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Cheers grrrl. As it happens, my laptop did exactly that--it opened an adobe photo window which allowed me to select and save photos from the camera. So far, so good. However, my next problem was that the photos were saved as tif. files (I think; I'm at my work PC right now). Each time I've tried to upload the tif. files (to email or to another site), my laptop times out on the operation. I get the impression this is because the image file is too big?

Sorry for all the queries--there's a reason I delayed getting a digital camera before now; I'm clueless about image/photo software.
so speaking of digital cameras, does anyone have any recommendations for one? i'm not a serious photographer so i'm not looking for something large with lots of lenses, just something small and portable (pocket-sized would be ahhh-sum) but i do want good quality, something that will last and not eat up my batteries and take sharp high resolution photos. i'm thinking somewhere in the not ridiculously high three digits for a price? i don't know anything about what brands are good for what, but i'm willing to pay an appropriate price for a really good camera. any suggestions are welcomed.

I can't suggest a specific camera, mouse, but I can say this- go with a brand that's known for cameras, specifically (i.e., Canon, Nikon, Olympus), and not one from an electronics company (i.e., HP, Samsung, Toshiba.) What really makes a difference is the lens quality (even if it's just a point-and-shoot), and it's the camera companies that focus (no pun intended!) on that. What you want to look for is an optical zoom that goes as far as possible, because when it focuses out too far, it switches to digital zoom- that's where the camera "creates" the focus for you, it's not actually focussing. Some cameras don't even have digital zoom, and that's a good thing, as long as you're getting the focal range you want with the optical zoom. Make sense? Hope that helps a little. If you find something you're considering, PM me- LeBoy knows more about this stuff, and can help figure out if whatever you're looking at is worth it.

We're pretty happy with our Canon A40- it's several years old, but it's served us well. I know the Canon line is far beyond that model, but I can say that after 5 years, it's still taking good pictures.
Has anyone ever sold something through Craigslist? We decided to give away our old mattress (for free!) and I put the ad up last night. By the time I checked my email this morning, I had 7 I give it to the first response? Somebody said "my kids need a mattress real bad" I give it to them? I'm sure it's all up to my discretion, but is there an etiquette here?
mouse, i have a little canon camera that is about two years old and i love it! it is much nicer than the nikon i had before it. i would totoally recoment a canon SD powershot! they have really high MP so even though they don't have optical zoon that a big camera/lens has you can digitally zoom in on something in the pic and it is still totally clear. after two years i also find that the battery is still quite long lasting!
polly, i've sold a few things off craigslist and the way i've always done it is a first come first serve basis... ask the responders when they can come pick it up. tell them you have some other people that are looking into as well but you want to get rid of it and whoever can get it first, gets the mattress. honestly, if i were you, i'd go with my heart and write to the person that said their kids needed it first. give them first dibs. you can always fib to the rest and say that someone else got it before them. but count on the possibility of them not being able to come pick it up or something falling through at the last minute, so keep the other people on hold.

i sold some ceiling fans for super cheap about a month ago and had several responses and even though some people showed interest, i never heard back from them. i had three very interested people and the lady that got the fans was the one that could get there the fastest, with the money in her hand. i had another lady that sent me a nasty email after, saying that she thought i was giving them to her since i'd asked her when she could pick them up. but after explaning that my goal was to get them out of my garage, she wrote back and apologized.

i hope that helps...
ok, now i have my own question. this one may fit closer under "ethics". sorry this is so long, but i wanted to give some background.
please tell me how you would feel if this happened and whether i'm right or wrong in having this stick in my craw (whatever the fuck that means):

when we moved into our house last year, we bought a small old school rotary lawn mower (the kind without the motor) and we used that all last summer to mow our yard. while we love that it doesn't require gas or real maintenance, it's not the easiest thing to use, nor the fastest - even in our quite small yard. fast forward to the beginning of this spring. our next door neighbor was out in the yard chatting with us and he said he was trying to get his 14yo daughter to be more responsible and maybe get a job like mowing lawns or something soon. he suggested that maybe she mow our yard since they have a mower and she'd be the one to cut their grass as well this year. mrfj said sure, that sounds like a good plan and we agreed that we'd pay her $15 every time to mow (even though our yard is pretty small). whatever, she'd mow the yard, she'd hopefully learn some responsibility, we'd have an extra hour or two on our hands every weekend and not have to worry about mowing. cool.

