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girrrl, you look fantastic!

greenbean... hott as ever.
Move to LA, Grrrl!
The bike scene is more laid-back here than the one I left in SF. Prolly cuz less hills and less cold.

This isnt my photo so I dont wanna post it, but I love this shot:;pgnum=1"

Me love scrappy gals!
you're all beautiful!
Hey guys, need advice. I was using Image Shack for hosting photos here, but something is different now. None of the codes they create will post on Bust. I've tried 'em all, and Bust keeps saying they don't take anything with an IMG tag. But Image Shack is only making those now, it seems. Any ideas? Any links and instructions on other sites?
I thought Image Shack gives you several options to link to their pictures, one of which is a direct link. I've always copied that and just uploaded it here as a link rather than the picture itself.

You may want to talk to the LoungeLady in the Community Forum (I think that's where she's been posting updates on the site issues lately.)
My swanky new hairdo:

NiiIIIiiice wink.gif Very streamlined...very *cute.*

(I also love your Holiday in Cambodia!!)
Gingerkitty, that is the cutest picture! Nice haircut.

Here are some fun pictures of me from last night.
Here's me.
One of me being goofy.

grrrlyouwant I love your hair color. I had some bright pink highlights on the underside of my hair for a bit before I decided to go blonde. Your picture is making me miss them a lot.
Wow, you have great hair meabh.
kitten, you're stunning! I love the last one.

gk, that really suits you! it's super-cute (and I love your glasses)
Here's a recent one of me from last week.

All the busties are looking hawt. tongue.gif

Wow. Again, great hair!
Thanks ladies!

Kittenb, those are some hot photos, you're a sexy lady!! I love your hair color.

meabh, so pretty.

erinjane, you're adorable!
Heh, sometimes I feel like a dirty old woman, lookin' at all this nubile loveliness.

But keep on posting. I haven't had enough nubile loveliness to enjoy in my life lately.

Gorgeous bitches. *Sigh*
amen! i'm begining to think that , except for me, busties are incapable of taking bad pix (maimy, this means u!). busties are just automatically foxy.... i'm still trying to wrap my head around the image i had of some people in my head and how they really look... ej; i thought you would look lots older. god you are such a smarty pants!.... kitten, foxy, ginger i am lurving your new spunky cut, and i have so much hair jealousy re: meab and everybody else i've mentioned.....but damn, busties are sum beautiful peeps!

erinjane -

Girl, I'm crushing on you right now. Sorry I don't usually say things like that but I just have to say it. Your picture is so hot.

hotties all around!

*overwhelmed, goes to lie down*
Hah, thanks, ladies.

I think I am probably one of the younger ones...not quite 22 yet (but i look younger than I am anyways).

I don't think it's too surprising, but we are a very good looking bunch.
Awww thanks for the loverly comments! wub.gif

erinjane I get mistaken for being younger than what I am all the time. I recently turned 20 and I still have people asking if I'm 18 or older. And btw your lip ring is damn sexay.
busties ARE foxy! speaking of hair i got a new haircut. i had the hipster pixie shag for a couple of years and now it's time to do something different, so i want to grow it out. my stylist cut it all one length and i don't LOVE it, i think it looks a little square (the attitude, not the shape heh) but i know it has to go through an awkward phase if i want to really grow it out. at least it's kind of louise brooks-ey right now...

ETA: oh yeah, and that's totally my femmen vag you're looking at in the background wink.gif
erinj, you're beautiful! (and it's true, you do look young! tell me your secrets, i'm tired of being taken for older than I am now I can drink legally)

mouse, I think it looks hott! (as indeed, does your femmen vag laugh.gif ) and... I like your jacket too.

Personally, I'm overwhelmed with the stunningness of everyone. And I have long hair jealousy after seeing meabh and erinj and gt a while back...

and maimy, you are yourself gorgeous, so hush.
QUOTE(mornington @ Apr 17 2007, 07:44 AM) *
erinj, you're beautiful! (and it's true, you do look young! tell me your secrets, i'm tired of being taken for older than I am now I can drink legally)

Aw thanks. Damn good genes. My mom got carded at the liqueur store on her 35th birthday. I still get mistaken for as young as 16.
Mouse, you are simply appealing beyond my ability to describe after a thirteen-and-a-half hour day, but dang. I dig you like a double-wide grave. I dig you like a strip-mining operation.

