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He sends you text messages telling you how special, smart and beautiful you are.
he doesn't complain when kidnapped by your super-annoying father to get cigars, lottery tickets and visit with his goofy old man friends.
He sees you crying after your show because of bitchy cast politics, and so he goes back home (30 min. away) to get you the little stuffed animal he meant to give you but forgot, buys chocolate on the way back, and stays the night with you even though he really needs to write a paper and study for his final in two days.
A guy is a good one if he knows that women are strong. And those strengths, that are so particular to you as a woman, are seen as sexy and attractive. Which means more good sex for me when I desire it. You also know that a guy is a good one for you, in particular, when he is in love with the ohhhhhwheeee!
When he frets over the dogs like they are his children, babytalking to them and telling them it's okay when they spit up cause it's not their fault. He's going to be a great dad someday.
lmp, that's because pugs really are like children.
... when he leaves his job to bring you something work-related that you forgot at home. Searches your house for it and comes to your job to tell you that he didn't find it. Returns to work, promising to come back later and stay with you during the rest of your graveyard shift.

...whether he's alone with you or around his buddies, if he's about to run an errand, he asks whether you'd like anything.

...he surprises you with your favorite drink when he returns from his errand.

...when you have a craving for tacos in the middle of the night, he goes to two or more locations to get you what you want.

...he holds you and tells you that 'everything's going to be okay' when you wake up from a horrid nightmare

I'm sure that I'll think of more soon, or my boyf will perform more considerate or kind things before I post again.
when he gets up with baby and then makes you breakfast so you can sleep.
When despite the fact that you're upset with him, he goes out in the middle of the night and goes to get you something to eat.
...when he brings you home-made lunches at work and even cuts the sandwich diagonally lol.
...when he tells you that he loves you and he tells you often...

...when he watches you like he has never seen you before, with intrigue, and then later he tells you how cute you were...

(i wish he were here right now)
He's at a conference and someone steps up to the mike to complain that a vendor is selling buttons that say "Pussies for Peace" and that it shouldn't be allowed, so he goes and buys you one.
When the first thing he does when entering your house is kiss you and the second thing he does is get down on the floor and plays with your cats. biggrin.gif
because just when you think he forgot to call... he calls.
special k
when he meets you at the airport when you were going to meet him in town and he refuses to let you carry any of your bags even though they're heavy.

When he recognises I'm working my ass off and am under various pressures and is loving and supportive. When he sympathises with my (usually irrational) resentment of his daughter and the restrictions living with her imposes, without ever diminishing the fact that this is her home too. It's a hard one to balance and he manages it while respecting what both of us need.

Also: when he DLs top sci-fi TV for us to watch at the weekends...
When he brings you presents, big or tiny, for no reason whatsoever

When he gets his pocket picked while you are on vacation together and when you suggest that you should just give up and go home and forget the whole trip, he says, "But I've been planning this for weeks, to show you this city, and I don't want to lose *that* too"

When, after telling you early in your relationship that he doesn't like your dogs and really can't imagine living in a house with one, he insists on driving you to the animal shelter to adopt a new dog, goes through the entire adoption process with you, and is frequently found petting the newly-adopted dog. (it's been almost five years since the dog adoption, and he and the dog are silly for each other)

In short, when there's no doubt at all that he worships and adore you.

Yes, I married him. The dog and I are both silly for him.

Had I held other guys up to this criteria, I would have been alone more often but a LOT happier!

When he remains totally level-headed and kind when you are throwing an overly-dramatic fit at him (complete with childishly riding off on your bicycle as he attempts to hug you)... and after a few days space he calls to say how he understands why you were upset and wants to make you dinner. *swoon*
that's awesome greenbean! i'm glad things worked out for you.
- when he calls to tell me we're going on a weekend-long couples vacation to the pocono mountains, in a giant suite with a heart-shaped whirlpool and champagne breakfasts in bed and that its all paid for, and to take off work

- and then when i ask "what's the occasion?" he says "because you deserve it."

