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He's about 5'9", blue eyes, shaved head, and is studying Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, and really really misses having someone special in his life.

Sorry, some times I can't help myself.

when he calls you to tell you that he's been roaming around the mall of america all afternoon - looking in the discovery store and the lego store and the like and getting all giddy and excited about being able to buy things for the little bug!

when he tells you that he just loves knowing that i'm on the other end of the phone, even if there is nothing to say.

when he comes on bust to say hi because he knows me so well that i would check there before even my email.
When he:
--goes over latin homework with you for hours even though he understood it days ago
--picks up toilet paper on his drunken walk home from a outing with friends
--when he goes to the restraunt you want because you gave up meat for lent and nothing sounds good but punch pizza for the millionth time
--when he is willing to drink diet soda, eat sugar free everything, and stop making family size boxes of mac and cheese because he knows you are trying to be good
--he lugs the laundry up and down the four flights of stairs
When he just holds on and deals with the crazy, instead of running away.
When he loves me exactly as I am, and actually gets angry when I suggest that I need to lose weight.
When he is just perfect in every conceivable way.

Falljackets- that is super adorable!
I've been talking to a friend over the phone...
he tells me my ex-to-be is an idiot
he tells me I have a sexy voice
he tells me things he hasn't told anyone else.
me makes me feel of worth again.
he's a good one. not mine, but a good one.
when he cleans the fireplace, splits wood and builds a fire, even though he's sweating, just because i like toasty marshmallows.

mmmmmmmmm marshmallows....
When he says "can you just tell me exactly which engagement ring you liked so I can go buy it already?? Sheesh Laweesh!!"

And he actually said the sheesh laweesh!
when he walks 6 blocks in the rain to get the car for you and your cousin, drives out of the way in nyc to drop off your cousin, and then drives back to jersey at 2AM while you sleep.
When I give him 3 types of ice cream to get when I am PMSing and he gets all three
I'm crying over my old dog and he holds me for hours over it and doesn't let me go
rearranges the house for me to make me feel more welcome, and tell me that if I move in I can finally get a dog of my own, because I miss having a dog of my own...

I'm driving and he holds my hand and stares at me...

me: what?
him: nothing...I was just thinking about how much I love you and how happy I am that we met

He melts my heart...
***if he brings you home a little something from his travels, wherever it may be, from the grocery store to the local hardware store, to let you know he thought of you...he's a good one. This includes, but is not limited to: mini peppermint patties, gourmet mozzarella cheese, a new plant, etc...

***if he gets teary eyed when he thinks of his proposal to you, he's a good one...

***if he isn't ashamed in any way to get teary eyed in front of you, not only is he a good one, but he trusts you, which is an amazing feeling when other relationships have revealed trust issues...

***if he sticks up for you, defends you, supports you, and all in all just has your back in everything you do or say, he is THE one.

i am so in love...and getting married in 8 days. WOOT!
congrats and good luck seven!
thanks nickclick!
when his mom is laid up after foot surgery, he surprises her and goes over to cook a big baked ziti.
QUOTE(cstars124 @ May 21 2007, 08:33 AM) *
I'm driving and he holds my hand and stares at me...

me: what?
him: nothing...I was just thinking about how much I love you and how happy I am that we met

He melts my heart...

aw, my bf does stuff like that a lot!'s mine:

He was my best friend before we started dating, and he "liked" me for the whole time we were normal friends. And even though I would be interested in other boys, and would tell him all about what happened, and was sometimes even mean to him (bad me...>.>), he still remained my best friend, never got angry with me, supported me, and loved me in the great way friends do! He still cared for me, even when I didn't seem to care for him...
He got up early and took 5 hours out of his day to help me with important stuff for my art show. Then he lent me his bike because I was late for work, and walked over to the restaurant to see me and pick up the bike.

He's affectionate and loving in front of his parents, his brother, his oldest friend, my friends, my co-workers...

