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this is my favorite place to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(also, greenbean, you're beautiful, and so is your whole family!)

*melts along side humanist*
Awww, I will never tire of the sight of Baby Eddie. He's one seriously beautiful kid, bustygirl.
I just looked in this thread for the first time ever. How fun!

I have some pictures I've been sharing over the kitty cat thread of these kittens I've been taking care of since birth. I kept a blog of the kitten experience.

There's also a picture of me in the profile.
oh my god! quadruple kitten cuteness!!!!! i'm going to be late for work, because i was reading your gripping kitten blog.
Mermaid, great hair! I've always wanted hair like that but it wont cooperate!

Lunasol, you're too kind! My folks sure were babes, and I think its funny that they are usually smoking in their pics and I am such a militant non-smoker!
Also, I took down pics with my (now-ex) boyfriend. Those pics were telling because he didnt look happy, and I cant look at them anymore. But thats for another thread!
oh my GAWD they are so freakin adorable. goddammit i want another kitten!
for those of you who like kitty pictures, I just posted a few in Here, Kitty, Kitty!

greenbean, I loved the old pictures of your parents!

And little Eddie is cute as always, bustygirl!
here is my dog for you to swoon over. she was rescued from the animal shelter 8 eight years ago and has been with us ever since.

edited to take out link.
ooooh, indiechick...what a snorkly little nose!! so moist...

kitties and puppies and kids, oh my!

I have a couple more, which will probably be it for a while, since I'm busy as hell these days.

me with my new hair

the baby peeking out of his snugli

me again, not so fuzzy

big little baby
For those of you that remember me, here are some pics taken of me within the past year *before* I went and dyed my hair bright red. *sniff* I miss the blonde, though. :-(
and another
and this is the vaudeville/go-go/burlesque thingie i do for fun
Holy mother of Maud. Girl, you are fab on a biscuit. I fuckin' want you for Christmas.
Hey, Saktii!

I miss the green hair.
heheheh! Aliigator! I'll tell you-- I DON'T miss the green hair.
Not if I can help it, Raisin.

*Puttin' up da dukes*

And I'll fight Georgie, too ...
maimy, I just looked at your profile pic, and you're pretty damn hot yourself.
Challenge accepted, Maimy. The weapon of choice... vibrators. Vibrators at dawn.
*blush* How very Victorian of you...
Honey, I don't even need a vibrator. What I did the other night with the applicator machine for my dermabrasion kit alone, you couldn't begin to handle ...
HAH! ::giggling::

Nothing to see here except my technolust for a friggin' digital camera.
Maimy, at this point, you ARE a vibrator.
*22 months and counting, 22 months and counting*

No new pics to post. [/thread drifting]
How many days do you have left?!
New profile pic!

Me and CJ. Sigh. This one's gonna hurt.
Dig my legs, y'all.

Zillah, that's an order it's a pleasure to follow! FANTASTIC ...
*Just* your *legs,* Zillah? Not sure I can refrain from're about 10 pages of cute!
awwww, guys! Thanks! I love this place--y'all are so sweet!!
This isn't a shill for my website for a change, it's for my son.

We entered him in Evenflo's "Baby You're a Star" contest. The winner gets a $10,000 scholarship, and becomes the face for Evenflo products. Now, we may be biased, but we think he's cute enough for their stuff! ;)

For him to win, he has to get a buttload of votes. You can vote once a day from July 1st to the 16th. The page he's on is Vote for Little Eddie!

I don't normally beg, but I will today. Please, please, please, if you think my kid is cute and you aren't deeply offended by my open pleading, vote for little eddie!

(P.S. I will double post this in other threads, so I apologize in advance for clogging up the boards. We could just really use that money for a scholarship.)
my parents found a hedgehog in their garden this morning. it was hurt and had to be taken to the vet. now it's recovering in a hedgehog asylum and will be put back into my parents' garden once it's better. it's really cute.
Poor little hedgehog!! indie, your parents are awesome for taking him to vet and everything.
Oh, cute! Hope it gets better soon.
it's more my mum. her in combination with my younger sisters have found several dogs, a cat, two bunnys, two guinea pigs and at least three hedgehogs, all homeless or just put out by their former owners. i don't need to mention that all our dogs have been former animal asylum inmates. ;-)
aww so cute. you take really neat photos, indiechick!
:-( I wish we had hedgehogs in america. They're so cute.
wow, there are no hedgehogs in america? weird. i never thought of this. by the way, the hedgehog photos moved down on my flickr side because i uploaded more photos (in case anyone is still interested in taking a look and can't find them).

thanks for the compliment, humanist!
Thought I'd post some pics here so that Humanist77 can see for herself that we possibly look alike...Also. I'm kind of a picture whore....
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

wow stunning! In the first pic you look like Blondie (lead singer - can't remember name) and in the last I think you look like P!NK with a better bod.
Debbie Harry? Yes, I can see that.

Saktii and humanist kinda have the same jawline.
anna k
Cool photos saktii.

Fun photo of myself that I like:

IPB Image

I can def. see the debbie harry resemblance and a vicious shade of green right now I tell you!
Here y'all go... have a party...
So cool to see some bustie mugs!
In the spirit of the eva longoria pics, heres one of me sans make-up
IPB Image
I knew us busties could beat her!

Have you got a close up of your tattoo? From what I can see it looks gorgeous.
Ahh I'm starting to hog the thread but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

Me without makeup (and hungover. And sleep deprived)
IPB Image

Me being posey for myspace with my "prison tatts" (permanent marker)
IPB Image

What my passport now looks like
IPB Image

And finally my little lovely
IPB Image

(Sorry they're all so big! I'm not very good with this whole computer stuff!)

Have you heard about the competition yet bustygirl?

oh thanks, saktii-yes, I definitely see a similarity in the shape of our faces-cheekbones, jawline. Hot photos!

The rest of you are so gorgeous!
Look at all the pretty, pretty busties!
look at all you lovely ladies with the dark hair!

i want dark hair!
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