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thanks for the opera/sleepwalking info!

okay, I'm experienceing a mental block: can you write "her children were her inheritance to the world"? or am I thinking "her legacy" or should I write "she bequeathed her children to the world"? or "the inheritance she left to the world"? there's a word that's on the tip of my tongue and I'm mute.
legacy sounds right to me...
So I'm having a domestic issue and I'm wondering if someone else has experienced it, or if anyone has any suggestions on what to do-

I hate cigarette smoke (nothing personal to any smokers out there, but I do.) No one has ever smoked in my house for as long as I've lived here. I live in a condo and my next-door neighbor smokes heavily. It's awful trying to open my condo door when I get home as fast as I can to get away from the odor that has seeped into the hallway (our doors are kitty-corner to each other, so it's RIGHT there.) Once I get inside, it's an oasis, except for one problem. Both of my bathrooms are on the shared wall between our unit and the neighbor's, and they reek of cigarette smoke. Our heating is all self-contained in our unit, so it's not coming in through there. My guess is that the hole in the walls where our plumbing goes in is not tightly sealed (like, caulked; nothing wrong with the plumbing itself, just where it goes into the walls) and the neighbor's bathrooms may be on the same wall, and his probably isn't sealed either. So, his cigarette smoke is coming into our unit through the walls.

The last few weeks, it has been unbearable. It's gotten stronger, so I notice it in other rooms, I'm getting headaches from it and I've started keeping the bathroom door open while I'm in there because I start to feel short on oxygen after a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, there's no exhaust fan and we can't put one in (and even if we did, I wouldn't want to run it constantly anyway.) I don't want to spray air freshner because then it will smell like sickly-sweet flowers and cigarette smoke. I don't think asking my neighbor to stop smoking is really an option either. dry.gif

Any ideas? Can I caulk around the holes?
oh, ugh. can you get a copy of the tennancy act for where you live and see what the landlord's responsibilities are? a trip to the doc for an assessment and a note regarding the health impact might be a good idea as well. approach your landlord well armed with knowledge about what your rights and his/her obligations are and ask for a solution.

good luck! don't be afraid to make a stink about the stink. it's really unfortunate that there isn't a smoking policy for your building. it leaves lasting damage to the interior of the unit even when a tennant smokes moderately, nevermind that heavily. that smell never, ever comes out of drywall and paint and it can't be painted over either. it sucks.
I'll check the association handbook, but I really don't know how much the building can do, because they're condos, so we all own (or are subletting from an owner) our own units and we're basically responsible for ourselves. I could go to a board meeting and ask about it- I mean, in principle, it's worse than a noise nuisance (which they do have rules about) because the noise can be turned off or at least down. This is always there.

ETA: I checked the handbook and there isn't anything about it in there. Maybe I'll contact the board or manangement company about it. I was going to contact them anyway because it seems like there's A LOT more cars than normal in our lots and it's getting harder and harder to park around here. It may be time for a sweep to see if all these cars have permit stickers.

I don't know why you couldn't caulk the plumbing penetrations. We do that at work all the time for refrigeration and other piping penetrations. Sometimes it's even required due to fire code. Caulk away, I say! smile.gif

But something you said is puzzling me...the fact that you have no exhaust fans. I think it's required by code that you either have an exhaust fan or windows...and for whatever reason if your bathrooms are sharing walls I can't imagine they have windows. Maybe they do though.

Anyway, caulking plumbing pipes shouldn't be a problem.
cross-posting with the housekeeping thread....

