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i know they say it's taboo to wear an all black dress too, but the caveat with that is you can rock it if it's spring-y enough and the jewelry lightens it up. i say a black and white dress is ok.
The last wedding I went to, there were a couple of women in black/white cocktail dresses. Nobody seemed to pay no nevermind!
Does anyone know how long you're supposed to keep pay check stubs?

I've heard several years, but I've also heard a year since your W4's reflect what the paychecks say and those stay with your income tax returns that you keep for at least 7 years.
It's me again, back with another query from the clueless about computers brigade...

I used to DL music from allofmp3 but since they've been (I think) declared illegal I'm looking for another safe, cheap (so I guess preferably legal) site to DL music from. Any recommendations would be great.
(I got my paper retention question answered)

Anyone read Japanese? My co-worker got a little toy chick from eBay ( and we're trying to figure out what the directions are. It's supposed to be interactive, but all we can get it to do is peep and flap its wings.
Polystyrene are they Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana? I might be able to help ya.
uhhhhh......huh? Are those dialects? I'll scan the images at home and PM you with them or something.
Nothing to see here...move along. blink.gif
Yeah, they're different forms of the characters. A bloody confusing system, if you ask me. Sure, PM them to me smile.gif
OK, translation sites are awesome! But I guess you have to know how to use them, which means you have to know some Japanese.

It couldn't translate the thing in the pink circle, but the first orange speech bubble says:

A feather patter-patter
I move it

I guess this means that if you pat a feather, the chicken will move it.

The second bubble says:

I am pretty
I cry by a cry

So, if you make a sound, the chicken will too!

At the bottom it says "Hiyoko loves to be with his friends."

That's all I've got, hope it helps!
Canadian BUSTies (and anyone else who can help): could you tell me the name of the best/biggest baby store(s) in Canada please? Preferably one that has a website please.
Does anyone know if using natural sea sponges would be okay for someone with severe seafood allergies? I know they are cleaned and sterilized and everything, but I want to get those sea sponge tampons for a friend, but she has allergies and I want to be sure about the issue first. I wrote to Lunapads, and they were very helpful and kind, but did not have a definite answer. Thanks for any info!
humanist - that is a really interesting question. I wish I had an answer.

I am going to buy a bike from a bike collective called Working Bikes. Does anyone here who owns a bike have any advice what I should look for? I mostly want it for cycling around town. No mountain bike but something more efficient than a cruiser, which seem slower and heavy.
humanist - I'd call your OBGYN and ask him/her. I'd think if anyone could answer an algergy questions it'd be them. Especially, since you are buying them as a gift. Maybe even call a planned parenthood in your area if you have one. Of course Lunapads isn't going to give you a straight answer because they want you to buy but don't want to be held responsible if something goes wrong. I don't blame them.

Poly - me and the mr. three hole punch ours and keep them in binders sorted by year. My parents just put them in order in pretty boxes and put them in the closet. I think my dad has been working since he was 15 and now he's 51 and he has every single paystub he's ever gotten. I think Mr. Pug only keeps like three years worth then throws the rest out. I'm terrified of throwing financial papers out. I guess in my head I'm scared that the world will collapse and I want all the proof of what I've ever had locked away. LOL! It sounds silly just typing it.

crazyoldcatlady - i wore an all black suit to a wedding once and i felt so out of place. i felt like everyone kept looking at me like i came to a funeral instead of a wedding. i'll never do it again.
Could anyone tell me a good baby store in Canada with an online website?
bunnyb - did you try the Canadian Thread?
thanks kitten, I've tried in there as getting no luck in here.

I'm annoyed as it's info the boy needs and I told him BUSTies would come through.
I'm canadian and don't really know any baby stores - let alone those with websites. You could just try googling canada + babies or something like that.

I can't even think of any stores we have dedicated to babies.
how about mom and baby
or maybe parenting by nature

good luck
Yeah, ditto what missjoy said...I did see the Q. the first time, but had no answer. Online shopping in Canada is kind of sad. Personally, if I wanted to order and ship baby stuff at this point, I'd probably just order from, which is very reliable and their stuff is pretty respectable in quality.
thank you!

doodle, we'll try Sears as shiny's websites unfortunately don't have baby monitors.

