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When you tell him about your proposed travel plans & he wants to take a half day off so you can fuck/cuddle in an airport hotel for a couple hours during your layover.
thanks period_monster & roseviolet! (just read your responses from a couple posts ago :) )

this morning i needed to leave for work in ten minutes, and while I got my shit together, he insisted on cooking me up a tasty toasted sandwich omelette thing-complete with veggies and cheese. He won't let me leave the house without eating.

I had to take an extra minute before I left to convey to him how wonderful he is.
When you give him $20 to get you some pot (since he's getting it anyway) and he gives you twice the amount that you paid for! I know it might sound silly but it was so sweet, he totally didn't have to do that especially considering that he hardly has any money right now.

humanist, cc_boy is the same way when it comes to sex. Sometimes we'll be going at it a bit rough and he hits my cervix or something and the second I go "ouuuch" he stops and is all "are you okay, are you sure you want to keep going?" It's so much better than a guy who just wants to get off and doesn't care about my comfort.

when he packs you a yummy homemade lunch for work, complete with a little spork/salt/pepper packet.
My boyfriend's most romantic way to remind me how he feels about me is to say it took him 3.5 years of looking to find me. Makes me smile when I think about it, since I'm the first person he's dated since his divorce...
When you drink too much and he takes you home, gets you showered and makes sure you get to bed safely. And the next day when he says, "don't worry, it happens to everyone" so that you don't feel so stupid.

Also, it wasn't anything he did specifically but just the way I felt last night during the concert when we were squeezing each other's hands with excitement and hugging each other and looking at each other singing "they don't love you like I love you" was such a good feeling. *siiiiiiigh*
Fancypants chocolates to thank me for his early birthday presents. Who gives somebody else presents for their own birthday? There's this giant chocolate bar covered with dried strawberries, blackberries, & raspberries & a whole box of really kickass truffles & such.

ETA: I cannot believe I forgot to mention the grey salt caramels. They have a little sprinkle of fleur de sel on them.
So I'm staging my condo to get it ready to sell, and bear says, "y'know what? This place is starting to look like it did before you decorated it-boring and bland"

(staging does sort of bland things up)
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 13 2009, 08:46 PM) *
I cannot believe I forgot to mention the grey salt caramels. They have a little sprinkle of fleur de sel on them.

Dude, did he get you those gray salted caramels from Fran's? I've tried them from there and they are amazing. Lucky girl!
He was concerned about the heat/shipping (He had sent me some Lush stuff that got melty.), so he ordered from Cocoa Dolce because it's only a hundred odd miles away. That shit was goooood!
QUOTE(Soonia @ Jul 26 2009, 06:02 PM) *
when he packs you a yummy homemade lunch for work, complete with a little spork/salt/pepper packet.

Awww my boyfriend used to do this! He would pack everything all cute in individual little sandwhich bags...and write me little notes.....teehee
When he tells you there's nothing average about you and doesn't mean it in a bad way.
When you are listening to an online radio show together, and you mention wistfully that it's too bad you can't get it any louder but your bath is waiting.....and while you are stepping into the bath, you hear him hook up a microphone to the PA and point it at the computer speakers.....and you get to hear the whole thing while you soak in the tub.
when he moves in with me and then proceeds to spend an entire day alone, while i'm at work, deep cleaning and deep organizing the apartment, far beyond what i've ever done with it.

when he's quickly made friends with my curmudgeony cat

when he writes a sincere and sweet thank you note to my parents for letting us borrow the car to move : )

eta: when he makes my bed every morning, picture-perfectly and often makes me breakfast.
I swear, I don't ask him to do these things!
Juicy thread!

I say a guy is a good man when:

*He respects your opinions, thoughts, and basically YOU as a person
*He does not belittle, demean, or try to hurt you
*IMO a good man is always humble
*When he sticks up for you or I guess I'm saying protects you
* Watch the way a man treats his mother. That is a giveaway to as to wheter he is a good man or not
*Watch the way he treats your family/ friends. A good man usually treats your family and friends well.
There's a lot of different ways to find a good man. A relationship should be healthy and happy. Not full of drama and pain. I can spot a good man in a minute these days. I've learned what is and what is not a healthy relationship. Once you learn that it''s all good from there. You just have to search.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ May 12 2009, 06:45 PM) *
When he gets up and gets you Midol and puts the dishes away because you have cramps. And later on rubs your back.

lol...... My ex husband use to do this. I thought it was sweet.
QUOTE(foryoursplendor @ Jan 6 2009, 03:32 AM) *
when he sees you have way too many art supplies that are taking over your living space, so he buys a storage giant storage case and puts them all away. Categorized even!

Damn girl, you got a GREAT MAN! My husband would throw them away. lol.....where did you find him?
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Jul 11 2008, 04:58 AM) *
OMG, this made me laugh like a goon! I have not laughed so hard in days.

I'd add that a good guy is one who doesn't give you shit for accidental farts in bed or while relaxing on the couch, watching tv. And actually finds them amusing.

