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pepper! you're so pretty!
*curses IT dept for blocking photobucket and reminds self to visit this thread from home*
omg this is the best thread! i totally pictured pepper as a fiesty little blonde- hee hee!

it's sooo weird and cool to see the faces. for some reason i thought yuefie was much older (maybe you are just so mature?).

hmm, if i can figure out how to put up a picture i will....
pepper, oh my god! I pictured you as a fiery redhead for some reason. I love putting faces with names!

Yuefie, you're so pretty!

catlady, I am paranoid to, I posted a pic on here for about week then figured, I better delete it not knowing who might see it and connect all my ramblings in here with me in real life. But I'll probably get up the nerve to post a pic again sometime.
I too love putting the picture to the poster...Although I must admit that I have what they look like made up in my head and when I see an actual picture sometimes I'm like man, I wish I never saw what they looked like!!!! its fun!!! i want to put a pic up...I doubt anyone I know in real life reads this site wink.gif (how can i put a pic inside of my post?)

Here is me...
(this is AFTER I had my twins)

It didn't!
free spirit- ages ago we used to have a thread where we described how we pictured different busties that we hadn't seen pictures of or met in real life. it was super fun!

it's fun seeing actual pictures of busties, though, too. you all are beautiful!!! busties seem to be hotter than average for some reason. biggrin.gif
Pepp, you look EXACTLY as I imagined you.

Complete with vixenish devil horns - yep, yep.

Yuefie: TOTALLY sassy. What a wicked/innocent smile!
heehee! i AM a redhead!

i overheard a little girl in my building asking her mom if my horns were real, sssooo funny!
Whoa, looking back a page: mornington, you have an awesome nose, and a really distinctive look in general. I dig it!
haha altar, that would be hysterical! i think i'm influenced by people's avatars... are you by any chance a woman with long dark hair? wink.gif
yeah, since old software had profile pics, which you had to click on the person's username to see, and a lot of busties didn't have one, there wasn't as much of an influnce from avatars.

and, yes, i have longish dark hair. but not that long. and i don't normally sit in candelight holding a skull. tongue.gif
Yuefie, the Raisin Girl wants to hang with you as well.

Did I just refer to myself in the third person?

Getting drunk, want to post photo...looking.....looking..... stay tuned...

I used to have some posted in my LJ, but I deleted all the old entries.
darn raisin, I was running off to LJ to have a looksie sad.gif
i love the idea of a thread where we guess what we all look like--i've seen some pics, but even with those i've never seen, i have a very strong visual image of them .

and yeah, pepper, i'd pegged you as a curly strawberry blonde, hehe.
Some pretty pictures of Lake Michigan on my blog...
Those are lovely, kitten. I love Lake Michigan on a blustery day. I get crazy clouds out here from my balcony, but nothing like what comes in over the lake.
I got pics! I got pics!

Of my son, not me, but they're still cute.

IPB Image
IPB Image
oh he's so cute! look how long his hair got! I love bustboy updates!
Busty, he is getting so big. How can he get so much more GORGEOUS is the brain-twisting question of the day, though. Beautiful boy.
Oh wow, he's so big!

Super cute!
The best part of the second pic is that he's in his toy box, surrounded by toys, and yet he's playing with a spoon and an empty yogurt cup.
I love that in the top pic it looks like he has a gigantic left foot ...
Hey, Y'all!

I have some wedding cake pics that I took. I'd like to post them for the ladies over in the "accomplishments" thread (I decorated it)--but I don't know how!

They're just pics in the "my documents" file on my computer. They're not on a web-page or anything.

Can someone here give me step-by-steps on how to do this?

I'd be eternally grateful!

Is it like a Copy&Paste type thing, or what?

Hey quietmadness, you can-
1. go to Imageshack,
2. click on 'browse', and you should get a window of your files.
3. Open 'my documents', find the photo you want to upload, and double click on it. Make sure it is one of the allowed types of files listed.
4. Then, next to where it says 'resize image?' click on the drop-menu, and select the 640x480 messageboard option.
5. Then click the 'host it!' button. What you will get is a list of different URLs.
6. Copy and past the one at the bottom that says "direct link to image' after it.
7. Then go to Bust, to New Reply in the thread you want, and click on the icon with the tiny little tree in it.
8. You will get a box at the top of the page that asks for a URL-which you will paste that URL into and click OK. An html code will appear in the message box, and you can any text before or after it if you like. Then the photo should appear in your post. This might seem like a lot, but it's super easy when you get the steps down.

Thanks so much! I've posted the link to the photo of the cake over in the AS THE WORLD TURNS in the I DID IT thread!

Once again, thanks for all the steps--I'm quite illiterate when it comes to some of these things.

QUOTE(maimy @ Oct 3 2006, 11:24 PM) *

I love that in the top pic it looks like he has a gigantic left foot ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't even notice until you said that.
CaYOOOOOOOTT liddle Big Giant Foot ...

Hee. *Squish the big boy*

emmy photos, they may make you sign in for em.
Nice t-shirt, John Stewart. Hee.

I still love him. But ... a stained tee, for a pre-Emmy party??
Wow, I totally missed the picture of Jon Stewart when I went through the first time. Yeah, nice stained shirt. blink.gif

My Homestar Runner pumpkins!
Thoes are some ferocious looking pumpkins!
Me and Mr.Luci, queueing at the courthouse with the rest of the marriage herd. smile.gif

Oh lucizoe, congrats again! You both look so cute and happy!!
Aaaaaaaawwww! How adorable! You're so happy that you're smiling while you're kissing him! Many many congrats to you two. smile.gif
awww bless! congrats mr and mrs luci!
So cute! And I like your princess bride quote.
congratumelations mrs and mr luci! you both look so happy!
Awww *blush* thanks y'all...I think we're pretty cute too wink.gif
Congrats, lucizoe!!! You two look really happy! My hubby and I did the courthouse thing to, it was wonderful, no pressure, the whole day was just about us.
Congrats, Luci! You both look so happy!
that's so beautiful.
I did it the same way. So simple yet so incredibly special. Congratulations!
Omigosh, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Luci, you and luciboy (now Mr Luci?) look just so freaking happy in those pics. I'm seriously about to cry just looking at them! wub.gif
anna k
Me and my aunt at her wedding:

IPB Image

You both look lovely- where was that taken? Looks like Giverny, France, where Monet painted the water lillies!
anna k
Upstate NY, in a Japanese garden.
Pictures of my Christmas Tree!

Lucioze! Such great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the tree, kitten! Nice old fashioned ornaments. Most of my ornaments are Simpsons ornaments, with a few Hallmark-y ones. I'm working on putting it up tonight and tomorrow, so I'll post pictures then.

I was skimming your blog- mind if I ask where you got the Zombies: Eat Flesh t-shirt? Le Boy would love that! To go with the "Joss Whedon is my master now" in Star Wars font t-shirt I'm going to get him, too.

I found it on Television W/O Pity's Glarkware store. I think you can still get it in time for Christmas.

I really want a "Joss is my master now" shirt.

Most of my ornaments came from my years working at Crate & Barrel.
i knew glarkware looked familiar.

i bought my sister the "dingo snack" baby shirt when she popped her kid.
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