I assumed it would be similar to the UK where we have designated baby stores.
Humanist, I am sure that somebody at the UW-Madison knows the answer to that question. As soon as I figure out what department would cover that kind of thing, I'll go see if I can scope out the answer. It is a fascinating question.
Kittenb, about the bike- get a road bike! You could go for a cool retro 10-speed. They are fast because the wheels are usually large and slim and therefore it'll be satisfying to ride around on, and you get more power for your pedalling (cruisers are slower and heavier like you said). It's more stylish than a mountain bike, and (duh) more practical for roads. The orientation of the handlebars can take some getting used to- you may find that they feel low or far away, or that you're too hunched over or that steering is very sensitive. I got used to it pretty quickly though.

And of course, make sure it's all tuned up and that the seat is at the right height. It'll make it more safer, faster, and more comfortable.
Let us know if it works out, bunny!
I'd really really appreciate that, treehugger~thanks!
yeah, humanist...hehe, I don't know whether to go to toxicology, the state lab of hygiene, immunology, marine biology, or what...that's what's confounding me, I don't know where to go! It may take me some time, but I'm obsessed now, and I WILL find the answer. Or at least I will prompt a new study on it.

I was talking to a co-worker about the question, trying to figure out who to go to, and he was in the military in survival school, and he said they taught him, that if something is debateable, like if you're starving and you don't know if a mushroom is poisonous, just try a bit...he suggested that maybe she could try the tampon for, say, a half hour at first...then go to regular ones for the rest of the day...then try it for an hour and so on, until a whole day...test the waters that way...

Yes, I AM that frank with my

But, anyway, is that something in the realm of possibility? Just trying it out in short small bits at a time?

I'm still gonna try to figure out the answer though! (once I figure out who to ask!)
Does anyone know where I can get some good free anti virus stuff online? My genius of a boss bought a new computer for the office but didn't bother to purchase any kind of anti virus protection and already the computer is really slow. I downloaded something called Trend Micro Anti Virus but it doesn't seem to be working.
Candycane, my friend is an IT guy and this is the stuff he tells people to use. Make sure you do the anti-virus AND anti-spyware. Running it once a week should be enough; just make sure you check for software updates.
hey, i hope this is not an inappropriate Q for here, i am cross posting from the caught by the fuzz thread:

because of various circumstances i really wanna go get my usual bikini wax precisely this weekend, but i have gotten my period just like right now. is it totally bad manners to get waxed while on the rag? i don't get a brazilian but what i get is intensive enough that i gotta do the whole leg-over-head business and i'm pretty sure the waxer gets a good view of my cooze, so it would be obvious. furthermore i use a divacup, and i don't want to cause anyone undue "what the HELL does this person have in her vagina!?" stress. the only things i've read say don't go on your period because you're more sensitive, but i'm not worried about the pain, just the impropriety. any tips?
hmm mouse-I would think it's okay, as long as you aren't bloody on the outside or anything. As far as the cup goes, if you haven't already-just cut off that whole tab on the bottom of the cup, so it won't stick out of you. At least for me, I never needed the tab-it only got in the way. If the cup still sticks out enough so that the waxer might see it, maybe push it up as far as it's comfortable? Good luck~
I am interested in downloading music but I have never done it before. I believe in using the legal methods but I don't know which one are best or even how to start. I am planning on getting an iPod soon and I know that iTunes downloads only work on iPods. Is there any kind of membership fee for iTunes? How about other sites?
I'd be interested in any info on DL'ing music too, as the site I used to use has gone belly-up and I'm afraid BitTorrent is more DLing than I need...

Also, can anyone tell me how to do a screen grab? Apparently it's quite easy, but info would be great. Thanks!
Ooh, stuff I know about. First, the screen grab: make sure what you want to save is visible on the screen, as that's all it will capture (no page scrolling). Hit the ctrl and print scrn keys simultaneously. Then paste in the standard way (ctrl-v, right click, whatever) into a graphics editing program of your choice; Paint will do nicely. Save the file in a format you like, and tada!