Last night he let me nap (but came in periodically to kiss me) while he made a delicious salad and a pot of tea for us. Then it thunderstormed and it was terribly romantic.
when you make him a super-cheesy love mix with tons of 'loaded' songs, his favorite one is by ani difranco, and he says how poignant and thoughtful her lyrics are as opposed to what an angry, man-hating bitch she is. *sighs* with satisfaction. he is so evolved.
mr.nick loooooves ani! one of the things that attracted me to him.
a friend emailed me, helping me thru these times:
~Memories are something that can never be taken away from us and they are more precious than the most rarest of jewels~
he's a good one, that boy.
my grandfather passed away this weekend, and since the VA boy was out of town, he told me that he'd leave his phone on all weekend so i could call when i needed to.
when he volunteers to get up 4 hours earlier than normal to help you move and says,

"I will suffer for you.."

it made me all girly and melty.
When we make melted mars bar cocoa and he tells me that he'll remember this time on his death bed.......
(yeah,he's emotional)
he makes the bed and leaves a laffy taffy on your pillow.
he rubs my swollen cankles and feet and gets me ice water.
Ok... i may be frustrated with the impending move to grad. school town, but I will say this about Mr.Div

he offered to not only go on a day trip to the mountains this sat., but has offered to pick me up from the beach (3hr drive) and drive me home(3hrs back) cause I can't afford to stay the whole time with my friends and don't have a car to drive back myself.

All just because he thinks I deserve a vacation.
moonpie, i think he sounds really sweet. maybe there is a way this will workout for you in the long run.
Yeah... he is really sweet. He even said that if I needed to get to my parents for a visit, he would be happy to help me get half-way! What!?!

We are going to a play tomorrow that his best friends in the whole world invited us too... and over to their house after. It is said that I'm the only girl that he has 'shown' off. We are going to a beautiful lake this weekend where they shot Dirty Dancing! awesome!

Hopefully, I'll have the time of my life! har har!

Thanks for the support.... I do hope we manage to work it out in the long run...
Moon, he sounds awesome...

This is minor, but he offered to help my rent while I was looking for a job... (which is taking a lot longer than I thought, but that's besides the point. I'm just in total shock, b/c my ex (yeah shouldn't be comparing) would totally not do that. It's just the fact that someone seems to really want to take care of me... gush...

to have someone you love offer to help when you really need it is such an amazing feeling. nobody wants to ask for help and many of us hard headed busties probably would simply tough it out when help would be so much better but we won't ask. (i know it is soooo hard for me to ask for help sometimes) so when it is offered i am so totally thankful!
when he treats for ice cream
He buys you a lily. Takes you on a picnic in the mountains. and likes pickled garlic!
i just found a playlist hubby made for me before he left to go oot on the computer called "all for you" and he but nil lara-my first child on it. aaawwww *emotional sigh* i love him crazy much!
He checks on you the next day cause you went to bed way earlier than usual the night before... just see if you're feeling okay.

He picks you up from work to see you for all of about 10 min before he's off to scheduled duties.... just cause he wanted to see you.... period. He also remembers from the previous day that you mentioned you'd like to drink a coca-cola... and brings you one for the car ride home.

He flips through furniture/design mags with you and actually enjoys it!

Okay.... okay... so I'm not the "frustrated single" necessarily right now... but I will be when I move.
I'm just grateful to have good one for as long as I can. He said he admired me for having such courage.

oh and ((Sassygirl))---- I almost had to leave my current apt. by the end of the month after a blow-out with my roomie... and he offered his place to sleep temporarily, help me move my stuff out, and take care of my cat at his place in the process.... gush.. gush. It does feel good that someone is happy to take care of you when you're in desperate need, freaking out and crying... brings you tissue and says "I'm here to help"
And as for comparison to the ex (a no-no.. but) mine wouldn't have done that or been capable of it. In fact, he did call to see how I was... but made no offer to help. The little things are important, and we ladies do take notice!