-when he puts the dog on the phone

-when he squeezes you one last time before going to sleep

-when he brings you cheese shaped like a cow

-when he suggests that you each count your farts all day to see who's the gassiest

-when he makes you laugh so hard, just by the way he answers the phone
When you write him a desperate email that's only a few lines long, and he writes back paragraphs about how everything's going to be fine and how much he loves you.
He takes care of you when you're sick. Mothers you, at that.
When he wants to kick your boss'es ass for giving you a bad review. And when he supports a job change that isn't necessarily permanent because he knows you will be happier.
he tells you that looking at you reminds him of the summer sunrise...the beauty you look forward to every day.
the other night I came in feeling like crap, so he drew a salt bath for me and sat on the floor next to the tub, hand-feeding me sushi and godiva truffles by candlelight.

In -30 weather, he bangs on the hood of his car before he gets in, in case there are any cats hiding there to keep warm.
damn, humanist, he sounds like a keeper for sure.
because he and his brother grew up with the same mom who spoiled them, but his brother sits on the couch after eating dinner and he helps his mom clean up.
because he sends you a text that says "So I miss you like the sun on a cold cloudy day. But one day that sun will shine and the black cold cloud will go, how happy I will be!"
when you have a monetary limit for birthday gifts but he offers to buy you concert tickets you've been wanting and goes over said limit.
when you pay over two hundred dollars on your credit card for him to get his license back so that he can work a job as a street "sales man".. and then he joins the army and gets married to the first girl who will agree to the idea... and you never see your money again. wtf. *makes jackoff gesture* it's not about the money, it's the principle of the matter - i was helpin the kid out cos he was a pathetic little squatter who could use a break. ppshh. but if i had to do it again, i would. i got a soft spot for them troubled ones.
knorl- ouch. pretty much the opposite of good. you deserve so much better!

On to "good" (or, in my case, awesome) guys:
When you projectile vomit all over his stuff (in a pile on the floor) and he just shrugs and says "That's okay, baby, I needed to do laundry anyway." And then while you continue vomiting (in the toilet, thankfully) he cleans up the mess and brings you water. And then sits with you and rubs your back while delivering a lecture on the importance of maintaining your fluids.

Maybe he doesn't like to go on dates, but I think I'm a lucky girl anyway.
aw crinoline, he sounds good!
When he drills a hole in the ceiling and hangs your favorite plant over the kitchen sink. And then dances around on the counter to "Love Rollercoaster" like the cordless drill is his monster drill cock. My gawd I love this man.
when hearing you've not got your meds, he offers to break into your flat and get them to post to you.

when he takes your dog for a walk when he goes for a smoke (and gets excited because the dog no longer cowers from him)

/smug new relationship-itis
I love smug new relationship-itis.
He goes to an anti-choice rally, and when someone tries to hand him a flyer, he calls someone an asshole for the very first time in his life...
when he gives up a weekend away with friends to help you hang a new mailbox. when he dances with you in the kitchen when you are waiting for the food to cook.
dancing in kitchen!?! i am all envy!
ok ok my previous was more a rant if it werent obvious.

here's for real. when you look ugly enough to scare little children due to an enormous allergic reaction on your eye, and he looks you square in the face and says, 'youre still beautiful'. aw. especially because i kept shying away and didnt want him to look at such a hideous version of me, but it was really no big deal to him.
when the brakes go out on your car and he drives you to work in his car after being up all night, gets your car fixed, then picks you back up at work. all with no sleep.
when he does not get mad *at all* when you are drunk and kiss (close mouthed and playful) a mutual male friend.
when everybody else knows it too. we announced our engagement at to some friends at their party yesterday, and each seperately said he's the best guy they know.
When you question every little crack in the relationship and he doesn't back down and run, he tells he loves you and everything will be okay.
when you're feeling shitty with a migraine and he offers to come round (at midnight) with medication. He still comes round the next day and doesn't object to being sent out for tampons either.
When he postpones paying his bills to have more money to take you out and show you a good time!

When he doesn't let his lifelong dog sleep in the bed with him because you have really bad allergies

When he cleans up his room and washes all of his bedding because you're anal like that

When he buys you hair products without you having to tell him

When he tells you that you are the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, especially right out of the shower

When he wrestles w/you, gives you a belly brrrrrr, pulls you between his legs and says, "I have a feeling we'll be doing this for at least the next forty years."
When after a really emotional doctor's appointment he says he'll come with you next time, because it will help him get ready for when we decide to have kids.
when he cleans the whole house of his own accord, even the bathroom - which he never ever cleans!
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