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I heard that your water needs to go up to 140 degrees F to effectively wash dishes in the dishwasher. I tested my water today and it's only at about 122 degrees F. I assume this is a problem, right? I just wanted some input before I call the condo management company.
well are your dishes dirty when you take them out of the washer? if not it's fine. bacteria can't live for very long on a clean dry dish.
Well, sometimes they come out with some gunk if they don't get rinsed enough before they go in and there's food dried on them, but otherwise they look clean.
I had a family member who would always rinse off the dishes and everything before putting them into the dishwasher. I always thought she was a little off her rocker for other reasons... but maybe she was really the one in the know?
I usually rinse my dishes right away, when the food hasn't dried on yet. Le Boy doesn't do this, usually, so it gets all hardened. It's a big waste of water to have to rinse it so much longer once it's dried. Grr.
yeah, i joined the lounge because i read the thing about the tupperware in the heating coil. just so you know youre not the only dimwit. the heating coil in my dishwasher just got a spatula melted to it. so if youre brain damaged from the fumes, at least you know youre not alone. anyway i dont know what to do but if you find out i hope some one reads this and tells me because my dishes smell like crap too.
Oh yeah, been there, done that, too.
(pardon my ignorance)
I have been thinking about genes and DNA and whatnot.
Every single cell in your body contains a DNA molecule, right? Does every one of these DNA molecules contain your complete genetic code, or just the sections it needs to be the body part that it belongs to?
Why are some body bits ... like hair, blood, saliva... easy for forensic scientists to extract DNA from and fingernails or whatever more difficult?
Is it true that each human cell contains a metre long strand of DNA in its nucleus? HOW DOES THAT WORK?
ellen, each cell contains the complete genetic code. DNA codes for proteins - and the cell only expresses those proteins it needs to do its job. Cells in your skin don't need to produced digestive enzymes; cells in your stomach lining don't need to produce the oils that protect your skin. 90% of DNA is what's called "junk DNA" - it doesn't do anything at all.

it's not that the DNA in hair or skin is easier to extract, it's just easier to get at - they can "amplify" the amount of DNA from a single sample to make enough to play around with. It's much easier to pull a couple of strands of hair out, and risk some of the DNA being damaged, than it is to get at cells inside the body.

And the longest piece of DNA isn't a metre long, it's 8cm. it's only if you put every single piece of DNA in a cell together that it starts to get that long. Basically, DNA in it's strand is fragile 'cos it's only 2nm wide (thats 0.0000002mm), and negatively charged. It wraps around these special proteins called nucleosomes (enzymes actually do the wrapping, it won't occur randomly). The nucleosomes then coil up in bunches of six (this is called a solenoid coil) - and at this stage your DNA molecule is 1mm long and 30nm wide The coils then fold in loops, called chromatin, along a protein backbone... this is what forms the DNA that we can "see" with assorted fancy microscopes

and now, my geek-ass self is going to go back to doing some work for uni. We're doing DNA at the moment... unsure.gif
Wow! You explained that so well. Thanks mornington.
ugh, this is so gross. when i pack up my seasonal clothes i wash them first and then either fold and stack them in the closet or fold and store them in totes. when i go to use them later they smell so weird, not musty just kind of stale. what is that? and is there any way of preventing it? i'm not into stinky laundry products, artificial smells really bother my sinuses so something natural would be my preferrance. it is beyond a drag to have to run 6 loads of what should be clean laundry at least twice every year.
The only thing I can think of, Pepper, is maybe rather than putting them in plastic totes, maybe put the clothes in muslin clothing bags (to keep dust off) and put a couple of those cedar moth-repellents in there. If you can get your hands on a cedar chest and can store your off-season clothes in there, that would be even better. My mom has a huge cedar chest and clothes stored in there, no matter how long, always smell good. You might want to check the Martha Stewart website too. I know she can be annoying sometimes, but she does have good advice about practical household issues like that.

Does anyone know anything about digital picture frames? My dad wants to get one for my mom for Christmas, and asked me to do some research. I know he's not going to want to spend more than $75-$100 on it (I can probably find a more expensive one for less on eBay, so if it's more expensive, that's okay.) I can't even find a good site with reviews or just basic product information. I don't know anything about them, so I don't know what to look for. I tried, my usual electronics info site, but no such luck. If anyone has a good one, or knows of a place I can get more information about them, that would be great.
Mornington -That was really interesting, thank you!

