits your face and brings out your features.

And before I forget, I love that pic of you GT!

@ girl logic, that's a nice pic you have for your avatar. I'm fond of locs & thinking of starting some.

thanks, kon.... i'm thinking of growing locs too. i have the worst hair/hair luck ever. the only hairstyle i've been able to succesfully maintain was my locs... :/
Thanks konphusion. Dreads are hard to start (if you're picky like me) because they never start out the way you want them to. When they grow, they look good. I think locks look good on just about everyone.
That's an older pic I cut it off after the death of my sister. My hair looks more like this now, when I don't do anything with it.

Bed Head
*burns w/ jealousy* i would kill for hair like that.
big ole fluff-fro
ezzakly. i've been wanting a power 'fro for years.... you really don't know how jealous i am.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 23 2009, 12:25 AM) *
ezzakly. i've been wanting a power 'fro for years.... you really don't know how jealous i am.

I say you go for it GT, you could totally rock a fro like no other. It's all about attitude.

Yes, afro'z iz sexy LOL I love mine, although its getting to be a pain in the butt to style cuz its so thick... take a gander. It's actually a tad bit bigger now. This was taken a few months ago. I reallllly want some locs though. I'm probably going to start with some short twists/braids extensions and just let them form from that.
i'm bored (again) and, it would seem, emo.
oh reeeealy?

can you repeat that, so i can punch you in your snotbox?

now i remember.... i'm supposed to be listening to you.

yeah, kon, i know eventually i will just give up and grow locs again, but i've had them for 10 years before i cut 'em off. i figured i might as well give other things a try before i give up the ghost, cos i have a feeling the next time i grow them, i won't look back. i'll have them till i'm on my deathbed.
omg Konphusion you've got a doll face. Something particularly radiant about that shot too.

GT your hairstyle in that series makes you look like a doll too (albeit a doll you don't want to f*ck with!).
Ladies, all of your hair is gorgeous. I wish so often that I had hair that would do something, anything. Instead, I have the saddest, limpest white-girl hair imaginable. I have given up on things like body and curl forever. sad.gif Seriously, Konphusion, you look super beautiful. And so do you GirlTrouble. And Girl Logic, the back of your head makes me weep for lack of volume. oh, the jealousy!!!
sweet of you to say, pm, but it's safe to assume in any of my pix, that i'm wearing a wig. wink.gif but kon does look radiant, doesn't she? she's got a combo halo 'fro. a hafro? a frolo? hmmmm.
i got all hair-cutted and newly pierced last week :D
I think I look kind of badass in this one.

hachi machi gt and konphusion!!
Oh my. I am coveting kon's afro in a huge way. Also gt's sexy glare in pic #2

That's an awesome cut humanist!
Ohhh GT, you are one fine woman. Holy crap.

Humanist, very nice.
anna k
humanist, you are so adorable and so beautiful, and look so introspective in your photos.

kon and GT, you two are gorgeous.
thank you, ladies!
Aww thanks ladies!! I know I'm a bit late in replying LOL. I appreciate the love. You busties are some serious hotties. smile.gif
anna k
Yesterday I had a lovely day with my family, and we took photos. I cropped them just to show myself, to protect others' privacy:


I wanted to share this fabulous dress with my small bustie friends biggrin.gif this seemed like an appropriate place! plus i've never posted a pics of me before so yeah. i get bored easily with being photographed
You look maaaarvelous dahling! You wear it very well and your eyeshadow is amazing.
tar much love happy.gif
loonydaray: you look amazing! Get it grrrl.

loonydaray, holy cow! You look hawt! You've got the most beautiful red hair too.. I'm jealous. I've always admired red hair....
anna, it's always to good to see pix of you, and you look so much more relaxed in these ones. you look more comfortable in your skin smile.gif

loony, i love your pix. that first one slays me.
I'm a bit late joining the party but loondaray i <3 you for those pics and you look/ed amazing. I have a similar dress ( small boobs and pale skin to boot, hi5

great to see your pictures too anna:)
Okay, time to get disgustingly cute here : )
silliness in a photobooth
adorable pic, humanist! but the bestist part is that you look so very happy.
thanks, GT! I was/am, very : )
oh, and I was sitting on his lap-that's why I look taller. He's actually a whole head taller than me : )
anna k
You two look very adorable. You're beautiful and sweet-looking, and he's very cute, he has a nice strong jaw. smile.gif
Thank you, Anna dear! smile.gif
Ditto on the jaw-it's gotta be something evolutionary about women being attracted to certain jaws. With cheekbones to match : )
loonydaray - the hair color/dress combo is fantastic. Great pictures, esp the one w/the flower.

humanist - you look great.

anna - I like those pics a lot!
Aw, polly. I refused to have pics taken when mine were out but now I wish I had so I could go back and laugh.
awwww. poor polly. a pic like that makes me want to come over to your place with a bunch of movies, and some chicken soup. :/ me no likey.

phrases/words that make me wince:dentist, drill, dry socket. GAH!
c'est moi, et des cervaux du poop!
(frenglish for "it's me with the brains of poop!)
how'd i do cha cha?

sorry for the bad pix, but alls i got right now is my web cam.

but as promised, the sketches & new tattoos
good lil' stinker sketch

live long & prosper (geek cred)

evil lil' stinker

f*ck off & die (street cred)

et un photo:
only slightly mischievious
Your page is set to private, gt. sad.gif
thankx polly...problem solved... (i think)
anna k
anna k
Two pics of me from last July, being with my family. I cropped them out for privacy's sake.

Blue Shirt

Yellow Shirt
Hmm...let's see if I can figure out how to do this.

I cannot for the life of me remember the password to my photobucket account, so all the pics there are at least 5 years old. Some of them are really fantastic, though, and I may post some later. For now, the only current pics I have are on Facebook, which isn't so good about privacy. If I can figure out a better way to post my pics I'll just change all these links, but in the meantime...I trust you guys! I've never been to this thread before and It's so surreal putting a face to all these names I've known for so long!

Some of you may remember that I recently cut off my beloved 8-year-old dreads. I promised (2 months ago!) that I'd post pics, so here they are:

About a year ago.

Right before I cut them off.

New hair.

A month later, bleached.

A week ago.

Another one, just cause I like it.

I've been blonde my whole life, but I love the brown. I'm so happy I did it. I used a really cheap dye, though, and it shows - especially in the pictures. The roots of my hair, which hadn't been bleached, didn't take the dye as well. It's since evened out a bit, though. I'm having so much fun changing hairstyles every 3 weeks! Next time, I'm going for a pixie cut.

GT, I love the mischievous pic and the tattoos. Where are they?
I like the short hair! Gorgeous!
Very Cute Epinephrine!
OMG. You are adorable, epi!
anna k
I agree, epi. You are hella gorgeous and have such striking eyes.
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