Does anyone know how to get sticky gooey stuff out of carpet? I moved some furniture and have what appears to be a little patch of dirty, gooey, old gum ground into the carpet. As this is a rental, it's probably in my best interests to try and get rid of it! Any thoughts?
doodle, I had that happen to me once, and I used an ice cube to harden up the gum a bit, then took a fine toothed comb and combed out the bigger chunks. Then I used Goo Gone and a bristle brush to scrub the spot free of residue. Hope that helps!
Thanks for the info treehugger- no, our bathrooms have no exhaust fans, nor windows. The buildings were originally built as moderately-priced apartments about 30 years ago, then went condo about 20 years ago. I guess they were built before the building codes went into effect, so they were grandfathered in as is. I know, our home inspector was just perplexed about how we could not have some ventilation in our bathrooms. The association won't allow anyone to do anything about it- they don't want people cutting holes in the roof, so yeah, we shower with the bathroom door open a crack and keep a little fan in there to circulate air. It sucks, but it works.

I emailed our management company and we'll see what they say, but I'll probably end up caulking the wall.
Hello there.

I have a question about digital camcorders. I think there used to be a gadgets thread, but I can't find it.

Anyhow, my question is does anyone know an easy way to transfer miniDV tapes to DVDs? I had to do a taped interview for a class recently and had the hardest time transferring the miniDV to DVD. I did not think it would be that big a deal, as our teacher said people generally turn in DVDs, rather than VHS tapes. I am wondering how everyone does this. My husband tried to transfer mine onto the DVD with his MAC, but the comptuer didn't have enough capacity. It's 30 mintues of footage. I have to do more tapes in the future, so am looking for the best method. I can also turn in VHS tapes though, so that might be an easier route.

Le Boy is a video editor, uses a digital camcorder and a mac, so I can have him look at this tonight or tomorrow morning!
thanks polly!

Le Boy wants to know is it a matter of the Mac not having enough hard drive space, or is it underpowered (RAM, processor speed, etc.)...if it's a matter of hard drive space, he asks if there's a chance you could buy/borrow an external hard drive?

What operating system are you using? If it's a newer version of OS X, there's a program that comes free with the system called iDVD, and the latest version of the program allows you to import directly from a MiniDV camcorder and burn directly to a DVD in just one step.

If you need to edit the footage, there's a program called iMovie that also comes free with the system.

If the Mac is a little older, you can purchase these programs for about $79 (there are a few other programs you get with it for this price.)

So, if you can get the stats of the Mac you're using, Le Boy can give better advice. Hope this helps.
Thanks sixie, I'll try it!

New related....

Does anyone know how to change the settings for those annoying little pop-up notices on the Windows taskbar? So you can stop the pop-up notices, I mean. You know the ones, like "a network cable is unplugged" or "you are now connected to _____" or "warning, your firewall is turned off" or shit like that. The network cable one is making me crazy, b/c I never connect by DSL, but I have to disable the entire connection every time my computer comes back from standby or shut down, or else I keep getting the stupid pop-up notice. And I KNOW the firewall is off - I TURNED it off! Fuck off, Windows! Stop treating me like an imbecile!

Anyway, thanks...
Polly, thanks! It is actually not my Mac, so am not sure of the specifics. I believe it was a hard drive issue. I know he tried to transfer the footage using iMovie. I will find out about the operating system.

Another person in my class said she tried to use iMovie to transfer her footage & also could not. She said her husband found a program online that he had to download to do it.

Thanks to you & your man!

Doodles, I don't have any info for you. Sorry.
Hey Doodlebug,

That popup that you are getting is an indicator that something is not right, and there is a likelyhood that your DSL connection requires a firmware upgrade or the other possibility is that there is a hardware conflict on your network card location, I am not sure how to help you rectify, but the fact that you have to disable/enable at standby means there is a problem. How PC proficient are you?

If you hear a rattling in your car, you could turn the radio up, that normally fixes it.....

