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greenbean, I'm so jealous you got to see gogol bordello. I have a feeling they won't be making a stop in Winnipeg any time soon.
at least it's not the cobrasnake
wow. you are beautiful, gb! sweaty or dry!
sexxxxy busties!
As long as I'm posting embarrassing childhood pictures of humanist in the birthday thread, here's some more:

I was about 5, she was about 2:

Humanist, me and our favorite cousin (who's getting married this weekend- egad!) at Christmas:

The two of us at humanist's 8th grade graduation:
How cute! Polly, I totally used to wear clunky boots on dressy occasions like you in that last picture! It was the only way my mom could get me to wear a dress.

Mouse, Cobrasnake! Ha! I think I'm about 12 years too old to be in his photos.

Erin, they're in Toronto next month..make a road trip!
Ah ha ha, it's time to embarass the birthday girl! You are both totally adorable!

Now I want to see more childhood/adolescent pictures of all of you... ahem...

*scrambles around to find one of herself*
QUOTE(greenbean @ Sep 7 2007, 12:38 PM) *
Erin, they're in Toronto next month..make a road trip!

Hah! I actually considered this but I have midterms at that time. Maybe I'll see where they are during reading week...

And here's me being silly with my camera and a couple of shots from the Winnipeg Folk Fest.

Erinjane, you are such a looker. I'm sure I've said it before, but it bears repeating: damn girl, you are beautiful.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Sep 8 2007, 12:27 AM) *
damn girl, you are beautiful.[/color]

Yes...very!!! It's the piercing. It's just the cherry on top in my opinion.
erinjane, you are so adorable!

humanist and polly, you girls are so cute. really. and that last pic...i swear you too still act the same! laugh.gif
HOT HOT HOT Busties!

There are way too many pics on Flickr of my head taken in the bathroom...


I am very very tan, (hush you negative shade worshipers!, lol) have a very bad headache, and just ripped one of the ring holders of my rubber duckie shower curtain... and my hair is already growin like the craziness....
and raisin, how much do I love you are a "smug twat" by bust's standards? lmao
how does one post a pic here?
I think you still have to link to a photo on another site, like Flicker or something.
you are gawe-geous WB! what cheekbones thee have.

busties are best looking bunch around!
I love this thread.
Mouse, you're lucky to get a pic with SEVEN busties!

Here's me in the desert.
emoved my pic for my own comfort.
*wolf whistles at culture*

daaaamn, girl!!

wb, i always love your pic posts! i have hair envy.
awww thanks FJ! *blushes*
woo culture! you pretty biggrin.gif
Man!! Busties and Busters sure have some purdy lips! Y'all look like dessert.
Here are new pics of us, including little Eddie's new haircut.

He got a fauxhawk! Now he can see past his hair.

Piggybacked on Daddy.

It's a good pic of me, too bad it's not in focus. D'oh!
bustygirl: *Nice* pic, wow, you are smoldering...

and ~ Boy, I bet I could get just about anything I wanted with a face like lil Eddie's?!
I think I have finally figured out how to do this! So I am going to share a little experiment that I did from this website. Just a warning, I think some of these pictures are just scary.

I started with this perfectly nice cell phone picture of myself:

Here is that picture if I were a baby:

If I were a man:

And if I were a manga character:

There are a few more (ape, bottacelli, etc.) that you can find here.
freaky pics kittenb! of course, you look the prettiest in the first one. wink.gif

aw boo. i didn't get to see the pic of culturehandy.

yeah for a pic of doxy!! nice to finally SEE you. smile.gif
kittenb... aaahh!

busty's eddie... awwwww!

i met rita last weekend!

OMIGOD I LOVE RITA!!!!!!! nickclick, where are you? whenever i try and ask for water ice out here they look at me weird and go "you mean ice water?"

ETA: saw yr "from" thing. AHHH JERSEY.

I got married August 18th in Topsfield Mass but just figured out last night how to post images! Here is one of my and my beloved. He looks so handsome in his blue suit!
You both look ravishing, gumby, and incredibly happy! your dress is beautiful.
congrats, gumby! you both look so happy - and you look stunning
I'll repost the pic temporarily. Okay busties, I removed it again, because of the troll.

gumby, congratulations! You and your man look sophisticated and gorgeous, and so happy it's impossible to look at that picture and not smile.

I took this pic while sitting atop a fire engine somewhere in eastern Montana. It was a long hot day.

Geez Zora, is that your badass gothik truck?

fiddler, you're in my home state & while I can't say that I miss fire season, i feel a weird little pang of homesick seeing that pic.
congrats Gumby! Gawgeous dress!!
OMG I am SO never posting my pic here because I am soooo outclassed by all the uber hot busties sad.gif
Awwww phobia, don't say that. I'd like to see your pic! Please?

This is my beloved dog, Rhys. She sings.

Wow, that is a pretty dog. She looks so soft.

The Wikkid Truck is pretty damn cool, too. smile.gif
whoa, fiddle, your dog is beautiful. husky? (sorry, i don't know much about dogs!)

CH, you don't look like i imagined! i mean, i knew you'd be pretty damn hot (as you sure are!), but i think i was confusing you with a pic of another bustie i saw... i thought you were white...

Zora, the truck is awesome!

Fiddler, your dog is beautiful!

Octi, the picture is a little grainy, but I am white. smile.gif I took that picture in my car, the light was from the vanity! Thank you for the compliment!
Dudes, I WISH that was my awesome truck.
i love halloween!

scooby and scrappy doo and velma!
omg pepper that has to be the cutist pic ive ever seen. and i love love the window scene. when i move im thinking of putting up permanent halloween scenes in shadow on a wall similar to that.
Great costume Pepper!
moved to the Dog and Puppy thread!
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