she mowed the yard one time, maybe in march, and her mom even came over and helped by edging (which we didn't ask for) and after she was finished, i paid her plus a $5 tip. i figured, hey, we'll give her some extra incentive and she'll see that a job well done would be appreciated. about a month later, i took $15 over to her house and asked her to mow when she got a chance, "here's the money in advance while i have the cash on me". she mowed it the following week during her spring break. cool.

several weeks passed and her mom came over and told mrfj that she was sorry, but her daughter apparently is just not responsible enough for this and that SHE was going to mow the yard for us this time because she felt bad that her daughter had gone back on her word. mrfj argued that there was no need, the agreement was for the daughter to do it, he has a mower he can use, etc. but the mother said no, that she wanted the exercise and she wanted to do it, that this would be the last time they'd do it. she INSISTED that she do it. and so, we let her. we didn't pay her.

a week or so passed and they both came back over (mother and daughter) and the daugher proceeded to tell mrfj that she DID want to continue mowing the yard for us and that she would be doing it for us from now on, every other week unless it didn't need doing. mrfj asked her if she was SURE and oh yes, she was sure. she wanted to do it and she wanted the money for herself. ok, great.

two saturdays ago, while we were out in the yard, mother yells over to us that daughter would be mowing the following day. great! sunday goes by and no mowing. monday goes by, no mowing. tuesday comes and the doorbell rings and mother is standing there with yardwork clothes on. "i'm going to mow your yard now. daughter couldn't do it over the weekend." i laughed and told her no way was i letting her do it again, this was her daughter's job and mrfj was coming home that evening and would be able to take care of it, no big deal, do you want to have to fight a pregnant woman because i will if you continue to say you're going to mow the yard. but again, she INSISTED. no, i need the exercise, it doesn't bother me, i want to do it since daughter wasn't able to and we told you she would. i again told her i really rather she didn't but she said no, i'm going to do it. and she did.

and i didn't pay her.

daughter came over tonight at 5 minutes until 9pm (ten minutes before i began this post!!). "hey i was wondering about the money for the past two times we mowed your yard". i was so stunned that this kid would come over to ask for the money for a job that her MOTHER did, but at the same time didn't want to get into a confrontation with her by any means, so i told her i'd go to the bank and take it to her tomorrow since i don't have the cash on me tonight. but ever since closing the door, i've got this bad taste in my mouth and i'm just flabberghasted. i feel like i've been bamboozled. the past two times the yard has been done, it's been at the mother's insistence, not at our request. now, i understand that the work has been completed and there was a cost associated with it in the original agreement, but i just can't get past the fact that none of it was completed by the kid and that's who we had the agreement with. i literally begged mother not to do it but she wouldn't have it any other way.

am i wrong to feel like i've been flim-flammed? i will add that i WILL be paying them tomorrow but that i will tell them that we no longer need or want them to do the work for us, regardless of how much the daughter insists that she wants to do it. i'm done with the games and would rather just use our little mower or buy an easier one to use.
ICK, FJ!!!! Now, if you pay them anything at all, you take that money over there and give it directly to her mom - not to the daughter. I bet you dollars to donuts that daughter is just scamming the cash, and was never directed to ask you. But, YEAH, be done with them. Damn manipulative teenagers. And WTF is going on in that house if the parent can't get her kid to adhere to promises made, and does her chores for her. Which teaches the kid what, exactly?! pffffft.
Wow, how crappy, FJ! Whether you pay the daughter, the mother, whoever, tomorrow, I'd tell them that the deal isn't working out, that you need your lawn mowed on a regular basis by someone who'll do it when they say they're going to and end it at that.

