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Nope, I'm using brand-new Duracells with an expiration of 2011 or something (I had been using Ikea batteries figuring if they're good enough for my vibrator, but after I went through a couple of those, I switched to the expensive ones) but it's still happening.

Le Boy's dad's comes from a family of electricians, so maybe I'll ask them about it. Otherwise, maybe I'll try calling the carbon monoxide detector manufacturer.

Thanks for the help with the reversed polarity concept though!
Yeah, polly, sorry I wasn't more help. Have one of em come over with a meter to check the actual voltage at your receptacle. smile.gif
Oo, oo, here's something you might know; it sort of has something to do with refrigerators- this woman at work couldn't believe that I was drinking water out of the faucet rather than out of the refrigerator in-door tap that goes through a filter. I'd always heard that you shouldn't use those things for drinking water because the water comes out through plastic tubing which can harbor bacteria, which doesn't happen in metal pipes.

Any truth to this that you know of?
Well, actually, polly, from all the old pipes I've seen and replaced, plastic pipes tend to get less gunk built up in them...they're more slippery, I guess. I'd go for the filtered water. And the best thing I've heard/seen, is to let the water run for a few seconds before you fill your glass/take a drink. It'll flush out the stale stuff that's been sitting in the faucet assembly.
Hi everyone,

I think this is the best thread to ask this question:

I want to try making wine at home for the first time. The instructions say that the room temperature should be between 21-24 degrees, and I'm wondering if making the wine with a lower room temperature would ruin the wine? Since we're not at home during the day, we usually keep the house temperature colder (doing our part to help the environment too). Does anyone know if having a room temperature of 16 degrees would ruin the wine batch?
I have been working in coffee on-and-off for ten years, so I've been watching (and hearing opinions about) how tipping works long enough to know that people have *very* different opinions about it. And you know what? That's ok. Part of being a tollerant human being is respecting other people's choices. If someone gives me a tip, I know it's because they feel I should have one. It's a monetary compliment, imo. If they don't, I'm not going to automatically assume they're an asshole, because there's a MILLION reasons they might have not tipped. Maybe they believe that I'm already being paid and that tipping is silly. Maybe they're broke and getting a cup of good coffee is the one nice thing they can do for themself. Maybe they didn't like the coffee. I could go on and on. People tend to have valid reasons for their choices, and those choices should be respected, even if you disagree. I just don't believe that there's all these people out there, mindlessly assholing up the place.
Hee. 'Mindlessly assholing up the place.' I like that. laugh.gif

So. Silverfish. My dad's house has got 'em in the kitchen. They've been using bleach at the bottom of kitchen units to get rid of them, which seems to be pretty effective, but if anyone has any further suggestions that would be great...
Okay my Busties, I need some suggestions. I am in charge of games for my supervisor's baby shower. I would like them to be fun and goofy and not too lame. Although I insist that we play Chubby Bunny b/c it involves lots and lots of marshmellows.
Any suggestions? Thank you!
kitten, i'll play and share one if you tell me what chubby bunny is! marshmallows? yummm!

i've been going over some games with my gf, who is throwing one for me in june. one that i really think is silly and totally within the maturity level of my buds: guess the dirty diaper.

buy six or eight different kinds of snack-sized candy bars (with different fillings - nougat, peanuts, caramel, etc.) and stick each in a diaper and microwave it until it melts. then each guest has to figure out which candy bar is in each one. whoever wins gets the rest of the candy.

yeah, we're really mature around here. tongue.gif
LOL!!! laugh.gif That sounds so disgusting I just may have to do it!

Love the profile pic, BTW. You look lovely.

Chubby Bunny is a game where a person sees how many marshmellows she can stuff in her mouth while still saying the words "Chubby Bunny." Apparently it has been banned in some schools because it presents an obvious choking hazard but what it life w/o risks I ask!
Aww, baby showers can be a lot of fun. I've been to two in the last two years (and the moms were sisters). Anyway, one that is kind of fun is either getting people to guess how many inches the mom to be's waist is. We actually did it with toilet paper and everyone had to guess how many squares fit around the waist. How far along is your supervisor? My friends were both about 7 months along when we had theirs.

