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no, we turn on the heat a couple times a day - they're electrically run radiator style heaters on the wall, and you cant run them all the time - it gets too hot. So we've had them on once or twice a day for a few months now. Plus, the smell is concentrated in an area where there is no radiator.

the smell has calmed down a little, but it's still noticeable near the light in the kitchen it seemed to be coming from. I guess I'll have to just wait until an electrician get my message and gets here. It just worries me because we've had problems with the lights in the kitchen, and I know there were some plumbing issues with the apartment above us, before we moved in, that may have affected stuff in that area of the ceiling. Plus when that smell was strong earlier, it was making my throat sore and eyes kinda water, I wouldn't want any noxious fumes in here.
QUOTE(zoya @ Jan 2 2009, 02:36 PM) *
OK, maybe someone will be on here who knows what I should do.... I've already called the only guy I could think of that might have any idea what to do, but aside from asking if there was any smoke and telling me to call the building management company (which I've done, but no ones gotten back, it's 8:30 pm) he had no ideas or advice...

so - I turned on the heating and after awhile I realized there was a sort of plastic-y burning smell. I thought maybe something was on the heater, but I looked at all the radiators and nothing was on or touching them. I realized the lights were off in the kitchen, when I thought they'd been on, so I hit the switch and nothing. I then realized the smell seems to be coming from one of the kitchen lights - they're those type of ikea lamps that are hard wired into the ceiling, so the wire hangs down, and there's a glass shade on the end. I'm really nervous that the wiring is somehow burning up there. I've switched off the lighting and the smell seems to have settled down.

I've called the one emergency electrician number I could find, but no reply so far... does anyone know if there is anything I should do, or should absolutely not do? Should I fuck with the breakers and turn that one off (except I don't know how I would figure it out, because the lights aren't working there anyway so how do I tell if thats the breaker) it's freaking me out...


is the light bulb a fluorescent? Sometimes when the ballasts go bad they can smell like that. Also what can smell like that is a sticky relay...of course I am speaking as the resident refrigeration geek...but is your refrigerator near there? Try pulling it out and sniffing behind it near the floor...I've seen a lot of compressor relays go bad and it makes that smell too. Of course, if it IS a relay, your refrigerator will be warming up soon. If it's neither of those issues, I would suspect that there is a faulty electrical connection where your light is hardwired. If you were to turn off the breaker and open it up, (the connection) loose wires cause heat which will cause that smell too.

Aren't the breakers labeled? It might be a good idea to turn it off if it is coming from a hardwired light. I can't really give you any advice on how to figure out which breaker might serve that light, without you having an electrical meter. Do the outlets in the area work?
treehugger -

thanks! No, it's a normal light, not a fluorescent. The fridge seems to be ok, it's built in to a cabinet, so I can't pull it out, but it's not getting warm so its fine. unfortunately the breakers aren't all labeled, but I messed around with all of them, and I can't figure out which one it is - mainly because the lights aren't working in the kitchen for me to tell if they're on or off - so I can't tell which breaker they're on - the kitchen seems to be on 2 different breakers. everything else in the kitchen is working. it seems like it is indeed faulty wiring where it's hardwired into the ceiling.

I love busties! I knew there would be someone who would have some firsthand experience with what it might be, or other ideas!! I'll keep you all updated as to what happens
zoya, I hope the property manager or the electrician gets back to you pronto! I'd stay on their butts until somebody responds. Electricity is nothing to mess with.
Hello beauties,

Zoya, I hope everything is OK and that the nasty smell is no more. I can't shed any *light* (sorry) on this myself.

I am on the board of YWCA Brisbane and we run Youth Mentoring Programs with at-risk young women in high schools here, stargazer. Let me know if it's not too late and I can find out more about this for you.

Also, we own a thrift shop. It has been run for MANY years by lovely but rather zealous older women who were involved in the association when they were younger. They are reaching a point where it's too much for them and have handed it 'back' to us to do what we will with. We see this as a fabulous opportunity to get young women involved in a project and have a few grand ideas about what is possible. However, much work is required, firstly, going through enormous piles of unsorted clothes, figuring out our market / clientele (lots of older people shop there but it is also near the University of Queensland and many students come by) and making more effective use of the space we have.

Has anyone in the bust lounge been involved in organising or running a thrift shop before? Do you have any tips? We're not sure where to draw the line as to what is crappy enough to throw away, whether we should place summer and winter clothing separately, whether to organise garments according to colour or size and whether to have a separate section for specifically young people's clothing and/or retro/vintage stock!!

