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okay, does anyone know anything about dishwashers? I put some tupperware in there and it got caught on the heating coil and burned up and smelled like crap. I breathed some of it in and that's my first question. am I going to be allright breathing in melting plastic? and second, is my dishwasher going to smell like burnt plastic every time I use it from now on and is it safe to go on using it? anybody ever had this happen to them or am I the only dimwit??
i feel like this happened ALL THE TIME in my house when i was a kid.

and i'm still alive.

and i don't remember my parents calling a repair-person or declaring the dishwasher off limits or anything.

i'm guessing you could maybe peel off the melted plastic once it's hardened and the heating element has cooled down? or maybe you could run the dishwasher on super-hot with nothing in it a few times till the plastic completely melts away? you might also need to let it de-gas over night by leaving it open (and maybe a window open nearby if you're sensitive to the smell).

all in all, though, you're probably going to survive.
i used to take piano. Royal Conservatory up to grade two. Anywhere I can get these songs off the internet (it's classical, so I'm SURE it's public domain)
I have been trying to play from memory- but I can't remember so much, and I had the best time practising today. Or Free Sheet Music off of the internet? I would love to play some more....
clover, call or email the manufacturer. they'll be able to tell the what's up straight up.
thanks bklynhermit and pepper. I ran it on hot and it still smells a little but I think it's okay. I called the manufacturer and that's what they said to do. whoo-hoo! we're back in business!
Hey. Does anyone have any idea how someone would find out if someone else had died? What local governmental agency would be responsible for keeping track of that? I heard my ex-husband might have died recently and want to confirm it...
falljackets, you might want to try contacting the local paper's obituary department.
Here we have this government office that registers all births deaths and marriages - I bet you peeps have something similar that performs that task?
sometimes if you google their name it will come up also.
hey guys. thanks. i found it on i appreciate all your help.

and yes, he's dead.
by the way, lot, that is a great resource! i just entered his info again and there it was. thanks.
FJ, I'm sorry -- that must be odd news for you, to say the least.
okay, i'm suprised, honestly, that there's not a thread for it, but who knows anything about CARS? i just got a new job that's nearly a two-hour bus ride away (by car it would be about half an hour) so i need to get a car.

i really want a biodiesel, but i just am not going to have the time to collect and filter oil--when i go freelance, that's the first thing i'm doing though!

anyway, if anyone knows anything about which used cars are known for being the most reliable, best mpg, all of that, i'd love to hear about it, or if anyone knows of any resources where i could find info. i really don't have any preference beyond runs well, gets good mileage, and won't fall apart or kill me.

Mouse, try, the website of Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers (aka Tom and Ray Magliozzi). The brothers do a wonderful radio show on cars (among other things) on NPR, and the website is an outgrowth of the show. Click on "Actual Car Information," then "Buying," and all will be revealed. Or something will be revealed, anyway. You can also listen to the show online, if your local NPR station doesn't carry it at a convenient time.

They oughta pay me for this plug. Fat chance.
Mouse, another fairly good source for auto info are the Lemon-Aid Car Guides, carried by most mass-market retailers and also stocked in public libraries.

Phil Edmonston is the author; is the website (but unfortunately, he no longer has model-specific analyses on the site, replaced with general info on the auto industry, secret warranties, recalls, etc.)

For diesel and biodiesel info, chat and forums, check out and also

There are machines that can help you make your own biodiesel, one of them available from

~North "just a car guy at heart" pole~
thanks north!

actually, lovecraft bio fuels is right down the street from my house, and they either convert your car or sell you pre-converted cars that run on diesel, biodeisel, or vegetable oil. it's pretty much the most brilliant thing ever, even if it does make your vehicle smell like a french fry. my problem is, i just don't have the time right now (full time job and freelancing on the side) or space to collect, filter and store my own veggie oil. i'm hoping to work up to only freelance in a few years, and then i'll absolutely sell whatever car i get now and go veggie.

i hope we all end up running on deep fryer grease within the next ten years. we have to get off oil.
Y'know, I don't think I'd mind having a car that smelled like french fries. Or I've often heard, doughnuts. Better than those nasty little trees or faux vanilla or strawberry.
That's also a very good site, Mouse, thank you!