You can also do the thing with diaper pins. Everyone gets one diaper pins and you make a certain word off limits, in this case probably baby. Anyone who hears someone else use the word baby gets to take that person's diaper pin. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most pins wins a prize.

I think we also did a baby word find and there was another game where everyone chose a word and then had to try and make as many names as possible from it.

falljackets, is it safe to put a diaper in the microwave? blink.gif

edit: also at my aunt's baby shower they had a chug off. We all had to chug pop from a baby bottle and of course whoever finished first won.
Thank you candycane_girl! I like thoes ideas too.

ETA: she is somewhere b/w 7-8 months.
Hi, me again. Does anyone have good recommendations for earplugs, that you can use when sleeping? Your suggestions may prevent me and mister pushing one another out of an airplane...
These are kind of cheesy, but I have small (feminine smile.gif ) ear canals, so it was really difficult for me to find ear plugs that fit. These work really well and they're made out of soft foam that doesn't scratch up your ears.
so, who uses limewire? i'm running version 4.12.3, and usually it doesn't give me any problems at all. but lately, for the past week or so, it's been taking forever and a day to download things, and it will drop out to 'need more sources' even when i can see ten listings for the file right there in the search window, and one of them is showing the open folder that means it's downloading.
also, i have been having issues with it just randomly shutting down on me. i've already been through the options with a fine toothed comb, and nowhere does it say anything about shutting down after a certain 'idle' period. i have it set to 'minimize to system tray on close', and in the past, no problems. i hit close, the little icon is right there on the tray and pops the program back up when i click it. but recently, it's been shutting itself down. i tried leaving it running with the window just minimized to the taskbar instead of closed all the way to the systray, but when i come back, the window is gone, and i have to start the program up again. this is really putting a cramp in my "leave it running and come home to finished downloads style", so if anyone has ideas, lay 'em on me.
Grrrl I have given up on using lime wire and stuff, I actually use Torrentspy and, and download bitlord to get the torrentz, it is much safer, and you won't pick up a virus.

Just my $.02
see, i do torrents too, and torrentspy is one of my favorite sites. but i use limewire to download the trashy ebooks i like, because i can't find them anywhere else. and i'm using azureus for downloading my torrents right now, but it seems like it takes at least a week of constant downloading before something finally finishes. i'm going to have to check out bitlord, and maybe just reinstall limewire so i have it for things i can't find on torrentspy, like my books.
I found a shit load of e-books using torrentz and torrentspy. Hmmm. No idea what the problem could be.
um i have a really hard question that i think only busties might be able to answer. does andyone know if there is some sort of law that newscasters may never change their hair from the day they first appear on camera, even if it's been decades? i swear, no matter what channel i turn to, they all have horrible hair, that can only be described as--honestly-- decrepid. who has decrepid hair? newscasters, that's who! thank god none of the men had mullets...ooof! thanks in advance for your answer, which i will take off the air.
gt, i wouldn't be surprised if there was a contrctual thing. models and actresses have that in some of their contracts for various jobs, but tv hair is just BAD.

ha, so in the same hair vein,
i got my hair did (cut color highlights) the other day (it took like 3+ hours), and the total was $162 roughly. I gave the hairdresser $180 and told her to keep the rest. she seemed sort of surprised and was like, "are you sure?"
i was under the impression that you tip your hairdresser in the same way as a waitress, i.e. the 10-15-20% range depending on the quality. did i over-tip?
Catlady, I tip hairdressers the same as I tip waitresses, sometimes more if I'm very happy. Maybe she's just used to getting stiffed.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ May 3 2007, 12:27 AM) *
um i have a really hard question that i think only busties might be able to answer. does andyone know if there is some sort of law that newscasters may never change their hair from the day they first appear on camera, even if it's been decades? i swear, no matter what channel i turn to, they all have horrible hair, that can only be described as--honestly-- decrepid. who has decrepid hair? newscasters, that's who! thank god none of the men had mullets...ooof! thanks in advance for your answer, which i will take off the air.

Well, in my experience, the experience of small local stations, you're right. Newscasters must have a code wherein they're required to have the same hair style they had on their very first newscast for that station. Lucky for us in western MT, the newscasters don't stay very long. I think that they come here for their first job out of college and soon move on to bigger and better things (and hopefully a new hair-do). Hmmm. . .

