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you're all so stunning. walkingb, I want your curls.
I do believe there is an unwritten rule somewhere that Busties have to be goooooooooooorgeous.

It's true I have noticed all the busties are exceptionally cute hotties.
i don't know where to post this but since it has to do with photos and flickr it will have to go here (until someone will point me to a better thread):

i went to the gay pride parade (christopher street day) in berlin two weeks ago and i took some pictures (before my camera broke... sad.gif ) which i uploaded to flickr. and now there is this weird creepy guy who just added his gay-bashing comment to this picture. i know, i could just have deleted his comment but it tweaked me as wrong.

is there anyone out there having a flickr account who could help me out and add more gay-positive comments to that picture? or maybe i should delete his comment after all. please give me your thoughts.
i didn't think it was overly gaybashing. ignorant yes, but so what? ignorance abounds. at least it stimulates conversation.
I thought it would be a better poster image, if they put a willy on the blow-job giver, too.

Great pics, though. Was it you that posted the hedgehog ones? My daughter LOVED them!
yup, that was me. the hedgehog has died by now, though. he/she bled to death because he/she had internal injuries. sad.gif

sorry, i am just so tired of the ignorant straight community that i might have overreacted. and that even though i am straight myself. i guess i spent too much time taking gender studies classes.
Oh. Maybe I won't tell her that. (Hedgehog death)
Well, this website consists of some pics of me, ratboy, and our pets:

Sorry I couldn't link directly to it; my cyber-challenged self doesn't know how! unsure.gif

Ooops...I guess the new & improved Bust lounge automatically links to websites; I didn't know that. Sweeeet! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the linky-dink, Ratgrl. Further proof that Busties are hot mommas ... Especially when they're mommas to precious fur babies! Your rat is super cute, but my knees are positively weak over that gorgeous dog! What a cutey!!!! I long to bury my face is all that sweet silky white hair!
Kyra looks just like Gretchen. Shes beautiful! As are all the others and you of course.

(If you go to the "more options" bit there is a way to format links easily with the word instead of URL. Its been my saviour smile.gif)
Thanks for the nice compliments, Roseviolet and Punkerplus! Your pictures are great, too! Roseviolet: Is your puppy an Irish setter, or a some kind of retriever? He/she is so cute!

Punkerplus: That's so funny that Kyra looks like Gretchen. Did Gretchen have curly hair (Kyra does, although it's not really obvious in the photos)?. And am I correct in assuming that the rat whose picture you posted is Matilda? She's a beautiful little girl!

Thanks for the tips on getting photos directly on here; I'm still trying to figure it all out! It seeems like it should be so easy...
Taken an hour ago~
IPB Image
My wedding dress!

Wedding Dress

Just breathe...

pretty pretty pretty!
What a pretty dress pink!!!
i am FASCINATED with you busties! it's always fun to match up a face with a post...
PnP, you look so gorgeous in your wedding dress! Aww...I really like the last one where you're smiling. You look so happy, it made me have a tear in my eye.

Isn't your wedding in early Oct.? So many kvetchies have Oct. anniversaries...including mine on Oct. 4. (10-4 good buddy)
Beautiful veil, too!
That's a beautiful dress!!! smile.gif
Oh, prettynpink, I audibly gasped when I saw those pictures. You look stunning! And regal.

Humanist, what a great pic! And can I say, I am jealous of that beautiful skin? It's magazine-perfect.
thanks so much, polly, greenbean, tempest~I just hadn't gotten a decent photo of myself in awhile. I confess though, tempest, that I did smoothe out my skin *just a little* in photoshop (I have fun doctoring photos)-so my skin isn't quite so flawless. Thanks though!
Thank you so much. I'm so excited about my wedding... I have a better picture of the veil and train too...The green is actually really vibrant. It looks very dark on the photos, but its a beautiful emerald color.