I've done quite a lot of thrift shopping myself but I'm not sure that my ideas about these things will match our clients'!

There might even be a better thread than this for this request - any pointers?
Many thanks.
me and my ex were under the impression that we were going to start a vintage clothing business someday. i wanted to be that eccentric shop-owner lady!! lol. i would entertain the thought of organizing by color, bc i have noticed that highly fancy specialty boutiques tend to use that method, and by golly it does delight the eye. its very modern, i think, especially if you can organize clothes, and other stuff of the same color to make displays. like, a cleverly arranged assortment of orange stuff! mmmmm tongue.gif plus, how many times have you gone to a store trying to find a top of a very particular shade of whatever to match some oddball pair of pants or something? i think its nice to go right to the purple section rather than looking through every rack in the store for a purple sweater which may or may not exist.

then, i would def encourage a true vintage section, bc that is where hardcore thrifter hipster types will gravitate towards immediately.

lastly, village discount outlet does something where every day, certain colored tags are on sale. keeps shopping kindof exciting, because its like an extra score when something you find and totally love is also half off!! yay!

good luck wink.gif
i have never owned a thriftstore (i am severely jealous of you) but i have frequented many and have several opinions.

don't decide that anything is too crappy (unless it's SEVERELY stained/ripped)--if you're considering tossing it, instead toss it into a 50-cent bin, or have a dollar-a-pound or dollar-a-bag type of section. thriftstores are built on the idea that one man's trash is another man's treasure, don't underestimate that.

i would just organize things by type of clothing--shirts, pants, skirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, coats, dresses, sleepwear, accessories, shoes. i think if you try to break it up more than that it will just end up being a headache for you trying to keep things organized by size and/or color. i think generally one expects to do some searching when one goes to a thrifstore, and imho, that's part of the charm.

which brings me to my third opinion--the vintage section. it's nice, i think, from a casual thrifter's perspective to have a vintage section. and it's nice from the store owner's perspective because i'm sure you'd be able to price those items higher. HOWEVER, i will say that as a hardcore thrifter it's hard to find anything that compares to the thrill of finding something amazing hidden in the run of the mill, and having hand-picked vintage sections do eliminate that a bit.

that's all i got.

good luck!

ETA: i too like the idea of various items on sale on different days
how cool is it to be able to volunteer to go through potential vintage? do the workers get first dibs?
mouse, you got some good ideas.

and superluvr, i heart the village discount!

ha, i just realized i didn't offer anything of value to you, ellevenstar. tongue.gif
Yay! Thanks!
& Yeah I did pick up a couple of sweet deals on Wednesday. A couple of vintage finds plus one or two items of 'work attire.' More sorting next week - will take all your ideas on board.
I don't know what a Wii is and wouldn't recognize it if it came up to me in a dark alley. WTF is the Wii Fit I keep hearing about? Is it something that takes the place of a real workout? blink.gif What IS it? (Yes, I'm serious -- I don't know what these things do or why they're popular, and looking around online doesn't help me.)
RaisinGirl, I haven't played video games since I don't even remember. Anyways, the Wii is a game consol developed by Nintendo. The Wii Fit is am excercise game.

there is a wiki write up about it. It could be used as an excercise tool, but I wouldn't use it exclusively. It does get one moving, and that's what matters.
Oh okay. Thanks, CH. wink.gif I guess I thought with the technology out there, there were already other exercise games in existence and didn't understand the supposed buzz around this one. I was getting the impression that it might take the place of a treadmill in one's basement or something (and then I thought, shit, why not get a treadmill instead?)... I always forget about Wikipedia.
two tech issues:

the biggest one, is that on occasion, when i close a IE browser, the same one pops up over. and over. and over again. like, 50 browser windows open, and i can only stop it with good old task manager.

the second is, despite running Norton antivirus scans, i have a tracking bot or something. i did a google search for a wrist watch a while back, and i'm getting EMAILS about it now! i feel so violated.

Hmm, stop using IE? Sorry, not to sound snarky, but IE is just a target for malware. Try Firefox.

Also, download AVG- it's a free spyware program that kicks the crap out of anything you have to pay for. There's a version you can also pay for that handles more stuff. I have lots of friends in IT and they all recommend AVG.

The other product they recommend is Ad-Aware- another free download, but it handles spyware.

You should run both of these on a regular basis (weekly) and make sure you always have the most up to date version.

Yup. Catlady, IE misbehaving like that was the big reason why I switched over to Firefox (I always want to call it Foxfire a la Joyce Carol Oates). I somehow fixed the problem myself (don't ask me how, because I don't think I could repeat it) and have only gone back to using IE for a very few select websites that don't operate properly when using Firefox.