Hey everyone,

This might sound kinda strange but my dad owns a few guns and likes to go to the shooting range from time to time. I've always asked him if he'd take me because I've always wanted to fire a gun. He has always said, "Yeah, sure. We'll do that some time." It's become a family joke that had my sister and I been boys we would have been to the shooting range by now without having to ask to go.

So my birthday is tomorrow and he asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to go to the shooting range and fire his 9mm. He did the same thing again, "OK, sure, whenever you want honey."

So last night when I was leaving his house I leaned into the kitchen and said, "Hey dad. See ya Thursday morning bright and early."

He said, "Do we have plans?"

I said, "Yeah! We are going shooting."

He laughed and said, "Ok, ok, I'll call and see what time they open."

I know this is probably strange that I want to go shooting with my dad but it's something that I've always wanted to do and he's very good at and I think we could bond or something. So we are going on Thursday. Anyone have any tips so I can impress him when we get there? I'm not sure if this is general knowledge or not but I didn't know where else to post this.
I've only shot a rifle a couple times, but I tend to be good with aiming type things (slingshots, bow and arrow). It helps if you stand with your feet in a sholder-wide stance for stability, take aim, breath slowly and then slowly squeeze the trigger as you exhale - it keeps you from jerking around.

if you want to impress him, just tell him how much it means to you that he took you. tell him how it kinda made you sad that he's taken everybody but you, and what you just told us, how you wanted to share something that he enjoys and does really well. that will melt his heart. ask you dad to show you how to shoot. and ask him questions. i think the thing that is going to win him over isn't going to be that you're an instant annie oakley, but that you are interested because it's part of him and you like being close to him. talk to him about the stuff that was going on with your mom and how you know it was hard on him, but you admire him, and how he handled it. what you want to do, isn't be the perfect shot, but make it into a time when you can bond. goof around, but be serious too. and if you have a good time, when you say goodbye tell him that it was one of the best bday presents ever, and ask him if you can do it once a month or every 2 weeks or whatever works.

worry less about the shooting, and just enjoy the time and experience of this thing you've wanted to do for years, and tell him what it means to you...
Okay, GT's answer kicked mine's ass tongue.gif
anyone know how to get rid of the "topics" post in the profile? there's just some random post from me all up in there from a long time ago, and i can't figger out how to get rid of it...
Damned if i know...

Does anyone know anything about external hard drives and itunes?
LeBoy would know, culture- what's your question? Are you using a mac or a PC? He's better at macs, but he might be able to help with a PC question.
ch- i just bought myself a 250gb external to store my music (and other stuff), but was wondering how my itunes would hold up once i deleted them off my computer...
I have an 80GB iPod, but a 30GB hard drive on my laptop. I want to get an external harddrive, but would that much music on itunes (like 80GB's) be okay even when the external hard drive isn't plugged in? Does that make any sense?

Crazyoldcatlady, I think that's what I'm trying to get to. I'm just not too sure.
itunes will still have the filename/pointer, but it won't be pointing to the right place anymore, if that makes sense. so, you can either go through and re-find all your music on your new device, or delete everything in your itunes library and re-add it all once it's on the external hard-drive. the music will still be in itunes when the drive isn't plugged in, but it won't be able to play it (as it only has something that points to where the file is, not the actual file itself). does that make sense?
Tyger, makes perfect sense to me! thank you so much!

Here's another itunes related question.My mother has an ipod and wants me to put her music on it. Can I just load her music onto my itunes and then add it to her device?
yeah, ch it should, but the easier route would be just to find where all the music is on your computer, copy the file and drag and drop it.

if your computer is a pc, and the mp3 player isn't an ipod (i loathe ipods), that will work. athough some newer mp3 players require software to be loaded on your computer. also, be aware that itunes does load up your puter and mp3 player with a bunch of tiny drm (security) files mac/apple systems don't show you.... you can get rid of them manually ( a pain in the ass) or use a pc. they won't hurt your file play in the least.
puhleeeeease tell me that there's a quick fix for this...

for some reason, my earphone jack in my computer isn't working, either with my headphones or the Y-cable i use to hook it up to my stereo. the music just comes out of the comp speakers...

sad.gif ::tear::
Just wanted to drop you all a line in here. My dad and I went and bought bullets yesterday and he sat down with me and showed me how to hold, aim and use his 9 mm, 22 and 32. We, him, Mr. Pug and I are all going shooting Saturday morning. I have to admit holding that gun was a little intimidating and I'm nervous but excited. I don't much like guns but I think if I knew how to use one I wouldn't be so uneasy around them. I'm really excited to go shooting.

