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pep, it's pretty easy! if you sign up with a blogging service like blogger, it's pretty self-explanatory. they'll have the interface for you to write what you want and then just press a "post" button and voila! as far as images go, this is an html image tag: <img src="myimage.jpg"> that's all. you can either link to photos from a site like flickr or photobucket, or--i'm assuming you have hosting'll need that to put anything up under that domain name; often it comes as a package deal--you can upload photos to your site. a really good straightforward resource is, or play around with it, have fun! if you need more specific info, feel free to pm me wink.gif
omg, i barely understood a single word you said! that's what talking to my brother is like too. i am a techno dummy sad.gif .

but get this;

Rnd 1: With color A, chain 3, join to first chain to form loop. Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 11 dc in ch3 loop, join to top of beginning ch3.

Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in BACK LOOP ONLY of same stitch. Two dc in BACK LOOP ONLY of each dc around, join to top of beginning ch3.

see, i speak another language too! ha ha laugh.gif.

no, seriously, i have to take some classes or something. thanks for your help though. if i can understand it enough to actually ask a question about it i'll send you a pm.
Sooo, I'm teaching a night school course on "computer science" ~long story~ but it's for the apprentices in my trade (I'm a journeyman).

Anyway, this class is basically an overview of Windows XP, (I sort of think it's a timewaster for the students, but who am I to tell them what the curriculum should be)...

Anyway, I'd like to go over Windows MovieMaker and I was playing with making one in my own computer...whilst I can make one using the sample songs loaded into my computer, and several songs I added to my hard drive using Windows Media (before I had Itunes), I've found that I can't seem to import any of the songs that I've installed through I-Tunes...whenever I try to paste a "location", the only thing I get is the folder the music's in...if I try to get "song properties", again, all I get is the folder it's in.

Anybody know how to import a song from I-Tunes into Windows Movie Maker?

i can't hep ya, tree, i just had to tell you, you are still soooooo my hero!

(toes ground)

Thank you, GT. smile.gif You've got a LOT of admiration shooting your way from me, too!
Hi all... does anyone know of a good TV and/or movie streaming site? I'm planning on using our new improved broadband connection to the fullest...
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Dec 14 2007, 03:28 PM) *
So basically I'm trying to figure out how the majority of people went from believing in goddesses to believing in a male god and I have no idea where to start.

Any tips or links or anything?

CCG - I'm a little late to the game, but I can highly recommend the books of Marija Gimbutas, who spent her career as an archaeologist trying to document the history of goddess workship in Europe. Another resource is a book by Riane Eisler, called The Chalice & the Blade. Both have been criticized for making leaps of assumption that aren't irrefutably borne out by the physical record, but it's fascinating reading even if they did reach a bit in their interpretations of the archaeological findings.
hi ladies,

so i am kind of in the market for a nice stereo system. i have a crappy cd/tape stereo i got off craigslist for like $60 and it is from the late 90's so of course it looks like a stupid black and orange spaceship or hi-tech nike sneaker or some shit like that, and i have a broken portable record player. i think it might be time to upgrade.

ideally, i want something very simple/streamlined aesthetically, with LP, CD, tape and radio, and good speakers. i have this picture in my head of several long rectangular components stacked on top of each other, like the classic stereo your parents had. i want something like that.

does anyone have any knowledge of where i could go to purchase such a thing, what i should expect to pay, and what brands are superior?

Hmm, if you were here in Chicago, I'd tell you to go to Abt, because they're the greatest electronics store around here (and that's coming from someone who's not normally excited by electronics.) I suppose you could still order from them, though.

(cross posted in the movie thread)

New question- on the radio this morning, they were talking about (read: making fun of) a movie, a documentary, about people who do LARP's (Live Action Role Playing), called "The Dark [something- I couldn't understand the second word]"...does anyone know what the name of this movie is?

ETA: Emailed the DJ at the radio station and it's called Darkon.
I put your question to my musician hubsand and this is his suggestion.

go old school and get components
find a place that sells used stereo equipment ( in chicago we have a place called decibel) ARe you in LA? It should be pretty easy to find a place. If you ask who is working there, you should get some good answers.

some suggested brands:
- a techniques turntable
bose or sony or infinity for speakers

good luck!!!
awesome, thank you!
Mouse, I would agree with the Technics (I think it's the same brand) suggestion. I know they do good turntables. I have a mini-component system from them dating back to '98 or so with CD, tape and radio, with an auxiliary jack for my minidisc player (yes, I am old school).