Now where did that big bowl of Kool Aid go? laugh.gif I need a refill.
zoya anyone a member and thus have an invitation code for Demonoid?? I can't register unless I have an invitation code from a member..
Not sure where to post this....

A friend of mine just told me he's dealing with a bed-bug infestation. He's hung out at my place a couple of times (though never in my room) and he and his clothes always seem clean. I literally JUST found out, and have not seen any symptoms in my apartment (although now I'll be on the lookout for them.)

Does anyone know how likely it is that he may bring them to my house?

ETA: Cross-posted in the Home of the Gods Thread
It is a possibility. They like to hang out in seams, so it isn't like he'd be visibly infested. But, yeah, he could have brought them into your home. And they are a BITCH to get rid of once they are there.
dood, i would clean where he slept in your place. go to the store and buy some stuff to get rid or prevent any bed bugs from forming.
He's never slept there, just sat on my couches and chairs.....
See, that's the thing about bed bugs . . . you can't really just go buy stuff to prevent/get rid of them. There's neem oil which can help & you can buy diatomaceous earth & sprinkle it around, but they're not very effective in the long run. And cleaning is a joke. They can get into every nook & cranny & they can climb right through a vacuum bag. With bed bugs you throw your shit out, have things steamed, call the exterminator, & pray for the best.

Whether or not your friend may have brought critters with him would really depend on the infestation. If it is a LARGE infestation, it is wholly possible for one or two to hitch a ride. They tend to like to congregate in the areas around the bed & if he put his clothes on the bed or on the floor near the bed? He may have had some hitchers. But like I said, it all depends upon the size. If it's small you shouldn't have too many worries.
Looking it up online certainly didn't help to allay my fears, one posting said if someone living in a bedbug infestation rides the subway, and you sit on the same seat as them, it's possible for you to bring them home.

Maybe the next time he comes over, I give him some pants, and make him wash is clothes and his bag before he sits on anything lol.
Since I deal with people and bed bugs all the time...

You'd know if you had bed bugs, little fuckers bite like mad, but they only come out at night. The possibility of getting bed bugs from jsut one? Slim. I've been in people's homes when they have bed bugs and thus far, haven't picked anything up.


How long ago was this? If you are concerned, wash all your bedding and such in hot hot water and vaccuum your bed and couches and such, then throw away the bag as soon as you are done. in an outside garbage.

The subway thing is more than a bit hysterical. Hitching a ride is atypical bed bug behaviour unless they're having trouble feeding because there are already too many mouths to feed. And some of the little bastards can go up to eighteen months without feeding.
He's been over to my house twice in the past couple of weeks, and like I said, has not been in my room. As far I know his infestation is something he's been dealing with for a little while, thought he had it licked, but seems to have come back. I have a feeling that he's been doing his part, but his roommates haven't.

Thanks, for the info CH.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 2 2009, 03:37 PM) *
The subway thing is more than a bit hysterical. Hitching a ride is atypical bed bug behaviour unless they're having trouble feeding because there are already too many mouths to feed. And some of the little bastards can go up to eighteen months without feeding.

I thought it was a little extreme too. Given that there has been an or going problem with beg bugs in Toronto for the past five years, it seems like if this was true EVERYONE would have them.
Hell, everybody DID have them until 1939 gave birth to DDT. People used it to kill other things, the death of the bedbug was just a bonus.

I got them once from a youth hostel in Europe. Once on US soil I went from airport, to thrift store, to Walgreens, to coinop laundry. I'd have been damned before I brought that shit into my house.
I've never had bedbugs, but picked up a sand flea infestation when I lived in Cali, once. Went to the beach and apparently a few of them hitched a ride home. I seriously had to wash every single sheet time and time again, and spray my mattress, pillows, couch, rug (thank fuck i had wood floors) etc. with anti-flea bed spray every day for a month before the little fuckers went away completely.

Sorry to be a downer, but I'd wash everything you can, and get bedding spray to spray on your bed, couch, etc. Chances are you you don't have them, but no harm in doing a once over just to be safe.
I think I wouldn't have him over until it's been rectified. It doesn't matter where he's been in your place...Not to get you all hysterical.

With that said, we've had people intentionally release them in offices and nothing has happened.

The thing with bedbugs, is they are where people are transient, hotels, hostels, etc. Lots of people think it is a dirty or being unclean thing, but it totally isn't. If you have one person in an appartment who doesn't do what the exterminators says, why even bother fumigating?