Ok, back to they computer talk.
sigh. i curb-sided the computer tech guy today at work to take a look at my laptop... it's not anything software-y, there's definitely something amiss in the tangible guts of the comp.


my warraty expired like, 2 minutes after i bought the damn computer.
geeksquad it is.
CH, the easiest way would be to make a 'my mom's music' playlist, set itunes to update ipod manually, and then just upload that playlist to her ipod. otherwise it's just going to try and put everything on your itunes on her ipod, which i'm pretty sure isn't what you want to do
I'm kind of bumming about my laptop won't play cds or dvds...and cds are the main way I get songs into my ipod. My internet connection sucks. But I have to take a loooong roadtrip Mem. Day weekend, so I really wanted to get a couple new cds in there.

I think I'm going to figure out my finances and see if I can afford to get it fixed. Is it hard to pop a new cd/dvd drive into a laptop?

Anyway, I have an Itunes question too. I can't find how to tell how long a playlist will play? Like, total time elapsed? I want to make a seven hour long one for my roadtrip. I know there's a way to view that information, but I can't remember how, and I can't find it in the "help" topics.
tyger that's what I figured. Thanks much!

Tree, I have no idea...
D'oh! I found where it shows the elapsed time in the playlist....way down at the bottom of the page..heh. dry.gif
does anyone have any tips on folding fitted sheets????
I do! I learned how recently and I'm way too proud of myself. But, I'm terrible at explaining things so I'll just copy and paste.

*note: This man thinks "acrost" is a word. Try not to get severely annoyed, he's quite good at folding.
wow zora, can you make the sheet come out like his? i am totally gonna try this. thanks.

*rolls eyes at self for being excited about folding laundry.*
awesome! thanks. that's basically what i did except for the little "tent" thing at the end.....i tried googling it and all i got were really bad verbal instructions that didn't explain that you basically have to turn one corner inside out over the other...they were just like "cover the right corner with the left corner" and i was all \O_o/
My sheet is a bit lumpy when I do it, but practice makes perfect crazy-ass housewife.
QUOTE(mouse @ May 22 2007, 02:19 AM) *

LOL. That's cute.

I went shooting with my Dad. I did pretty well once I got myself to calm down alittle. When I heard the guy next to us shoot his gun I jumped clean out of my socks. I think his was a 45. My heart was raising after I shot the first shot out of my dad's 9mm. I was all shakey and my adrenaline was just a pumping away. After about 45 minutes and switching from the 9mm to the 22 I did much better. I kept my target and Mr. Pug hung his and mine up on the fridge. Glad we don't have children. LOL. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to go again.

haha pugs i love that one! it's my new favorite emoticon because it just looks exactly like i feel sometimes--all googly eyed and throwing my arms up in despair.



i wanna learn how to shoot a gun!
Argh! Does anyone have any experience with Canon digital camera software? I can see my photos but can't move or copy them--Adobe Photo Download keeps appearing then freezing so I can't do anything. Any suggestions warmly appreciated...
QUOTE(sybarite @ May 24 2007, 04:27 AM) *
Argh! Does anyone have any experience with Canon digital camera software? I can see my photos but can't move or copy them--Adobe Photo Download keeps appearing then freezing so I can't do anything. Any suggestions warmly appreciated...

is your computer running windows? because i've stopped even installing the software that comes with my cameras. it's much easier to use the windows camera wizard. and i think with most digital camera models these days, you just plug the usb in and windows will automatically recognize it and pop up a window that gives you the option to transfer files using the camera wizard. if not, yo0u can start it from the control panel. you can browse to whatever folder you want to keep the pics in, name the subfolder, and it will clear them off your camera's memory when they're done, if you want it to. if you're using the adobe photo software, it should be easy enough to click and drag the files to the folder you need them once they're done, or just save to that folder to begin with.
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