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Oh &.
He bought me my very own *pink* shower puff to use when I stay over at his house.

Keep in mind I usually get up and go back to my place when I stay overnight and have only ever showered there once, and that was not planned.

When he told me he had gotten one for me he had originally bought a blue one and then thought because *his* was already blue, he should get me a pink one instead. So in essence, he has bought me two shower puffs.

I just stared at him when he told me. He said, "What? I just want you to be able to shower here when you want and be comfortable doing it."

Honestly, this comes as quite the shock after never, ever dating anyone who has seemed to remotely care about me so much.
Aww Arcadia!!! How sweet!!! I'm so happy that you're happy with this guy! He sounds awesome! Keep us posted on more sweet things he does for you!
I definitely will, LP.

I think he's a definite keeper!

It's kind of funny too because we used to live next door to one another as children and then he moved away and then I moved away and then we re-met one another in a totally different city in a different province just last month.

It was pretty insane! But I'm definitely a smitten kitten.
my only reason to come to the lounge these past few days is to brag about my new guy. yesterday he bought me a toothbrush to keep at his house, and he said he wants me to knit him something after i was joking about how knitting for a man is a big step.
congrats to all the smitten kittens! (to borrow from arcadia)

..when you don't have to ask for back rubs anymore.
6th bouquet in a top off all the other fabulous things he's done for/with me.....
he was on vacation with his family in pennsylvania this weekend and brought me back a mixed case of my favorite beer (harpoon, it's from boston where i lived for seven years before i moved to chicago a month ago) which is, as far as i know, only available on the east coast. forget roses and jewelry, beer is the way to MY heart!
omg, laurenann, can i just say i love harpoon ufo? it's my new beer. this leads me nicely into my next comment, which is, it's replacing my old favorite beer, yuengling, an exclusive pennsylvania beer.

yay circuity.
..........when he writes you erotic poetry.......... hee hee hee
We can (and do) talk about anything....anything. I have had conversations with this man ranging from insanely gross to deeply romantic to intensely profound.
Plus, the sex is amazing.
QUOTE(glassk @ Sep 21 2007, 04:47 PM) *
..........when he writes you erotic poetry.......... hee hee hee

I would love to receive a poetry from my would be so romantic
When you start to complain about gaining weight (and questioning why it only goes to your stomach) he says "I love your body. Please don't say bad things about it," as though it hurts him when you do.
When you tell him that you are having a bad day, only to come home between classes and find a single rose lying on your bed with a note that says "I love you".
when he stops whatever he's talking about in mid-conversation to tell you that you're pretty.
Whenever he sends you "Good night baby" and "Good morning beautiful" texts every single morning and night.
he's making plans for thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and valentines day, and your birthday next year. and he's planning something more romantic than just shuffling along with all the commercial crap wub.gif
He drives home in the rain on his lunch hour to bring you your raincoat, and take you to your interview....

He offers to Shout-treat your stained period panties, with no hint of gross out.
whoa, good one crin! my ex-bf would curse like an angry trucker but could never utter the words 'menstruation' or 'period.' no, he was not 12 years old at the time.
when you're driving home late and sleepy, he makes you laugh by singing 'jeremy' by pearl jam, but changes the words to 'jeremy pooped and passed gas today' and then makes fart noises at the part when eddie v. sings 'hoo hoo hoo.'
In your third week of dating he comes over after a 14 hour shift to look after you when you've got a wretched flu and are puking your guts out for hours on end. Then he takes your dog for a walk because, in his words "I know how important it is to you that she get out everyday."
when he sends you flowers, from hundreds of miles away, for not particular reason all, just because he missed you....sigh
When he has a few pet names for you, which he has been lovingly using for years, but spends all week making up new ones in his good morning texts.
When he dances the cats around to "Thriller".
when you go to an ani difranco concert, and you're probably in the only hetero couple where the guy is bringing his girlfriend.
Nick, I have a feeling Mcgeek and I will also be the only hetero couple tomorrow night when we see ani.... smile.gif
enjoy! she ruled. but i've never been that into her, but i liked the concert, and mr.nick looooves her, and even wrote his doctoral paper about her! there were other hetero couples there, but i'm guessing the girls mostly just brought along their bf's.

our second date was to a gossip show, where we were certainly one of few hetero couples. and he was cool with it, and one of the reasons we went on a third date!
I just have to share this lil tidbit about my youngest brother that has been amusing me for the last week or so:

He's 20 and very much a "dude," if you know what I mean - he's not at all flashy with his fashion choices, etc., so when my bright pink travel mug went missing one day, I assumed my mom had used it. Turned out no, that wasn't the case, so I thought I'd misplaced it. Then a day or two later, my brother comes back with it. And now I've noticed he seems to be using it almost daily! In a lot of ways he doesn't resemble the image of a man raised by feminists. With him you have to look for the subtle ways his attitudes are different from the norm. And there's something about the way this has come out, in that he has no problem carrying around a bright pink travel mug that I find so funny. I'm working on getting him one for Christmas, so that he has one of his own when he moves out. It'll probably be stainless, black, or blue, the colors he ususally likes. biggrin.gif

Also: I'd love to go to an Ani show again!
Flanker, that's so funny. smile.gif

Yeah, the Ani show was sold out. Stupid me for not getting tickets sooner. Boo.