Veil and Train

Just the train
Dyed my hair black, y'll!
IPB Image
So I was taking pics of myself for myspace and figured I'd share:
IPB Image

P.S. Nice hair greenbean
damn you both!
ginger, i had a nose ring (not stud) that i had to give up for The Man.

and greenbean, i've ALWAYS wanted black hair, but i'm chicken shit, and of couse, because of The Man.

but you ladies are hott shit! smile.gif
GB, Now I'm thinking of dying my hair blueish-black.... I'm sick it being this groddy brown.... I used to have some red in it, but it's faded.

Ginger, cute nose ring baby! I'd get one ,but I had to also give it up for The Man. I'm assumed my new job didn't freak over my tattoo. Although, it is on the nape of my neck, so I can hide it.

Hot shit indeed yo!!
EXECUTIVE transvestite!!

I thought this would be an appropriate picture, now we know even I can wear a skirt, and look hot! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Notice the sunburnt face, I had been out fishing all day in the Arabian Gulf, harsh sun!

IPB Image
greenbean... lookin' gooooooooood, girl. wink.gif

gkitty, I'm with sassy on this one.

*wolf whistles at kalvera* man in a skirt man in a skirt man in a skirt. I can see knees, people. laugh.gif

I'll go back to being jealous of pink's wedding dress now.
Doh, ginger kitty! You look so cute all fresh-faced!
I was doing the naural hair/no make-up thing all summer, but now with the black hair I HAVE to wear make-up, or else it looks like I'm in a wig.

K, picture is gone no? I didnt see it!
*blushes* thanks ladies! I couldn't live without my nose ring I have it for about 6 years.

greenbean, I never really wear much makeup, I just think it looks silly on me.

Kalevra, come on, I wanna see that pic.....
sorry you missed it, next time...

thanks blanche, he is cute isn't he? little snickerdoodle.
I managed to see it! Pepper is hott, and he's a cutie.

I've been taking photos of myself again. It's how I celebrate those rare days when I feel attractive

IPB ImageIPB Image
Greenbean, I am late for the party - but is it okay if I sit here quietly falling in love with you all over again ... ?
Mornington; on the evidence presented, I find to hard to believe that those days are rare!
Pepper, you and the kid are super cute! I came in here to see the pictures again, but poof. I'm glad I got to see it the first time. wink.gif

OMG Mornington, you're another cutie. Is that blue mascara? You pull it off well. I see that Maimy's influence has rubbed off on you. And that shirt looks awesome on you.

My, my, so many of you are delicious.

I haven't posted pictures in the Lounge since the advent of G0ogle. Bastids. Whatever.
here is the photo that i will use to apply for jobs (once i have my m.a. ... my last exam is in two weeks!):

edited to delete the pic. sorry everyone.
raisin, it's green! Although I am a fan of the blue, bright eye-colours.

and they're incredibly rare, funnybird. but thank you biggrin.gif

indie - you pretty. and good luck with the exams!
Getting in on the pic love:

IPB Image

IPB Image

the first is a photo taken at Christmas-time of the boy and I; the second was taken in June and my hair is even shorter and blonder now!

::bunny flops and dies from the adorableness::
bunny is pretty. but then i knew that already tongue.gif

I like the 'do.

indie, nice shot. can't believe i missed that.
bunny, cutie pie.
bunny, what pretty eyes!!

indie, great pic
thanks everyone. i think i will have to delete it from the board soon so that no future employer can track it here all the way from flickr and then read my posts about my love for giving head and other delightful insights to my personal life. laugh.gif
LOL indie!
i hear ya. i'm so frickin' paranoid....

but i've said it once and i'll say it again, i am fascinated by the ladies behind the posts! smile.gif
Cat Lady, some of us are fascinated by you as well! Just saying... ::cough::
Yeah catlady! And uh, I wouldn't mind hangin' with the raisingirl either *hint hint*

Okay, since everyone else is jumping off a cliff, me too, me too!

Yuefie, you're delicious! So pretty and vivacious- looking.
ok, once again. yes, i wore those things outside all day.
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