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Yeah, it's probably safe, but it's not gonna taste very good.
doodle, here are the freezer limits for meat types (I wrote these in my cookbook when I started eating meat again last year):

Lamb & beef: 1 year

Ground beef: 4 months

Pork: 8 months

Whole poultry: 1 year

Poultry parts: 6 months

Leftovers w/meat: 2 months
Leave it to Lot49. She's one smart bird!
awshucks, aural. *blush*
'S true, though!! You are a smart bird!
I knew my busties would be the first with the answer.

Thanks, ladies wimmen womyn sisters.
(I'll be x-posting this in the crash analysis thread)

Hi busties! Any experts with domain registration out there?

My domain expired, unintentionally, and I have been unable to renew it or transfer it. The current registrar's website says that expired domains cannot be renewed online through their site -- you have to call or email. Yet my emails to the company go unanswered and I haven't been able to reach them by phone (they're in Singapore and the phone just rings, even if I call during Singapore business hours).

When I tried to transfer the domain to another company, I received a message that the transfer had failed because:

"the current status of the above domain name(s) is:
REGISTRAR-LOCK, clientDeleteProhibited, clientTransferProhibited,

The message instructed me to contact my current registrar to resolve the problem, which I have been unable to do.

Also, the current registrar's site also says that domains that have expired for more than 15 days will require a $150 fee to be reinstated. WTF?
Anyone know how to get rid of a beehive? I discovered one on the underside of the railing of our balcony. It's pretty small, but there's several bees that hang around- we couldn't figure out why they kept bothering us last night when we were dining al fresco! If there's a way to get rid of them without hurting the bees, I'd be okay with that. I don't think there's any bee keepers around here, so I don't know what our options are.

beehive or wasps nest? wasps build a greyish papery looking upside down hanging thing. if it isn't too far along you can knock it down (be CAREFULL!!!), you can build a fire and smoke them out and Then knock it down, or you can have a pest control place come and take it down for you (i recommend this option). bees (or wasps) will die, but the rest will find another hive to join or rebuild.
i'd get rid of it. too many stings can make you allergic and then any sting can hurt you a bunch.
Pretty sure it's a beehive. I don't want to build a fire because it's a wooden deck and I don't want to be responsible for burning down the building.

I'm wondering if our association will take care of it, since it's an external structure- they're responsible for painting the deck and maintaining it, so I'm not sure why this would be any different. i should probably just call them.

Any other ideas, though, before I do?
pollystyrene, you might try leaving it alone. Unless you poke at them, bees or wasps are very unlikely to sting you. If you are severely allergic, of course, that's a different story. But for most folks, coexistence with such animals is a good choice. We've had wasp nests over the front door for several years without any problems.
I would, but we spend a lot of time on the balcony, eating and hanging out. My boyfriend is freaked out by them and it's not worth the hassle. It's our only outside area, and it's only about 6 x 10 so there's only room for one species and I don't want to lose it.

Like I said, if I can do it without killing the bees, I'd be ok with that. i just want them gone.
Bee problem solved- I called the management company and they sent the maintenance guy over to whack it with a broom.

Good thing, too because they were hornets which are aggressive.
does anyone know the best way to extinguish hot bbq coals? we used our new grill (1st time bbqing) about 3 hours ago... i put the lid on the grill as soon as we were done, but when i just went to check it, there were still some red coals, and it's still really hot. is it safe to pour water over it? (we cooked some things w/olive oil, and don't know if some of the oil may have dripped out of the foil it was on)
I'll ask my dad, who's a bbq expert (don't laugh!), but couldn't you just pour water on them? Or would that disentigrate perfectly good coals?
thanks pollystyrene! i ended up pouring water on them...was nervous to because there was some olive oil that had dripped down there and didn't know if it would start a grease fire or anything (it didn't). we used a lot less coal today-so there was no problem!!!
just a question (cross-posted in 'sleeping with the enemy...' in atwt). anyone know where i can find a list of radio stations/venues/anything else owned by clearchannel?
A few months back, I posted about my bathtub not holding water when I took a bath. I thought it was the drain, like the mechanism wasn't closing off all the way. It's a bathtub with whirlpool jets in it, and someone said it could be the seals around the jets leaking.