Shiny---that's so dang sweet of your hubby... I could pee a little with glee. oh... sorry that sounds gross. I could squeak with glee, how's that?
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jul 26 2007, 02:00 PM) *
Shiny---that's so dang sweet of your hubby... I could pee a little with glee. oh... sorry that sounds gross. I could squeak with glee, how's that?

totally off topic but your "pee a little with glee" made me think of something. we have this radio show in philly (i pick it up in delaware) called the preston and steve show. well, sometimes something so funny is said that they all laugh so hard and all you can hear is just strained laughter from all of the members of the show and people gasping for air and get themselves under control. one time, preston was laughing so hard that all he could say between gasping for air was, "Oh god, I think I just peed a little in my pants." this of course got a bunch of "ewwwws" and "gross" but yet more and more laughter. cracks me up to think of that episode to this day.


back to how do you know(s)!!
flowers delivered at work when he doesn't even know your last name....
He finally said "I love you."


Now, I was crying already from the horrible fight we were in, but that made me cry even more. I knew he did, but there was something in me that just wanted to hear those words. Plus, the craptastic summer I've had. Anyways. biggrin.gif

Snarky, that's rad!!

Shiny, that's cool too.I love playlists.
He's never mentioned it, but I'm pretty sure he considers himself a feminist.
a single slow sweet goodnight kiss
He calls you every night from his vacation just to talk to you for hours....
he likes to cuddle with you as much as you like to cuddle with him...

(moon! what fun! i love that...)
he said to me tonight-
"how could anyone do anything but love you?"
He keeps the door locked to his car as you are attempting to get in after not having seen him for a week....
Because he wants to get out of the car and properly hug you till you can't breathe.

He tells me tonight...

"I don't know if I can ever truly be whole without you"


humanist77......just.. sigh

my birthday gifts from mr.nick -

amber earrings with swirl designs that resemble my tattoo
candy, and lots of it, and none of the fancy stuff, but gummi bears galore
ice cream cake from our local favorite homemade ice cream store

does this man know me or what????
He's looking into my eyes and smiling as we're making love and I realize that it's the first time that's happened to me.
Last night I had to go to the hospital because I ate some blueberries (I'm allergic) and started having a major reaction. I got a bunch of shots but when they let me out I thought I could drive home. I was wrong. I pulled over a little way from the hospital. I called A. Smartass and was like "Will you talk to me until I feel better? I don't think I can drive right now." "Why what happened?" "*tells story*" "Where are you?" "Braums parking lot..." "I'm coming to get you." "No You don't have to do that." "Yes I do." and so he stayed on the phone with me the whole time he was driving there. It's a thirty minute drive. It was 1:30 in the morning. He drove out, picked me up, and got me home. We aren't even dating. My crush on him has just grown 50 fold. He's amazing.
ohhh lustfull, me tihnks you will be dating soon!
this is just something silly, but the other night i was laying on the couch and boy sat down next to me and i said "your sitting on my fat belly" and he said "your bellys not fat, its just preparing for my baby" i havent laughed that hard in a while.
tankgirl - i know what that's like! i started getting my period on a more regular basis when i got serious with my guy, and he said it's because i want to bear his children lol
I love this thread! I know I haven't posted in it at all, but I had to once this happened last night!
It's sooooo cliche but damn, it made me cry right in the middle of Dairy Queen.

We were just sitting there, eating some ice cream, hanging out like normal.
There was a little old lady sitting a few tables behind us, all by herself. Another family came in and the mother was in a wheelchair and was sitting out in the aisle. When the little old lady got up to leave she had a suitcase and couldn't get by. To which my lovely boy *IMMEDIATELY* jumped to his feet and offered his assistance.

After he had helped her pass and she had left, he looked at me with the softest look in his eyes and said, "That's all anyone needs. Just a little help and understanding. With a little bit of that, anyone can get by."

I started to sob. It's ridiculous how much I love this man because of his inate sense of understanding humanity so well. He genuinely cares and I've never met anyone like him.

Le sigh.
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