**The last statement is the sort of thing that a smart-ass mechanic would say to a woman when she brings a car in, in my case it was a weak attempt at humour because I cannot rectify your problem** tongue.gif
crossposted in empress' new clothes thread:

anyone have any tips on making jeans stiffer? i have a pair that fit me like a glove when they come out of the dryer, but they were kind of cheap and after two wears i'm swimming in them, they get so loose. is there any way i can keep them fitting tight longer? maybe starch? do people even use that anymore?
Now I need some computer help. I'm in Word, on a Mac, and I have a page of mailing labels. They aren't being used for mailing, but they're that kind of label. I am trying to, in a new document, take the exact text on the labels and convert them into table tents (like the little signs that sit on a table in front of someone in a panel discussion). I want all the table tents to be in one document, not individual. I've tried a data merge (which I'm not good at yet, so I could just be doing it incorrectly), I've tried just changing the type of label to these table tents (tools-->labels-->changing the Avery number) and that sort of works, but it only does it for the first label, not the entire page, even when i select the whole page.

Any ideas?

ETA: I may have figured it out. Avery's templates from their website seem to work better than the pre-installed templates in Word (big surprise!) We'll see if this works in the end.

ETA again: I think using Avery's downloadable templates did the trick. I haven't actually printed them yet (waiting for boss to proof them) but I'm very hopeful. I was sure to write down everything I did, then typed it out, so it won't take me two hours to remember how I did it last time.
doodlebug, reasonably proficient? Been mucking about for 10 years, run a couple of websites and a few e-lists. Not super-duper techie-skilled, almost completely DOS illiterate, but reasonably able to manage things like msconfig. It seems to me I had the DSL connection permanently disabled at one point, so that it WASN'T warning me that "a network cable is unplugged" everytime I open up the laptop...I don't remember when it started to do this again...I don't have the problem on my PC, just my laptop. Both are running XP, with ZoneAlarm firewall and AVG anti-virus. (ETA: now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I started getting the disable/enable problem after staying in a hotel, where you couldn't access their high speed unless you installed something - I usually refuse to do such things, but a group of us were rushing to finish some work needed that moment, and I had no choice. I don't have my laptop with me right now, but later, I'll see if I can find anything related to that....) But aside from that there no way to disable the pop-ups in general? Like when I'm, ah, "borrowing" different wireless connections, and it pops up each time to tell me which network it's connected to and at what speed? I don't care - I can see the toolbar icon for myself, and I can mouseover if I want details, so it's kind of a nuisance more than anything to have to stop and close the stupid pop-up...and then half the time, I miss clicking on the little X (which is VERY little!) and wind up opening the connection status or network connections, and I have to close THAT too. I'd just like to not have them at all. Thanks for your input on this one!

Also, once I made the mechanic not charge me for labour on my car, because he didn't initially believe it was the problem I identified. After two hours of going over every other possibility, he ran the necessary diagnostic test, and it turned out to be exactly what I said it was: the throttle position sensor. dry.gif

No real idea, mouse, sorry! I think the dryer is the culprit, b/c most jeans have lycra/spandex in them now, and heat totally destroys that stuff. I always wash in cold and hang-dry my jeans.

polly....*gulp* No idea....I've given up on that kind of stuff in Word, I do it in Publisher, so I can have total control!
Well, to follow up, I can't find anything I may have installed for the broadband access, and I still have to disable each time I reboot or come back from standby. I haven't done anything to investigate the driver or the network card, as that would require making my brain work, and it's now 3 in the morning.

BUT I did figure out how to disable the damn taskbar popup balloons through regedit, and the start menu balloons as well. Which is what I was really after, anyway. IPB Image

If anyone else is annoyed by these balloons and doesn't know how to get rid of them, here's a link that shows how to disable them. It's pretty simple, actually.

You turned the radio up, didn't ya! dry.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Throttle Position Sensor, this is male territory!! I best not tell my the male folk about you, there will be an outcry! laugh.gif

erm, is your avatar a picture of YOUR guitar or A guitar?

Doodlebug, that's odd, I thought you could just turn off most windows alerts? I thought I had, but I'll have to keep an eye on my corner to see if any appear. My laptop does some annoying popups though, so I might check out the advice in your link... the worst thing is it keeps temptingly telling me every time the mysterious unsecured wireless network appears, like a little devil on my puter's shoulder or something. Hmm maybe it's a laptop thing - I didnt really spend enough time bending it to my will though.
Which segues nicely to what I came in to ask:

Has anyone here ever successfully done a DVD hack on one of those computer dvdrs that has a regional lock?