I didn't do anything about it, and until last night I didn't try to plug the drain for anything. I needed to just wash my feet last night, so I filled it with about 4 inches of water, below the jets, and the water stayed. So now I'm thinking it is the seals around the jets, which makes me wonder, where does the water go when it leaks that way? And how do I fix this? I don't remember who suggested that was the problem and what exactly they said was wrong. Any ideas?
i remember that post polly but no specifics. can't be good if it's leaking somewhere mysterious though.

ugh. i stored something smelly in one of those plastic drawer units and now i can't get the stank out. i've tried washing it with baking soda, dishsoap, castile, and even spraying it with febrese (ick!) but nothing seems to be working. it's REALLY retaining this nasty odour and i'm tempted to ditch it but it's so useful AND it cost 30 bucks. if i can get the smell out i'll keep it but i'm almost at the end of my rope. any suggestions?
Hi Pollystyrene. It was me said it could be the jets.
We got a plumber round, who replaced them all, as the attatchments directly behind the bath, had all cracked.
I'm sorry, I've no idea how much it cost, as this is rented, so the landlord paid. It was a fairly quick job though, (took the guy about an hour) and I shouldn't think it's terribly complicated.
The water had leaked out under the bath, and caused a fair bit of damp to the adjacent wall. We're ground floor, so didn't affect anyone else.
We've had no problems since, and that must have been a few months now.

Pepper, have you tried laundry powder and boiling hot water, and leaving to soak overnight?
pepper, I know it's not enviro-friendly, but I use a bleach/water combo on plastics. I just let them soak in a sink full of bleach and hot water. If it's big, I stick it in the tub and fill the container up with bleach and hot water. It always works. My kitchen garbage is a tall Rubbermaid storage bin - I'd die of asphixiation (sp?) if I couldn't get the smell out.

If you are truly anti-bleach, then you could try sticking it out in the direct sun for a few days (provided you think it won't melt)...maybe it depends on how much sun you get, but it might work now because it's best, the sun will have a "bleaching" effect...I recently did this with some stank-ass too-long-in-the-fridge kitchen containers 'cause I was out of bleach, and it worked, but where I live is hot desert-type sun.
pepper, you could also make a 1 to 3 white vinegar/water solution and let it soak for a while...
My garbage can has a plastic liner, so I know all about the stinkiness- I've never had to resort to bleach (I try to use it as sparingly as possible!), but vinegar has worked nicely for me, and I've heard the sun technique works too.

Thanks for the info on the bathtub, margot! I'm on the second floor, so I hope the water didn't go down! That was a few months ago and I'm sure our neighbors would have said something (especially since they out their unit on the market a couple of months ago- I'm not sure if they sold it, but there's no one living there, and there were painters there last week- they'd have noticed something.)

thanks girls! i'll try sun followed by vinegar and bleach as a last ditch solution before i think about throwing it out again. it's such a pain, i use it under the bathroom sink to store all our extra hair/bath/etc stuff so even emptying it will be a task and a half but i need it under there to keep everything from being a jumble. and you know how i am about organization... jumbles make me crazy!
I use bleach all the time. Is there some reason people don't like it?
"Manufacturers and independent scientists agree that household bleach does pose a significant threat to the environment although use of chlorine by paper mills and plastics manufacturers has wrought significant damage to the Earth's animals, ozone layer, water and air.
Concern over chlorine usually emanates from widespread publicity about the 1 1,000 or so compounds that result when chlorine reacts with substances that contain carbon, creating what are known as organochlorines, or chlorinated organics. Environmentalists say organochlorines are persistent, toxic, damaging to the ozone layer and sometimes carcinogenic, using DDT and dioxin as examples. Dioxin is best known for its presence in Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant used during the Vietnam War."

fortunately there are a few bleach alternatives (oxygen bleach for example) on the market that work just as well as cholrine bleach.
using bleach where well water is the primary source of water is particularly damaging as it acts like an antibiotic killing every organic thing in it's path, beneficial, necessary organisms along with the bad.
Until we got our water filtration plant a couple of years ago, our municipality just kept increasing the chlorine they put in our water. Ugh. (And yet, they stopped putting fluoride in years ago, b/c a guy complained about being medicated against his will. Go figure.)

I try not to use bleach much, but I'm a former clutterbug and slob, so I do what it takes not to slip - that includes a wee bit of bleach! Sorry, enviros! But I only use it for smelly plastics, tea towels (I only own 3), and the toilet bowl.
I posted about this in the financial thread awhile ago and I didn't get a reply, so I'll try here.

I'd like to get a credit card, like a real credit card. I've had a few store-specific cards, just to get a credit history, and always pay the balance off right away. I'd like to get a real one to pay for emergency stuff, like car repairs, medical emergencies, etc.

