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girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys....always should be someone you really love!
hehe, YES!!! I'm glad SOMEBODY knew the way it went. laugh.gif
Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with Dawn Simulator Alarm Clocks? My sleep cycle is completely out of whack, and I'm really hoping one of these will help. But there are so many out there, I'm not sure how to choose!
I'm also interested in one of these alarm clocks. We may want to try to get Turbojenn to stop in here, because I do believe she got one this fall.
Can anyone recommend a good website or store-with-site for baby clothes in the US? Preferably something kind of posh?

I know bunnyb had a similar question months back so had a look in the archives, but didn't find any answers.

Thanks in advance...
cute kids stuff here.
yeah syb, I didn't luck out with that query, but you may be luckier as it's the States and not Canada.

I ended up buying lovely things from Baby Gap here and having the boy's mum take them over and I always fall back on Robeez for baby gifts.



for cute baby stuff.
Does anyone know how to run iTunes off an external hard drive?
Culture, I don't think it's possible to run the entire iTunes application off the external hard drive, but you can store your library there.

Here are a couple of links which may help:
anyone know how to remove candle wax from carpet?

darn. that's a tough one. the way to get it out of fabric is to put a couple layers of paper towel on both sides of the fabric and press lightly with a warm iron. the wax melts out of the cloth into the towel but you could easily melt carpet like that. you could try it really carefully, just touch a warm iron down on top of paper towel for a couple of seconds. really, you want to be Very careful. melted carpet is a serious drag (i now own an ironing board for this reason, oops).
if it's red candle it might leave a stain though. red candle is a bitch to get out of anything.
removing candle wax from carpet, huh? don't know about carpet, but on a table cloth, if you "freeze" the wax spot with an ice cube, it'll crumble right off if you rough it up a bit. Maybe try that on the carpet.

I second the freezing approach. Good luck!

Thanks for the baby clothes recommendations all.

However... I'm back with, yes, another techie query. I have some sound files which I used to play through WinAmp. I think I inadvertently switched them over to RealPlayer at some stage in the last year. Now I can't open them or get them to play, as a note comes up saying I have to download new RealPlayer software. I then updated my RealPlayer software but they still won't play. Any suggestions?
Candle wax: yes, I concur with trying the freezing first. If that doesn't work, the warm iron will do the trick, but I'd recommend using blotting paper (from an office supply store or craft store) as it may be better at absorbing the melted/melting wax than a towel.

Music files: Syba, do you remember how you changed them to RealPlayer? I guess I'm a little confused: did the file extension change from being (for example) greatsong.mp3 to greatsong.ra? If so, was it converted with software, or just inadvertently renamed?

If they were converted (and therefore changed because Real codecs were incorporated), they'll have to be converted back with software.

However, if they were just renamed by accident, rename them by changing the extension back to ".mp3" (or whatever the 'native' file type was).

It's possible that your updated RealPlayer installation is corrupted, and an "uninstall" and then a "fresh reinstall" may fix your problems.

My last suggestion would be to try downloading and using Real Alternative (available here: which is supposed to be quite good (although I have no personal experience with it).

Let us know how it turns out!
Northpole, I was hoping you'd come to the rescue! Cheers.

However, I don't know if I can give you any more info. The file type seems to be something called an s48. The files themselves were inadvertently changeed; I'm guessing when I uploaded RealPlayer and made it the default.

I will try the link you provided later; have a deadline so can't do it now. I will let you know how I get on, and thanks again.
thanks for the advice; i'm gonna try all that here soon.

i was was watching the wax drip on the floor and for some reason the the synapses weren't firing 'cos i sat there and actively thought, "oh, there goes the wax...."
Does anyone know how to get rid of a canker sore?

It really hurts!
Lots of questions! Do you get them frequently, CCG? Have you been on antibiotics lately? Used your toothbrush a little too hard? Indulged in sweets with artificial sugars? Do you have a gluten intolerence? Are you outdoors a lot without sunscreen? These can all cause cankers.

First things first, maintain good oral hygeine. If your toothpaste contains sodium laureth sulfate (a foaming agent), stop using it. No Listerine or alcohol based mouthwashes. Don't eat/drink anything acidic, spicy, or salty. These things all exascerbate the problem.

Pain-wise: Take an OTC pain reliever if you can. Buy a numbing agent like Orajel if you can.

Healing: A canker can last for up to two weeks. You could go to the doctor to get a dental steroid paste. *Cha-ching!* Home remedy-wise, you could swab it with Milk of Magnesia. Alum or a baking soda/water paste works as well.