Mcgeek took me on a Borders shopping spree last night to cheer me up last night. It helped a little.
yay i bought ani tickets today!
and she's actually coming to TWO places that are within my concert-going periphery...woot!

nickclick, tell mr. nc that that's hawt that he did his thesis on her.

the hottest thing a dude said to me in the remote past was, "hell yes i'm a feminist."
which sorta fits into the idea of this thread... smile.gif

::back to your regularly scheduled 'how do you knows...':::
i will, thanks!

when he brings home flowers every time he goes to the farm market.
i've said this before, but my man love's ani too, *swoons,* he is so evolved.

when he tends to your wounds like a mother hen. i skinned my knee pretty bad (about the size of my fist) running to catch the plane to come and see him. he's been hovering over my knee, gently applying neosporin and gauze. also, when his isn't remotely pissed when your puss-ridden knee oozes all over his bedspread.
I mean... I know what you mean. though a bit more naughty.

My man... YES IM BACK FINALLY to those who remember the ole moonpie... He put neosporin and band aids on my feet after having bucked him like a wild femme bronco rider on the carpet and burning two very RAW wounds on my feet. He even took a picture of my poor rug-burned foot wounds. I still have scars.
yeah yeah I'm feisty. You would be as well if you have this guy! WHOO HOO!
It may not be forever forever, but I'm grateful to have him now.... we're doing long distance. eek. unsure.gif
good to see you moonpie!

when after two and a half years together you still get butterflies when he come home from work.
I knew my husband was a great guy from the begining. When we met, he was out registering ppl to vote at a college party. I thinking here we (my gurls and I) are out tryin to get our groove on and party, and this guy is here really trying to make a difference among his peers.

wub.gif Aww, I fall in love with him all over again just thinking about it.
When you are reading about all of the other "good guys," thinking about your own "good guy," and thinking what to say about him when he then simultaneously calls to ask to spend the afternoon with him.

when he cooks you breakfast and buys you a new skillet so he can cook you steak for dinner.
when your comfortable enough to "shroom" for your first time with him and snot everywhere and he stills kisses you.
when he pushes you towards potential new friends by first striking up the conversation cause he knows moving to a new city is surreal and a bit scary. (i'm a wee bit shy)
when he buys you a XM radio for your car cause by giving me the best music access, he is displaying an act of love. wub.gif
When you tell him about a lump you found in your breast and how it scares you he says "You know that whatever it is, it won't change the way I feel about you, right?"
when they're guys like the ones busties are with in the committed thread. you go guys!
ooops.... blink.gif
I knew mine was a keeper for many reasons by our 2nd date. Even as just a friend I found every good and virtuous quality in him that I desired in a man and I wanted to keep him around all the time. Most importantly he accepted me for me, and my past (ex-gf) and didnt judge me for where I'd been- he actually saw past that and saw something in me that he valued. As hard as I fought myself NOT to like him romantically, he made it impossible. I'd built up a wall because of my ex, and he just melted that all away. He's just a great, charming, sweet, spiritual, romantic and loving guy; 2 yrs later, we are one forever.
{{{lustfullypink}}} Good luck!
When even though you are barely on speaking terms he sends you a grip of new comfy lounge clothes just because he can't hold you & make you comfortable himself.
...he rubs your belly when you're cramping.

...he visits the $5 purse/handbag table on his way home from work (NYC) and sees something he knows you will like, and buys it.
You accidentally leave your bra in his bedroom, and he calls you to ask you if there are any special instructions for washing it.
when he tells you he hopes you're the last woman that he'll ever sleep with.
AP, that's really sweet.
Having a really stressful week, and I come home tonight to roses and my fav kind of Haagen Daz. Yeah, he's traditional in that department, but it's the thought the counts.
When relaxing in aforementioned comfy clothes, you discover a ginormous pair of diamond earrings in the pocket of your hoodie. I know I'll likely return them for political reasons, but I appreciate the sentiment.
he goes to a holiday party (theme - bad holiday attire) in a horrific red and green plaid jacket and tie because i love silly dress up parties and so i love it when he dresses up with me.
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