I hate itunes, but yeah, it's the best source for music in terms of sheer volume. I also like emusic for more indie-type tunes. Also, if you want to use itunes files for non-itunes stuff, the easiest way to do it without downloading file conversion software is to burn the songs to a cd in itunes, then rip them back off the cd and save them in standard file formats using Media Player or a similar program.
alternately, if you're on a mac it's ctrl+shift+4, which lets you copy a selection of your screen and saves it as a pdf. however, if you find yourself needing it a lot download snapndrag ( which is GENIUS and also free. then you can just drag whatever you just took into whatever program you need--mail, IM, whatever.
I don't think you have to hit "shift" before "PrtSc" (print screen) least I don't? I'm on Windows XP, if that matters. But yeah, that's how I do screen captures...print screen and then paste into Paint. It'll save it automatically as a bitmap (.bmp) though, so if you want it as a jpeg or a gif, you have to change it on the file extension menu when you're saving.

I can't speak to the U.S legalities of file-sharing, because in Canada, it is legal (to an extent)...I do use WinMX to download music, and have for years. There's no spyware or any of that shit.
um, this is going to be weird, but i really don't know where else to post, besides maybe the okay thread or maybe just the community forum. anyway, i'm going to post it here because it really does include a question:

a week or two before jackaroo was born, i received a package. or rather he did. it was addressed to jackaroo with my last name. as far as i know, i've only used the name jackaroo here in the lounge. the package came from california and bore an actual name rather than a handle. the envelope has since been tossed by one of my "helpful" relatives that came to help out with the bebe, so i can't send a thank-you card directly back to the sender. i've already asked the cali busties that sprang to mind, and none are claiming responsibility.

so, i'm asking that anyBUSTie that knows about this to please pm me or go ahead and take credit here on the board! it was a lovely package of handmade organic diapers and wipes and i use them everyday (though not for the intended purpose, but that's beside the point). i was so touched when i received it that i was moved to tears! i want to express my gratitude, but i don't know where to send it!!

please help! smile.gif
Wowee, FJ, that is quite a problem! I have no idea who it could be, but I'll be damned if that ain't an interesting story...

Baby FJ is aaaaaadddddddddoooooooorrrrrrraaaaaaabbbbbbbblllllllleeeee!
Okay...this is a long shot, but I'm wondering if there are any woodworking Busties (or Busters) who can give me advice on building a Murphy bed? I've done remodeling and mouldings and am pretty comfortable with tools. I have access to a table saw; I have cordless drills, pneumatic nail guns, a compound miter saw, and the usual assortment of hand tools.

But I've never done "woodworking". Sooo...any advice? Any other tools I'd need?
hey tree (i lurve you sooooo much!) i have a murphy bed, but it's pretty much made out of metal. the only thing that's wood is the panel that you'd see when it's up. ofcourse there are plenty of murphy bed kits you can buy on the interwebs, and for the mechanism, it might be easier to just get one and do what you like to the outside part when it's up. but the parts you can get at home depot, pretty cheaply. the thing is there are certain things you will want to add (there are little headboard stops built into mine so when you put it up it doesn't hit the floor, or the support frame, and corner straps so gravity doesn't pull your mattress, bedding and pillows off when the bed is up.

what makes it murphy is mostly angle bar-- about 1/8" it extends about a half inch past each side of the bed, and if i were to discribe it, i would say, make two metal headboards one to be bolted into the floor, one to actually be the headboard when it's down. the floor one should be slightly bigger, and three horizontal angle bars should work going the length of the headboard. (i am assuming that you want the murphy bed to go up long ways, so the headboard would be the part nearest to the wall. although there are ones that use the side of the bed. i assume the same rules would apply). so, looking at the part bolted to my floor, there are 3 angle bars, all facing inward, width wise(horzontal). they are about a foot apart from the top of each angle bar, and have vertical angle bars about every foot from the sides. if this isn't clear, i can try to draw a pic and scan it.

but basically:
looking at it as if i were sitting on the murphy bed looking behind the head board the base would be like so:

<<<--------------------1/8 "angle bar, 1/2" longer than bed width, holes drilled in it to bolt to the floor. about every 1'---------->>>
^.............horizontal bar, 1' between upper, middle, and lower bars, horizontal bars every 1' from the sides...........................^
<<<---middle horizontal bar, holes for springs drilled every 2". the springs will attach to the middle bar of the headboard.->>>
^ ...............................................................horizontal angle bar only on the sides............................................................^
<<<--------bottom bar, attached to the hinge that puts the murphy bed up. they are on the sides of the metal bed frame-- >>>

the head board is similar, but slightly smaller, and attached to the bedframe itself. the middle angle bar has the springs attached to it, every 2", my bed uses 8 springs; going from each side, the first two in the first two in the 6" and 8" spring holes, the next in the 12" spring hole and the final in the 16" spring hole.

