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It sort of does it naturally, but not quite to that degree. The stylist used a round brush while blowdrying it to get it to really curl.
i know everyone is going on about your hair, but i have to tell you, polly, i love that your lips curl up on the ends.... berry, berry, berry cute!
yes, rather Joker-esque, isn't she? tongue.gif
Yeah, I've had people point that out before....not make the Joker comment though....I know where you live, humanist.

At least someone appreciates it! wink.gif
Damn, you look authoritative! I sent you a friend request, btw.
Aww, but he's got pictures of Sylvester Stallone naked...what more could a girl ever want?!?!
i like that he snuck "free critical thinking for adults" in there. i think he's reaching out.
hey, does anyone know where i can get some viagara?
ccl i'm pretty sure you have to go to your doctor because that is def not one you can get on line.
Not according to Pharmacytovv, shiny. tongue.gif
oh well if pharm tov says it, then it muuuuuust be true. after all, they've been around here for all of 1 posts.

hmph. that is just so obnoxious.

so is it me or are there more ad trolls of late?

Seems like the come in waves. Like nausea. Or dead fish.
*my best wolf whistle* polly: why another natural beauty for us to gaze upon. Why am I not surprised you're a redhead? I have several redheads in my life and I've found that old "fiery" cliche to be QUITE true wink.gif
Well, a bottled redhead. My natural color is about the same darkness, just very blah brown.

Thanks, though!
Aha. It looks so natural with your skin/eye color, who knew.
anna k
I found this old Halloween picture of my sister and I, probably in 1986. It's a cute photo, and represents our childhood personalities; she was outspoken and liked attention and being the big sister, while I was quieter and shyer and liked following her around:
wowzers. bust is full of hot hotties.

i've been trying to post a picture, but i can't figure out how to make the actual image show up rather than just a link. now i have to go to class. i will struggle with this later!

dj, because of the recent troll bombing, you can't post actual pictures for now. Just post the link and we'll all have a look. smile.gif
thanks erinjane!

well here is one of me and my friend karla at halloween:

karla's friend was looking at this picture and....
friend: who's that dude with you?
karla: that's no dude, that's a lady!

here is me bald in suriname:

here is me sexy in costa rica:

and here is 'classic' dj:

no pants, ciggie, gin and tonic = classic (and classy i might add!)

ETA: i just realized, in the last picture i am wearing the undies from which i derived my bust-name! if you look closely, you'll see the original dj-bizmonkey spinning records on my snatch!
wow, that costa rica picture is amazing, both you and the gorgeous surroundings! You look like a calendar girl!!

I'm also jealous of the dj-bizmonkey underpants. All I have are carebears...
edit. thanks mod squad for getting rid of that post.
DJ, I have those undies too! totally didnt put 2 and 2 together until now!
freezing cold high desert lonely hike self-portrait

dj-bizmonkey, i've been working on t-shirts with dj biz monkey on them! yum pop is so cute.
Pretty photos!

I want Carebears underpants. Sniff.

psst, mouse, has your Canadian aunt bought you any books recently?
thanks crinoline! *blushes* and carebear undies sound awesome.

aren't the they best tankgirl? gotta love target. i love the fake little boy undies look.

mouse you look so glamorous with those sunglasses and your bee-stung lips. if you ever make those t-shirts let me know, because my monkey underpants have seen better days!
feminists are hawt!

djbizmonkey, not everyone can look good bald and you, my dear, was rockin' the bald! very cute. thanks for SI swimsuit photo too. wink.gif

mouse, i have and always will find you adorable. you are so photogenic. dude, those sunglasses were GINORMOUS. crazy.
star, you continue to flatter me unrepentantly. we will have to do something about that.

dj unfortunately they are shirts for toddlers sad.gif but maybe someday...

bunny, no but i expect a shipment this christmas. did i tell you about "the garneau block"?

oh and p.s. the ginormous sunglasses are from the dollar store, believe!
thanks stargazer, i LOVED the bald and i am doing it again once i go back into the field.

bummer mouse! oh well...
QUOTE(mouse @ Oct 17 2008, 06:57 AM) *
bunny, no but i expect a shipment this christmas. did i tell you about "the garneau block"?

no, you have not ohmy.gif.
Pretty pictures everyone!

anna - it looks like that would have been such a nice relaxing weekend. I love times when I can just read, uninterrupted.
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Wow, this person has, by far, the worst grammar ever. No punccutation, justonereallylongrunonsentancewithnothingbutuselessspambutisthereeveranythingsuc

That was really hard to write. my brainsis.
Well, I guess they were right- this is what happens when you leave 100 monkeys in a room with 100 typewriters. rolleyes.gif

Here are pictures of Albus & Tana in their Halloween costumes:

I'm not happy about wearing this hat.
This is what I think of you.
And this is what I think of the hat.

You're really making me wear this?
I can't believe you're making me wear this.
Fine. I'll sit up straight and look happy, but I'm peeing in your shoes as soon as you're not looking. What's that, Tana? Nothing.

(cross-posting in the Halloween and Kvetch threads.)
I can't the first one of Albus to open at all : (
Hmm, I got it to open again. Anyone else having problems? (I can just email you the photo, humanist)

Are we ever going to get our picture posting privileges back? This is ridiculous.
yeah, now it works on my computer-prolly just the crap 'puters at work : P
they opened for me ok, and were totally cute too!

i personally don't ever want those picture "priveledges" back, i'm happier to click than i am to stumble across horrors or dick and hole shots. that's not the kind of "kitty" pic i want to see at all!

here's one of our kitty (and us too).

i look like tired, dragged out hell but check the love on little's face. oh my!
Aww, what a happy kitty!

Yeah, but not having pictures sort of ruins the survey thread that was so much fun (where you answer the survey questions with pictures instead of words) sad.gif
yay, new hair that's going to clash terribly with my christmas socks (see 'd.u.d.e.)

how come regular image tags aren't working? dry.gif
Fuck. I wish I had the ovaries to go that short. I think you're cute!

I need to fix my hair & take some pics damnit! Straight it's a modified Marilyn, curly, well, I keep thinking Isaac Mizrahi circa Unzipped because I scarf it to keep it out my mug. I think i want some colour, now, too, though.
grrrl, the image tags aren't working because of the troll. LL took that option away so we wouldn't have to look at dead fetuses anymore.

Love the colour, looks great. smile.gif
grrrl, good for you!

Does the color really stay on bleached hair? My friends have tried, and it didn't turn out well. I have black hair and would love to have some color in there.
This thread....

is so dead...

This is me, ever-vigilant.;id=891035074
dry.gif Rudder- I couldn't see because it was temporarily unavailable. Facebook is angry with me.

cool.gif grrrl - My daughter recently went that short, too. It DOES take a lot of courage to sport the look and you are rockin it! I'm proud of my 7 year old pixie-cut bad-ass. She lists the benefits of a short cut daily and nearly had me convinced once. Me, I am still currently hiding behind my signature frothy mane.

rudderless, that is really a great pic. the color contrast is perfect. you look very artsy. beautiful!
Ok let's see if this's me! Being oh so serious..

And here's me with my fiance..with the cute scrunched up face he's making..
Hmm..not sure why the links are not showing up proporly?..
Our lovely mods *cough* disabled the image feature because it was being abused by trolls. I didn't disagree with it at the time, but it's been ages since then and if they'd put some other security features in place, we could have our images back. dry.gif

ETA: That said, you and your fiance are adorable- you remind me of my cousin, Libby.
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