(do you peeps have avatars? I must have turned off the option to see them in my bust settings!)
ETA Mouse a friend of mine used to use spray-on starch when ironing his jeans, but really... ironing his jeans?!
kalevra, I did turn up the radio. rolleyes.gif I have a theory about PCs that some problems should just be ignored until the day you're ready to do your bi-annual Windows re-install. mad.gif

Is that YOUR eye or AN eye?

Yes, it's my guitar, more decorative these days, as I usually bash about on an acoustic. I'm more a singer than a guitarist. (I spent my teenage years planning to become a rock star, only to discover I was afflicted with a terminal case of stage fright!) Do you play?

venetia, I am pretty sure I have turned off most Windows alerts, but apparently you can't turn off the balloons without going through regedit. Which is most annoying. I only have the problem on my laptop, too, not my PC (excluding MS Security Centre alerts, which pop up everywhere). Odd. I also didn't take the time to bend my laptop to my will, though - I LOVE that phrase, BTW! tongue.gif

Dunno what to tell you about DVD hacks, though. I only JUST figured out how to decrypt a DVD..., did I say that? No. I meant I only just figured out how to pay money to rent a DVD, play it, and return it to the rental store, without ever once breaching copyright restrictions. Yeah. *ahem*
heh heh. Thing is, my regional lock problems don't even stem from illegal activity - I legally bought all my dvds. It's quite possible for us zone 4 peeps to buy zone 1, in fact it's often only possible to get them for some films! Yet other, local films are often 4. My normal, livingroom DVD player is multizone, it's just that my laptop was obviously built by slaves to the RIAA.
Venetia, have you tried RegionKiller? It worked on my laptop (I had to have it to play Sexie DVD, as our Lounge Izzard refuses to release it in region 1, the blaggard!) biggrin.gif

I hear you on the bi-annual install.....I have managed to get mine down to once a year, but fortunately with the wonders of modern technology, I am able to do it in a short time nowadays....I have a clever thing that keeps all personal settings and things, so it is quite quick now, still a drag though.

That there is MY eye......and it is starting to freak me out now, I am looking for something else to put there..

Yep, I play guitars too, I am more a bass player, but that cannot be done on it's I noodle around on the 6-threaders too. I would love to get a 12 string, they sound so cool. I am never going to be a rockstar of any sort, I just play casually with some mates...its good fun and creative. That guitar of yours looks quite unique...what is it?

kalevra - honestly? Couldn't tell you. My mom bought that guitar for me from her co-worker when I was 14, along with a crackly old amp (long gone now). The amp was from Carvin, if my memory is correct, but there's no inlaid brand on the guitar, no markings anywhere, so I don't think it's anything "special." (She was a single mom, not much money!) At this point, it needs to go into the shop before it's playable again. But it's purdy, I agree. And shiny.

My acoustic is a Fender. *ahem* Bought that myself, as a grown up. And you?

I wanted to learn to play the bass, brother's been a drummer since he was 5; I thought we could work together or something, but I never got that far..I never felt like I was a good enough musician (singing is really my thing). He took it pretty far, himself, although he never became a session drummer like he dreamed. Anyway, that does make me one of the few chicks who not only knows big phrases like "throttle position sensor," but also big words like Ayotte, Zildjian, and Sabian. IPB Image

I stumbled upon a 2nd hand hollowbody electric bass a couple months ago (Ibanez) and I desperately wanted to buy it (because I've decided to have my midlife crisis a little early), but I just didn't have enough cash. They wouldn't hold it - it was gone by payday. mad.gif

What kind of music do you like to play?

And what is this clever thing that holds onto your settings? I need it.

ven, that's really effed up. What is the point of having a DVD on yer laptop if you can't play half of them at all? Hell, when I bought mine, I ordered a spare battery just so I could watch DVDs on airplanes...I haven't even used the DVD for anything else yet!

