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Aww, thanks kittenb! Your tree is great!

We're making the ornaments for ours, and thus far have not produced enough to get the tree yet, but I can't wait. Especially since the tree dudes set up right outside our building, so we barely have to carry the thing ten feet.
I have new glasses... I like it when they do bogof in the opticians

IPB ImageIPB Image
SQUEE: sexy librarian glasses!

woot woot!
Those are some sexy pictures!

blanche - your pictures did not come up.
Hot glasses mornington!

kittenb, I like your X-mas tree. It looks very classic cute.
Hey y'all! I haven't bombarded you with baby pictures in a while. I hope this works.

little eddie


Little Eddie and his godmother

Papaback ride


The last one I took of myself in the kitchen. I'm making kind of a wierd face, but it's the most recent pic I have of me.
Ah! He's so big! and super super super cute!
I just didn't know where to post this, but it is a photo, albeit a very doctored one-so~

Holy Incompetence, Batman!
IPB Image

That kicks absolutely ludicrous amounts of ass, Humanist. Love it.
Still not workin' blanche- maybe you could set up a URL for them through Imageshack? Just upload them to the site and it creates a URL for the picture. Copy the version that says "Direct Link to Image" and post it as a link here. I don't bother with Flickr or any of those (that's what iPhoto's for, but I can't share that with people), so I just do Imagshack when I want to share a picture.
This is my hedgehog Easter.

IPB Image

And my boyfriend (taken at one of his shows)

IPB Image

And this is me and my band, playing at an outdoor fest this summer
IPB Image

Just wanted to show
Blanche, those pics are fabulous and you look lovely!

Eeee, kayte, is that hedgehog real??? So cute. You and your mister rock too... obviously. smile.gif
Thanks sybarite, yeah she's real. She has a photoblog here.
kayte, you NEED to send that photo in to! I guarantee they will post it!
Humanist, I did send it to CO a few weeks ago and they didn't post it (yet). I don't know how they can resist either, but oh well.
(By the way, I am SO addicted to CO)
*screams* HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!! holy crap, that's anerable.
Hegdehogs are so freaking adorable!!! kayte, so jealous of you and your guy, I always wanted to be in a band, but have zero musical talent.

Blanche, what a pretty dress!
Aww, well don't give up hope kayte, sometimes they say that something was sent in months ago, when they post a photo-I'm sure they get tons of them everyday~
Wow, this is a weird coincidence. Yesterday was "hedgehog thursday" at C.O. and Easter got posted!
Go_Kayte: Easter is adorable! (I love "exotic" pets; I've got some rats, myself). That's so cool that her pic got posted in Cute Overload; I love that website!
BTW, when I clicked on to Easter's homepage link, I saw that you and I live in the same city. I had no idea there were any other Busties around these parts!

Here's a link to photos of my pets, along w/ a few pictures of me and Ratboy:

I have wanted a hedgehog for soooo long. Are they hard to take care of? If you have an inquisitive youngster around, are they a bad pet to have? (Although the 'hog wouldn't necessarily need to be in the same room as the child) How much do they cost to keep up, and what equipment do you need?

I'm thisclose to considering buying one.
Bustygirl, I would recommend checking out these forums: and
Hedgies are probably not great for kids because it takes a lot of patience and low soft voices to get them to trust you. But it depends on the kid. My boyfriend's little bro is 13 and he's great with the hedgehog, but we had our friends' screaming 4 year old over who scared her half to death.

Cost depends on how you intend to keep the hedgehog. There are a lot of choices. Our hedgehog is mostly litter trained so she sleeps on fleece that is washed once or twice a week (no bedding needed). She has a big pen, sort of like a cage but she can get out of it because the sides are low. She stays in there most of the time though because her food and toys are there. The most difficult/costly thing is that they are very temperature and light sensitive. Hedgehogs require a well lit room, preferably sunlit, and a minimum constant temperature of 72F. So depending on where you live the heat costs could be significant. They also shouldn't be kept anywhere with a lot of drafts. We use a ceramic heat emitter (like for lizards) to keep the temperature of her area stable.