Ah, yes, time: the one thing we never seem to have enough of :-(

~North "mmmmmmmmmm donutssssssssss" pole~
turns out they're opening a fueling station in my neighborhood......$1.50 a gallon AND good for the environment? i may be getting a biodiesel car after all. *excited*
You *absolutely* have to keep us up to date with how you like the car (when you get it), and maybe even a pic or two?

As a Canadian, and therefore one of the biggest consumers of energy per capita, I'm always interested in honest, reliable first-hand accounts of these sorts of technologies.

~North "$1.50 a gallon is MUCH MORE attractive than the $1.00 a LITRE! I'm paying now!" pole~
Need appliance advice- a couple weeks ago, I accidentally put out my oven's pilot light. I had a water bath in there because I was making a cheesecake and the water sloshed and put out the light. Eventually, it came back on by itself, but a few days later, my boyfriend put it out again when he was pulling the waterbath out of the oven (oops, I forgot it in there!) and it sloshed again. Ever since then, it won't light without us manually lighting it. Any advice?

I've lived here less than a year and have had to replce two appliances- I don't want to have to do anymore for awhile!!
our old stove when i was growing up needed to have the pilot light lit everytime we wanted to use it, and we did that for years. my point is that while it's really inconvenient, if you don't have the money to replace it or even to have a repairperson look at it, you could probably just keep lighting it every time for quite a while without any really ill effects.
yeah, the old oven at my parents was like that too, but this one is extra annoying because I have to light it by getting down and going through the broiler. Usually, you can just take off the panel at the bottom of the oven, move that deflector panel and light it. I can't loosen the screw on the deflector panel, though. Grr.
Polly, try checking out the manufacturer's website to see if you can download an owner's manual. It sounds like something got knocked out of place if it keeps going out. The manual should have the specifications as to location of the pilot, the ignitor and the thermocouple. If any of these are out of place, you'll encounter these sorts of problems.

Alternatively, perhaps your natural gas or propane supplier (not sure which one you're using) can be of help. Here in Calgary, our natural gas supplier will do free inspections/service calls for any natural gas appliance in your house. I'm not telling you to lie, but they'll often come quicker if you mention that you can't get it to light at all. Otherwise, you may have to book an appointment, and that can be a couple of weeks into the future.

Definitely if you smell gas, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND THEN CALL THEM!! Don't use a phone in the house, because even the small spark of a telephone making contact can ignite the gas.

You may find that the thermocouple could have been damaged by having water splashed on it. Hopefully not!

~North "hee hee hee she said 'gas'" pole~
okay busties, I need some advice. I got an email from PayPal saying that I owed such and such amount blah blah blah for a purchase that I did not make. It looked exactly like a paypal email. I went to dispute it and it asked for my credit card # which made me suspicious so I checked the email and it wasn't a real email, it was a picture. SCAM!! now who do I report it to to stop these scammers? thank goodness I noticed just in time! this is a good scam b/c the email address is only two letters off from the real PayPal address.
Cloverbee, check out the different ways to contact PayPal on their website. I dug this up there:

~North "let's shut down the scammers!" pole~
Cloverbee, you were right to be suspicious and you did the right thing by checking it out. I get these scam/spams from fake Paypal and Ebay addresses all the time. They are NOT legitimate. They are annoying and potentially dangerous--don't respond by clicking any links in them, and above all don't send them any info about yourself or bank accounts etc. These things are called "phishing" and are an attempt to get you to give them access to your money.

You can report these to or, and their security folks will reply, reminding you that Paypal and Ebay do NOT email stuff like this to you. If you have real messages from them, they will be accessible on your account. Log in as usual and see if you have messages. The security departments at Paypal and Ebay make an effort to catch these thieves, but the best defense is just to delete any email that looks phony. Unfortunately, it usually is.

