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what an awesome haircut! i love it.
what an adorable picture!
so... i've spent a week playing at geography.

and the view...
i'm so jealous...

The boy:

The pup:
anna k
You and your boy are very good-looking, and you have a cute pup.
Aww, you guys are cute. At first you looked different than I imagined, and then not. That cardigan is so something I'd wear. And your boyfriend's t-shirt is awesome, it looks like it's been worn a million times and so comfy.

ETA: Now I'm debating whether to post a pic... I want you guys to see me, but I'm also pretty private, and for some reason paranoid that someone I know will see it and then read all of my posts... hrm...
hellotampon - luv your pictures and you have a pug? *squeal* so cute.

mornington - your hair is beautiful!!!
Long time no see!

Thought I'd post some new pix of us, since the baby changes so quickly he doesn't even look like the same kid now. He'll be 3 in August. 3!

Wasn't I just pregnant?

Anyhow, here he is with daddy:

with daddy again:

here I am with daddy:

And here I am where you can actually see my face. Not bad for 38, huh? can't see this, but I am so totally wearing a denim tuxedo it's not even funny.
OMG PUG SO CUTE. does he/she make those little monster motorboat noises? I LOVE THOSE NOISES

baby eddie is so grown up! holy crap! and yes, very good for 38, busty!
Yeah, he definitely makes the noises! His name is Oscar.
squeee! i love pugs! what a cute one! i usually do not post in here, but i like to look and see all the beautiful busties! i think i will post a pic too. i have to go figure out photobucket.
Is photobucket the only way to post pics?
i use my flickr account, but photobucket is tres handy for posting photos... You do need some sort of image hosting site
Imageshack is really easy to use, too.
Alright, I'm taking the plunge, here are two piccys of me and the boy.


kissyface - This is our "Gone With The Wind" pose (in Mexico)
anna k
So cute!
anna-k- eee, you were a cutie. the cheeks, the hair, everything! edible

Morrinton- love the combo of pink hair & idyllic scenery smile.gif

Hellotampton- i want your face and your dog

bustygirl- your family look perfect & so do you. definately fabulous for 38!

crinoline- your babies would be stunners
I really hope this works!

This is me and my boyfriend. He doesn't like the photo because he thinks it's creepy how my head is floating behind him.

ETA: Argh! It's so small. Here's a link to the full size image: here

starting out to climb mt blanc with my hubby on our honey moon.
edie! i love the pic-- it's sweet. i love that you're both all bundled up.

cong ratz on the hitchin', shiny. the quote is dorothy parker, yes? i love that quote. she was so sublime!
but i do believe we've got dueling sigs...

*butting in*

yes, shiny's quote is dorothy parker.

we actually have been married for a year and a half so the pic is not current but i just really like that one.

XOXO Dorothy Parker XOXO she was truly great!

this is a current pic from yesterday.

Thanks, girltrouble! I like it too. Miss him...
shinyx - I have to steal a quote that I saw on-line today and tell you that that picture is soooooo cute I think my brain just exploded into candy!
My mom and all four of the doggies.

Shelby and Pinky are mine.
Louie and Nellie are my mom's.
oh my oh mymymy! Loooook at all the puggies!
You should see them all at their dinner time!!!

blink.gif unsure.gif

I want Shelby! I love tubby little animals.
awww...hellotampon...i'm sorry to tell you but shelby is no longer tubby. when we first got her she was thinner then we made her a bit fat then we put her on a regimented diet and now she's a healthy weight. Louie and Nellie however are FAT!! I keep telling my mom how unhealthy it is for them to be so rotund but she doesn't listen to me. Oh well!!
Pete is well... with three legs.

he had to have a bath 'cos he couldn't groom himself with a buster collar on:

Sir Peteykins McFluffyarse, the Three-Legged Rabbit of Doom:

pugs: awwww!

shiny: i love the kidlet's expression!
Oh, It's Just a Harmless Little Bunny
pugs, my first bunny started out as Daphne, but most people called her Caerbanog, after that sketch. She growled just like that, it was freaky.
some very cute pics of busties and their pets!! i lurve pugs.
I love Sir Peteykins McFluffyarse. I couldn't wait till Mr. Pug got home to tell him the bunny's name. Love it!!!!
lovemypugs, the look on pinky's face is so cute. She looks almost a little mad.

mornington, that top picture is quite possibly the cutest pete picture ever.
Love the pups, but absolutely would devote my life to that bunny if he were mine. Glad to hear/see that he is doing well.
Love it!
Rudderless, the hair kicks ass.

Busties and their animals are so adorable!
rudderless, you look pretty!
rudderless, has anyone ever told you you look like bjork? and hey, peep that wedding ring wink.gif


QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Apr 23 2008, 05:50 AM) *
It's got this inlaid pattern of a seismograph reading. Cuz I'm a geology nerd.

How cool is that? That is so cool!
And I'm not a geology nerd by a longshot.
(and you do look a bit like Björk!)

Seriously, rudderless, that is awesome. I've done a lot of bird work, and we always talked about how the coolest wedding would involve banding each other's fingers, with banding pliers and numbered rings.
rudderless, that's so very cool.

(and I'd fucking kill to hang out with seismologists. Volcanoes are cool)
rudderless- those rings are so sweet and meaningful! Not to mention original! And you make a fabulous redhead.
really rudder. that is so amazingly cool.
*burns with jealousy*

and you DO look like bjork. it's that cute impishness...
rudder-I agree about the Bjork resemblence which is high praise!

the rings are great. I teach earth science and totally geeked out last week when we had an EARTHQUAKE in the midwest, which I managed to sleep through. Thanks to our good friend the New Madrid fault.

I salute your nerdiliciousness!

I am a dorkasaurus rex, or regina if I want to get extra nerdy. Which I do.
rudderless, I'm going to step on the loving the picture bandwagon! You look great, bjork twin!
Well, you have to understand, rudderless, that there is a long tradition of putting the em-FA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-bull in that area. I don't know how it is in Indiana, but Cairo, Illinois is CAY-ro and Vienna, IL is VY-enna.

I guess it's just to distinguish themselves from the more well-known locations, and it is kind of silly. I live here (well, Chicago, not downstate) and I've always pronounced it "MAD-rid" when referring to the fault and "ma-DRID" when referring to the city in Spain.

Nice ring, though!
Here are some pictures from the nice spring we have been having in Chicago and the Kentucky Derby party the boy and I went to this weekend:

There was a big hat contest. I threw something together at the last minute and didn't win. The winning hat was gorgeous.

A better picture of my hat.

I did some grocery shopping and shoved everything in my wicker bike basket. It all looked so cute and fresh, berries, cage free eggs and soy milk, how could I not take a picture?

Many of my neighbors do lovely jobs in their gardens. I feel like I live in the suburbs sometimes.

Random Ya-Ya photo, just because. biggrin.gif
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