My mattress is gone! I ended up giving it to the first person who emailed me. Nice family. I'm just glad it's out of my life now. Craigslist is so cool! eBay is kind of a pain in the ass, Freecycle has too many rules....Craigslist is juuuust right. I did get some emails from some weirdos, guy, the last one to email me, 12 hours after I put up the ad, was just like, "I'm interested, when can I pick it up?" Dude, you're a little late. I took down the ad, so hopefully it will end now.
FJ, as you've committed to paying them *something*, go ahead and pay them, but tell them in no uncertain terms that this stops now. If you feel like it, you can elaborate on the mixed messages and the unreliability, but if you don't feel like it don't. Actually, as they are your neighbours it may be better to let it go so there's no scowling over the hedges.

The daughter sounds like a flake and occasional con artist, but the mother sounds like a weak-willed, overcompensating enabler. You showed considerable patience and humour even dealing with these people. FWIW, I don't think they consciously conned you, just that they couldn't get their collective shit together to honour the original arrangement. You're well rid of them and their sporadic mowing.
fj, what everyone else said. It's probably best to pay them this time to avoid any unpleasantness but definitely make it clear that you do not want any further mowing, from either of them (you don't need to explain why if you don't want to).

I wonder whether the mother will accept the money from you.
thanks for the advice! bunny, i was wondering the same thing and that's partly why i hadn't moved to pay the mother before. she'd made such a big deal about doing it for exercise and because she "wanted to" that i wasn't sure if she'd even take the money.

i'll go to the bank in a little while and then over to their house and pay them. i don't want there to be a riff between us since they're our next door neighbors. but yes, i will tell them that we no longer need them to do it.

thanks again!!

oh, and good for you polly! i agree, craigslist is the bomb!
How did it go FJ?

I have a problem of my own: I've changed my account AND postal address with both ebay and paypal and my new address shows on both; however, I won an item on ebay and it has been sent to old address (ebay sent the seller my old address). What do I do? Ebay is not the most user friendly of sites (this is but I imagine .com is same) and I cannot find where I can go to tell the fuckers that they have fucked up with MY money/bag.

Also, Royal Mail are pissing me off too as there website doesn't tell you your nearest delivery office. Sorry, that should really go in cobs.
well, bunny, since you asked: i went over as promised and delivered the cash. the mother answered the door and i was REALLY hoping she'd be puzzled as to why i was bringing the money but she wasn't. i basically handed it to her, told her thanks for what she did to help us out but that we were no longer going to need them to mow the yard, that we'd made the deal with daughter and that i was very uncomfortable having her (mother) do the job for us. mother agreed and said, "yes, i guess daughter isn't responsible enough yet" and just sort of sighed. meanwhile, daughter was standing behind her (in a bathing suit as though waiting to go to the beach or something) and i got the feeling that as soon as i left the doorway, mother would be handing over the cash to her.

i just don't understand how a parent can just pooh-pooh that kind of behavior. if it were my child who had made an agreement (handshake and all) to do a job and then NOT followed through, i would have at the VERY least made her apologize and more than that, i'd have made it a much bigger deal than mother did. i would have INSISTED that the kid do the job and then come over and apologize and resign from anything in the future. i don't think she has taught this child a good lesson at all.

bunny, is there no way that the package will be forwarded to you? or could you notify the sender of the issue and put them on standby that they might be receiving the package back and give them the proper address? you've probably already done that, but that's all that comes to mind. here in the states, i would call the local office for the old address and alert them to the issue. but i have no idea what to advise you to do.
Well, at least you're done with them, FJ. rolleyes.gif

I'm not sure if this will help bunny, but I had a similar problem with ebay a few years ago- when I was young and naive, I started an ebay account while I was in college, with the mailing and email address and bank info that was current at the time. I bought a couple of things and then didn't use eBay for awhile. Then I started a new account. Somehow they got linked, but for several years, I had no problems- everything was being done through my newer account. All of a sudden, I wasn't hearing from sellers or getting my stuff. I found out that somehow my information reverted back to the old account and everything was being done through the old information. I contacted eBay and I ended up having to do an "account merge" that got rid of my old information, but let me keep the points for my previous transactions. Maybe that's what you'll need to do. I think I just had to email them to do it.