One other thing: A lot of these phishing attempts appear to come from banks. Same deal.
I had the same thing happen. Change your password right away.
Does anyone know if those Lacroix sparkling waters are sweetened with anything, and if so, what do they use? Sugar or an artificial sweetener?

ETA: I think I may have found the answer- they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners (I think- the lacroix website has no info, so I'm not sure if what I found was accurate.)

My boyfriend is trying to kick his pop addiction, so I'm looking for something that maybe has a little sugar (as long as it's less than a coke), no artifical sweetener and low in calories- any ideas? Maybe I'll start making iced tea at home and he'll have to get a bottle to keep it in.
Hi everyone..I'm posting this here, hoping you guys can help..

I'm a grad student and I'm starting a "large-scale research project" (read: dissertation) on personal zines. I'm looking for zinesters who put out personal/journal zines to talk with me about their experiences writing and publishing the zine.

Does anyone know of good online message boards or web communities where I could post this message and find some zinesters who are willing to chat with me? any of you BUSTies put out a personal zine and would be willing to share your experiences with me?

Thanks for any ideas/help...

I put out a personal zine...send me a pm and we can talk.

Lynn Bomb
how can I find someone w/out paying money to do so? I have tried the white pages and every other free service but no luck??
(cross-posted in the Music Thread)

I need some suggestions- my boyfriend is doing a video editing job for a friend of a friend- he's taking this guy's family pictures and videos and throwing some music over it as an anniversary present for the guy's wife. The guy picked out two songs and left the third song up to my boyfriend to choose.

Problem is, he picked some music that isn't really our taste, so we don't have any idea what will go with the other two songs. The two songs we have are "You and Me" by Lifehouse and "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. They're nice songs, but a little overproduced and sappy for our tastes (no offense if you're into this stuff!)

Any suggestions for a mid-tempo romantic song, preferrably something sorta contemporary and about four and a half minutes long?
polly -- try You type in the name of a band/artist and it finds other music that you (or in this case your friend of a friend) might like.
Polly, U2-One. that's my 2cents.
ingewillow, don't know if this is helpful to your project or not, but you might be interested in the Independent Press Resource Center or Reading Frenzy (a bookstore specializing in independent press and zines. Both are located in Portland OR.
polly...just a few thoughts off the top of my head...remembering that I'm kinda getting old so "contemporary" prolly means something a little different to me!

Fields of Gold - Sting
Never Tear Us Apart - INXS
I'll Be Your Lover Too - Van Morrison (not contemporary, but v. romantic)
polly - "one" is a good call by cloverbee
If it was Sting, I'd go for "Every Breath You Take"
Contemporary? "You're beautiful", James Blunt?

eta: What's Simple is True", Jewel
Thanks for the suggestions- he ended up going with that cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by the Hawaiian singer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. That version always makes me cry!
Hee...I wasn't going to post this, but I feel compelled...I'm not sure whether using Every Breath You Take on an anniversary video is a good idea...since Sting wrote it about his divorce! LOL! :-)
Yeah, it's like, one of the high holy obsessive love songs of all time. I bet Thefedupex has that particular Police track on repeat! I'd go with "Everything She Does is Magic" first if you're going for the Police...
well, I like it! :-)
help! i'm at my work computer and it's doing that stupid thing when it remembers my username when i type the first letter. how do i turn that off?
catsoup, I forget, but it's called "auto complete," so you could do a search for "turn off auto complete." Though I'm sure someone who knows/remembers how to do it will post in here soon.
go to - internet options > content > autocomplete.

clear your forms and your passwords.
Ok, thanks!
Can anyone tell me how safe it is to eat meat/poultry that's been frozen in a deep freezer for over a year? How about if it's been there for 2 years?

Um, I'ma figure freezer burn has set in in that amount of time. I wouldn't eat it.
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