You're much better off getting bed bugs when you have a house.
They haven't fumigated. He says why bother, they're moving, I said if you don't fumigate before you move, you're going to bring them to your new place.

Damn. He's one of the boys I'm crushing on.

Well, I won't be going to his place! and I'll let him know the info you guys have given me.

He's completely got rid of his bed and is now sleeping on the floor - just blankets and a pillow sad.gif
Yeah, I'd meet up with him in public places or outdoors only. Bed bugs have been known to travel up to 100ft on foot to feed. And they are fast like ants & scurry under the cover of night.

Fucking sand fleas. Argh. I spent the night at a girl's house when I was twelve that neglected to tell me they had sand fleas. They'd bombed the house three times to no avail. I called my mom to come get me the next day & discreetly advised her of the infestation. She hosed me off in the backyard & threw away the clothes I had been wearing.
GCK, you are right, he'll just bring them to the new place...I've seen it happen.
Yeah, next time I talk to him I'll stress that.....he's a renter so his landlord should take care of it.

(edited for spelling)
so, as an update, i stopped using IE and am now using google chrome, and might i say that it is hott shitt: ten times faster, no conking out.

as far as the tracking cookie, still persistent, but i haven't tried everyone's suggestions yet. off to look into that...
ok I'm gonna post this again, as the bedbug discussion came up right after I posted this originally....

does anyone have an invitation code for Demoniod??

Laundry question: I've got some nice warm woolly socks that I've been machine-washing (naughty...) and now they've shrunk and gone a bit felty. Any thoughts on how to rescue them?

QUOTE(Persiflager @ Feb 10 2009, 12:27 PM) *
Laundry question: I've got some nice warm woolly socks that I've been machine-washing (naughty...) and now they've shrunk and gone a bit felty. Any thoughts on how to rescue them?


Sometimes you can restretch woolens out by rubbing them in cheap hair conditioner, carefully restretching them out by hand, then laying them out flat.
Hello ladies. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me the code for how to make something look like it's been crossed out. I've seen so many people do it and yet I have no idea how it works.
strike same code as for bold but an S instead of a B
i thinkk...
Late response: Thanks knockoutclothing! I'll give that a try.
okay, I got this as an emoticon via text messge, what the hell is it??


wait a minute, is this some sort of suck my dick sort of reference?
lol....seems they've got a needle dick with a big sore on it....ewwww!
it does look kinda lewd.

eta: okay now that my mind is in the gutter: Cockblocker? Or else someone having sex with a blowup doll? hm Multiple O's?
After some searching on the intrawebz, I found that it is an emoticon for a blow job.
I am trying to find a new music download site and have no idea where to start. I much prefer something free, like rhapsody, but it's US-only. I came across MPsSuite which is cheap but not free, anyone have any experience with them? I'm trying to stay away from iTunes.

I used to use napster way back in the day but would prefer not to do peer to peer now. I am clueless about what else is out there so any suggestions would be great.
I'd offer soulseek, but it is p2p.
Syb, have you tried Limewire? I don't know if it's available everywhere but that's what I use.

If anyone has any knowledge or insight on Theodore Adorno and his writing "The Culture Industry Reconsidered" I would greatly appreciate it. I swear I'm never taking a philosophy class again.
In a reductive nutshell CC girl, Adorno (and others in the Frankfurt School) argue the culture industry has a key role in shaping ideology, so functions as more than 'simple' entertainment. Adorno and Horkheimer’s (1944) essay argues that cultural production is therefore a form of 'mass deception.'

This can feel like a more familiar idea today, when most of us are conscious we are being manipulated by the media, say. Adorno and Horkheiner were among the first (I think) to develop this argument... albeit in dense as hell language. Adorno is difficult to read: it isn't just you.

You may want to read Benjamin’s ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’ (1936) as well: equally tricky but a seriously important essay.

I used to use a text called Key Concepts in either sociology or literary theory back in the day: references like this can be really useful and clear and more reliable (and cite-able) than wikipedia. See if your library has something similar, but check that the press publishing it is reputable. Good luck!
I agree that Adorno is hard to read; all I retain from my reading of him is that post Holocaust there can be no poetry. I would recommend picking up a key concepts book or keywords by Raymond Williams (I think) from your university library or even a critical reader of Adorno.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm writing an essay and I'm supposed to write about what I think his 5 main points are and then say if this writing is related to Habermas or Kant. Oh and I'm supposed to add my thoughts but not my opinions. Whatever the fuck that means.

The sad thing is, I read this exact same thing last year for another class. But I swear that after every semester it's like whatever I've learned just flies right out of my head and I start fresh.
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