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we he texts you about how he loves you and wants to eat your pussy
all these posts about seizures make me happy, in a way. That there are so many people just cool with it and willing to take care of us if need be.
Yes, it makes me happy.... especially being I have them. Glad some people are cool with it. smile.gif I really wish a big celeb would come out and try to dispeal the myths like Chris Reeves or Mike J Fox did.... there are still so many myths about it.

Back to your regular scheduled thread....
Me: (thinking to my self) Why did she think it was a good idea to wear that shirt out in public?
Friend: Oh my god! What's wrong with that girl's boobs!
Boy: (laughing) I don't know. I wasn't looking.
When he updates the blog and in doing so tells everyone how proud he is of you for managing everything so well and dealing with your asthma because you are too busy to do it.

When he comes and sits with you in the library on a Friday afternoon as you are stressing about deadlines.

When he has your recovery drink ready when you get back from a long run that he couldn't go on because he's injured

When he books you in for physio at the same time as his appointments because you mention that your hips are tight and your pelvis issues are coming back because you fell off the physio wagon a few months ago.

When he starts reading ads for apartments for rent and commenting that they wouldn't be big enough for the two of us and all of our gear (5 bikes!) even though we've only been dating for 2 months.

When one of his biggest concerns about the future is how'd we'd juggle child care when I'm busy training for Ironmans and he wants to come along on my super long rides, even though we aren't having kids anytime soon and I haven't even started doing half irons.

I love this man and his unfalling support of me and my dreams.
When you talk about possbility of moving in together (even though you've only been dating for two months), and the possibility of a great future.

When he sends you lovely letter and kick ass mix cd in the mail after you've had shitty day. Even though he didn't know you had a shitty day.

When he says he misses your smell on him....

When he tells you he keeps doing research on your epilepsy to know more about it just in case you are to have another seizure. And he wants to know more about the disorder.

When he still wants to meet up your fucked up family....
When he gets up at 6:30 to drive me to work in the morning even though he doesn't have to be at his own job till noon, because my car broke down.

When he makes me feel good about my body, by constantly telling me that I'm beautiful, luscious, etc. He's always throwing out compliments about parts of my body that I normally hate like my love handles or the backs of my thighs.

When you have to put up with sexist crap, and he's just as outraged as you are, and he's the most informed guy you know.
When he tells a couple that I am the best thing that has ever happened to his life and to quit attacking me.

When he admits that he is the one who needs to show more affection and wakes me with breakfast in bed.

When breakfast in bed constitutes a single red rose and him with a smile.
When he works 3rd shift at a job he hates, then comes home and stays up all day taking care of his son, so that you can go back to school for what you really want to do.

When he drives 30 mins to the bookstore that carries the cool new knitting mags and buys them for you without having been asked.

When he refers to you as his "lovely wife" while all the guys at work are talking about their "ol' ladies." (heard about him doing that from an older women who works with him)

*sighs* smile.gif
When he tells his father to shut the hell up when his dad (who has just met you for the first time) yells at you. I mean shit, I was just meeting his family for the first time. And he said, "They will love you, and if they don't fuck em ..."

LOL, I am simply referred to as "the wife", but he makes me feel so special everyday. He says that is his goal in life.
angela, always
when you're both hating relationships after being freshly out of them (ie: 2 weeks out of them) but can't help being together.

when he never stops talking about how great a team you make, and how everything good reminds him of you.

when he takes you on an overnight walk across the city just to see the most beautiful view of the city, and stars.

and knowing that even in this short amount of time... things are ten times better already than my last relationship was... the entire three years.
when he wakes up early to go get the good coffee and surprises you with homemade fruit salad in bed

when he doesn't say one word about the plans you had to abandon when period day 1 and all it's horrific, vomit-inducing cramps hits on a Saturday and lets you stay in bed, making you tea, rubbing your back, and fixing your vibrator

when he pulls you against his chest and forces you to breathe when your brain is once again attacking your body with anxiety

wow, luc, that pulling you against his chest thing...really beautiful guy...

....when he tells you he loves you all the time...

When Mr. Ketchup gets off work early and races uptown to surprise me. And then later when he races across my apartment naked and barges into the shower, also to surprise me. Both are quite divine.
when he's getting ready to go on tour with his band and makes a lengthy to-do list that includes do laundry, pack, call so-and-so, pick up guitar strings, charge phone... and 'hug flyingfrog A LOT.'

bah, I miss him already, and they just left!
flyingfrog, that is so sweet!

...when he makes me breakfast in bed and cooks for me every weekend.
When he says he can stay home with me and help me through withdrawals even though he's got a footy watching and drinking date with his brother.

When he stands up for me with his family.

When he puts my Skull plushie and Moobie in bed when he's not there.

When he supports my writing days, even if I'm writing poetry he hates.

When he doesn't doubt my stories.

When he makes sure I've got the most pasta.
when he comes to work and brings me a lovely potted yellow lily. OMG, i LOVE THAT!

Silly I know, but McCrush wrote me a really sweet email this morning...
all about that he had a blast on our date, and he missed my lips.... aww.
He makes you an awesome steak dinner... and gives you amazing portions and great sex hair! smile.gif
When you come home from a long day, after the shittiest week evAH, and he's searing chicken in his cast iron skillet, with rice and veggies steaming and a vase of lilies on the counter next to a bottle of pinot noir and he makes you sit down and brings you food and wine and cuddles while you watch Jeeves and Wooster and're home...

ah, I'm so in love
Just got email from boy stating he was going to go buy some new wine glasses, good wine, and excellent coffee for weekend at his house.... smile.gif
I didn't even have to ask him!
I am such a thread hog.