I still love it and it works like a dream, despite having moved about 5 times since then. It's a kind of platinum shade/metallic finish, a little cheesy these days but I like it. It was about £500 back then, new, but if you can still find a similar system it should be less now.
ooooooo... syb, i am jealous. i soooo want a minidisk player. amazing sound quality.
i agree with miss lady j. you can find amazing componants and turntables going to audio resellers. one of my roomates years ago found a fantastic, beautiful old polished wood turntable i would kill for. you can also look in thrift stores (i've bought and resold several i found thrifting) including my baby which is a solid marble kenwood turntable (extremely good!) with pitch control (bonus!!!) for less than 30. but that was after a few years of buying and trading up. if you want to skip the hunt you can always just go to a dj shop. for most turntablists and djs technics are the standard. also: have fun with your componants. i used to have a reel to reel for a while because i found some extremely rare soul reels. oh, and while you're thrifting look for big old 70's speakers. yes they are heavy, achronistic, and sometimes ugly, but they have a lovely warmth in their bass that you hear with LPs other speakers cannot touch. and thrift store LPs are a great deal. i'm sure that it's picked over in LA, but for a buck you can always try some ez listening (seriously, most of my favorites are bizzare records i picked up for a buck!)

oh, don't worry, gt, i know about the thriftstore LPs wink.gif also, we do have amoeba records here! that's one of the reasons i need a new stereo--i've actually purchased a bunch of records i haven't even been able to listen to yet sad.gif

thanks for all the advice!
QUOTE(sybarite @ Jan 25 2008, 03:54 AM) *
Hi all... does anyone know of a good TV and/or movie streaming site? I'm planning on using our new improved broadband connection to the fullest...

Surf the Channel. It's a great replacement for TV Links which was so unfortunately shut down. Surf the Channel has such brilliant show's as Buffy, Torchwood, Doctor Who, and oh so much more. It's been a great escape from the -37C weather we've had.

crossposting in the yeasties thread--

so, i just got my wisdom teeth out and my dentist prescribed an antibiotic. generally i try to stay far away from antibiotics (i don't think i've taken one in at least ten years, probably more like fifteen) but teeth are near sinuses which are near brain, so i don't want to fuck around with this one. so--i'm taking the antibiotic, which i'm not used to. i've heard that antibiotics often will spark a yeast infection. here's the thing--i've never had a yeast infection (i'm sorry!!) and i don't want to start now. do you guys have any preventative measures that you use when you have to take antibiotics? i've got yogurt anyway cos i can't eat solid food--anything else edible i should be paying attention to? cranberry juice? garlic?

any help would be super appreciated!!! thank you!
hi mouse!
yogurt is great, and if you can stand plain yogurt, that would be even better because yeast feeds on sugar. Yogurt with sugar in it generally has A LOT of sugar in it, so if you use plain, you can mix in some fresh fruit and that will still be a lot less sugar than normal. Or maybe you can make some Greek yogurt dip with the plain stuff.
Also, probiotic supplements would work too.
And despite the sugar content, frozen yogurt would be great, because that would be soothing to your mouth.
Garlic is always good, but for whatever reason, ever smile.gif
Mouse, I think you're right to be prepared: I'm sorry to say that the rare times I've taken antibios, a yeastie followed like clockwork. All of humanist's suggestions are good. I would add that I've used plain old over-the-counter canesten, which worked for me...

Cranberry juice is usually better for cystitis or UTI. Most brands include sugar, so it's probably better to avoid them. You should generally boost your immune system over the time you're taking antibios, as they can run you down overall. Another reason to up the garlic!
Word on the yogurt. I'm 33 & I've never dealt with the yeast beast because I start on the yogurt ASAP. Plain, in a smoothie, whatever. I take a handful of frozen mixed berries, toss it in the food processor with some yogurt & bam! Froyo that keeps my ginch happy.
I guess if you're trying to prevent the yeasties, eating the yogurt will help, but don't forget about inserting/applying the yogurt if you end up coming under yeastie attack. I've never had to do it (had one yeast infection ever....please don't throw things at me!!) but I've heard that filling an empty, plastic tampon applicator with yogurt and freezing it, then inserting is quite good.