The problem is, I'm not sure what a good interest rate is (that's called an APR, right?) I got an offer today for an American Express card that works as a Costco card also. It has 0% APR for the first three mos., then 16.99%. There's no annual fee as long as I'm a Costco member, which I currently am and plan on continuing to be.

The card also has a rebate program where you get 3% back on restaurant charges, 2% back on travel charges and 1% back on everything else. I plan on using the card for emergencies, so the rebate thing isn't really an incentive.

Does this sound reasonable?
polly, I only have one "real" credit card and I don't think a lot about interest and stuff, thing I did make sure to do was get my Visa through a credit union. My credit union Visa, instead of having all these confusing consumer credits and points and things (like I don't have enough points and credits to think about), puts money into a grants program for community non-profits that work with low income and other disadvantaged people. So that's one of the main reasons I went with them.
Hmm, my company does have a credit union- I could look into that. I don't know if they have a program like that, but credit unions do typically have good rates and are looking out for their customers.

Thanks, Doodle!
a credit card attached to a personal line of credit has the best interest rate by far but you need to be in a specific income bracket to get that. check with your bank, they can advise you about that.
as for regular old credit cards, it depends on whether you will carry a balance or not. if you are going to carry a balance i recommend one of the cards with an annual fee and a lower interest rate. if you aren't going to carry a balance and will pay off your debt by every billing date, a card with a higher interest rate but lots of perks would be best.
so speaketh the bank lady.

doodle, i've been using tea tree oil castile and baking soda in the toilet for years and it has always worked great for cleaning and deodorizing but now that i live with a small male human the toilet is a stink zone. i've been using lysol disposable wipes every two or three days and a lysol tank puck as well. it still smells. it's just so gross. don't feel too bad about the bleach. it's minimizing that i focus on these days.
what about that Clorox Anywhere spray? The active ingredients is Sodium Hypochlorite 6.0%. Is that still chlorine?...There's 5% chlorine in it....damn. It's less bad, but I'd rather just use vinegar.
polly - as far as store credit cards go, the rate you've got on your costco card is pretty good. Store cards will generally have a higher APR than a bank visa because more people will default on store cards...but stores minimize their liability by generally giving lines of $500 to anyone, but not much more until you have a history with the company. A bank issued Visa will give you not only a higher credit line, but a lower rate. My Chasew card that I've had for about 10 years has a 11% APR on it, but I do faithfully pay it off each month.
Not sure the best place to share this, so mods please feel free to move to ideal spot. smile.gif

Wanted to share that companies are thinking beyond placing their standard ads in the Will and Grace program slot to reach out to gay and lesbian audiences.

A friend in the biz told me that the New York Times recently had an article about companies sponsoring film fests and trying other strategies.

Some companies who got kudos include; Sears, Subaru, TomTom (as if I don't already heart them for making amazing devices for the directionally challenged like me- the newest ones even have iPod connectivity)
*bumpity bump* for pepper, who's busy ridin' the storm out.....
ooh, thankyou!

ok, so we have some wicked thunderstorms here the often knock out the power and such. are there appliances that i shouldn't use during a storm or are there things (the fishtank) that i should unplug to avoid power surges? there's a surge protector power bar for the computer, should the fish have one of those too?
QUOTE(pepper @ Aug 12 2006, 01:47 AM) *

ooh, thankyou!

ok, so we have some wicked thunderstorms here the often knock out the power and such. are there appliances that i shouldn't use during a storm or are there things (the fishtank) that i should unplug to avoid power surges? there's a surge protector power bar for the computer, should the fish have one of those too?

Phones can be a problem. Corded phones can give you a shock if lightning hits the line, and of course cordless phones don't work if the power fails because the base station runs on house current. Cell phones should be OK, though.
pepper, I have aquariums for years, don't worry they are fine staying plugged in during storms. But I do suggest a power strip incase of surges. Really important thing, if your filter gets unplugged, or if the power should go out for 4+ hours rinse out the filter and media really thouroughly. The good bacteria dies and becomes toxic to the fish if it stops circulating.

Hope I haven't said too much......
thank guys.

hey g kitty, what happens to the bacteria in the media when you move a tank? we recently got this one and i cleaned everything really well before reassembling it all, including those weird white scrubby looking pads. they are so strange, and they were so dirty! ugh.
only one casualty so far, a teeny neon tetra that looked like it was struggling for two days and then just disappeared until just now. it was half eaten too, wonder which fish did that? and i still haven't seen the wee froggy, he's hiding really, really well.

i'll get a surge protector power bar for the tank. i really like these fish.
pepper, moving is always traumatic no matter how hard you try. A few fish deaths are pretty common, it's a stressful situation. It's good that you scrubbed up the filter really well. I always try to same at least 5 gallons of the old tanks water and and throw a couple big rocks or drift wood from the tank in. That helps with establishing good bacteria in the new tank.

