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When you realize that you haven't cooked a meal since some time in the summer & that he's never bothered to mention it over dinner.
He brings me food.
The long distance guy told me I'm a catch. No guy has ever said that to me before. I'm a catch. I love it. I'm over the moon with him.
You tell him you're on your period and he comes over with pizza, chips and chocolate.

After running out briefly to do a few errands you come back and find that he has made the bed and washed a sink full of dishes (even though he only used two).
When he shovels hard icy snow from around your car before he goes to work in the morning, while you are still nestled warmly in bed.

when he sees you have way too many art supplies that are taking over your living space, so he buys a storage giant storage case and puts them all away. Categorized even!
When he knows you are nervous as hell about your surgery, instead of taking your grouchiness personally he takes you on a moonlight ride through the mountains to relax you. And then he even even stays up all night with you, rubbing your shoulders and making you cups of chamomile tea
Me: "Thank you for being so wonderful to me."
Him: "No problem my love, it's easier than breathing."
When he spills something in the fridge and immediately proceeds to clean the whole fridge and when you ask if you can help he shoos you away.
(follow-up to an earlier post in committed..)

"When you've snapped at him for trying to help and he's texted back 'I'm sorry. I'll stop trying to fix things when all you want is a bit of sympathy".

Methinks a previous girlfriend trained him well... laugh.gif
When he sets his cell phone alarm for 5:00 a.m. and when I ask "Why did your alarm just go off?" (because I get up at five to get ready for work and he doesn't have to get up until around noon) and he says, "So I can see you before you leave."

Pretty much made my whole day. =)
When he skips going with close friends to an out-of-town event that was really important to him, because there was only one seat in the travelling vehicles, and he didn't want to go without you. Even after you suggested he take the one seat and go. "What? And leave you behind?"
when you've been sick and at that point where you probably look and smell as good as you feel but he props up the pillows, takes your hand, and snuggles with you anyways
When having a conversation about some mutual friends who are kind of "on again off again"

"You know what? "D" has issues. He thinks he can tell her what to do. He thinks he owns her. I certainly would never be so conceited as to think I owned you."
When he makes a point of telling you every day you are beautiful, sexy, or adorable.. or all of the above!
when you're sick, throwing up in a bucket b/c the power's out due to heavy snow and your well pump runs on electric,so no water either, and he goes outside to empty your pukey bucket, returns to melt snow on the woodstove to rinse the bucket out...does this 3 times in the middle of the night and still snuggles and kisses you throughout.
If you make a face when he says that you're beautiful he says, "I wish you could see yourself through my eyes."
When he has a cooking folder in his gmail so he's got things to share with you when you're looking for a challenge and things to make because cooking made you throw up in the first trimester.
When you're in a depressive episode and he talks you through it and brings you chocolate.
When you get a mediocre review in some crappy little music zine and he tells you to never question your talent and that he believes in you without question.Then goes on to tell you how crappy the reviewer's life is.

He also brings me 'real coffee' and delicious sugar free,vegan,hippy chocolate and indulges my love for my pet rats and even takes photos of them to put on his photo blog.
And he tells me how much he hates how awful my siblings were to me growing up (and as an adult) and that he wishes that he could change the past for me.
when he calls in sick to work just to spend extra time in the morning with you~
irresponsible, yes, but worth it.
when he flies across the Atlantic to visit you for the week end. Unbelievable, but actually happening.
When he saves you the last piece of his most favourite mom-made treat for over 24hrs! (They are freaking delicious!)
When he doesn't get mad or freak out over your emotional freakouts.
When he's not afraid to shower you with kisses or call you "babe" in front of his mom.
Ack, that would embarrass me so much! My bf sometimes gets touchy that I never hold his hand in public. I'm just not much of a PDA person.
when he spends time drawing ornate pictures of the two of us in various activities (not ALL explicit :D)

when he insists on making a large breakfast for me every morning we spend together

when he's happy with me sleeping sprawled out on top of him at night

when he talks to his mom about me...and friends/other family/coworkers/exes :)

when he insists that it's far more important for me to finish than it is for him...though neither of us really "finishes"-we could keep going for hours :P

when he incites more passion in me than anyone I can remember.

when he thinks of what's considered foreplay actual sex.

when he has several close male friends who he's known forever and he's not afraid to admit that he loves them.

when doing anything with each other, even the most mundane of activities, feels like making love.

i could literally go on and on and on and on and on.......i found a real keeper.
aww, he sounds great humanist!
*sigh*, he is crinoline : )

also, I forgot-my buzzer doesn't work, so he has to call for me to let him in when he comes over, but a couple of times his phone was dead, so he climbed two tall fences and came up my fire escape. So chivalrous.

also, he insisted on leaving me his computer when mine was being repaired

also, he gets excited about hearing all of my music that he doesn't know.

okay. i'll stop for now tongue.gif
Yay humanist!

QUOTE(humanist77 @ Apr 29 2009, 04:41 PM) *
when he thinks of what's considered foreplay actual sex.