Probiotic supplements are good too. When i had an awful cold/chest/everywhere infection a couple months ago, and was on serious antibiotics for 10 days, I didn't get a yeast infection, but it did clear out all the friendly flora from my intestines and I had diarrhea for a couple of days. From turbo's advice, I got some probiotics...took them for a few days, maybe a week, and by the end of it they had worked too well. I had to get some stool softener....TMI, sorry.
OMG frozen yogurt in the kootchy? maude, but that sounds worse than the itch! BBRRRRR!

i've only ever had one either and i don't care if you throw stuff at me, i am darn GLAD i haven't had more. they SUCK! yogurt. i ate a lot of yogurt (plain and make sure it is labelled "active culture"). and i did the insertable 3 day pills and the anti-itch cream. and i stayed in my damn house too, lest i humiliate myself in public scratching my pooter, it was AWFUL! lawd.

you can take probiotics but not until the antibiotics are done because they just kill everything you are taking. cranberries don't do anything at all, to utilize them theraputically you would need to take a concentrate but that's for the urinary tract and not the 'gina anyhow. whatever you need to do to boost your immune system, sure. rest and relaxation, avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar, etc. all that stuff that's good for you anyhow.

but since you aren't prone to yeast you probably have nothing to worry about anyhow.
probiotics! that's what i was forgetting. so i start taking them after i'm done with the antibiotic?

thanks ladies!
I would take them at the same time and for several days after you finish the meds. Probiotics don't interfere with antibiotics, they just replenish the good bacteria that the meds kill off.

If you do end up with a yeastie, oil of oregano is a good thing to have on hand, especially if you end up with thrush, as you can put the drops directly on your tongue. The taste is INTENSE and will put you off Italian food for a couple weeks but in my experience (I usually get oral rather than vaginal yeasties after antibiotics), it works.
when you take antibiotics they kill off any probiotics you are taking immediately, it's good to wait until you are finished with the pills to give the good bacteria a chance to take hold. it can't hurt to take them at the same time but it probably won't help much either.
so, does anyone know what probiotics are called other than "probiotics"? i live in a very poor country, no way there will be something called probiotics. i can drive to south africa on the weekends, but there is no guarantee that "probiotics" will be called that there. i'm always running into weird words in south africa.

i still don't know what a "punnet" is.

and a grenadilla is NOT a pomegranate. it is a passion fruit. too many examples to list them all!

Tes, my understanding is that a punnet is a small basket/container of fruit or vegetables. A punnet of tomatoes would be maybe 6 - 7 tomatoes, for instance.

It's unspecific for a measurement: I always heard it used as a way to package fruit or veg at supermarkets.

No idea of the alternate names for probiotics though: I take something called 'multibionta'; maybe running the brand name by salespeople might help?

tes, when I lived in SA probiotics were called just that - at least the little drinky things they sold in supermarkets. if you have a brand name, I'd try that though.

at a flying guess, a punnet is maybe 250-500g of fruit. what syb said is a pretty good guide to size.
You can just call them yogurt cultures, i guess.
tes, I meant to reply to your punnet question: it's a little box of fruit or veg; I'd say there would be about 18 mushrooms in a punnet, give or take.

mouse, I feel your pain, or I will do... I'm having three of my wisdom teeth removed in a couple of weeks.
I'm gonna cross-post this in the community forum, but I'm looking for something that was posted a couple years ago.

Somebody posted a website where you could pull up a list of big businesses and which political candidate they gave donations to...I specifically remember, for example, it listed Outback Steakhouse, and how much money they gave Republicans and how much they gave Democrats in a previous election cycle.

Does anybody remember where that website was or have it saved, or be able to pull up that post???


hi tes--
my understanding is that a punnet is roughly a pint.
this site agrees:

hi tree! <3
i'm not sure which site you are talking about specifically, but i wonder is it any one of the ones on this link page?

skip down to the state and federal lists...

and while i am wary of wiki sites other than the original, i found this interesting site, although i know it's not the one you are looking for. but still. interesting....

x posted in CF...
I hope this is in the right forum, I apologize if it's not!

Does anyone here know anything about Craigslist at all? Anyone know anything about their anonymizing program, or if there's a way to find out who's been trolling me on my local list? I'm being personally attacked by someone on there, and I'm wondering if there's a way to find out for sure who it is??

Suggestions are welcomed!

quietmadness - sorry, I wish I knew...

My question is - does anyone know if someone on youtube is posting the new Top Chef season 4 (Chicago) episodes? Now that Bravo won't put their shows up on itunes, I've been watching Project Runway on YouTube... but I can't find anyone posting Top Chef...