He's already started writing his wedding vows and we're not getting married until next summer

He acknowledged, without prompting, that he was engaging in some childishly selfish behavior and thoughts, and that he was sorry about that, followed by a foot rub

When you're ill and stressed and he totally understands your unwillingness to call in sick, but makes sure you know that you have to and sits with you while you do it (I am so scared of the phone), then tucks you in and comes home for lunch.

When he buys you the naughty little toy/torture device from Toys In Babeland that you've been coveting for simply months, then really, really surprises you with it...heh...
Luci, nothing wrong with being thread hog. smile.gif That's great about toy gifts!

When you tell him about epilepsy and seizures, and many weird shit about family, and he just kisses you on cheek, and says he can deal with it. You have NO idea how fucking scary this conversation was. And what a big dealbreaker it's been in my life. Still fearful he may bolt....

When he buys not 2 wine glasses, but whole case! "I figured we'd have people over" smile.gif And three bottles of Pinot Noir....

when you have about 20 minutes before you have to catch the bus and he gives you some loving, makes sure you enjoy it, then walks you over to wait until you get on. THEN waves and blows kisses at you. Then calls you to make sure you got home.
mmhmm, there Is a reason i'm considering getting back together with this man. it's that he Rocks!
Pepper, that's great!!! smile.gif
when he says "you're so cute i can hardly stand it!"
when he's watching tv and yells out 'honey the little mermaid is being released on dvd!" knowing i will want to get a copy. silly geek boy.
When he lets you sleep in. And when you wake up, you find a sweet little love note waiting for you on your laptop.
When on the phone at night, if you say that you have to go because it's time to go to sleep, he calls back in 10 minutes to read you a "bedtime story". (and by that I mean a legitimate short story...not a naughty story, but that would be fun, too!)
they are all so cute (especially emtee's!), I have The Little Mermaid preordered! the boy bought me Lady and the Tramp for our anniversary.
When he agrees to meet your totally fucked up family...and deals with your epilepsy all within like 2 weeks....
cute bunnyb!
When you tell him that you haven't had sex since part of your cervix was removed and when you tell him that you're bleeding some and having cramps after sex he doesn't act all macho "oh did i hurt you" but asks if he needs to take you to the hospital and asks that you call him later and tell him that you're ok.
When he comes to the pub to meet your extrememly intimidating, judgemental friends, and gets on with them marvelously.

When he stays overnight, and makes breakfast for you and your roommate in the morning. Then he does the dishes!

When he burns you a mix cd, after going through your music collection, of 'essentials you are lacking'.
When he puts up with my crazy, sleep deprived ass. Chee.
ditto on both the hanging with my crazy annoying friends and my crazy annoying family, and actually having a good time.
"Your top is the coolest one here tonight. No competition... anywhere."

Oh Yeah.................
When he makes you coffee in the morning, even though he doesn't drink it himself, but makes sure it's a brand you like. Also, he lets you stay at his house for 4 days, and doesn't notice your clutter (books, paper,etc) thrown about in his den....

Also, putting up with your demented family....
It feels a little strange, writing in here. But I suppose if there's a thread for stupid things guys say, we've got to give them credit when they say (or do) exactly the right thing at the right time.

The week before our first date, I ran into him on the way to a party. Two of my friends and one of their friends (who I didn't know, really) had had a punch laced with Everclear and 141; I'd been at home, but they phoned to say they couldn't walk themselves home.

He didn't know any of the girls I was headed to care for, but he asked where I was going and offered to help. We ended up carrying my friend's friend home (about a mile's walk) in the cold.

She was the furthest gone of anyone at the party. We stopped repeatedly so she could lie down on the ground. At one point, she was puking in the street; I held her upright and he held her hair; she mumbled a half-apology and he said, "If it's any consolation, you still look fabulous."

She absolutely lit up.

We tucked her in bed and when I tried to thank him, he shrugged it off.

He checked back in the morning to make sure she was okay.


He was in a restaurant in New York and watched a guy try to steal a woman's purse from beneath her chair. The guy sprinted off, but he alerted the woman of what had happened, then he chased down the guy's cab, calling out to the driver and even knocking on the window until it stopped. Needless to say, the woman got her purse (and wallet) back. Again, he wouldn't accept thanks, saying he'd like to think he was doing what anyone else would do in that situation.


The day he met one of my good friends (I hadn't even met him at this point), she remembers him saying, "I've never met a woman who wasn't beautiful."

I repeated this to him after I heard the story and he half-blushed, saying, "I still haven't."
Aw!!!! What a sweetheart!
That's a good'un indeed, EMP

Heh - when he takes a tough love stance and doesn't back down, even when one is pouting like a four year old *rolls eyes heavily at self*
good job, mr. luci!

...when he deals with your morning crankiness and still wants you to stay another morning...
He holds you and says he understands when you're drunk and crying about your ex.

He scrubs your tub, runs you a bath, and then sits on the bathroom floor and reads to you while you soak...
He holds you when you're crying at his ex wife, whose picture you just found on his computer.

He then makes you really awesome chocolate chip cookies from stratch.
He listens to even the smallest, most trivial things. Like the other day, I mentioned how I used to keep a journal when I was a young teen, but my mother found it and threw it away. After she read it, and declared it stupid. Which was heartbreaking at the time. Then later when I lived on my own, I decided to start one again, and my roomates uber nosey boyfriend read it. I felt so violated, I deleted it from my pc and never kept one again.

So anyway, the day after I told my hubby that, he stopped on the way home from work and bought me a really nice journal. I thought it was the sweetest thing!
He lets me text him all day about my insecurities and work/school bullshit and always replies with something encouraging and nice.

he brags to his coworkers and friends that i am the coolest girl he ever met and ever will.
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