My Gran got them all the time because she was an avid fisher. She used to smother her lips in that pasty white zinc oxide crap.

Maybe you should hit up the General Health Thread in OBOH. Chachaheels seems to know her stuff & is likely able to help you better than me. I'm giving out my crazy gran's cures!
Haha, well, I remember buying some weird over the counter stuff once and it was like, first I had to try to make my tongue dry (not an easy feat) and then I had to put a gel thing on it.

I probably got it because I've been eating lots of junk food (I'm a university student and finals are coming!).

Does having a canker mean I shouldn't kiss people? Can they get it if they kiss me?
Cankers aren't contagious, no.
Okay, for some reason I had it in my mind that they could be spread. I was just asking cause I have a date with cute blonde guy tomorrow night!
CG, maybe you're thinking of cold sores, the ones that are a version of herpes (can never remember if it's I or II.)
Type 1 usually lives on the mouth.
I don't know, I guess I just got them mixed up.

And now for another, far more embarrassing question. I kind of need to get some vomit off of pillows. Is it okay to put them in a washing machine?
Depends on what they're filled with, ccgirl. If it's just polyfill (that cheap cotton-like fluff) then it's okay. And even though you're not supposed to, I've put those in the dryer by themselves on low before and they come out clean and super fluffy). If it's anything with feathers/down, NO! Wet feathers/down = bad smelly grossness. Buy new ones.
Thanks sixelacat. I wish I could just buy some new pillows anyway, mine are kind of old.
Does anyone know if it's true that you should have someone else's name (obviously someone else you trust) on your bank accounts so that in the event that you die, the $$ will go to them and it won't have to go through probate?

LeBoy and I are not married, but our condo is in both of our names, but we each have separate checking accounts and a joint account.

Once I turned 18, I never had anyone else's name on my account, but LeBoy has always had his parent's names on his account, and said this is why.

It just bothers me that he's 30 years old and his mommy's name is on his account....but if it would really save a lot of hassle if he died (I don't think his parents would try to run away with his money, screwing me on the condo, and most of his money is in the joint account anyway) but it just irks me.

Can't you name someone a beneficiary of your account, without them actually being "on" the account?
you need to have signing power or be next of kin or executor of the estate to access someone's anything after they die. talk to your bank polly, make an appointment and go in. it's something that people overlook but is important to take care of before it's too late.
Northpole, I found copies of those audio clips on my work PC... but may use your suggestions in future. Thanks again.

I have yet another techie query, this time to do with skype. Does anyone know if you can access your skype account remotely? I'm using a friend's PC and she has skype DL'd, but I want to know if I can skype from my account from her PC? I can sign in and everything but I can't seem to access my contact list.

Thanks, in advance, again...
FJ and I have been invited to a holiday party this weekend. The theme is “La Noche de las Velitas” or "Night of the Candles". Is anyone familiar enough with Colombian custom to coach us into saying/doing/bringing the appropriate things to make us look like the globally articulate people we sadly are not? Or, at least tell us what would be an acceptable gesture of appreciation towards who we assume is a Colombian hostess?

(difficulty level: we've already tried googling it)
How do you make it so previous searches don't pop up all the time? You know like you're googling "bust lounge" or something and as soon as you type the B your boyfriend's search for "big tits" shows up in a drop-down menu...

I'm trying to do searches for christmas present stuff and I don't want him to see it, obviously

edit: nevermind, I just figured it out.
Hellotampon - could you remind me how to do that? I figured it out a while ago, but I really need it again. Nobody really needs to know what I'm searching for.
Well if you have Firefox, go to the "tools" menu and choose "options" then click on "privacy" and there is a box that you can un-check that says, "remember what I enter in search forms."
In my version of Firefox it's also under tools, but you select "clear private data." Then you can choose to clear the cache, download history, etc.

(I just figured out how to do it too.)
Okay, I'm not really sure how to word this because it's more than just a question. Back in the summer I heard about a book on CBC radio and of course I can't remember the author or the name of the book. What I do remember was that it was about the man's obsession with breasts and why most men are obsessed with breasts and he kind of touched on the days when deities were usually women and not men. He also talked about a very ancient statue of a woman with row upon row of breasts, and how it was supposed to represent her power and ability to give life and all that.

So basically I'm trying to figure out how the majority of people went from believing in goddesses to believing in a male god and I have no idea where to start.

Any tips or links or anything?
could it have been this?:savage breast

sounds like it might be similar, if not. but since this link is to amazon, you can check what other people bought, which includes similar books....
well, that's going on my book wish list. it looks really good, thanks for the link.
Oooh, GT, that might be it!