Good luck!
fj -

That is just crazy. I can't believe that situation. I'd be freakin pissed. I'd have to make a scene. You are much stronger then me.
sorry double post...stupid school computers
Mouse! The latest issue of Consumer Reports has a big article about digital cameras!!
oooh! thank you!

i'm actually leaning towards the canon powershot/elph; a lot of my friends have and love it, as well as it being recommended here.

oh and ps, polly, i LOVE craigslist. i have gotten too many things over the years to list (and sold a few) through that site, but here's a sampling:

--good quality mattress, boxspring & bedframe for $60
--first apartment when i lived in boston
--vacuum cleaner
--really great stereo system with two tape decks (hard to find nowadays!)
--bright green vintage beach cruiser bike
--organized, anonymous snowball fights
--dvd player in great shape
--my current, awesome job, as well as a ton of freelance work
--ex-boyfriend i'm still not over
--my car
--several futons

hey savvy busties!

I have a question that someone may or may not know the answer to.

I have this oollllld vhs camcorder. I have tapes to use with it that are 30 minute SP/60 minute EP. I need to record for 60 minutes, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the setting to SP. Is it on the camera? Is it on the tape? I've looked everywhere.

Anyone got any ideas?
ok, this has been driving me insane.....i know there must be some ani difranco fans out there, i've been wanting to put a song a mix for my friend, it has the line 'god help you if you're an ugly girl, 'course to be pretty is also your doom, because everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room' i have so many of her albums and it's taking me forever to find that song!! anyone know?
that's a cover of alana davis's tune "32 flavors"

sigh. i love them both.

Help, Busties! What's the name of the woman artist that does cards, etc. with images of 50s women/"housewives" and ironic text? ("Don't assume I cook" kinds of things) I'm going crazy!
thanks catlady! you've saved my brain some consternation!
Crap, vesica, I know exactly who you're talking about, and I think at one time, I made a point of remembering her, *poof* it's all gone. I even tried looking at Oxygen Network's site because they use her stuff as "bumpers" in the commercials. Nothing there. mad.gif
Do you guys mean Barbara Kruger?
No, these are more kitschy and retro, not overtly political....they put this woman's stuff on cards, magnets, cocktail napkins....they're kind of more sort of disgruntled housewife-y type. But Barbara Kruger is really cool, too.
Oh, like Anne Taintor?
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Jun 14 2007, 04:22 PM) *
Oh, like Anne Taintor?

I think we have a winner! Thanks six!
i was thinking jenny holtzer, but she's strictly text, isn't she?
Glad I could help! And thanks, GT, I hadn't seen jenny holzer. Interesting works!
Just popping in to say that sixelacat, your siggy made my head explode (in a good way)! cool.gif
*sings*....And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.

I'll make a quick exit shall I? that's now been stuck since I saw your sig, sixie

and i love barbara kruger's art, but always forget her name.
*mwaahahaha* My evil plan is coming together nicely. The song will go "viral", and soon everyone on earth will be compelled to join in a group sing. And possibly some choreography.

Soon. Very soon.
Does anyone know the website that sells those devices that women can use to pee standing up? They're like 6" long, plastic, half-cylinder shaped tools that basically channels the pee. I'm pretty sure I found it on Bust, but I don't remember where..the site also sells Diva Cups. Thanks for any info!
Wait, wait-I found it!

I want one of these-it would be so good for camping, and scummy bathrooms and such-no more hovering!
this is another one.