I would leave the media in as long as long as the time between moving and setting up the tank wasn't more than like 4 or 5 hrs. I change my media (the foam and the carbon) about 2 or 3 times a year. Some people do it more but there is really no point, you can just rinse it out under running water when you do water changes.

I love keeping fish, they are so relaxing!
hey ginger kitty, meet me over in the pets of all kinds thread. we're kinda taking over over here ohmy.gif)
Does anyone know how to clean faux suede? My friend has a faux suede couch and they moved today. It got kinda banged up, some weird white marks on it, almost like paint, but I don't know what it could be. I tried rubbing it with a damp cloth (one that wouldn't leave lint) and it got some of the dirt off, but not these white marks. Can you use anything else on it?
hey BUSTies!

how are you on your classical myths or references to opera? Do you know which heroine (of either) stabs herself on her wedding day? do you also know any sleepwalking heroines?

Is the wedding day heroine Madame Butterfly?
i think it is madame butterfly that you're talking about. i was gonig to say aida but i think she was suffocated in a tomb...

man, having to search back into the depths of freshman humanities class on that one, bunny. and i will confess to having consulting wiki on that aida reference up there. but i was right, so there! tongue.gif

can't think of any sleepwalkers though...
Thanks falljackets! You're a star, I thought it was madame butterfly but wasn't sure. Maybe there's a classical origin too... I have a classical dictionary but it's listed in myths rather than themes which doesn't help when you're trying to locate the myth!
so, my parents got me a new cell phone for my birthday. i had it less than 24 hours when it was either lost or stolen. my parents thought that they had ordered insurance for it, but it turns out they didn't. cingular wants to charge us $210 to replace it. i'm SUPER upset about the whole thing! sad.gif

my question is: could i buy a pay-as-you-go type phone (which tend to be way cheaper than $210), buy only a replacement SIM card from cingular, and put it in the pay-as-you-go phone? would this scheme work? i thought that i've heard of people doing something like this when their cell-phone company doesn't offer the model of phone that they want.

anyone know if this is possible, or have any suggestions for getting a cheaper replacement phone (preferrabley under $50 or at least under $75)?
ETIQUETTE QUESTION: do i tip my airport shuttle driver even if the bill is prepaid by card??? if so how much?

(altargrrl, i don't know but i would guess NO on the replacement sim card....however, cingular does have a pay as you go phone option for like $30. they do have cheaper phones as well, and lots of rebates, but beware of the rebates--i've been waiting for mine (for something like $35 bucks) for over two years now.....they told me about three months ago, after i'd given up on it, that i should expect it in six weeks.....haven't seen it. good luck tho...and believe me, there are phones cheaper than $210...they just might not be, you know, cameraphonemp3playerradiotelevisionipodpersonalassistant phones. they might be just.......telephones).
Hold up ladies, it's definately NOT Madama Butterfly. Her wedding ceremony is a happy part of the opera.

She stabs herself in the final act, which is set several years later, but the reason is that her husband, who is the father of her child (and who she has been waiting for) showed up with a new American wife and offered to adopt the child! What an asshole.

Maybe you mean Gloria (who definately stabs herself ob her wedding day because her husband is dead)? Other opera women who suicide include Tosca (who jumps off something), La Giaconda, Juilet (from Romeo and Juliet) and the lady from Turandot who gets tortured.

But the opera I always think of for tragic Wedding Days is Lucia de Lammermoor, who has the wedding from hell, full of stabbings, and drops dead.

One thing I learned, for Bust general knowledge, is how easy and lovely the ignore poster button is. Go to "My Controls" then look at the small print on the left, there is a link that says something like "Manage ignored users" or something, click it, type the offending poster's name, and thereafter you will just see "You have chosen to ignore all posts from [troll]" where the annoying posts are, and it's awesome.

I think you're supposed to tip the airport shuttle person, in cash, but it doesn't have to be the full 15-20 percent. If they don't handle your luggage, it's probably less of an issue.

altargrrrl, the reason your replacement phone is going to be so expensive is that you aren't purchasing a plan with it. though if your phone was originally pay as you go and not on a contract it shouldn't be anywhere near that expensive.

lady macbeth sleepwalks, but i wouldn't really call her a heroine
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