I kept thinking it might have been one called Busty: One Man's Obsession with Breasts but the Amazon description of Savage Breast sounds closer to what I heard about on the radio. You are quite awesome GT, thanks for the help.

Now if only we could figure out why people went from goddess worship to god worship.
You're right GT!

I found the link!
yay! well i'm glad to help. i want to actually read the book too. thanks for the link to your show, i think i'll listen to it if i can-- i'm not a fan of realplayer tho..... i love cbc's as it happens, so i'd love to listen to it. i just wish you could download your show on my mp3 player...
Oh, that's not my show. I don't have a show but that's the show where I heard about the book.
I keep getting 'unknown' calls from a guy who says his name is Ricky and that I have won a new Verizon cellphone. He's called 3 times already in the past week; it's always the same guy, and when I start to tell him I'm not interested and to not call me anymore, he hangs up on me. Last time he called I was going to ask him how he got my number and to put me on the Do Not Call list, but he hung up on me before I got the chance. I don't know who the hell he's working for and why they want to send me a free phone, it's most likely-obviously a scam, and I want the calls to what do I do? It always comes up as unknown, and the dude just hangs up when I ask him any questions. I don't want to change my number; it'd be a real hassle and I like my number. I don't even remember giving my number out anywhere that might have led to the wrong person. Can my wireless provider track an unknown caller?
Thanks for any info ; )
Is there a phone number that comes up with it? If there is, you can try to find out where he's calling from by using It's not a solution necessarily, but it will at least get you a little more info, and other people on there may have been able to get them to stop.

Also, could you play along for awhile and maybe get to a supervisor or get more info? I occasionally get telemarketer calls on my cell phone too, and I'm pretty careful about who I give it out to. The one I get is from a company posing as the CDC (Center for Disease Control, when they're actually a company called CDC Research that does market research.) Last time they called they were doing a survey on child immunizations. I told them that I had no children and wouldn't qualify and asked them nicely to remove my name from their call list. That was only a couple weeks ago, so who knows if they actually did or not.

I hate telemarketers.
no, it always comes up as an unknown number so it makes it that much harder, and the guy hangs up on me, which makes it pretty obvious that it's a scam.
Depending on who your carrier is, you may be able to call them and complain. I have Verizon and I know they were one of the carriers vehemently opposed to selling their cell phone customers #'s to telemarketers. If you told them you were being harassed and the date/time of the call(s), they may be able to access the phone number and at least block it.
H77, is this a landline that is being called? and you don't have caller id?
you can always tell your caller that you have notified the police department of harrassing phone calls, and that this call is being traced for future prosecution. I did that, and it was all true, having gone to the police and all.
out here in the middle of nowhere, the phone company has a charge (like for the *69) that you input after the phone call rec'd, and it's traced on an individual basis. I've done this many times. (but yet to get a printout of who is calling me)
call your phone company and ask them for advise. with a hang up caller like this, it really doesn't sound like a telemarketer. it more sounds like a harrassing phone call. and either the phone company or the police should be able to help you.
Nope, this is a cell phone, jami. (I know because humanist's my sister smile.gif )

I think it's a whole other set of rules- not from a harassment standpoint- if they were truly threatening, the laws would still apply. But in terms of what the phone company could do to track them down, I don't know. And since it's really just an asshole telemarketer/scammer, not someone calling and saying, "I'm going to kill you" I'm not sure how much they'd want to pursue it. They'd probably just be lazy-asses about it and tell you to change your number.
hmmm. cell phone. then I guess ask the carrier to block the number?
and the thing with the cell phone is - not everybody has unlimited minutes. they're using up your time and money. my best guess would be to call the carrier and explain the situation.
and I would NOT change my number. (supervisor, please. and your name is...)

I had a fellow calling on a land line asking for my son. he would not identify himself, and he kept calling. It was not threatening, just alarming. my son was 13 at the time. I called the police and had the trace enacted. seems this fellow was selling stocks and my son's name got onto some company's list. after I notifyied him of the trace, and that the police would contact him, he never called again.
i have wanted to register a domain name for a while now to make sure i can have it later on so tonight i paid for the .ca address while my techy bro was here. i no f-all about computers really and totally nothing about websites so my bro suggested that i forward my domain name to a blog and set me up with one.


now that i have a blog, what do i do with it? i don't want an online diary, that is so not me. i wanted to have a place to put up my pictures (that isn't flickr or can be linked to it, i don't know) and to post the tutorials for crafty things people are always asking me how to make. i love the allsorts blog but how in the world do i do something like that?

anyone want to walk a dummy through some things? a little busty hand-holding sesh, hmm?
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