(That's true, actually.)

I'm going to download that sixie, even if I don't use it....just so I can go "nyah nyah" to the corporate bastards. tongue.gif
Hey Doodle,

That is a very pretty guitar, I agree, quite striking.

I play a number of different instruments, I have Washburn DIME (the worlds most disgusting guitar, but damn does it play well), a Yamaha BB604 Bass, it is natural blande finish with gold hardware and active circuits, very BOOMY bass. And I have a Musicman Stingray copy, awesome bass, great for slapping.

I play anyting that is musical, hard rock to drum n bass fills....I have an extremely wide musical taste. The only things I don't really like are Rap and very mainstream pop i.e Britney, pink etc etc.

Anyway music is just a hobby for me really, I should have done it at school, I might have made something more of it...but alas, it was not to be....

The thingy for the computer is basically a small program that takes 'snapshots' it is an extension on XP's recovery options. It is very specific to my PC and the way I have it configured. it would be useless to you as it is generic and requires tons of input to get up an running. I am working on it though. When I get it working like plug and play, I will become an instan millionaire, and you will get the very first copy wink.gif
Hey, this is totally a drive-by, I'm only online checking Air Canada regulations, attempting (GRRRR) to pack my carry on for an early morning flight. (Who the hell makes rules that say you can bring a whip and an underwater torch in your carry on, but no more hair products, skin care products, and makeup than will fit in a sandwich baggie??? I'll bet Eddie Izzard doesn't stand for this.) Will read your post more thoroughly when I'm back, in a couple of days, kalevra! smile.gif
Do you not think that Martin Amis's eye (second link down) looks like kalevra's?

kalevra, are you Martin Amis? ohmy.gif
laugh.gif Nope, I confess that I am NOT Martin Amis, but that does looka lot like my peeper!

He has some freckle thingy's there....but his eyes are more blue than mine, and he does not have my long eyelashes..poor thing tongue.gif

How on EARTH did you spot that anyway?
what do you mean?

I was reading that page and wondered why the pic looked so familiar and as I spend so much time here, realised it was an avatar that was familiar!
Ok, I'm back!

Ha ha....kalevera, isn't that Washburn the one the guys in Quiet Riot used to play? The funny X shaped one? Or is it the V-shapped one? tongue.gif

I'm not really a great guitarist, I play to accompany myself, but I'll try anything from Van Morrison to Jann Arden. I can sing just about anything - I just can't always play it! Which is frustrating.

I will be waiting for that first software copy. And if I don't get it, I'll find a way to pirate it!!! cool.gif

ETA: Oh, I do have a question! Does anybody remember which issue of BUST that Eddie Izzard interview was in? I've been donating BUST to the women's centre, but I want to reclaim that copy before we offload the library....
bunnyb.... smile.gif was just curious how you managed to make the match...or close to it. Must be womens intuition and 7th sense huh! is the same as the guys from Panthera, or something like that......Dimebag Darrell is the guy that endorsed it, and he was gunned down by some loon at one of his this is a bit of a 'collectors' piece...So disgusting to look at, but oh so yummy to play...

I.CANNOT.SING....I clear rooms when I open my mouth...karaoke is NOT an option to me..I sound like I swallowed a gravel-coated bullfrog, whilst chain-smoking Marlboro's. laugh.gif

I give you...the DIME SLIME dry.gif
IPB Image
Hello, anyone got any advice on this?

I bought some jeans, and when I'd worn them a day or so, they just really bagged out.
I want them nice and tight again!
They are 98% cotton, 2%spandex.
Do you think I could shrink them if I did a really hot wash?
Taking them in is not an option.

Well, generally, what I've found to shrink clothes is actually a hot DRY...and make sure it gets really, really dry. Not damp.