You're the goods. Fab.
Mouse, i totally missed your pic. I love your haircut. I wish i could have short hair, but it just don't work on me.
did i miss the post in the newbie thread saying "every bustie has to be a certifiable grade a hottie?" cause damn, chicas! i am working on some serious girl crushes here. we are some damn sexy bitches! happy.gif

Too much estrogen in here.....

But WOW how stunning you all are....boy over here has a little drool on his keyboard wink.gif

BEWARE!! Topless pic ohmy.gif

This is yours truly after 4 days in the desert as crew for a rally team...


So *this* is me in my pretty in pink shirt. I eschewed pink all my I'm starting to embrace my inner girl.
*develops yet another girly crush*

kel, pink is very much your colour!
kel, you look like Toni Collette!
i love redheads wearing pink! i've always been told it clashes, but i think it looks great
I love redheads in pink too. I wear it a lot.
Kelkello, you are quite the mischievous eye candy. And that is a vivid and rich color - from the posts, I might have thought it was baby pink, but fuschia is another bargain altogether.

And my two-year-old niece, whose red head is deepening and becoming more lustrous every day, says her hair itself is "pink!" (with the cutest voice I am acquainted with at this time, of course), so of COURSE this pairing is a natural!
*blushes* Aw, shucks! Luckily, I blush fuschia, too!
Hey everyone!

I wanna post pictures of my kitties and me and mr.Daisy but I cant cause Im at work. Work blocks all things that have to do with anything. it really is a miracle I can get on these boards. (Really. It blocks art, music, humor, porn, gambling...It blocked a page with shoes Mr Daisy was trying to show me bcause it said it was porn)

But everyone can see what I look like at my myspace profile (i know, I know) You can see Mr Daisy but I dont have any pictures of our cats up yet.

Oh and most of the pictures are from my recent Europe trip. Some are really funny. My favorite is the guy at Shakespeares grave literally shutting a castle door in my face. I dont know how my friends got that picture with perfect timing. tongue.gif
Ok im trying to figure this out.

Me in London

Me in Wales
see! i told you! it's like this unwritten law that busties are cute as hell!
Kelkello & Daisy -

You are both soooooo pretty.
Pugs, thank you!

Blanche, I got it at I saved it to my computer and then uploaded it as an avatar. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Daisy, you are super cute!
Wow, thanks. *blush* Everyone here is so gorgeous! I didnt expect all the busties to be beautiful.

Last night our kitty was litterally sitting on Mr.Daisys head on the couch. Our very very gassy kitty. I tried to get a pic of that for here but when I ran in for the camera, Dexie (kitty) had slid off. Ill try to get something else good today though....
Daisy, you are so pretty!!! smile.gif
I've been busy of late, but here is my rapidly growing baby boy, who can now tell you where his hair, ear, nose, mouth, belly, and feet are.

He can also tell you that a kitty says meow, turn off the tv while we're in the middle of LOST, and throw all his train tracks behind the bookcase.

Is a glossy, gorgeous little boy.

*Dies of the cute*
That is one freakin' cute kid. I think my computer just crashed from cuteness overload.
i get really excited about prehistoric mammals:

and who wouldn't?! wink.gif
You look cuuuute... except what is that you're riding?

I keep trying to smoosh eddie's cheeks through my screen. He's more cute than I can handle.
it's a giant sloth, morn! or rather, "slowth" as you brits would say tongue.gif

eddie is getting SO FREAKING BIG! (and cute) (DUH)
I have awesome new hair!!

I'm all shiney and new!


I styled it!

aaaaawwwwyeah I'm sexy
i heart prettynpink!
The awsome constitutes a GREAT deal more than just the hair, Pretty!
yay! three cheers for the P.I.P!
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