Pepper -Isn't lavender traditionally used as moth repellent? Should make your clothes smell nice too.
<derailing thread> i would just like to rant that *I* came up with the idea of digital picture frames, yet did nothing about it. i am like the guy in those commercials who holds up the rollerblade and goes "i thought of this first!"


i don't know anything about them polly, sorry sad.gif
pepper, I'm with margot on the lavender. it's what i use on stored clothes and it seems to work. or cedar. you could even put the lavender in the plastic totes.

polly, I think they work using a memory stick/usb-type arrangement, but I'm not sure how. looks like a cool idea though!

polly - I just HAPPENED to see this a while ago on a parenting blog I sometimes read. I wasn't even looking for a digital picture frame but I remembered it because I thought it was such a cool idea! The blog entry is from September, and one of their only complaints about it was the price ($200.) But if you click on their link (Philips 7" Digital Photo Display,) it takes you to Amazon, where it looks like they've reduced the price to $168.99. It still sounds like more than your Dad wants to spend, but maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere else?

I usually lurk in this thread...glad I finally have something to contribute!

P.S. mouse - I hate it when I see someone else making their millions on my idea! smile.gif
Does anybody know if there is a "best time of year" to buy a used car?

I have only bought cars from friends/relatives so far, but it looks like I'll be trolling lots for the next one...
I know that the beginning of the year is the best time to buy a new car (the new model years have been out for a couple of months at that point, so dealers are desperate to get the past year's models off their lot, and it's after the holidays, so the holiday gift-giving rush is over), but I don't know about used cars. Maybe it's the same time, since the people buying new cars could be trading in their old ones, so there's an influx of used cars.
hey, thanks for the suggestions. i don't know if lavendar would be strong enough though, it tends to fade quickly in my experience. i'll think of something.
in the meantime, i just got rid of about half of my wardrobe! i never wore any of that stuff, it was just clogging up the closets.
wish i could do same with my giant container of shoes ~le sigh~. i never wear those either but they're like works of art some of them, i can't let them go.
Agent wasabi (a few threads back) - you gotta catch those white anti-perspirant stains early on, when you first put the clothes on. Baby wipes usually do the trick ... or in the event of no baby therefore no baby wipes, just regular 'wet cloths/wipes'. i always have those handy ... for a variety of ills (apparently the 'baby' wipes have some kind of stronger cleanser).

Pepper - when storing clothes, you must make sure they are absolutely dry - any hint of dampness will create mould = smell. Bicarbonate of soda is the miracle absorber of all things smelly. An open container of bicarb in the fridge or cupboard does wonders (oh .... that sounds like some 1950's sponsor ad!!). How that may work in your situation, I'm not sure... maybe sprinkled around the clothes? Using lavender or vanilla essence or oil in the lining/hemming of the garment may also help - be careful with possible oil staining tho.
so i rarely cook, and when i do, it's all veggies.

still, my place ends up smelling like food for longer than i want, and it gets into my clothes. any suggestions other than opening the windows or lighting candles??
well, they're dry. i have usually just laundered them before i go and pack them up. maybe a sachet with lavendar, vanilla, lavendar oil and baking soda. i wouldn't want the oil or the soda all over my clothes, then i'd still be stuck with having to launder everything when i unpacked it!

cat lady, can you run the exhaust fan while you're cooking? it's noisy but it works.
I think we've lost our computer advice-seeking thread, so I'll post here and hope someone can help:

MS Word won't load any more on my mom's computer. We've run anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, removed and re-loaded Word... nothing. When you try to run the program (whether from the icon on her desktop or the programs list) it brings up the initial logo, but it just hangs up and never goes any further. Can't get out of that screen, and when you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL it says that all of the resources are used up - that screen then locks up and you have to turn the computer off. AAUUGGHH!!! I'm at the end of my fairly-limited computer knowledge - anyone have any ideas?
pepper - Do you have a Trader Joe's in your area? I was just there today and saw that they have these dryer packet thingies that are basically like giant tea bags filled with dried lavender. I'll bet you could throw one in with each load in the dryer, and then just pack it away with your clothes for the season to keep them fresh-smelling. I might try it myself!
I would kill to have a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods in my area. But I live in PoDunk-ville and WalMart and Food Lion own the land, apparently. I was just thinking about Trader Joes when I got online. I have to drive two hours to get to the closest one. *sigh*
hey thanks sesame. i'm in canada so no trader joe's but i have friends in the states who could mail me some. those sound really cool, wonder if i could make some with fabric and lavender and if they'd work? it's worth a try...
according the US naval observatory, the winter solstice occurs on dec 22 at 12:22 am. according to the farmers almanac it's dec 21 at 7:22 pm. is one greenwich mean time and the other EST? neither specified.

also, i know the sunset occurs later each day after the solstice, but doesn't the sun start rising earlier? because i checked for the next week, and the sun rises later each day. i thought the days start getting longer?

can you tell i suffer from S.A.D? sad.gif
Those are interesting questions, Mando. I wish I knew the answer! In fact, I want to investigate, unless you were able to find out anything else in the meantime. Yesterday morning on the drive to work the sunrise was just totally beautiful. The sky was almost all pink with a little bit of blue thrown in for good measure.

I'm glad we're over the winter solstice hump.
mando, that's mind boggling. I thought the sun started rising earlier and setting later after the solstice? Crap I don't know.
Found the answer to the sunrise/solstice question here.

i was just involved in a hit-and-run. i got rear-ended by some fuckhead in a pickup truck (not my fault at all, i was stopped at a yield sign waiting for traffic to pass). i immediately pulled over, of course, but asshat drove off. i did, however, get his license plate #. now, i'm only slightly shaken up, i'm not going to need a doctor, and my car isn't visibly damaged (it's so crappy i can't tell whether those dents are old or new...), but the vengeful part of me wants to report it anyway.

should i?

absolutely, you should report it, mousie!!!!! abso-fuck-in-lutely!

he broke the law. he knew he hit you, but dind't even care to see if you were injured. i think you should totally report him.

sorry you had to go through that, girl! what a pain in the ass. i hope it doesn't make your car all shaky again!
thing is.....if i report it, it's gonna go on MY record too, whether or not i was at fault. i think dude deserves to be turned in, but i don't want an accident on my record since as of right now it's totally clean (not even speeding tix). sad.gif
Has anyone ever used that shrink-wrapping stuff for your windows in the winter? My bedroom window is really drafty and it's about, oh, 62 degrees in my bedroom right now- brrr! I'm thinking about getting some of that stuff, but I'm a little unsure if it would work on our windows. We have sliding windows and they're inset in the wall- there's no trim on the wall and there's also blinds that are hung within the window space, so they're basically flush with the surrounding wall.

I googled the shrink wrap stuff and you're supposed to stick it to the wall with double-stick tape, then use a hair dryer to tighten it. Will the double-stick tape stick to my wall when I'm done with it? I don't really want that. Will I have a problem with the blinds being in there? They stick out a little at the top where the mounting is- will it be a problem?

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Feb 4 2007, 10:47 PM) *

Has anyone ever used that shrink-wrapping stuff for your windows in the winter? My bedroom window is really drafty and it's about, oh, 62 degrees in my bedroom right now- brrr! I'm thinking about getting some of that stuff, but I'm a little unsure if it would work on our windows. We have sliding windows and they're inset in the wall- there's no trim on the wall and there's also blinds that are hung within the window space, so they're basically flush with the surrounding wall.

I googled the shrink wrap stuff and you're supposed to stick it to the wall with double-stick tape, then use a hair dryer to tighten it. Will the double-stick tape stick to my wall when I'm done with it? I don't really want that. Will I have a problem with the blinds being in there? They stick out a little at the top where the mounting is- will it be a problem?

yeah, it'll stick to the wall. i've used it on wood trim and it even took the paint off. i have the same kind of window and have been trying to figure out how to do it and....thought of two ways:

first way, look at the window itself? is it vinyl where the track it slides in is a lip? is that part one solid area? you could take the blind down and run the tape on the vinyl windowframe itself and use regular caulk between the windowframe and the wall.

