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oh shit! hey greenbeany, lookit what i found!
just a few pics from my 30th birthday yesterday. we went to this really good seafood place on ghirardelli square in san francisco, then c-monkey and i wandered down to the beach for a bit.

from right to left, c-monkey, my aunt jan, the momster, my aunt joyce, and then of course, yours truly, looking like a dork. oh, and some random old japanese guy from the table behind us. tongue.gif

c-monkey on the beach

c-monkey on the beach when she not trying to hide from the camera
Happy 30th Grrrl! Better than eva at 30!
Let's try that again...]
sad.gif I don't see anything.
Does anyone else not see them?
I just see little red X's where the photos should be.
Pictures of Mr. Pug and me.

Can see them now Lovemypugs smile.gif
they actually made me 'aww'..the first 3 that is
hi pugses! you two are so cute and in lurrrrrrrrrrrve....
These are some camera phone pics I took of Lake Michigan yesterday morning off of my normal bus stop. From my vantage point, it looked like the whole Lake was frozen.

Southeast (downtown Chicago is south of where I live)

Directly East

brrrrrrrrrr! now i know where i DON'T want to spend winter! but it sure is pretty to look at from here smile.gif
Wow, yes ~ beautiful pics of the lake.

They also give me a *really* scary feeling too. Like a an icy hell. a foreboding, huge pit of ice...yikes!!

grrrlyouwant: c-monkey is TOO CUTE for words!!!!!!
mwuwhaha, you want cold? i got cold.

this, moments before my car got stuck:

I see no pic...

should work now... damn interwebs...
Oooh pretty! Crazyoldcatlady, this looks precisely like the park near my house. Strange.
crazyolcatlady: pretty... Although that picture looks a bit scary to me as well!? the movie "The Shining" came to mind for some reason? weird.
QUOTE(i_am_jan @ Feb 15 2008, 02:42 PM) *
They also give me a *really* scary feeling too. Like a an icy hell. a foreboding, huge pit of ice...yikes!!

Haha! That is kind of what it feels like to be honest. laugh.gif
Here I am on the ferry yesterday from Vancouver to Nanaimo.

So adorable EJ!

Mouse!! Heh, I havent looked at this thread in 2 months..I just saw the one of us--not bad!
erinjane is delicious smile.gif
anna k
erinjane you are gorgeous.

This is me from last week. I like that I'm smiling, though I think I look a little nerdy.

Ok I took this pic after I colored my hair

wow, there are some beautiful busties here!

last weekend my boy and i went to 'the anarchist ball', a formal fundraiser for a local activist group, here are some pictures:

GIANT smile, and we're a little sweaty

and a little drunk

i wish i had the color versions on this computer so you could see his BEAUTIFUL blue eyes.

...more later
busties you all is HAWT!!!

Ellievee, you are the only person I've seen that a munroe looks great on!

annak, you don't look nerdy!

EJ, the pic is great!

lunia the hair colour totally suits you!
thanks culturehandy!
This is a definitely a board of hotties.
Erin, I was going to say, that I think a Munroe would look smokin' on you!
Ellievee, you guys are adorable wink.gif
I love this thread because I love photographs smile.gif

chinese new year, soho

Just because smile.gif
thanks sexysandee!

and starship, you're lovely!
Starship, you're so cute! Is that your natural hair colour? I'm jealous!
aw thanks smile.gif
its natural but i dont rate the colour much myself
prefer it in the summer when it goes this colour...

Hee! The angle of the picture made me dizzy, starship, and my first thought was "Summer, when starship crams her entire self into a wicker hamper!"
AWWWWW congrats rudderless!!! that's the sweetest effin photo i've ever seen. and your hair just keeps getting radder wink.gif
congrats rudderless! you both look super-cute and your hair is awsum
that picture is perfect in every possible way. His hat makes me smile
it was really sunny in pittsburgh on friday (finally!) and the boy and i had the day off, so we went driving/toking

ellievee is sex. your boy looks like my boy
Yeah, you're a babe, ellievee! And your boy looks like my old roommate.
thanks girls!!! happy.gif
i agree, you're supa foxie, LEV, and i love that you're from "pixburgh." i went to school at carnegie-mellon. it's a beautiful city. (i have a crush on the ppg building, and the view of the city from the aleghany (sp) tunnel is dazzling!
Everyone is so cute!
That's a gorgeous picture rudderless, I would have that on my mantle if I were you.
ellievee- so cute! and those sunglasses are hot!

ETA: I tried to post some piccys, but it didn't work. *sigh* I'll never figure it out.
Crin, if you go to photbucket, and upload your pics, there is a code for posting pics to messages boards underneath your loaded picture.
thanks girltrouble! i'm glad there's someone else who can appreciate the beauty of the steel city! i LOVE pittsburgh, despite having traveled lots, it's still my favorite city.

and, thanks for the compliments, too, crinoline...i'm glad i finally found some non-dork prescription sunglasses

and rudderless, your picture wouldn't load for me at work, but i've just now seen it from home-how romantic! you both look so classy-congrats!
QUOTE(ellievee @ Mar 25 2008, 10:35 PM) *
i'm glad i finally found some non-dork prescription sunglasses

those are prescription?! where did you get them?
QUOTE(starship @ Mar 25 2008, 07:37 PM) *
those are prescription?! where did you get them?

actually, wal-mart. as much as i hate it, they have cheap exams and glasses, even when i had no insurance. they're actually oscar de la renta's brand, called 'oscar' i think, they were only like $60 bucks, with lenses and everything! as much as i'd like to give wal-mart horrible reviews, i must say that the eye doctor and eye center employees were VERY helpful and nice, and the glasses only took a few days to arrive.
anna k
My sister just sent me this pic of me as a kid that I had never seen before:

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