...please help! That show is my guilty pleasure!!!
QM--- dunno if i can help, but what part of CL are you being stalked on? is it on the boards?

i don't know if you know about torrents, zoya, but i would think that would be an easy find on most torrent sites.
ok I feel like an ass, because I'm really tech and internet savvy, but I dont' have any idea what a torrent is.... is that like when I use Aquisition? can I play them on my mac??
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Mar 13 2008, 07:39 PM) *
QM--- dunno if i can help, but what part of CL are you being stalked on? is it on the boards?
i don't know if you know about torrents, zoya, but i would think that would be an easy find on most torrent sites.

Hey GirlTrouble!

Thanks, and yes, it's in the local r&r. This person seems to know everything about me and even posted my email in there once or twice saying things about me. Of course I had it removed immediately, but still. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get an IP address for that person who's posting, email, whatever. I would like to find out who it is without going through the attorney's route, etc.

Thanks so much,
bit torrents or torrents are a kind of 'collective file sharing' it's the logical extention of sites like napster, but taken to it's logical extreme given our legal restraints....hmmm that's about as clear as mud.... basically it's a peer to peer protocol (P2P) like if you had an episode of top chef but it's with a dozen different people spread all over the country. and you have on server/site that keeps track of what bits all the people have and what parts are downloaded to your 'puter and what bits you still need.

the problem with P2P sites like napster is that they downloaded in a linear format. torrents work in an as-available basis. so some parts are downloaded in tandem, the first bit can be downloaded last and vice versa. this increases the speed, so programs, music, movies and tv shows go so much faster.

for a more detailed description here is the wiki with a swell animation! whoooo!

doing a bit of research on Aquisition, it seems it is similar/compatable, althought i can't really say since i'm used to torrenting(?) on a pc. my mac is too slow (it's old), but a mac using friend of mine uses torrent sites no problem
-- and there is less chance of a virus.

QM, i hate to suggest it, but i would advise just changing your name and posting under that. honestly i don't know whatelse to tell you. sorry.

Hello Busties! I hope someone can help me as this has to do with another bustie. One of the ladies on here had a quote in her signature about children always being sticky because they don't smoke enough. I always found that quote hilarious but now I can't seem to find the full quote and I have no idea who said it.

If anyone remembers, please let me know!
cc girl, thank you for giving me a reason to put my googling skills to use. smile.gif bored at work, anyone?

the quote is attributed to fran lebowitz. i've found two versions actually...

"children don't smoke enough and i find that they're sticky, perhaps as a result of not smoking enough"


"even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. perhaps as a result of not smoking enough."

now i am curious as to which is the correct quote, but i'm having a hard time finding references to the "not smoking enough" part of the quote. it almost seems like it's been taken out purposely of all the quotations collections i've found.

ugh. i should work... but i hope that helped a teensy bit.

thanks fj! I found that every time I tried to google it I just came up with sites about how to prevent kids from smoking.
Isn't there a website out there for IRL platonic social networking? Sort of like posting a personals ad for friendships?

LeBoy and I have come to the realization that we only have 2 couples that we hang out with and if they're busy, it's a really boring weekend.

polly, i stumbled on meetup today and found some groups in my half-assed town so they are bound to have some similar groups in a town your size. they have groups listed by activity and such, but i found some that are designated only for couples.

maybe that will work for you? mrfj are the same way, btw... we have a couple friends and if they're busy, it's just me and him. our favorites moved to missouri a couple years back and we've been looking for "replacements" ever since. *sigh*
Is there some type of message board for people who build miniatures? Model houses and the like? There seems to be stuff for trains but not other things.
zora, I know this one but it's UK based; if you have a look though it may give you links to others. I have miniature dolls' houses.
Wow. Bored? Weekend? I just wish things would slow down once in a while. I don't have time to do stuff with friends.
Does anybody remember that radical feminist comic book? The main character had an Italian name . . . it's driving me MAD that I can't remember. I think she had a food name . . . HALP!
hothead paisan...? not food, but vaguely italian, and definitely radical feminist comic book...
Aw, I love HH! She is the reason my cat is named Chicken (there's your food reference, AP! wink.gif ).
Oh, thank goodness! I was going mad. I kept thinking "calzone", not Paisan! And yes, I am retarded.
What's the ecard site with the really odd ecards? I sent one out NY that was something about a resolution, "I'm going to continue to destroy my body with drugs & alcohol." I need a good one.
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