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Morningotn, I can't let that stand. I know for a fact that you are absolutely beautiful IRL. And you can wear clothes I can't go near.

Catlady, um, yes, totally. It's like 'who's that tired looking girl? Oh... it's me.'

Oh bugger, CatLady, I have those days ALL the time. Mostly due to my humongous bags under mine own eyes. I have no idea where I get them, I sleep about 12 hours a day.
pfft. and you, ms syb, are stunning yourself. and can wear things I can only dream of.
So many cute Busties and BustieKids and BustiePets, too! Hooray!

I was just posting some photos onto my blog, so I thought I'd dump them here, too. smile.gif These are of me and my darling Sheffield_Steel while we were in Florida last month.

I'll post soon, it appears that my compter is being an ASS!
mornington, I love your dress.

roseviolet, you two are a seriously cute couple!

grrryl, your new kitties are adorable.
i second the cute mornington dress, and your hound is adorable.

rv, you and sheff are teh hawtness.
Great. First time I show up in... how long? anyone?... and I see a photo of myself wearing socks and sandals. Thanks a bunch, RV

Ya know, love, no one would have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out. Perhaps I should add a warning?
"Attention! The following photo features man sandles worn with socks! May not be appropriate for young children!"

In defense of my darling husband, I should note that we had been walking all over Disney World for 3 days at this point and his poor, swollen feet needed a little extra cushioning. Hence, socks. With sandals. And even with said choice of footwear, I still think he's dead sexay. wink.gif
Mr. Steel, sir: If I may say? TOO long!

Rose: Not a news flash, but gosh, you sure are pretty.
Wow, I didn't even notice the socks with sandals...I was too busy being lost in your eyes tongue.gif Seriously, they just looked like dark shoes to me.

But rose, I love your shoes, and look at those gams! You two could be in J. Crew ads or something. I mean that in a good way!
you know, i was going to point out the socks with sandals, but then i thought it might be rude. nice to know that it's not a normal occurence, though tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

besides, nobody would really notice or care, what with the two of you being so hot and all.

rudder, that is a super cute pic!!
coulda been a lot worse; coulda been white socks with sandals!

tres cute.
Thank you all for the compliments. [blushes deeply]

Rudderless, you are looking HOTTTTT ... with 5 Ts! wink.gif

And this maybe slightly off-topic, but Mouse, I love your new profile pic. Kicks serious ass.
Rudderless, that is a really good photo. Not only does it depict two quite attractive people, but it seems like a nice moment, too, and that's always enjoyable in pictures.
Getting back to the meeting up conversation for a second -- did anyone notice in this most recent issue of BUST that there were pictures from a Release Party for the previous issue? Do they always do that? If so, that'd be a great opportunity to meet up and take pictures!
james dean is SO NOT INTO kissing me sad.gif

also, apparently i like taking pictures with statues!
mouse you are so so so pretty! You make me smile.

rudder that is one sexy ass picture...*grin* I love it!

roseviolet - that blue dress and those strappy shoes look great on you!!!

maimy- because I didn't say anything before I'll say it are sooooooo hot! *wink*
Mouse, I *love* that smile -- particularly that sly dimple. Awesome.

ILP, thank you! *Giggle*
i can fit quarters into my dimples. it's my party trick.
That. is totally awesome.
photos of my new hairdo! Best one I've had in a long time smile.gif

Hot auburn-locked ladies in da house!
lookin' good, humanist! great 'do
Little Eddie turned two yesterday. All hail the king!

Apparentally just the one binky isn't enough for our little wonder.
Great 'do, humanist!

Happy belated birthday lil Eddie!

I'm reminded of a great binky party section in Anne Tyler's Digging to America: one of the children has hundreds of binkies and they throw a family to rid themselves and her (unwillingly) of the binkies by tying them to balloons and letting them go... all of the binkies end up in the neighbour's garden. Anyhoo /rant.
holy CRAP, bustygirl, two already? i remember when you were just pregnant. jebus. well, happy birfday!
bandwidth was killing my site.

I looooooooove boston terriers! So cute! (I've always wanted to have one and name it Eightball) Oreo is a good name, too.
boston terriers are the most graphically pleasing dogs. i once designed a logo featuring a boston terrier and it was stellar. much like this picture. SO CUTE
you all look so marvy!

ok, this is what has been keeping me so dang busy lately...

day 1 on planet earth ('scuse my raggedy appearance PLEASE! i just gave birth in the bathroom of my cottage yo!)

and a few days later, already a funny gal!
Woah frontier mama the bathroom of your cottage! I could FALL into your baby's eyes - she's so beautiful! As are YOU.

awww I just scrolled down again *blubbering*
it looks like she's waving in the first picture. she's so cute.
busties have adorable babies!
Congrats, pepper! She's beautiful!
The peppers are beautiful!

Oreo is adorable (we love Boston Terriers in Kvetch up, Oreosmom).
psst. i posted a pic of the chicago busties and sixelacat in the kvetch thread.
your hair is awesome!
Pepper, what a adorable family you have! Your baby looks so happy.

cool hair, rudderlesschild.

Oreo's mom, I want to steal your pup, little oreo is to cute!!
anna k
Great pictures Pepper!

Cute Boston terrier! Love the first pic.

humanist you look so beautiful and intriguing in those photos.

Recent pic of me on vacation in Asheville:

is that a can of Tecate in your hand? I LOVE Tecate. seriously , I do.
@ missladyj--you know it!

anna--so pretty! and the landscape isn't bad either wink.gif
This is me looking like I might stab someone:

HOTT, kel.

Wow, Kel!

*fans it WARM in here???? wub.gif

Welcome, HCBeck!!
dude! i spot a dude! welcome buster!

kel, red hair, green eyes and Freckles! yay!

anna k, where are you? my gosh, that's some view. wow!


i love pictures.
Aw shucks. *scuffs dirt with toe of shoe* Thanks, guys!

Hi hcbeck. Cute boy alert!
kel, you look hott! stunning - and colour me jealous, your hair is gorgeous
hi hi hi! they've been keeping chained to my lab at work, but somehow, saturday, i managed to escape and go get drunk with my friends for the first time in ages. and yes, there are incriminating photographs (aren't there always?).

bonus trivia fact: this is the first and probably only time you guys are seeing every hair on my head its natural color, no leftover growing-out bleached spots even. don't get used to it. laugh.gif

oh jack, my dear lost love

and this is why jack is my dear lost love, because i'm the one with the card stuck on my head making fun of the dork behind me

and just cause i've been looking for something to break my LOL cherry on and kel's i'ma kill you pic lended itself so well, bonus pic

kel, can i chime in with the general consensus and tell you that hot girls that are about to kick my ass are so fucking sexy? total girlcrush, and the lolpic above was done with the greatest of lurve. please don't really keel me. though i bet i'd like it. rawr!

and hey, look, new buster! cute new buster. what is it about the lounge that draws so many damned attractive people?
Ho damn! Grrrl's having a good time!
..and I second girls about to kick ass are hottttt!

Look what I found!
Taken at a friend is nice and dry since she opted not to dance w/ me in a pit of sweaty teenage boys. rolleyes.gif
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