i hope that helps, and i hope it's a little clearer than mud. my advise is to go look at a murphy bed store. look at the contraption yourself. once you have a clear picture in your mind you'll be able to do it without breaking a sweat. it's really very simple.

hee hee... i wish you lived closer, cos my building has been systematically throwing out the murphy bed contraptions. i saw one on the street about 2 months ago shoved into a homeless person's shopping cart. i know the mechanism well enough to know it was from my building. i keep telling myself next time i have to grab one to keep. i plan on taking mine with me when i move out, since i know the landlord doesn't want it...
Excellent, thanks all. I am convinced I only use about 20% of my laptop's bells and whistles due to techy cluelessness...

FJ, I hope you get to the bottom of the mystery soon!
Thanks GT! I lurrrve you too! wub.gif I'm having just a bit of trouble visualizing it...but I'm thinking of purchasing a plan. I just don't know what to look the "never having woodworked" issue. And the fact that the kit companys take advantage of you and you probably pay three times as much.

A pic'd probably help. I wish I lived closer to you too! smile.gif I'd pester you to teach me how to TIG. I suck at it.

My trouble is, murphy beds aren't common around here, the studios have sleeping lofts (which suck, you gotta climb up a ladder and then crawl up to sleep..they're only like four feet high)...and there's no place I can go locally to go look at one of those beds closely.

I saw one on the net...where they had a bookcase in front of slid to the side and the bed was behind it. I think something like that'd be kewl. But I don't know if I could fit that in my space. I think I probably don't have slidy room.

I'd probably only be used once or twice a year, if that. My overnight guests tend to share my bed.... wink.gif
hey tree, if no slidy room how's about foldy out room? that way it would create a temporary wall for privacy. you could put stuff on back of the bookshelf too.

i just googled murphy bed diy and there are tons of hits with detailed instructions.
Yeah, pepper..the one I actually really like was the one that was done on the DIY network..but they don't really give you a really detailed plan in terms of precision and things like that. It sure is purdy though. But as far as the other plans go I was having a hard time sorting them out. I think I'm going to spend the weekend researching.

There won't really be a need for privacy. What I'm doing is converting a spare bedroom to a crafts room. Sooo, since I'm going to have a bunch of cabinetry and a big work table surface...a fold out couch would take up too much real-estate in the room, plus they're uncomfortable. Same with a futon. And it's not worth it, cause I only get overnight guests once, MAYBE twice a year.

But if I make a murphy bed I could use the same mattress that's on the bed that's in there now! It's a win/win. But..I want to recess it into the existing closet that's in the room. And there's where I'm a little stuck, cause I'm going to have to alter the closet a little bit, making the doorway higher to allow for the full length of the mattress.

Thanx for your help, all! smile.gif I'll make it happen. It may not be this week, or even this month...but perhaps this year!
lip balm can be addictive.

why you get sick when you fly.
tree, it suddenly occurs to me, all you have to do is use the bed frame as the guide. you know the little metal frames that the box springs sit on? that is the base. then all you need is a slightly larger frame that will fit in the door frame. attach them together at the sides towards the bottom with a simple, but strong swivel point, even a bolt will do.

put springs on the bottom edge of the bed frame, attach it to a similar plate bolted on the floor, so that they are contracted when the bed is up.

there you go.

you'll need something to secure the box and the matress to the frame. you can make a durrable strap, or hell, you could use a bungie cord. you'll also need handles/legs so that you have something to grab onto when the bed is up/legs so that the bed isn't at an angle when it's down. strong drawer pull handles will work....

attempt 2... does that make sense? lol... or does that just work in my head?
It does make sense, GT. I think it would work, but I'm having a hard time visualizing where to attach those springs, so people wouldn't get their fingers caught in them at night in their sleep.

I've been actually trying to think of a different way to do it. To do it the traditional way means I have to remove the bulkhead of the closet. Or is it called a header? I was looking at the closet I want to put it in..and it occurred to me that if I could figure out a way to actually get the bed to sort of slide in and the top end of it'd slide up the wall..ending up with the head of the bed up at the top..if I could figure out a way to do a mechanism to do that, I wouldn't have to take the bulkhead off the closet and I could leave the original closet doors. I suck at carpentry.