Also before you get one make sure there's a vet in your area that sees hedgehogs. There are a lot of misconceptions about them (like that they should eat hedgehog food--hedgehog food is really really really bad. They should eat a mix of several high quality low fat catfoods like royal canin & blue buffalo).

They really are very independent and incredibly cute and can become a good friend. We got our hedgehog as a rescue from a family who got her on impulse then got tired of her and decided they didn't want to take care of her anymore. So be sure, and don't get one on impulse. Also, avoid getting a petstore hedgehog. In general petstores treat hedgehogs horribly (like most of their animals), plus they're usually not bred for good character and to minimize genetic diseases. Petstore hedgehogs are more likely to be sickly and mean than hand-tamed ones from breeders. In my opinion the best thing is to get a rescue but it takes more work because rescues were often abused/ignored in their previous family.

I really didn't mean to write that much. Oops!
haha, Bustygirl, I didn't know I wanted a hedgehog either until I went to the CuteOverload hedgehog section. I would just stare at it all day because it's so damn cute!!

great info, kayte!
it's true. easter may not know it yet, but she is my new art model. i was looking for a cute animal to paint, and here comes easter....sooo cute!
Yay! That's awesome girltrouble. You gotta show me when it's done.
Yes, Girl. Photos REQUIRED.
Thanx for the info, Kayte! Not too much writing at all.

Well, I still want one, but our kid is pretty loud, so I'll just wait and bask in the reflected hedgehog glory here. Maybe that'll be a birthday present to him when he turns 13 or 14. (Which I will later appropriate--ha, ha!)

Speaking of my glorious monkey tornado, here are some recent pics:

IPB Image

Little Eddie riding daddy's back.

IPB Image

Little Eddie playing with a bagpiper doll my best friend gave him for christmas.

IPB Image

Little Eddie feeds himself for the first time.

IPB Image

Little Eddie's CoF: Daddy's hat, a dinosaur tee-shirt, diaper, one shoe and sock.

Hopefully these show up. I haven't had good luck with posting photos.

ETA: Oops! Sorry they're so large--I'll resize them next time. *dodges rocks*
No rocks thrown by me! He's just too precious, Bustygirl!
He's such a little heartbreaker.
oh goodness, so darn CUTE!!!
busty, he's a cutie patootie, and very well dressed!
Oh, wow, Busty! Eddie's growing SO FAST! Is he walking now?! He's still ridiculously adorable.
Thought I'd share a new pic of me and my darling Sheffield Steel. smile.gif

IPB Image
awwwww you guys are wearing matching outfits! tongue.gif

too cute
aww... rose and sheff are too cute.

and i want little eddie's skeleton tshirt. that kid is better dressed than most adults i know
Y'all are so gorgeous, Rose. *Grin*
Matching ribbed sweaters! You two are so adorable -- as is Eddie, always! Crime of fashion... ha ha! Busty, you slay me.
omg rosievee you're TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! xxx
Wow it's suds! Long time no see!

make wit the clicky yo.
OMG! So hott!

Have you lost more weight?
*goes green with envy*

wb, i love your glasses! you're stunning.
Thanks mornington! I finally found a cool glasses place not far from where I live in Williamsburg. And I was going into the city and getting robbed all this time!

Yep dusty. I've lost more weight. It's gross slippy skin weight loss, and if I lose anymore I need to go up a pants size to tuck in all the loose flesh. I can sell you a pound or 15 if you like... I hear pounds of flesh go for a pretty penny. lol
tres chic!
i can't believe how short your hair is ... makes me want to chop all mine off, it looks so low-maintenance!

and yeah, i so hate my uberexpensive glasses. i want yours. *pout*
definitely stunning.
The Walking Bitch is also the Walking Hottness.
Fuck me gently, Z - you've lost weight just since Turkey Day.

'Accourse, we spent like six solid days doing nothing but eating, so I suppose that makes some sense ...

*Must stop ever seeing WB, as all we ever do is eat ourselves silly!*

Gorgeous bitch.
pretty smoking hot, Walking Bitch!
Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Oreo in the laundry room.
Oreo in his cow halloween costume.
Me posing.
Me looking away.
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