Okay, more uploading photo difficulties... for whatever reason, my laptop uploads my photos from my Canon into adobe photoshop. They're all in .tiff format and 20MB each. How do I convert them into JPEGs, or anything smaller? I suck at this stuff I'm afraid, but I'm frustrated because I can't do anything with my nice new photos!

I love Jenny Holzer, btw.
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Jun 14 2007, 05:22 PM) *
Oh, like Anne Taintor?

Excellent! Thanks, Sixel!

I actually have a Barbara Krueger postcard on my 'fridge, but Taintor's the one I was thinking of.

Of course, now I can't remember why I wanted it... *pouts* Oh, those lovely wasted brain cells...
Does anyone know how to upload video taken on a Razr cellphone onto the internet? Or at least onto a computer, preferably a PC, not a Mac?

In Photoshop... Open your image.

Hit "save as" under the file menu. In the new window, go to format and pick jpeg, then rename the image if you want to. Then click save... then "OK" for jpeg options. Now go to image> image size. Make sure the three boxes at the bottom are checked, set the resolution to 72, and change the image size to whatever you want... 4x6 is about the best for internet use at 72 ppi resolution [which is screen resolution].

Hit "save for web" under the file menu. Click on one of the images, then under "presets" choose jpeg low, jpeg medium, or jpeg high, depending on how detailed you want your image to be. then hit save.

********* ALWAYS save your original tiff file, if you ever plan to print your photos. JPEGs lose a little bit of info/detail every time they are saved, because jpeg is a compression file.***********************

Good luck.
Cheers Lily! I have no aptitude for this software at all, so your advice is much appreciated. And welcome!
Polly, what version of the Rzr do you have? Does it take a microSD card? If so, you can save it (and any pictures) to the memory card and then put the microSD into an adapter to make it standard sized then upload from there. If it's the older phone version, then you can usually send it to an email addy (just type in the addy instead of a phone number) and send it like you would a picture message. From your email you can save it to your PC. It all kind of depends on what version phone and service provider you have....
Sybarite and Sixelacat,

Paying it forward... I just learned something new about my RAZR... so thanks!

Anyone know anything about fixing doors? You know those pump-like things that go on metal screen doors so that they don't slam shut (they just close slowly). Well, ours broke a couple of months ago, but because part of it completely rusted through and snapped.

Now that our lease is up and one of my roommates is moving out, my landlord is being a complete ass and making us pay for the door to get fixed before he'll release my roommate's deposit. And he says the door is going to cost $225 to fix. I didn't think those things cost that much, and I could install it myself, just give me the tools.

Long story short, does that price seem extremely high to you?
ft2, This advice might be kind of obvious, but... take a couple of quick pix of it w/ your cell phone and trudge out to Home Depot. They may be able to give you a rough cost estimate for repair, and/or maybe they can tell you how to fix it yourself.
Faerietails, you need a "pneumatic door closer". They are listed on the website about $10-$12. All you'll need for installation is a screwdriver, most likely.

Good luck!
Faerietails, yes, that price is very obnoxious! You can buy a whole screen door for like fifty bucks (well, a basic one anyway) and the door closer, maybe for another twenty. And I'm estimating HIGH. Totally obnoxious price you were given. Especially if you don't need a new door, just a new closer. And the door closer will go up EASY.
WOW. $225 for a $12 part. That really pisses me off! Our landlord has been really nice all year, but when it came to matters of my roommate trying to get her money back, he's been a total ass, then he sprung the door thing on us about a week ago. $225. HA. I knew that sounded ridiculously high. He shouldn't even be charging us for that in the first place. The previous door closer rusted completely through at one of the hinges, and he tried to blame us and say we left the door open and that the wind broke it (which is crap because that door would slam closed really hard prior to the hinge breaking). UGH! The nerve...

Thank you everyone! smile.gif
Does anyone know if it is considered rude to wear a black and white dress to a wedding? I know that it is bad form to wear a white dress but I wasn't sure about black and white.
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