I was thinking of building a box with wheels on it...but I'm having a hard time coming up with some sort of leverage system to pull the bed up...coming down seems like it'd be pretty easy. Counterweights? Garage door opener?

Anyway, my brain is mulling over'd be nice to not have to alter that closet.

Bear says, "why not just stand the friggin' bed in the closet?"..but the thought of throwing my back out wrestling it out if company comes, isn't appealing. The mattress is pretty clumsy. Heh. But, I may end up just doing that on a temporary basis until I figure out something.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 10 2007, 09:40 PM) *
tree, it suddenly occurs to me, all you have to do is use the bed frame as the guide. you know the little metal frames that the box springs sit on? that is the base. then all you need is a slightly larger frame that will fit in the door frame. attach them together at the sides towards the bottom with a simple, but strong swivel point, even a bolt will do.

put springs on the bottom edge of the bed frame, attach it to a similar plate bolted on the floor, so that they are contracted when the bed is up.

there you go.

you'll need something to secure the box and the matress to the frame. you can make a durrable strap, or hell, you could use a bungie cord. you'll also need handles/legs so that you have something to grab onto when the bed is up/legs so that the bed isn't at an angle when it's down. strong drawer pull handles will work....
attempt 2... does that make sense? lol... or does that just work in my head?

think of a frame within a frame. or a stand alone mirror. like this:

it's pretty much the same thing, but with a few mods.
think of the frame that actually holds the mirror is the bed, and it's frame.
the supports on the side, would be the door frame.
the rear legs, would be inside the closet.
o if we move the pivot point that allows the mirror to swing down to ALMOST the bottom,
we make the swivel point about where it'd be for the murphy bed.
in order to make it easy to pull our mirror/bed up and down, we put the springs on the lower edge of the frame that holds the mirror/bed, and attach it to the outer edge of the rear legs, or in the back of the closet.
the springs would be extended when the bed is DOWN.
the weight of the bed should be sufficent to keep the bed from flying up.

as for the bulkhead, use the closet door as your starting point. attach the bed frame to the back of the closet door. when the bed is up, you will be looking at the door. you don't really have to remove the bulkhead unless the closet door is short. most doors are longer than 6'. most beds are about 6'.

and, to keep fingers and other things away from the spring, just put a short headboard on the bottom of the frame. so that would be on the bottom when the bed is up.

clear as mud?
i dug up these off the web too: w/o a mattress:

and with:


The Murphy Bed mechanism is constructed of heavy gauge steel angles riveted together for extra strength. The bed pivots on hardened steel roller pins that rotate in ferritic malleable castings. The bed is easily raised and lowered by high tension balancing springs of 8 gauge oil-tempered wire (6-1/2" long x 1-1/8" dia.). Automatically operated bed legs fold out when bed is lowered and retract when bed is stored vertically. The base brackets are anchored directly to the floor with ten #14x2" long screws. Bed strap is supplied to hold mattress and all bedding in place when bed is stored.
*tiptoes in, careful not to disturb the Murphy bed discussion*

Do any of you type on an ergo-friendly split keyboard? What brands or models do you recommend (PC-friendly; right now I don't use a Mac, please don't shoot me)?
**tiptoe-ing in along side rasingirl**
I have satellite internet. sometimes the bandwidth useage goes so high, and I know it's not me.
what is there to use that can block someone else from using my bandwith? or tell if someone else is using my signal?
I have a Netgear wireless modem to split the WildBlue receiver so that my son and I can use the internet at the same time. husband moved in next door, and I wonder if he is using my signal.
any ideas, ladies?
jami - there is a way to block it, but I only know how to do it in mac. I'm worthless when it comes to PC. Easiest thing to do is just password protect your network. then it doesn't matter if you know or not. You know that only people with the password can get on (and you can change the password now and then if you want to)

You should be able to password protect your network really easily. check the user manual for the wireless modem and it should tell you how. Then only people with the password can get on the network. Also, make sure you set your computers so the don't "remember" the password, and you have to type it in each time. That way if someone else gets on the computer, they can't get onto the network. That way, only the two of you should be able to get on your wireless network.

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