LOL.....girl, you have a REAL man. CUTE though! My husband didn't mind the farting. When you are married all that shy stuff goes out the door.
Content redacted due to sobriety. But he's still a good one.
when i've heard about all the pretty girls he's dated before me, but ended it because they pressured him for sex he wasn't ready for (with them, specifically). But we shagged on the first date : ) He said it just never felt right with them, but it was completely right with me. Not that he was a virgin before me, but he turned down a lot. What?! I have no reason to doubt him.

when my parents tell me they think he's a real mensch.

when he opens up to me, bares his soul..about..everything. It's a good thing. He's not scared of his feelings.

when I often ask "what would D do?" in moral situations. He makes me a better person.
When he always emails you after a date to tell you what a great time he had. He keeps sending me these sweet little emails and all I can do is smile.
When you call him & act all retarded because the talk in the gen relationship reminds you of how lucky you are to have him & you can actually hear him blush on the phone.
When you're curled up in a ball on the couch crying and he moves a pillow so he can sit next to you and hold you. And as he holds you, he reminds you softly that the sky isn't falling & that we can tackle this problem together. Then he goes out & buys your favorite tacos for dinner. Then he stays with you an holds you while you watch nature shows together even though he would probably rather play video games.
... when he is outside in the cold, dangling over a wall to get reception, without a shower for 3 weeks, in a warzone... and he still asks about your day, about the kids and the dog. I love my man. smile.gif
Emmy E
If he tells the truth.
When he brings over a notebook for your date so you can organize your lives.
when he rubs my back and then lays for almost an hour with me curled on top of him, passed out after a long day. He's like a warm, bony, breathing body pillow~

when he continues to spoon me throughout the night, even while I've got a hacking cough every 5 minutes.

when he makes a genuine effort to show that he cares. He's not afraid to face difficult situations between us and wants to help them.
snow white
kudos for the accidental farts one, lol.

when he covers my eyes during the scary parts in horror movies b/c he knows i hate them, lol. i just think it's cute.

b/c we both say "i love you" to each other a million times a day and he never gets sick of it.

b/c he still opens doors for me.

b/c he hangs out in bookstores w/ me even though he could care less (sometimes he even orders a latte, like me smile.gif ) lol

b/c he always cleans my car off in the winter.

b/c he dances with me in public (and not to just slow songs).

b/c he lets me be silly.

b/c he's my partner in crime

i miss my man sad.gif (i'm half way across the country w/out him right now and ready to go home)
Because the post messed up & you are beginning thirty-five days of thirty-five birthday presents a day early.
flowers, every time he goes to the farmer's market, which is once a week.
Three words: Omaha. Steak. Combo.
He made me an annotated six-string fretboard chart out of a gigantic piece of cardboard, which folds like a sandwich board so I can prop it up anywhere in the house. wub.gif

He thinks it's sexy when I play the electric bass.
The bass is sexy enough, but add the Doodle powers & I'm surprised the man is still standing!
serious. y'all are sesi too. nothing is hotter than a couple that shares a passion.
Because I'm having a bad, stressed out day, and he refuses to leave to get his coffee and instead holds me for half hour until I feel better and stop crying.

he stopped at a fancy grocery store on his way home from work today and got me not one, but two pints of the best chocolate sorbet EVER. Just because.

when I sliced open my finger and bled everywhere whilst cutting onions last week, instead of griping at me like my ex would for not being careful enough, he calmly made me a small, functional bandage. We just moved so the bandaids were MIA.
My co-workers and I are a tight-knit group, full of out there, in-your-face personalities (school bus drivers). At our Christmas party, my boyfriend was a great sport about being teased by a few and really impressed all the "mothers" of the bunch, and even though he wasn't into dancing that night, he suprised me by grabbing me for a couple slow dances, complete with a little dance floor kissing, then spent time helping to clean up and move tables afterward... he really is a sweetheart. *sigh*
i offer my deep apologies in advance for this avalanche :P

he's patient with me
he'll eat anything i give him and tell me it's awesome
he knows how to cook and sew and shares these equally with me
he hand-makes most of his gifts to people for any occasion-always art-related : )
he has great credit, even on a tight budget
he has close queer friends
he's comfortable hanging out in a group of my female friends
he's comfortable with romance
he's polite and moralistic but still a hot bad-boy :D
he's very passionate and lives by it everyday.
he comes from a close-knit family of musicians
he talks to each one of his out-of-state immediate family members frequently on the phone and
he gains people's trust easily and genuinely
he's not afraid of emotional sex
he interacts naturally and comfortably with people of all ages
he keeps a to-do list everyday.
he likes cuddling throughout the night
he pays attention to the music I play
he's gotten me back into creating artwork, often collaborating together, after 5 years of no inspiration with my ex
he brushes, flosses, and uses mouth wash twice a day
he doesn't mind if my legs are hairy
he has an unabridged, leather bound collection of Poe-and has read it~
he knows I rarely drink coffee, but I do like it occasionally, and so almost every morning he asks if I'd like some.

sigh...quite literally my better half~
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