My guy too. Actually I think he usually likes the "foreplay" more!
When you can talk to him about absolutely anything, knowing he'll really listen without judgement.
when he's willing to change jobs and buy a house with you!
When he gets up and gets you Midol and puts the dishes away because you have cramps. And later on rubs your back.
when he not only always puts the seat down after peeing, he also wipes the rim!

when he thinks of my period as an opportunity each month to spend quality time with me without penetrative sex. That's not to say we haven't gotten quite physical this week-it's just everything besides penetration. So far we've made it a ritual to have a special night the first or second day of my period, when we cook a big meal, listen to music, drink a few beers and have non-penetrative sex. They've been some of the most memorable evenings we've had together. This kind of sex is also so awesome because he sees what's generally thought of as foreplay as real sex-equally important and pleasurable. I've always seen it that way too, but I've never been with a guy who does until this one.

when establishing a good and trusting relationship with my family is extremely important to him, and he wants to me to do the same with his family. He actually insisted on getting his own mother's day card for my mom wub.gif

when he got a new job recently, one of his main stipulations for scheduling was that he needed at least one of the same days off that I do.

when I've had literally not a tiny smidge of negative gut feeling or worry about this relationship. I'm extremely trusting of my gut instinct-it never fails me. This one is only giving me feelings of peace and security and frequent waves of horniness that wash over me at inopportune times : D

I'm definitely madly in love with him~
When he sends you books with his tongue firmly in his cheek.
When he stops by to pick up his phone on his way home after work and finds me sad and napping. Insists on leaving immediately so I can get back to sleep, until I make him hug me. Then he takes off his shoes and says, "I'll just stay five minutes if it is okay with you." Then he stays for hours, cheering me up and listening to me blubber about Dr. Tiller's murder and the research I do.

When he tells me that he and his cock were built for me. sigh

When he tells me that I should teach how to fuck.

When he tentatively brings up being exclusive, so nervously, when I've been aching to have the same conversation. And is ridiculously happy when I agree.
When he sends you a really goofy picture of him when he was twenty-five because he knows you're still kinda depressed over some shit.
When he recommends the dating site that we met on to other people b/c it worked out well for him.
When he's willing to sell the house to further your dreams together somewhere else but Georgia.

When he sends you funny mp3's thru the day to make you laugh b/c you're sad.

when he emails photos from a trip we took together on the first night when I am on a solo trip. It melted me heart to open an email from him this morning and being greeted with our smiling faces.
when, after a couple nights ago, he kind of woke me up and we had a sweet, sleepy, middle-of-the-night screw, he explains to me last night, "I woke up and saw you sleeping next to me, and I felt so overwhelmed with love; I just had to make love to you..."

aaaand that's when my heart melted out from between my legs :D

If i continued reporting on all the marvelous and beautiful things about this guy, i'd be chased out of the Lounge :P
Just about everyday I tell myself that something in Fate's system must have glitched, because I don't know what I've done to deserve him....
Humanist, I'm a sucker for sweet romantic stories - especially when they're true - so if you want to gush occasionally, I won't chase you away!
Thanks, rosey!
He often just floors me with some of the things he says. He usually doesn't even say them in the heat of the moment, like, to create more passion, he says stuff like that when we're just taking a walk or doing dishes.

There's been a few occasions when he's been about to say something pretty intense, and he always says first "I don't want to freak you out or anything..." and then says something like "I really, honestly think we'll be marrying each other someday.." or recently, "I'm wondering how you'd feel about moving in together". It never freaks me out, because I'm always on the same wavelength-in fact, whenever he starts something that way, I've come to expect something very heartfelt and honest to come out.

He's one of the most emotionally mature *people* I've ever met, and definitely *the most* (emotionally) mature GUY I've ever met, and it astounds me sometimes because he's only 24. His parents did something right..
I also enjoy reading your stories, humanist. Recently found a good one myself, and I'm glad to read others' appreciation of a good man or woman.
Humanist, that is so sweet. Reminds me of my husband.
Listening to Bonnie Raitt.....

"Boy, this is kinda like listening to Slowhand, isn't it? Fuck, no. This is way better than listening to Eric Clapton."

When you tell him about your shitty situation and he promises that if you need anything at all he will be there in 10 minutes.

When he makes it clear that he wants to protect you but he also encourages you to take self defense classes and do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.

I sent him an email about the stupid situation last night and his response was so caring and concerned that it made me want to cry. I love this guy.
when he sends me (posed, somewhat tongue-in-cheek) nudie pics (and no "here's my junk" shots)!! :D S-E-X-X-Y

when if for some reason there's discomfort during sex (i.e. cramps, dryness, IUD issues, etc) he's sweet and patient about holding off-no pouting, and more concerned about my well-being than getting laid. Fortunately it's not often a problem : )

when we're both beside ourselves with excitement about shacking up together in a one-room studio with our two cats.

when after almost 4 months together (I know, we're just saplings) we're still as in love with each other as we were the first week.
When being with him makes you realize that the life you want isn't out of reach and actually never was.
When the things that turn him on most are good conversation, and seeing you turned on and happy with what he's doing smile.gif
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