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kitten, I didn't realize men wear hats for the derby? I love the tulip picture.
I love this thread! All the fun pics and pretty busties!

Great hat kittenb.
QUOTE(designermedusa @ May 5 2008, 07:07 PM) *
kitten, I didn't realize men wear hats for the derby? I love the tulip picture.

That was kind of a joke. I just wish he was wearing the one that won. It had butterflies floating around the hat.
For something you threw together at the last minute it looks like a chique hat, Kitten. Nice pics, also love the cat!

Love the look, Rudderless!

I was about to post some pics, but i see that i have to put them on a server to link. Can't do that right now.
Ok, showing what I wore to my cousin's wedding at the weekend... thanks to my brother the boy wonder, who failed to get the nice hankerchief hem or the shoes in. and made me look like I have no chin.

and the regulation me and G photo from a few weeks back. He's the one with the beard wink.gif
mornington- perfect!

This is a recent picture of my little man playing in the sand.

This is him and his dad at Fletcher's in Belleville, IL.

This is him riding his tricycle at his gramma's house. He rode up and down the sidewalk for an hour. It was the first time his feet had reached the pedals.

He's growing up so fast I can't stand it.
So...I just got a haircut...I'm not good at styling it so I'm having a little buyer's remorse. I do think I look good in this cap, though?

i think i'm going to miss the just rolled out of bed tously look from your icon tree. that is just pure hotness. but i love the new hair, it's keyoot! and the cap, you are rockin' it. biggrin.gif that's going to be nice and cool for the summer too.

i miss my short hair. sad.gif months of growing out, and it's still at that monkey fro stage where it has to be done every day, and there's only so much you can do with a shoulder-length ball of curly fluff and bangs that refuse to grow. i can finally pull the sides back with mini-claws, and there's enough for stubby pigtails if i ruthlessly plaster down the top, mousse it to within an inch of its life, and get the rubberband at the exact right precise spot on the back of my head and don't do anything active until it's "set". i'd like to at least get it back to chopstick length (grab, twist, and stick) before chopping it all off again, but i'm losing patience. but every time i think about cutting it, i find a cute new headband at target and think "well, maybe next week..."
That's really cute, tree. I like a lot.

This one is from this evening, my friend and I had a fire in my backyard.

This is a really nice picture of me and my brothers on top of the Durham Cathedral.

Sound Of Vision
Awww all three of you are so cute!!!
tree - that pic is HOT! I like the new cut and you are motivating me to get another shorter haircut.

einjane - you are probably tired of hearing this but you are the cuteness!

bustygirl - Okay, I think he shares the title of "The Cuteness!" w/erinjane.
Agreed, everybody is the cutest. I might as well toss my mug into the ring, I don't particularly enjoy my expression in this web-cam of a picture but what the hey, it's the most recent one I have.....

treehugger- I love your new hair! It really suits you. Ive just gone shorter myself though so i know it takes a while to get the styling right.grr
Likeanyother- you have such lovely skin. Just wondering what your tattoo's of? (i think i see one)
All other photographed bustys- Gorgeous. Goes without saying
Heeey thanks and, yes, that is the tail end of my bleeding heart tattoo, it's big and kinda weird and most people don't really know what to think of it, but, I love it! And, if that doesn't make me a big enough nerd, now that I finally found a decent job I get to fulfill a promise to myself and get my star trek tattoo! laugh.gif
Just got back from Israel on the 4th, and I found a couple of good photos that other people posted on Facebook:

by a canyon waterfall (that's me standing on the right in the hat and black swimsuit)

the boy and I on a Mediterranean beach

I still need to upload all of mine, but I'll get them online soon ; )
humanist! *waves at your boy*
how was your trip? that waterfall looks SO beautiful.
anna k
Me at my family reunion last week:

humanist, that looks so fun!
Anna: you are so beautiful...and seem to be very photogenic at any little old moment.

Everybody knows Busties' have got the looks that kill!

Ok, here's some pics of me and the loves of my life: my catbabies, Momo and Ella.

Me, 'mod hallway'

Mo in the front, Ella in the back

Mo says, 'OMG, SHOOZ, BETCH!'

I just went to London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.
Before I left, in my dorky glasses (I need to fill the prescription in my regular ones):

These are from a park in Amsterdam. My boyfriend took them and I love how the flowers are all glowy.