I've had a few pairs of jeans that stretch out when you wear them and then shrink down when they're washed. Dry them hot and thoroughly to get them to shrink again.
hey margot, i recently posted basically the same question a few posts down (and cross-posted in the empress' new clothes thread)....didn't get any terribly useful replies but i find my jeans go back to they way they originally fit after a hot wash and hot dry...but then go loose again in a few wears. i think you just have to wash 'em more often. or get fatter tongue.gif
OTOH....washing in hot, and moreso drying in hot, will very quickly degrade the spandex component, and could cause the jeans to become permanently even looser, faster...and they could possibly wear out in spots faster, too.

kalevera...that IS the Quiet Riot guitar! LOL! I'm only teasing you...if it sounds good, who cares how it looks? Mine looks good but sounds like shit right now. smile.gif That is a very descriptive, er, description of your singing. Heh. tongue.gif
Doh! Sorry Mouse, I thought I was unique!
Very annoying, as I thought I'd found the perfect pair.
Thanks for the suggestions though, everyone.
Would it be bad to take a can of aerosol hairspray in my luggage on a plane? They don't pressurize the luggage compartment, do they? Will it explode?
polly, I would think it would be okay, but I would check the TSA list for acceptable carry on items, it may well be banned because of flammable propellants.

I have a question of my own! Has anyone tried one of those alarm clocks that simulates the sunrise with gradually increasing light? I'm intrigued, as I'm finding it very difficult to drag myself out of bed these dark mornings, and in the summer, I have no problems with waking up with the sun at 5:30am, but in the winter, it gets a little rough.
Sorry turbo, no experience with those clocks.

Another travel question- I should be okay putting a curling iron in my check baggage, right? Seems like curling irons, hair dryers, etc. were some of the only things left off the TSA's list (why someone would NEED to carry on a screwdriver, I don't know, but it's acceptable!)

Air travel is such a pain in the ass now.
Ok what is the difference between tonic water, seltzer, and club soda? And what is the least fattening drink to order at at the bar if I stay away from artificial sweeteners? I figured that something that's basically just water as a mixer with vodka would be the best option but then I heard that club soda (or tonic or whatever) can have either calories or fake sugars. I know all alcohol makes you fat but I would rather gain weight from eating cookies, not by ordering the wrong drink. I usually get a dirty martini- is that really fattening?

I'm 21 and I don't know these things! Someone tell me what to order.
A dirty martini is a fairly low calorie around 150-170 calories. Beer and all the sweet fancy drinks definitely have more calories.
Tonic water has quinine in it and tastes different than club soda or seltzer, but I've always thought that club soda and seltzer are the same thing. If you're getting regular old club soda/seltzer, or tonic water, they are virtually free of calories.
i have no idea which thread to put this in, so here goes...
how in the world does one go about getting those horrible white anti-perspirant stains out of the armpits of t-shirts? two of my favourite black tees are ruined because the armpits are all crusty and white. but there's gotta be a way to get the stain out, no?
QUOTE(edna @ Oct 17 2006, 05:34 AM) *

Tonic water has quinine in it and tastes different than club soda or seltzer, but I've always thought that club soda and seltzer are the same thing. If you're getting regular old club soda/seltzer, or tonic water, they are virtually free of calories.

Actually, I was suprised to find this out awhile ago, but Tonic water, at least the Canada Dry brand, has about 23g of sugar per serving. Stick to the unsweetened seltzer if you are going the low-cal route.
Thanks edna and maude! I'm glad I can still order my martini without feeling too bad about it. And now I finally know to ask for seltzer water.
Good cod, Maude,i looked it up and I've been wrong all along...tonic water has calories. And it is true that some club sodas and tonics have shit like corn syrup added. Fuck. I'm going for dirty martinis fromj now on, 'cause you never know what sort of soda or tonic a bar is using.
I KNOW! Why the heck do they have to put corn syrup in that stuff? I was so suprised/annoyed when I found out, because I had always ordered tonic before, thinking I was avoiding sugar.

Nevermind, figured out the answer to my own question!
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