or...and i've never tried this because it seems like a bit more work and more expensive, but maybe a better long term solution...have thought about making a frame of plexiglass, have it cut slightly smaller than the wall (maybe allow 3/8 inch all the way around) and then getting some of that squishy pipe insulation, and sliding it into the hole created by the wall. If you made it tight enough it would theoretically stay put by friction....and it could be removed in spring and re-used.

i dunno...hope this helps. i think where sliders tend to leak is the gap in the middle between where the windows slide against each other open and closed. i'm considering just getting weatherstripping tape and putting it on that middle part. sliders are difficult to work with.
never mind. I was looking for an awesome card game under the wrong name. I found it now though (it's called shit head and is super-fun).
Can anyone recommend an ogg to MP3 file converter? I need to put some tunes on my itunes, but they are in ogg format. Any (safe to download) recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
does anybody know anything about dishwashers? i'm having trouble with mine. it seems like the bottom spin-arm (not sure what it's called) tips out of its bracket during the cycle...when it's done i always see it tipped over, and the bottom dishes are not clean.

is there something that's supposed to snap it into place or something? I can't figure it out.

Sorry CH, I don't know much about that stuff....hope somebody can help!
sorry culture and tree, I'm hopeless with things like that (being remotely similar).

I need help with a specific word/term that I can't put finger on... meaning able to independently think for one's self. Can anyone help? I think it begins with "auto" but now I'm not so sure. The context I am using it in is how teaching encourages children to be ...

eta: never mind, it came to me! I was thinking of autonomous.
thanks gt! as I said, it came to be a minute after posting! it was so infuriating, I hate losing my words.
lol...i know... i posted then read the rest of your post. i felt like such a dork. smile.gif
Dumb Question #1398: How can a cough syrup be both an expectorant and a cough suppressant at the same time? I thought the idea of an expectorant was to loosen the yuck so you can cough it up. Where does the loosened yuck go if your coughing is suppressed???
glad you asked. i can't exactly give you the answer, but i thought you'd appreciate this quote from our friend wiki:


In 2002, researchers at the University of Bristol published a study ...indicating that some cough medicines are no more effective than placebos for acute coughs in adults....In 2006, the American College of Chest Physicians published a guideline that had the dual message that many over-the-counter cough medicines are not effective and that those that are effective in treating the symptom do not treat the underlying cause; the underlying disorder emphasized by the guideline was pertussis (whooping cough) in the elderly.

Many cough mixtures contain both an expectorant and a suppressant -- even though an expectorant requires the action of a cough to expel mucus. Many believe this supports the idea that cough suppression is just a placebo effect.
Thanks for that, GT. It's a good job I've given up and have gone back to the trusty old Fisherman's Friend lozenges!
lol.... get better soon doodles. smile.gif
*puts on geek hat*

some syrups work by breaking down the mucus, making it less viscous. This allows the cillia in your airways to "waft" (I love that word) it back up your throat more efficiently. Then you swallow it. This happens normally; when you've got a cough, there is more mucus and it's a lot thicker, so you have to cough it up. they then also act as a demulcent, which soothes the inflammation in your throat (caused by the coughing), so you feel better.

*puts down geek hat*

that said, they are of "limited therapeutic value". so... they don't do much. But I hope you feel better soon!
Ha, American College of Chest Physicians are the people I used to work for. Bastards. Good doctors who are members though, so I'd trust that study. I use NyQuil cough now because it uses anti-histamines instead and it works!

Anyway, etiquette question: I'm throwing a surprise 30th b-day party for my boyfriend in April. I'm ordering pizzas, a cake and buying soft drinks. I'm not buying booze, but I'm okay with people bringing their own (for themselves or to share) it poor form to put "BYOB" on the invite?
Not at all, polly! That's exactly what it's for, to let people know that if they want B they must BYO. Have fun party planning!

Oh, and I've never used syrups with expectorants, because, frankly, I don't want to expectorate! I'd rather let the mucus "waft" its way wherever and let digestion take its course..../tmi grossness
polly, BYOB is exactly what you should put on the invite, I agree with sixie.

Actually, I went and read the wiki article GT posted, and it says that drinking lots of water is just as adequate an expectorant as a cough syrup because it thins the mucus, etc. Good to know!

I *heart* Wikipedia.
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