I like the way my arms are positioned in this one; it made for a good composition:
These are two pictures from May. It was the day of an awards ceremony in which I was nominated.

I was sad in this one because I was hungry.

anna k
Crosby, you look so gorgeous and Roman!

hellotampon, what beautiful garden shots.
Gosh, y'alls so pretty.

thirtiesgirl, I LOVE the LOLCatz caption you have going on there.
Thank you so much Anna. biggrin.gif
blink.gif crosby I am totally girl crushing on you at this moment. Love the top you are wearing.

hellotampon you + pink flowers = beauty

thirtiesgirl black kitties + shoes = laugh.gif
it's true, pugs! crosby you are so adorable! you remind me of this painting, but i can't remember what it's name is so i can't google/link it... sad.gif

and my personal nominee for the best bustie name EVAH! that supa cutie hello tampon surrouned by flowers!

i swear there is no such thing as a bustie that's not cute!
crosby, you are so cute!

hellotampon, what beautiful pix!
I did Chicago's L.A.T.E. Ride this weekend, a 25 mile ride around Chicago that goes from 1:30 AM to around 6 AM. My friend and I finished about 4:30 ish.
Some people really get into lighting up their bikes. I didn't do much but my friend bought us some glow sticks:

I'm so jealous you got to do that, Kitten! Damn having to work the next day. I love the glow sticks in your helmet!

I got an adorable photo of my bf's aunt's fat little chihuahua asleep in my lap. She's the most docile, cat-like dog I've ever met~
Thank you so much everyone!! You're all so nice.

Humanist, I normally don't like chihuahua's but that one is so cute and chubby. smile.gif
She's really the most pitiful little dog ever. She's doesn't make much noise, and spends most of her time plodding around looking for food. Really the antithesis of normal chihuahuas.
I got another one!
Another thing I forgot to say: You are so pretty.
Vacation Pics

i always love pix of you and the mr., pugs. you always look so happy-- your smiles are infectious!
I bought a dollhouse today. It is in sad need of restoration but I think it might be fun to fix it up.

Here is what it looks like now:

interior featuring Olivia as the BIGGEST CAT IN THE WORLD!!!

interior with Ya-Ya trying to figure out what Olivia was doing in here.

Anyone know anything about dollhouse restoration?
Kitten, it's adorable! Can't wait to see the after shots.
So I just got my grad pics in the mail and they're awesome. I can finally replace my hideous high school picture! But I had to show a comparison of my crazy hair. The grad pic was taken in April and the other one last week. Does it look like I dyed my hair or what?! That's all sun bleach, baby. tongue.gif

Erinjane: SO cute! Actually, your hair doesn't look bleached as much as you look like a natural blonde?! So anyway, I take it you're all grown-up now... LOL!
crosby and hellotampon and humanist - you're all so very, very cute!

awww, I love the pugs' holiday snaps. you two always looks so happy together

erin - I wish my hair did that in the sun. congrats on the graduation!

so... I have pink hair again. And I like it.

mornington, that color is stunning!! Especially with the red glasses-did you dye the hair two-toned to match the frames? I'm jealous!
Yeah, the colours look great together. It really suits you.
This thread is continuous proof that Busties are just hotter than the regular population. wink.gif
it's super easy rudder. you can cut/paste the info. copy the url of the pic, then hit the 5th button above the reply box, the one with the little sunrise before the smiley. a pop up will...uh...pop-up, and ask you for the url, paste it in, hit enter. or if you prefer the code route type {img}type the url here{/img}. but use the square brackets instead of the fancy ones. just that easy!

*sits oohing and aahing at all the adorable busties*
*sigh* so i hate having my picture taken, but i've been promising someone some pix, and today pugs told me she wanted to know what i looked like so, out of duress, i present pix of me in a rare cha-cha mood.

that's all. show's over.

ETA:omg, rudder, she is deadly cute!!!!
aw. don't be so hard on yourself gt. that's a lovely picture.

you know, you had a pic of yourself before as your avatar. thanks for sharing a new pic of you.
WOW GT! You're gorgeous. I just had to come say that LOL I'm on my way out. Have a lovely weekend busties!!!
omg! rudder-kind = completely adorable!!!! so cute!

And GT -wow, girl! you are seriously smokin' hot! I love the sideswept bang in your pic! *develops mini girl crush*
gt - thanks girl!! exactly what i was picturing in my head. lovely!!
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